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There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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26 days ago
Fun with great flow, my favourite Steve Ritchie designed pinball machine
2 years ago
Got to spend a few hours on an LE this past week and was surprised how much I liked it as I had heard mixed reviews. Didn’t understand much of what I was doing but just kept blowing up the tie fighters. Would love to rent one for a month or two.
2 years ago
If you love Star Wars, this machine has some great integrations with the movies, looks great and keeps you coming back for more. Love my LE

If you don’t own or owned this machine, and have had it at home then it would be hard to really appreciate it.
2 years ago
I am a big star wars guy! This missed the market enormously. Bad integration of movie. Really not even a LE with the features. Played all version but same game. Did get better with the code. I don't even think a top 100 machine.
4 years ago
Fun game, after tweaking the LE with some known issues (scoop, deathstar ramp) + 1.05 code it's a game that we're in love with.
5 years ago
I was disappointed and had buyers remorse when I bought the LE but after code 1.0 this game is pretty epic! Amazingly fast flipper action, tons and tons of game modes and play! And I love the bonus multiplier and tight shots! This will probably go down as one of my all time favorites!
5 years ago
Fast, fast, fast. And difficult. The theme is a home run, no question. And the sounds and video clips are great. The option to choose a character, which then affects the missions you can choose, is groundbreaking, IMHO. With every ball this game lets you choose what goal you want to tackle next. This “modern” design, along with the terrific video screen and the mini video monitor on the playfield are utilized nicely. It feels like a SW movie. The downside, mainly somewhat overwhelming rules and ultra short games. R2D2 seemed to appear often when I lost my ball, and I quickly got used to seeing him. I couldn’t really enjoy the video clips or even see what the screen was instructing me to do because I lost my ball too fast. Admittedly, I am pretty new to this one. The design is just ok. I wasn’t pulled into the game right away and I felt some shots were very hard. The bank of targets under the mini LCD screen seems too close and it can send your ball right back at you. One of the loops also sends the ball almost SDTM. More diversity in the playfield design would have been nice.

More play is needed on this one, but I enjoyed BM66 more right away than SW, but I suspect SW is a better game to own in the home, due to difficulty and complexity. I felt GB was too hard and crowded at first, but now I love it. I’ll update this after spending a few more hours on it. Tie fighter battle is fun tho, and the hyperloop is pretty cool. It definitely has some cool features, but it’s a very fast, punishing game. It all depends on your style!

*Played this one more over the last few months. I just can't get into it. Not enough variability in the shots or enough toys or something. I can't rate this one among the better Stern games of late. Metallica, AS, Iron Maiden are all much, much better. This pin, more than any other, keeps me wishing it was great and I keep wanting to buy it. But I always stop myself because, while I adore Star Wars and the art package, it just isn't much fun for me. It's almost worth owning just to look at it...almost. The problem is that, including the 3-bank stand ups, there are 8 main shots and 5 of them send the ball right back at you. Left orbit, right orbit, left horseshoe, right horseshoe and the bank of multipliers all present a threat. That’s assuming you don’t miss or hit the Jedi training stand ups, which are also risky. Only the 2 ramps and the mystery scoop are “safe.” Nothing about the code will ever change that. The auto plunge is deadly too.

*Owned an LE for awhile and I did like it more than I did early on, but not enough to hold my interest. No doubt others will enjoy it more!
6 years ago
After 3 weeks of play on my LE, I'm loving the different games within the game. The videos are fantastic. The only knock is the hyper loop. I get 3 balls in, then it won't lock any more. I love the escape boba feat and hyperspace multiballs.
6 years ago
I have had my LE the past couple of weeks. Had no issues out of box. Game plays great. I agree that the quality is no where near the new games coming from Chicago gaming. Stern did add cabinet bracing to this game LE which is a plus. Should have invisi glass, shaker motors, real backglass and toppers included for all LE games! A plus on the LE is now you get all three translights. Now for gameplay. This game is top notch. Steve Ritchey does an amazing job with design. The game is so fast and fun. Great Flow! The animations are amazing. This makes the game really entertaining. I really like the Tie Fighter mode. A real challenge to score on this mode while playing the flippers. Game code is early but good. They must have put quite a bit of time into this game. Toys are limited so I added three. Looks better now. Music is amazingly good as well as the lighting. Look forward to additional code.
6 years ago
After playing the Pro version 20+ times, it was replaced with an LE on location. Hoping the LE would bring more to the game, it did not. The hyper ramp shot is about the only thing it has going for it. Bare play field with a few more toys, fast drains and somewhat confusing rules (yes, I know you are supposed to shoot where the arrows go).

The hyper ramp shot is about the only thing it has going for it. With that said, I'm not a fan of that ramp blocking the view near the flippers, which creates the toy a wash in my opinion. As many have said, I was interested in purchasing this game, but glad I waited and didn't. A disappointing pin for a great theme.
There are 11 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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