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Game design: 7.805

Artwork: 8.019

Sounds/Music: 8.627

Other Aspects: 8.23

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This is "Star Wars (Premium/LE)".
The other versions are: Star Wars (Pro) (regular version), Star Wars Comic Art (Pro), Star Wars Comic Art (Premium)

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64 days ago
I really can't understand how such a jewel is so low in the ranking, fantastic theme (star wars is always star wars) fast, extremely fun and rewarding game, the multipliers are difficult to understand at the beginning but dedicate them time because the score it's all there. if you tried it once, give it a second chance because it's worth it, the duel with swords is incredible and conveys adrenaline, I just want to be stronger to play longer
73 days ago
Not great, but good pin.
3 months ago
Amazing game! The light shows are stunning, espacsaly in light saber mode, the hypet drive ramp are super cool, ok im à star Wars fan and i love this game. Fast and Furious
4 months ago
As a Star Wars fan I like the music,artwork,video and speech.But it's very fast and drains down the outlanes too much.Im not the greatest player but I find this game to be difficult rather then fun.Hyperspace is a nice feature
4 months ago
When I first played Stern's Star Wars, it was a Pro, since the Premium and LE had not come out at the time. I definitely was underwhelmed with the Pro, albeit the code was quite immature at the time time. As a dream theme, I was gutted that I did not connect with Star Wars (Pro).
All changed when someone in my family purchased the Star Wars Premium machine. Playing it at home, I got really into the machine and started to appreciate what Steve, Dwight and team were going for. The Premium machine is an absolute beauty! The rules are deep (which means the machine will have a long lastability in any collection), the toys are cool, especially the hyperloop/hyper drive. The artwork is great and even better with the new Comic Art edition, and of course the integration with music, video and sound from the glorious original trilogy is the icing on the cake.
The game is brutal, but if you play it long enough, you will appreciate it, just like Stern's other brutal game, TWD.

Stern's Star Wars Premium is a great machine (with a great theme), which I hope others that may have dismissed it back in 2017/18 would come back to it and play it / experience it again - I guarantee they will be pleasantly surprised, just like I was.
4 months ago
Star Wars has good features and good music and sounds. The toys are cool. The movie scenes are great The game is hard, it is very fast and the ball comes down really fast and you lose it.Easy to lose the ball down either side
5 months ago
I feel like something is just “off” here. This could be such a cool game but most of the time I’m struggling to figure out what the heck is going on. It’s Uber fast and there are so many things to look at - action buttons - dmd - small play field screen - play field etc - and the call outs don’t help much (they either praise or criticize you). I want to love it. But I just like it. I need to dig deeper into the modes and rule sets but that may take 20 hours of my time. Wish they would have made this more fun and easier to play as it’s based on the 3 best movies - the original 3 (imho).
6 months ago
Wow - I continue to be surprised by how low some people rate this pin. It seems to suffer from the community sentiment of “I wish my favorite pin theme was loaded with toys like JJP Pirates and WoZ.” Regardless of not being a toy-loaded JJP machine, it fits the theme very well and makes you feel like you’re zipping through space, slashing through lightsaber duels, and generally experiencing the high intensity Star Wars narrative.

Compare this game to the highly praised Walking Dead... Walking Dead has a plunge that sends you straight into danger, a zombie head as large as the doors of a building, another zombie larger than sculpted buildings and placed about 3 inches from the right flipper, and a side bank of targets representing the most important element of the code that sends you into uncontrolled chaos to hit. Yet no one complains about this machine’s layout and aesthetic while those same people bash the Star Wars playfield. And yes, I also like Walking Dead... I just don’t get the inconsistency of pin ratings.
6 months ago
Love the comic art- it made the game for us
6 months ago
My favorite toy ever is the Hyper Loop. Love the many hurry ups and multipliers, love the inner loops. Great all around and one of the best themes of all time.
7 months ago
Love the theme, love the art, love the warp!
7 months ago
As a fan of pinball and star wars I was disappointed in this pin. Found it to be confusing. But would like to own one just for the theme
7 months ago
Rating this pin wasn’t easy, at first it’s very confusing and it is a lot of to take in and the learning curve is huge. I will try to explain the ruleset as simple as possible and why some people may rate it on way or another.

Right off the bat when starting the game you get to select your character. You can choose Luke, Han, Leia, or R2-D2. Each character hassome minor differences however the biggest difference is what missions they start with completed. This plays a huge role because the main objective is to complete 4 main objectives along with side missions to get “Jedi Multi ball”. Each objective is themed by a different set from the movies such as Hoth, Endor, Death Star, and Tatooine.

In order to start playing missions from a chapter you have to complete 4 shots total on their specific place on the play field. Each place requires 3 shots in order to enable mission select then on the 4th shot you can start the mission. However, you can light multiple places such as Hoth and Endor and when you shoot either one of those places you can start two missions at the same time unless it is the final mission of the chapter. When doing missions shots are illuminated on the playfield to tell you where to shoot, some are timed such as shoot left ramp then right ramp, other missions might require you to get 4 different shots total etc.

On each final mission you start a two ball multi ball and have to do a set requirement in order to win the mission. For instance for the death star mission you have to hit a series of ramp shots then the death star and you will get “Victory multiball” upon successful completion of the mission. You fail the mission if you drain one of your pinballs and only have one left. The good thing though is that you still complete the chapter.

The most difficult shots are the Death Star shot and Tatooine shots. This is why character selection is important because R2-D2 starts off with 2 Death Star missions completed while Han and Luke start with 0 completed. On top of difficult shots to make, you have to now worry about difficult missions as well. Completing missions is important because you have a chance of getting an extra ball and higher scores.

When starting you also can select special bonus effect that you will gain such as lighting missions or have a bonus for your score.

There are a lot of multiball modes, you have a two multiball for each mission at the end of the chapter and if you successfully beat the mission you are awarded with victory multiball. There is also a Jedi multiball if you complete every objective. Tie fighter multiball is awarded by shooting down 35 tie fighters. You shoot down tie fighters by doing tie fighter shots and spamming the middle button while in tie fighter hurry up. You also get multiball if you successfully complete two death star shots while in hyperspace hurry up. There is also a lightsaber duel that you can do if you spell FORCE on the side of the playfield multiple times or get it while leveling up your jedi rank.

The sounds, theme, and music are all there from the original trilogies. If you like Star Wars you will love it. Paired with the shaker it makes for a great experience.

Overall, in my honest opinion this is a great game but it is very hard and you can get frustrated easily and it is a lot to take in at first. I recommended playing as R2-D2 as a beginner since you skip a lot of the hard missions and he gets extra bonus multipliers for high scores. All in all with the various amounts of shots, multiballs, and modes there is a lot of replay value to be had. My only gripe with this game is there a lot of RNG death shots, sometimes i will plung or let the auto plung the ball and i don't even touch the ball and it flies to the left drain. Also if you have a lot of speed on the ball and you hit your flippers the ball will sometimes skip over the flipper and drain.
8 months ago
Love this game! It’s way underrated. Best theme integration of any pin. Fun and fast. Love the loop ramp.
9 months ago
I wanted to buy this game, so sought out one to play beforehand. I was disappointed. I’m not a super skilled player, so the game was intimidating at first. I really wanted there to be more toys on the playfield. It felt very sterile to me and I wasn’t drawn in. I would have loved elements of the original films on the playfield and not all on the display.
9 months ago
This is a very good game, but the lack of innovation and toys are stupifying. This has to be the the best theme ever with the worst implementation. The PF is frustratingly boring. It might be able to be fixed with mods. As it needs more.
9 months ago
Fun game, after tweaking the LE with some known issues (scoop, deathstar ramp) + 1.05 code it's a game that we're in love with.
10 months ago
Game shoots extremely well. I much prefer the steel Wireforms to the plastic ramps. The flow is excellent. It’s really satisfying to hit 3-4 shots in a row. I also love the hyperspace ramp. Art is a little disappointing, but it doesn’t ruin the game at all for me. Speech and music is great. I highly recommend the premium/le over the pro.
11 months ago
Of all the pins we play at league night this is my least favorite. I'm more a 90's pinball fan and I find the rules and everything just way to complicated. I also really dislike the playfield graphics. The cab itself is pretty and the integration of the lcd is good but I prefer more pinball action and less lcd action. Overall I just don't have fun with this pin.
11 months ago
Tough game, great theme, but not family friendly IMO unless they are really pinheads. Lots of side to side action makes the ball difficult to control. Modes require precision because they are timed and reset unless all objectives fulfilled. Movable multiplayer(s) is the absolute bomb and adds another layer of strategy.

Perfect pin if your looking for a challenge or have a short attention span. Great rules, but hard to learn.
12 months ago
My first pin. Love love love this machine. Granted, Star Wars was the first movie I saw in a theater at 5 years old in 1977 but this theme, animation, gameplay, sound, artwork, and the HYPERDRIVE is amazing and all tie together. Feel like I'm playing the movie. Very interactive and love the speed and depth of the coding. The kids love it as well...Once you get the rules down, the gameplay soars. Oh and did I mention the HYPERDRIVE, this thing is worth it's Premium price. This is a permanent pin in my soon to be collection!!!
1 year ago
This is certainly better than the Pro, but his game still doesn't capture Star Wars very well in my opinion. I still feel that the playfield is too bare to do Star Wars justice. The shots are fun for a brief period, but then it's quick for me to realize that there aren't what I feel to be enough shots. That said, they do feel good to hit. I still get a little irritated every time I drain a ball and have to hear Yoda saying something ridiculously repetitive. I still feel that this would have been better suited as a pin dedicated to 'A New Hope' with plans to be make pins for ESB and ROTJ.
1 year ago
Played this game with my friends at the Asheville Pinball Museum. It wasn’t really that much fun and we all agreed it was boring. One of my Fritos a big Star Wars fan and he was especially disappointed.
1 year ago
Fast shooting, but no super-satisfying shots, and deep rules that are overwhelming at first. It's nothing too innovative, but is fun.
1 year ago
A huge disappointment, not all that fun to shoot, a real brick-fest if you can't always place your shots. The straight-on (and unimaginative) fan layout and lame ramps don't help any. The racetrack is a nice feature, but that alone can't save this one. There really isn't one satisfying shot to hit. Stern SW is a real let down, I prefer the DE Star Wars to this--and that is just a pretty good pin. Too bad this wasn't the Iron Maiden team and layout--it would have been the best selling pin ever.
There are 126 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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