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Other Aspects: 8.195

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This is "Star Wars (Premium/LE)".
The other versions are: Star Wars (Pro) (regular version), Star Wars Comic Art (Pro), Star Wars Comic Art (Premium)

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47 days ago
Enjoyable overall. Such a great theme, everyone likes it. Overall a good shooter. Yoda call outs get a bit repetitive. Easy to learn game rules.
73 days ago
I've played a few of these games, and how it's set up makes a difference. The steepness of the Hyperloop ramp for sure. I managed to crack 5 billion on it in a league meet. Which, must be my best score ever on it. Usually anything over a billion is a really good game for me. It's very deep, lots of choices to make, which is cool, and I like being able to place my shot multipliers, I think it's the best use of the centre button I can think of. I don't like the kickout from the pit on the right, but I wonder if this could be adjusted so it returned to the flipper for a bit more control like MB/AFM. I think the new Hand Drawn artwork is awesome. I was a bit disappointed by how plain inside the death-star is when it blows up. Lightsaber duel mode looks wicked.
3 months ago
Star Wars = Best Theme = Near Perfect Pinball Machine
7 months ago
Huge Star Wars fan here, but after lots of time playing this it just is not fun. Some great features like blowing up the Death Star, light saber battle mode, Hyperloop, movie clips, terrific sounds, but overall I think a huge missed opportunity with the theme. Plunge, scoop kick out and inner loop/Death Star ramp release can be very frustrating and take away from the fun of the game IMO.
8 months ago
I love my SW premium... but it's a hard game to play and incredibly hard to master. Hyperloop multiball and Destroying the death star is almost unachievable. But the game is fast and mine looks fantastic with mirror blades and pin stadiums. Not sure if I'll keep it or sell/trade it just yet.
9 months ago
I definitely understand the hate/frustration with this game. Shots are tight and it IS a drain monster. The hyperspace ramp is definitely inconsistent (not so on the pro). Some of the artwork is a little off (especially Luke).


The difficulty is what makes it so great. Nothing like getting in the zone and getting billion point games. How about getting three balls in the Hyperloop?! All of the modes are different and the code is fabulous. The action button and multipliers are so important. The videos are from the movies. I am not a fan of the comic art- unlike many of you I was in high school when the movie came out. The original art package is much better IMO.

I own most of the modern Sterns, as well as several BW games and some JJP games and Star Wars is one of the best. Yeah, it takes some time to figure it out, but once you do you open up a kick ass game with fabulous code. MTFBWY.


Update: I have been showing my pinball buddies the rules of the game, strategies, and shot making. Many times this has been during league play which unfortunately leads to larger scores...for them.

Now this game is a favorite - the use of floating multipliers and action button strategy are top notch. No doubt the Death Star shot is tougher on the Premium, but makes the shot so satisfying when made especially with Hyperspace.

Unfortunately if you are a casual player and don't understand the rules you will be disappointed as voiced by many above. The shots are makeable, but require practice. I've noticed many folks in the arcade dump a couple of quarters into SW and walk away rather quickly after punishment by this drain monster. This game is ideal for a home collection and then you can go to the arcade and put up your GC.

Slowly there is some growing love for this great game. Challenge yourself.

10 months ago
If only the rules allowed me to blow up the Death Star ….
I would literally rate this game a 9 if the average player could make the series of shots to blow it up … oh well I really like everything else about this theme and music…
10 months ago
I really like this table, but I would never own it. I love to play it at the bar, but that’s it.
10 months ago
I'm an 80s kid and had about every Star Wars toy in the universe growing up. So my SW Premium is my ultimate dream theme.
The game is SO fast for me. I've had it for about 6 months now and I still have not blown up the Death Star. I am truly just a Padawan! But I will be a Master Jedi one day.
The shots are very fast. Yes, there aren't a ton of toys in it, but mine is modded with about every cool ship that can fit in it. Right outlane makes me curse like a Tuskan Raider! But the game fills all the checkmarks for this guy.
1980's young self would be very happy with current self.
I don't see myself every letting this one go, unless someone makes a better SW pin some day.
11 months ago
Classic theming, but also a VERY tired concept.
11 months ago
I wanted to love this game but it's a drain monster. It's super sensitive to setup pitch. The hyper loop often doesn't complete because the balls fly off the rail. The Death Star shot is so inconsistent. Too hard it will pop out, too soft even all the way up the ramp it pops out. If you setup the pitch to backhand the Death Star shot then the right flipper will be to strong and pop the ball out. if you go the right flipper route then the backhand is to soft to complete. did I say its a drain monster? what a beautifully looking and sounding game which is only fun to play maybe 1 out of 10 games because how frustrating it is.
1 year ago
Got to spend a few hours on an LE this past week and was surprised how much I liked it as I had heard mixed reviews. Didn’t understand much of what I was doing but just kept blowing up the tie fighters. Would love to rent one for a month or two.
1 year ago
The hyperloop is flipping awesome... the rules and multipliers can get a bit overwhelming. We purchased the pro but after playing the premium on location really wish we would have spent the extra $$ for the premium.
1 year ago
See my rating for the pro. This one gets a smidge more for the cool Death Star feature but otherwise a weirdly lacklustre use of the Star Wars theme.
1 year ago
Wonderfull game!
1 year ago
I have been kicking around buying this title for years. I have passed on it numerous times for other titles. I finally grabbed a premium to hold me over until the Mandalorian shows up and I am absolutely loving it. The code is awesome!!. The hyperloop might be the coolest feature in a pinball machine. Yes it is a tough shooting game. Yes the left outlane is brutal. Yes it is a little left side heavy. But those traits keep me coming back for more. I only have about 50 or so games in so far but so far this one feels like it will stay in the lineup for a long time.
1 year ago
This game is wicked fast. Like can't see the ball fast. Especially when you hit a shot and the lights go out. Damn it can be brutally fast.

Premium gets the hyper loop which is fun. And the ramp under the deathstar is cool as well. Very smooth. Not very much flow. And very left side dominant means there isn't a ton to do with the left flipper.

Fun game. Premium adds good toys. Still need to make the deathstar blow up.

Great for a star wars fan tho!

Edit:. I now own one and both flippers are used equally. Easily backhand ramps and loop. Death Star shot 99.99% of time cannot be and it's a hard shlt anyway! The multiplier button is so well done. Messing with it is such a huge risk-reward scenario. The tie fighter action button sequence is great as well.

The game really benefits from upgrades rubbers and low bounce flipper rubbers. Significant improvement.

An all time great game once you get into it.
1 year ago
Super fast game with unforgiving outlanes. Make poor shots and you will lose your ball quick. I personally love this because it makes for a challenging experience and makes your good games feel great! There are lots of modes and some of them tie into the theme really well (ex. Escape from Hoth has you shoot around the horseshoe shot multiple times to tie the cable around the ATAT legs/lightsaber duel is awesome). Jedi multi ball requires you to complete so many modes that I’m not sure I’ll reach it anytime soon, but it keeps me coming back to try harder! The sounds and call outs are great for any Star Wars fan. If you love Star Wars and enjoy a challenging game, you’ll love this title.
1 year ago
I was like everybody else when this first came out ! in fact you can see my comments in the thread about how disappointed I was. I now have owned the game for many many years and this is still one of my top games of all time. It’s like Richie put all his best shots that he ever did into this game yes not the most original but it doesn’t change it from being super super fun. The assets on it are phenomenal the hyper loop is amazing difficulty yes which is perfect for a home pin!
1 year ago
I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I bought the premium, hoping that my meh feelings about the pro would be proved wrong by going up a notch. Sadly, this game did not do it for me. The lighting, sounds, and toys were great. The flow, artwork, and overall enjoyment were left wanting. Side drains, awkward shots, and bouncing balls did nothing for the flow. I think this one would do well on location, or in a large collection, but I found that I constantly passed by it for my other machines. Ended up selling this one to another pinsider who really liked the game.
1 year ago
There is nothing bad to say about Star Wars. The machine is fast and fun!
1 year ago
Challenging but not frustrating. FAST. Always a smile when playing. Amazing theme integration with the movies, music, and sounds.
1 year ago
I just purchased a new premium going with Steve Ritchie's reputation for designing over 30 machines according to his "the making of star wars video."

It’s like he decided to make the most amazing pinball machine of all time,....but then he decided to make it too difficult to accomplish it.

I have friends over to hang out and play pinball. Everyone gets excited for Star Wars, and then no one wants to keep playing it.

If you don't have total control of the ball it is over quick. If you miss any shot, the chances of you losing your ball is HIGH.

To summarize: Just look at all these posts. Everyone for the most part has the same issues. The game is too hard, the art is too plain and most people had to add balls and increase the time for ball save. Even youtube videos of good players have their comments about how much of a ball suck this game is. Again, I’ve never seen anything so awesome before in what this pinball does. It’s just too bad you will never accomplish it.
1 year ago
Played the pro model quite a bit at the local bowling alley. As a decent pinball player, getting replays was relatively easy. I did note the auto launch from the plunger was seemingly perfectly calibrated to cause an immediate drain, so I learned to be quick to plunge before the auto plunge got it first. Not fun losing a tilt warning / draining due to this “feature”.
I enjoy the theme well enough and frantically slapping the center button to blow up tie fighters. The hyperspace loop is fun, and who doesn’t want to blow up the Death Star? It’s worth a few bucks on location, but I’m not sure it would survive long in my private collection. Here’s to hoping JJP gets a Mandalorian license... I’d like to see a Star Wars pin where nothing is held back, but for what it’s worth, this pin is pretty good overall.
1 year ago
I had the premium and really enjoyed it. Fun game, plays pretty fast, great theming if you are a Star Wars fan especially.
There are 169 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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