Star Wars (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2017)

Star Wars (Premium/LE)

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35 days ago
I tried so hard to like this pin. I wanted to love it but it's just poor from start to finish. Even the hyper loop can't save this. Why is there an LCD eating up most of the right side of the playfield? Waste of space for a pointless gadget. The shot multiplier is way over the top. No video mode should be able to be multiplied up to over 400 million. It's shot the Death Star shot all day but fear not as the shot is even harder on this version thanks to the ramp to the Hyper Loop. Don't even get me started on the auto plunger sending balls directly to the left outlane like some kind of super skill shot in Congo... Another theme that should be amazing but shoots like garbage. Imagine this theme on the Iron Maiden layout...
39 days ago
I've owned a Star Wars LE for close to a year and have really enjoyed it. The game has improved a ton thanks to stellar code support by Stern. If you are a fan of objective based rulesets that tell a themes story through its code then you will love this game. The game feels like Star Wars thanks to the excellent use of licensed assets including licensed video (with actor audio / actor video) and licensed music. The toys on the premium / LE may at a glance look basic on paper but when you see them in person and in action I think you be impressed. The Death Star toy on the premium / LE is a very cool toy and its effect during use is awesome to see (and feel if you have a shaker motor, a must have for this game in my opinion). The hyperspeed toy is one of my favorite pinball toys and it's very satisfying to hit multiple balls up the fork ramp into it. Oh, one more thing, the mechanical right outlane save feature is a small but cool feature to have on the premium / LE.

Back to the games code I think its the games best asset. The ruleset that Dwight designed for the game is very addictive and deep. The games rules are broken up into 4 areas within the Star Wars universe. Each of the 4 areas contains 3 modes and each area contains a mini wizard mode. Each mode contains licensed assets from the films and all feel unique as well as progressively more difficult as you go through them. On top of the 16 modes from the 4 locations there are 2 wizard modes in the game, a separate Darth Vader vs Obi Wan mode (reminds be of Fellowship of the Rings MB in LOTR), a Boba Fett mode, and at least 2-3 (or more, can't recall) multiball modes. Finally, the game allows the player to select from 4 different characters. Each character has unique abilities that will affect how modes are progressed and scored.

Overall Star Wars premium / LE is a very impressive pinball machine. Would having more toys in the game be nice? Yes, but I wouldn't be surprised if the license for the game was very expensive and I wouldn't personally want to see licensed assets dropped in favor of more toys. My main gripe about the game is that the LE offering should have been more substantial. The side armour on the LE is cool but there's no excuse for the game not to have a mirrored black glass (only a translite on the LE). Also, I still think the 3 stand up target bank in front of the mini LCD should have been a motorized target bank that lowered with a shot behind it.
60 days ago
Star Wars Premium is an incredibly fun game to play. I have owned Batman 66 and Guardians of the Galaxy Pro with Stern's new larger LCD screen and they didn't last long in my collection. When I bought Star Wars I was hoping to not be disappointed again. It falls nothing short of spectacular. I love everything about this game. Art, theme, game play, music are all great. It is a tough game to play. Ball times are usually pretty short and it is tough to hit shots over and over because the game is so fast. The speed on the game makes it tough to trap the ball. It feels great though when you get on a roll and hit several shots in row. It has the capacity to flow when you get the shots down. It has a wide open playfield which I prefer. I'm usually not a big fan of busy or obscure playfield like Bride of Pinbot. The only issue I'm having is a little dimpling on the playfield but I believe that will even out over time. It also was very expensive. IMO it isn't worth it to buy the premiums/LE on some of the pins. Most notably Aerosmith. However, I highly recommend buying the premium/LE on Star Wars. The added options are worth every penny on this one. Obviously, I highly recommend this game.
84 days ago
My boss has one of these he has brought into the company breakroom, and I probably have a few hundred plays on it. It is a really fun machine that I can't beat to save my life. It's biggest flaws are it's artwork, the bumpers, and the death star shot. The playfield artwork looks like it was done by a high schooler in photoshop. It's terrible. The pop bumpers in the back are too hard to see, and the ones by the flippers are too powerful and often bump the ball hard to the left, and out of play. The game is fun though... the movie clips are cool and the whammy button is well used (IMO). The tie fighter mini-game is easy to grasp and I like the way the different characters play differently. However, the "choose your character" may be confusing to beginners. All in all it is a fun game, but not my favorite new modern Stern.
87 days ago
Star Wars has received somewhat of a mixed reaction
With a theme as epic as Star Wars, this could have been super special
It still plays mighty fine and the hyperspace ramp is a thing of beauty
I actually like the LE art best, the gloss black trim with etched side rails look stunning
3 months ago
I was disappointed and had buyers remorse when I bought the LE but after code 1.0 this game is pretty epic! Amazingly fast flipper action, tons and tons of game modes and play! And I love the bonus multiplier and tight shots! This will probably go down as one of my all time favorites!
4 months ago
Really impressed with this game so far. Obviously the sound/music are top notch, it's Star Wars after all.

We'll see how it holds up over time but i'm really enjoying this in the collection so far. Great game and lots of fun.
5 months ago
Steve Richie phoned this one in, and Dwight did an ordinary job with the ruleset. Pounding the action button is a stupid design idea. Smashing the 3 standup targets to get to 40x before you do anything else is the optimal strategy for points, how dumb is that! Each shot at those targets puts the ball out of control and at risk of a drain. The video mode is tedious. The pops and lanes are a giant waste of space. Sometimes the ball jumps out of the habit rail and over the flippers into the drain. At the plunge a skill shot successfully collected often leads to an immediate outlane drain without a flip.

I usually like a fan layout but this one is not at all satisfying, all the shots feel the same. The light sabre duel is a very cool mode and the light show during this is excellent.

We own the LE at work. It is a chore to play this game, I only do so to be prepared in case I encounter it in a tournament. Yet again the best licence out there goes to waste. Have a look at Iron Maiden to see what you could have achieved, Steve and Dwight.
5 months ago
I am surprised this game isn't rated even higher than it is but I'm guessing a lot of ratings came in before the latest software updates. As far as rules go, I think this rule set is deep and fun!! Very unique. My favorite part is that Stern did a great job capturing so many of the most iconic scenes from the original trilogy. This is how you exploit the advantages of an LCD. And how can you go wrong with the original John Williams music in there? Theme is integrated especially well, you have a great mix of different shots, deep rules and challenging, and a couple of really unique and cool toys (albeit I would have liked to have seen at least one more personally). This game has really turned out great IMO after they finally got the code done.
6 months ago
tight machine, video feature and the feel of the older machines with drop targets. I enjoyed the LE
7 months ago
This game is amazing so much fun to play. Can’t get enough
7 months ago
This was fun to play. It's an open playfield, which I tend to like; Metallica is game I also very much like. I would like more Tie fighters to hit though when shooting for those in that mode. The only thing lacking is something to keep bashing on.
7 months ago
A good Stern with some unique aspects (mashing buttons for one) and lots of selecting missions, characters, moving bonuses around which isn't really my thing. Between moving multipliers and mashing the button, it sure is a very active and exciting game to play. The hyperdrive is awesome and its position makes it more exciting than something like NASCAR or HS2.

Fun game, no real problems except the art. It just doesn't blow me away like I wish a Star Wars game would. I also wish local ops would turn off the video mode.
7 months ago
While not a perfect Star Wars pinball machine, Stern ended making a very good pinball machine that is sufficiently Star Wars. Critiques are the playfield art, the relatively simple rules, complicated multiplier system, and a rather empty playfield. However, some of those critiques are also blessings, as the open playfield results in wicked fast gameplay and mastering the multiplier adds an element of depth that might seem lacking after a lot of play. This game remains Stern's best lightshow to date and the music, call outs and cutscenes from the original trilogy are all excellent. At the end of the day, Stern probably underutilized the biggest license in the galaxy, but Steve Ritchie still made a great and challenging game.
7 months ago
Great game, good flow. Music and theme are awesome on this game. Not just another bash a toy game. Makes you earn your shots.
8 months ago
Very fun game by Ritchie. You must not compare pro to premium or LE. Playfield would’ve benefited from a couple extra shots vs the ramp video extravaganza. However, you get use to the next gen feel. I will buy the premium or LE when price is right...too many undervalued machines for half the price. It’s a 10-25 age rated master piece. Youth love it as well as I. Can’t wait to get one.
8 months ago
The playfield always has seemed a bit crammed, especially with that screen in the middle of it. Also, not a fan of LCD screen in the backlight. However, it's Star Wars, wonderful Star Wars!
8 months ago
It can possibly be Steve Richie's worse game yet. I rather get a roller games :-)

Feels like there is nothing to this game and stern felt as they can just put movie clips on an LCD and be done with it. Sorry, but I have seen all of the star wars movies so I don't give a crap about the clips ... put some thoughts into play field design, ramps, toys, etc.

Sega star wars much better at half the price.
8 months ago
This is the best Star Wars Pinball game ever made.

The Pros:
A solid ruleset from the get go. I like the 4 multiball miniwiz modes. A solid layout that reminds me of No Fear. The shots are slightly wider and more playable. Crazy Ritchie flow when you can find it. I am used to seeing a fan with a 3rd flipper or 3 banks with orbits and ramps between them from SR. This game, GoT and NF have made me re-think his designs and I have to give the designer the credit he is due. The art package and sounds are solid! The modes are easy to read from the screen and can be stacked in certain cases. Choosing the right hero from the movie makes a big difference in game strategy and play. The inner horseshoe loop shows that even the King can learn from new blood. This PF is very well laid out and the double skillshot makes any pinhead smile! Learning how to work the combos will make a hyooj difference in your score and while R2-D2 can help with that... there is lots to do in the modes as well. I also like the nice little nod to the original DE game with the trooper/tiefighter shootout that makes you play the bongos on the lockbar whammy button! Multiple modes and hurryups mean that you are shooting all over the PF and making strategic choices with every shot. I am VERY interested to see how the newer versions of the S/W compare to what we have right now. This is a great start and this game really gives an immersive Star Wars pinball experience while getting the balance right between playability, depth and FUN!

The Cons:
The rules, even in this state with a video screen are not that easy to "get". Even the color coding of the bonus x shots on the pf in coordination with the whammy button will confustipate most (and just about every one of the casual) players. Don't tilt, you will lose your bonus which can easily be half your score in a game. This will probably be addressed in the future with updates. Some of the hungriest outlanes I have ever encountered in a modern pinball game. Barry Oursler would be proud! While some people love the highspeed supercharger, I am not so sure that this thing has a place in the gameplay. Especially the ramp that leads up to the shot. It really needs to be tuned to meet the standards of Ritchie Flowball.

The Takeaway:
A much better game than I thought it would be stepping up to it. Stern has got a winner on it's hands and the Star Wars faithful finally have a pinball game worthy of the lore of the movies. I will update this review as the software is updated and balanced.

May the Pin-Force be with you!

This game requires deep pinball knowledge of the ruleset and is a bit of a chore to play. Playfield multipliers are king and the opportunities to score need to be carefully built up and executed. I am not a fan of the game auto kicking the ball into the outlanes after a short ball saver. I know, I know... play better and take control of the plunge when the ball exits the pf... Software updates are solid, but I just am not interested in playing this game any more than I have to. Not a good sign. We shall see what the future holds for this table and how much more code\excitement can be squeezed out of this game.

Update v2:
Star Wars really requires deeper table knowledge than ever for a Steve Ritchie game. Just like Game of Thrones, the first decision that you make before you even plunge your first ball will be a determining factor of how you approach your game strategy. Most players now seem to be choosing Han or R2D2. A huge factor in this decision is how close you are to a mini-wizard multiball mode from the start of the game. The light Saber mode is a lot of fun and the smaller adjustments to the gameplay really make the difference between what felt like a good game and what now feels like a more complete game. The red/blue light show is way sweet! I am still not sure how to really work the video mode for big points, but the Gyruss controls and the whammy button warping the the speed through the asteroid field are fun. I guess I need to set the multiplier to this lane when I start the mode as well. PF multis make a huge difference in this game and I have seen a few billion point shots made by people who know this code better than I do. If you like Steve Ritchie designs that will constantly keep you playing and thinking at all times. This game is for you.

Update v.3:
I have tried. I have really tried. Really, really, really tried to like this game. This game defines the word "flowball". Either your shots flow or you die. That's this game. How many times have I played this game and the ball autoplunges into the left outlane? This game has one of the most dangerous plunges I have ever experienced. Houseballs all around. This game is even more of a luckbox than WoF. While the modes are well diversified, the layout is one of Ritchie's worst. The rules, while deep, require specific knowledge of the table you are playing to the point of choosing Han or R2D2 can rule or kill your game outright. This is SR's worst design PF since BK2K. If you tune this game properly, there is a player in there. But this table is just not fun for me anymore and no amount of code is going to make this layout sing. Scores reduced accordingly.
8 months ago
Just spent the last week playing and a lot of games. The first few days I was wondering if I got the wrong game. I spent some time looking up how to set the game up and rules. After a few hrs of research it all paid off. My game plays smooth and fast. After understanding how to use multiplying correctly the game started to make sense and became super fun. The modes in this game are really cool and they make feel kind of like you’re in the movie and that’s a great thing. The hurry up shots keep you on your toes all the time. The sounds and call outs are freakin awesome. The movie clips are cool and make you feel like you’re watching the trilogy. The hyper ramp/loop gets a thumbs up and it’s a really satisfying shot. The art work is what it is nothing special but not bad at all. This game even has my wife playing as Princess Leia and that’s a plus for me, oh ya you can pick from 4 different heroes and each have bonuses. I played the pro and liked it but ended up with a premium and pretty sure I made the right choice.
8 months ago
This game is a flat out Turd.

What a waste of a great license. Nothing on the PF. Hyperloop toys is a joke. Rules are pretty boring and the standard dwight math type rules (not what I go for when wanting to relax and play some pinball for fun)
9 months ago
Have the Star Wars now 6 months. This fighting machine and faster than any other pinball machine I had before. I first had to get used to the empty playing field, but the speed and the great sound make that happen again. It is not just a challenge. Ti Fighter Multiball is great, Hyperrampe unique and all in a special atmosphere.
9 months ago
Seems like it should have been so much better than it is. Looks like Star Wars, but doesn't feel like a Star Wars. Definitely a challenging layout with tight shots that requires a lot of ball control. But the shots don't feel very rewarding. There appears to be a lot of rules, but the stop and go rule/mode selections aren't for me.
9 months ago
I can see why this game is rated low. Casual play isn't much fun. I was surprised with how much I disliked the game the first few times I played it. This game requires studying to figure out. The rules are ridiculously deep and not intuitive. And the playfield is not filled with toys.

But... the first time you hit a lightsaber duel and the sounds, the movie clips, and the playfield light up blue or red... Wow.

I'm a big fan of Star Wars, specifically episodes 4, 5, and 6. And I grew up with those episodes so take my review with the understanding that nostalgia plays a big part but damn, there is just something EXCITING about playing this game. There are moments where I can feel the movie as I'm hitting the Tie Fighter or battling Darth Vader. The call-outs are spot on. And the playfield, the colors are amazing and pictures of it don't do it justice. You need to see it. The hyperloop is gimmicky but I like it. And the ruleset is DEEP.

I'm targeting this machine for my home collection. It seems to me that it has amazing lastability. Add to that the art and theme and I think Stern has a surprising winner here.

Update: Purchased the Premium version and WOW, what a game. I was worried the first day that I made a bad purchase but since then it's been difficult to stop playing. Game is better than I thought! The light show and hyperspace multiball are amazing. The rules are ridiculously deep. The playfield is fast and harsh but super enjoyable. Very happy with my purchase.

Update 10/16/2018: Sold the game and miss it occasionally. I think I might pickup the Pro version at some point in the future. The ramp into the deathstar is tough on the premium. Easier to score points on the pro ;-)
9 months ago
When I went to play this game (1.0 code) for the first time, I had low expectations based on watching early streams and reading and listening to reviews that gave a poor grade to this game. Then I played it. The first time I put 20--30 plays on it. I had only intended to play my 3 games for $2, but I couldn't stop playing it. Then, went home, watched a tutorial and learned more about the rules and multipliers. I went back and put another 20-30 games on it with my wife and kids. We all loved it! We played the premium version. The hyperloop was amazing! The supercharger in Getaway is my all time favorite toy/mech in a game and the hyperloop is the supercharger on steroids. Yes, it is a tough shot. But the payoff is worth it. It's not too tough, my 13 y/o son hit it three times when we played it. The art is better in person and there is more to it than just the 4 main characters. The sound is great (it's Star Wars). The lights were awesome. Clips are good. And the gameplay is fast and has flow, which is what I'm looking to add to my collection at the moment. After family approval, I put an order down for this one. I can't believe how much my opinion on this game changed after code updates and actually playing it. Please, do not review or pass judgment on this one until you play it. I didn't think I'd like the multiplier rules, but after learning about them, they are quite unique and fun. Constantly swapping them makes it a new game every time. Also, this is the best incorporation of an action button to date. And I used to hate those buttons.
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