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13 days ago
Played this game with my friends at the Asheville Pinball Museum. It wasn’t really that much fun and we all agreed it was boring. One of my Fritos a big Star Wars fan and he was especially disappointed.
30 days ago
Fast shooting, but no super-satisfying shots, and deep rules that are overwhelming at first. It's nothing too innovative, but is fun.
51 days ago
Fun playing fast shooting game with unique layout. A game that takes FULL advantage of the LCD screen with movie scenes.
54 days ago
Definitely a theme that I can play over and over, the premium/LE add another dimension to this game. I love the call outs and character themed play. Almost a must have for any game room, due to name recognition alone. Makes me ponder about what JJP coinage created with the rights to this machine.
55 days ago
I enjoy the layout and awesome modes. Hate the complexity of the multipliers and the fact that it’s often a drain monster. Wanted this to be a game for the family, but it’s too frustrating for an average player.
64 days ago
This is a great game. Rules for upfront and understandable. Length of time to complete certain actions was difficult sometimes.
Got a lot of plays in and found it repetitive after a bit.
70 days ago
I have owned Star Wars prem for 3 months now.You need to play this game a lot to understand how it works.After playing 200 games i think.I sell the game.Now i think,wow.I understand the low ratings,because pepole dont play the game a lot before rating.

The hyper loop is wery Cool.The light show is amazing.The game Plays fast and brutal.But i love it.One of the best Stern games.
76 days ago
It’s a winner and great fun being the first three movies. Can there be a better theme? Gameplay is exciting and puts a big smile on your face. Lighting is awesome. Hyperdrive best toy yet!

Added review after playing and owning table for a while:

Hello fellow Star Wars fans!

Don’t understand after playing and owning this table for a while now, why there are those that try to put it down. Love this table and yes, it would be quite difficult to please the fan base of one of the most iconic franchises in recent history. Everyone has their own idea of how this table should be laid out and toy/mech populated.

I must say, when I first looked at it, I thought it looked interesting, but somewhat empty. That was until I realized Stern actually filled this table in a different way. Understanding that the scene laid out on the table is the first movies big space battle scene, where big excitement takes place. Stern nailed this scene and feeling to a “T”. Once that’s understood; realize how good this table really is laid out and is not bare at all.

If you look underneath and behind the back of the playfield, there are a load of mechs and toys on this unique playfield. Steve Richie as the flow king is ever apparent on this table. My daughter stepped up to it and said Dad, this table plays so much better and easier than any other table we have. She said it finally made her feel like she was making progress on her pinball skills. We all know it can be challenging, but to hear her get excited about how it plays and think it’s much easier than other tables, is nice.

Always good to have a machine the family can get behind. Other tables just sit there, but Star Wars gets played a great deal by our family. Steve and Dwight did a great job, just wish there wasn’t flashing lights in the Bob-a-fet mode. Please give us a way to turn that flashing nonsense off? The mode is almost unplayable!

Artwork is nice, but could have been more like Batman or Munsters. But I know they were going for the feeling of space, so it’s good anyway.

Music and call outs are excellent! How can you beat John Williams score and movie sounds.

Playfield is nice and and conveys feeling of space. But couldn’t they have put on at least an X-wing fighter on board? I guess modding is the way to add one or two as desired. Licensing was probably the issue here. The hyper loop is awesome and really exciting when balls are shot through it. Force drop targets are a nice touch and welcomed over stand ups. Ramps are all over the place and double layered on the right side.

Game play: Table speed is fast and the shots are buttery smooth. So nice that there aren’t any brick shots on this layout. Targets at the ends of each ramp, are so welcomed. Tables that use just blue plastic bumpers there are frustrating. Flow of this table is superb! Walk up to table and objectives are clear.

Last-ability: strong suit for SW game in a home environment. So much to do and different paths to take. Code depth is outstanding! Being able to choose from four different characters is a treat. Table never gets boring and has that one more game feel!

Lighting is also outstanding, except for Bob-a-fet mode mentioned already above. Lots of RBG lighting on this table.

Mechs/toys: this table is nicely appointed with well integrated mechs. Nice list of items especially on premium/LE. Lots of bullet points offered here.

Fun: Everyone that plays this table has smiles instead of frustration on their face.

This table is a keeper in any collection and especially good for very small collections or even by its self, because of deep rule set and many story paths available. Enjoy!
84 days ago
Wow... its just the word i said when i pushed the start button... music, lights, fun... all is included in this pinball. I dont understand why the ratings are so low. May be too difficult ? Yes ! But its challenging !! May be too poor in toys ? Yes ! But you can add so many gadgets for low price and your pinball become awesome...

The sounds and the lightshows are so immersive ! My children love really this pinball and want destroy the black star !

3 balls in the ramps are very impressive...

Really a great pin for home !
88 days ago
I'm not sure I understand why this machine is so polarizing. People seem to either love it or really dislike it. This is an outstanding game and although difficult it is a ton of fun and has been very easy for my young children to play, have fun and even some successes as they learn how to work through the depth of this game. I am glad I made the decision to get this machine and look forward to having it for many years to come.
3 months ago
I find myself wishing more of this machine. Played it plenty of times on location, but the ruleset and scoring is seemingly too arbitrary. Shots are great, theme is great, but getting into the machine is difficult. Would possibly like to own one on so I'm able to discover all the nuances.
4 months ago
Really wanted to love this game as I would have bought one in a heartbeat. Unfortunately it was not to be. Gameplay is just terrible.
5 months ago
Not a fan, played it for a while though would prefer more to do. it seems to all revolve around one toy.
5 months ago
Picked this up from a friend at a good price, and have loved it. Most players seem to get frustrated with it to the point of not wanting to play it any more and shooting the hyperspace hurry up is definitely the hardest shot. 6 balls on the Multiball is so awesome. Its a great one and one for all ages, but in order to make room for a MBr, this one has to be let go.
6 months ago
Not the Starwars game I was hoping for, but still fun. Art is bland, but I can live with it. Hyperloop is cool when it's actually active. I would have liked to see the hyperloop as a ball lock with more usage. Rules and screen are confusing, but I like the modes, and mini wizard modes are sweet. Overall, I like playing it and would still like to own one. I was very dissapointed with it when released, but it's growing on me. I will say this though, if it wasn't the Starwars license and sounds attached to this game, I wouldn't be interested in the table at $7k plus price tags, but the license carries the entire table as much as it can.
6 months ago
Flow. Multiball. Modes. This machine does it all!
7 months ago
I've owned a Star Wars LE for close to a year and have really enjoyed it. The game has improved a ton thanks to stellar code support by Stern. If you are a fan of objective based rulesets that tell a themes story through its code then you will love this game. The game feels like Star Wars thanks to the excellent use of licensed assets including licensed video (with actor audio / actor video) and licensed music. The toys on the premium / LE may at a glance look basic on paper but when you see them in person and in action I think you be impressed. The Death Star toy on the premium / LE is a very cool toy and its effect during use is awesome to see (and feel if you have a shaker motor, a must have for this game in my opinion). The hyperspeed toy is one of my favorite pinball toys and it's very satisfying to hit multiple balls up the fork ramp into it. Oh, one more thing, the mechanical right outlane save feature is a small but cool feature to have on the premium / LE.

Back to the games code I think its the games best asset. The ruleset that Dwight designed for the game is very addictive and deep. The games rules are broken up into 4 areas within the Star Wars universe. Each of the 4 areas contains 3 modes and each area contains a mini wizard mode. Each mode contains licensed assets from the films and all feel unique as well as progressively more difficult as you go through them. On top of the 16 modes from the 4 locations there are 2 wizard modes in the game, a separate Darth Vader vs Obi Wan mode (reminds be of Fellowship of the Rings MB in LOTR), a Boba Fett mode, and at least 2-3 (or more, can't recall) multiball modes. Finally, the game allows the player to select from 4 different characters. Each character has unique abilities that will affect how modes are progressed and scored.

Overall Star Wars premium / LE is a very impressive pinball machine. Would having more toys in the game be nice? Yes, but I wouldn't be surprised if the license for the game was very expensive and I wouldn't personally want to see licensed assets dropped in favor of more toys. My main gripe about the game is that the LE offering should have been more substantial. The side armour on the LE is cool but there's no excuse for the game not to have a mirrored black glass (only a translite on the LE). Also, I still think the 3 stand up target bank in front of the mini LCD should have been a motorized target bank that lowered with a shot behind it.

UPDATE: I recently revised my review score for Star Wars LE. I recently sold the game and it wasn't because I disliked the game, simply out of room for another pin. I slightly lowered my score for a few reasons. The skill shots on the game after over a year of owning the game are simply not fun in my opinion, the left outlane drains are cheap / occur too often, the mini LCD feels underused, and the end of ball Yoda video clips are too repeitive. I also wish that the LE included more. There was no excuse, other then cost, for the LE not to have a mirrored backglass. Star Wars LE is still a great pin, with deep code, and I stand by what I said above in my original review. I
7 months ago
This is what happens when Stern releases a new game with early code. This game should easily be in the top 10 when it comes to theming, gameplay and lastability.
I know this because try finding an owner willing to let this game go. Good luck! Had to buy NIB. Now, Star Wars fans are amazing, however the very few that are the biggest critics attack every aspect of this game because it doesn’t adhere to there expectations. Could this game have had more toys? Yes! Would it have obstructed flow and gameplay? Absolutely! This is a gem in every way. If you’re looking for toys and stop and go gameplay, there are a ton out there. Don’t buy this pin. If you are looking for amazing music, call outs, fast gameplay, and the opportunity to relive your childhood and immerse yourself into being Luke Skywalker, BUY THIS PIN!!
8 months ago
Star Wars Premium is an incredibly fun game to play. I have owned Batman 66 and Guardians of the Galaxy Pro with Stern's new larger LCD screen and they didn't last long in my collection. When I bought Star Wars I was hoping to not be disappointed again. It falls nothing short of spectacular. I love everything about this game. Art, theme, game play, music are all great. It is a tough game to play. Ball times are usually pretty short and it is tough to hit shots over and over because the game is so fast. The speed on the game makes it tough to trap the ball. It feels great though when you get on a roll and hit several shots in row. It has the capacity to flow when you get the shots down. It has a wide open playfield which I prefer. I'm usually not a big fan of busy or obscure playfield like Bride of Pinbot. The only issue I'm having is a little dimpling on the playfield but I believe that will even out over time. It also was very expensive. IMO it isn't worth it to buy the premiums/LE on some of the pins. Most notably Aerosmith. However, I highly recommend buying the premium/LE on Star Wars. The added options are worth every penny on this one. Obviously, I highly recommend this game.
9 months ago
My boss has one of these he has brought into the company breakroom, and I probably have a few hundred plays on it. It is a really fun machine that I can't beat to save my life. It's biggest flaws are it's artwork, the bumpers, and the death star shot. The playfield artwork looks like it was done by a high schooler in photoshop. It's terrible. The pop bumpers in the back are too hard to see, and the ones by the flippers are too powerful and often bump the ball hard to the left, and out of play. The game is fun though... the movie clips are cool and the whammy button is well used (IMO). The tie fighter mini-game is easy to grasp and I like the way the different characters play differently. However, the "choose your character" may be confusing to beginners. All in all it is a fun game, but not my favorite new modern Stern.

Edit: After playing a few hundred more games on this, I've knocked the score up a bit for 2 reasons.

1. I finally got far enough to discover the exploding death star. It's a great toy.
2. I finally discovered how to get to hyperspace multiball... the hyperloop is a cool unique toy.
3. The lastability on this game is superb. After a year in the office I never made it beyond the mini-wizard victory modes, but always felt like just one more game.
9 months ago
Star Wars has received somewhat of a mixed reaction
I think it plays mighty fine and the hyperspace ramp is a thing of beauty
9 months ago
I was disappointed and had buyers remorse when I bought the LE but after code 1.0 this game is pretty epic! Amazingly fast flipper action, tons and tons of game modes and play! And I love the bonus multiplier and tight shots! This will probably go down as one of my all time favorites!
10 months ago
Really impressed with this game so far. Obviously the sound/music are top notch, it's Star Wars after all.

We'll see how it holds up over time but i'm really enjoying this in the collection so far. Great game and lots of fun.
11 months ago
Steve Richie phoned this one in, and Dwight did an ordinary job with the ruleset. Pounding the action button is a stupid design idea. Smashing the 3 standup targets to get to 40x before you do anything else is the optimal strategy for points, how dumb is that! Each shot at those targets puts the ball out of control and at risk of a drain. The video mode is tedious. The pops and lanes are a giant waste of space. Sometimes the ball jumps out of the habit rail and over the flippers into the drain. At the plunge a skill shot successfully collected often leads to an immediate outlane drain without a flip.

I usually like a fan layout but this one is not at all satisfying, all the shots feel the same. The light sabre duel is a very cool mode and the light show during this is excellent.

We own the LE at work. It is a chore to play this game, I only do so to be prepared in case I encounter it in a tournament. Yet again the best licence out there goes to waste. Have a look at Iron Maiden to see what you could have achieved, Steve and Dwight.
11 months ago
I am surprised this game isn't rated even higher than it is but I'm guessing a lot of ratings came in before the latest software updates. As far as rules go, I think this rule set is deep and fun!! Very unique. My favorite part is that Stern did a great job capturing so many of the most iconic scenes from the original trilogy. This is how you exploit the advantages of an LCD. And how can you go wrong with the original John Williams music in there? Theme is integrated especially well, you have a great mix of different shots, deep rules and challenging, and a couple of really unique and cool toys (albeit I would have liked to have seen at least one more personally). This game has really turned out great IMO after they finally got the code done.
There are 103 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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