Star Wars Episode I

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Game Design: 6.769

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Sounds/Music: 7.584

Other Aspects: 6.797

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Found 137 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 137 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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14 days ago
The "Ghost Pepper Effect" is unique and not used a lot in pinball in general. If you're a "Star Wars Fan", then this is up your alley. The Main power switch is awkwardly located underneath near the back of the machine cabinet.
21 days ago
This is a pretty underrated game.

In terms of the layout it is unique and pretty good, albeit that Revenge from Mars has more satisfying shots and more flow. The ramps on this game flow pretty nicely too though. I'm not a huge fan of the Watto and Jar-Jar ejects as they disrupt the flow. The magnet is a great addition to the game and not as annoying as on most games with such a playfield magnet (e. g. The Addams Family or The Rolling Stones).

The animations are pretty good and true to Star Wars Episode I. Nevertheless, I think Revenge from Mars uses the 3D screen a bit better, especially given it is an original theme.

In terms of artwork the machine looks very good, especially the playfield and the backglass.

All in all, Star Wars Episode I is an underrated game with some nice flow, interesting elements and very good artwork. But when looking at both Pinball 2000 games I'd prefer playing Revenge from Mars.
63 days ago
I first bought the Revenge from Mars and loved it.
So I got the Star Wars one too.
In detail it is perhaps a little bit worse than Revenge from Mars.
But I spoiled the baby with LED's, TFT and subwoofer.
I really enjoy it. The image is brighter than the Revenge.
He has many missions.
What's really a shame is that it doesn't have an automatic kill like the Revenge from Mars. This is awkward, especially during lightsaber combat.
Playing the ramps is a lot of fun.
I deactivated the drop targets in Revenge and here in Star Wars.
The bullet ricocheted so often that it flew through the air.
The balls move very smoothly.
The magnet is crazy like the Addams Family.
A lot of people complain about Jar Jar... he doesn't bother me.
I played the device in a disco about 20 years ago. Of course no sound heard.
I liked him back then.
It is now my 6th pinball machine.
I only review devices that I own.
I didn't buy it because I'm such a big Star Wars fan, but because I liked Revenge from Mars so much.
6 months ago
First time I’ve seen the hologram effect reflection into the playfield! Very into the ability to use this effect to unlock modes or change the playfield throughout the game in a way that isn’t possible on other machines. I’ll design and build my own pinball game someday and will be keeping note of this strategy.
9 months ago
Pinball 2000 SWE1 offers a unique game play that makes playing it fun and a break from traditional pins. You get wrapped up in the animation during the targeting and scoring.
10 months ago
I’ll start by addressing a few criticisms brought up in other reviews. JarJar is only in 2 of the 13 modes. Since you get to choose your modes with the flipper action buttons, you can skip those if you want. Is the game dim? I don’t think so. It could be that some of these need a rebuild of the GI connector; mine is just as bright as other B/W pins and much brighter than RFM.

The shots do feel repetitive, making me wish they’d used the side targets and left orbit more. But the game makes more use of the flipper action buttons than RFM. It’s very satisfying to use a combination of ramp and laser shots to complete a battle mode. The Sith Droid magnet is my favorite implementation of a magnet in any game - it’s strong and it really changes the path of the ball. It’s 50/50 whether it helps or hurts you, but it adds some fun randomness. Forget about hitting the Watto and JarJar scoops on purpose: if you’re playing long enough the ball will wander into them.

I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but the art and music on this game are great. I’ve watched SWE1 maybe 4 times since it came out. The pod racing scene is my favorite home theater workout when I have the house to myself. Love the Gungan sub scene and the Arena scene too (why is this missing from the game - Natalie Portman licensing issue??).

This one fell into my lap, basically an offer I couldn’t refuse. I was planning to flip it after fixing it, but I think it’ll be a keeper. I bet this game will do great on location.
10 months ago
The lack of an auto launch is baffling in this machine, but even with one it would still be an ok machine at best. Weaker than RFM.
1 year ago
Good Game. Great if you can change the Playfield from SWE1 To RFM in your Pinball 2000
1 year ago
It needs to be kept in mind, that the business model behind the development of this game was to lure people away from video machines and other electronic entertainment that had been bashing pinball for years. It was designed to be an easy game to learn and an approachable machine, in comparison to the complexity and depth of previous titles, that while great to the experienced player, did not command repeat plays and operator profit on location.

In a home line-up, it's cool because it is different, holds nostalgia being the last WMS out the door, and is pretty easy to enjoy when guests or kids come over to play. On the flip side, not the deepest and most challenging for experienced players and collectors. I keep mine mainly for the approachable nature of the game, which my wife, guests and kids enjoy and gravitate to.
1 year ago
Strange looking bit cool pin…a true novelty and interesting to play. The integration of hologram images is really cool and innovative. The fun factor tends to wear off quickly with a repetitive quality to the rule set. Feels grindy after several plays.
1 year ago
I love Pin 2K machines. I think it could have and should have been the future and I wish they'd build new ones. Can you imagine some of the latest themes where you could actually see what's on the "tv" in the backbox while you are playing.

Anyway, this game is definitely the lesser of the two P2K's. It's a fun game but gets a bit repetitive at times with lots of the same shots for each mode. The integration of the action buttons for lasers is cool and adds to the scoring/strategy of the game. I think gameplay could have been significantly improved with code updates, either from Williams or a 3rd party similar to what is being done with RFM.

The theme is fun but I truly believe the hate for Jar Jar when the movie came out and his integration into this game really hurt it. I'm sure Lucas thought it would be the next big thing for the franchise and made Williams incorporate it into the game a bit more than they should have.

The art on the cabinet is great and the playfield is really nice once you add LED's to it, with incandescent bulbs it's a bit dark, even with the monitor.

Honestly, the one thing that is absolutely infuriating about this game is the fact that there is no auto launcher on it. Having to shoot balls with the plunger while battling Darth Maul is a pain. I suppose it could be seen as adding difficulty to the game but it just peeves me.
1 year ago
This machine is a bit weird looking. (Williams 2000). The graphics on the cabinet is individual to each side and is very nice. I think the playfield is a bit dark. The monitor is reflected in the playfield glass. This works well, but the missions are a bit repetitive. Shoot the center to start the mission.... shoot the center or to the sides of the center during the mission. I feel that the game could have been so much more. Maybe the Williams team were huge fans of the original Star Wars movies and refused to make the game great for the new Episode 1???
1 year ago
Just picked this pin up! In my opinion, it highlights all the best of the film and the potential it had. The movie gets a lot of hate, some warranted, some not so much, but it had a lot going for it - fantastic characters (Darth Maul, Quin Gon, Obi Wan, Padme), incredible battles (lightsaber duels, droid fights, space battles), and amazing environments and scenes (podracing, naboo, underwater, etc).
The pin makes great use of these and the rest of source material, and integrates the theme really well. It has a dozen or so mini modes to play, and they take advantage of a lot of the scenes pretty well. There's a decent amount of variety in them, and the extra buttons to shoot lasers add a lot to the game.

I think Pinball 2k was the future of pinball, and this pin definitely showcases what could have been. It's counterpart, Revenge From Mars, hasn't aged well, imho. Seems a little clunky, and definitely suffers from 1999 style. I only note that to say that Episode 1 doesn't have that same feel. I think it's aged really well, and feels great (although I do wish the video was 1080p).

Criminally underrated pin imho. Won't leave my collection any time soon.
1 year ago
Played once at The Pinball Office in the UK.

Honestly, this is comedically awful. It’s got about one shot and WAY TOO MANY modes involving the execrable Jar Jar Binks. One mode involving Jar Jar Binks would be enough and a mode about shooting Jar Jar in the foot [sic] was more than enough. One play was plenty.

If you want a video/pinball combo game, Revenge from Mars is way better.

In summary: Absolutely appalling.
1 year ago
The shots feel mind numbing in this game, but the theming is pretty cool with the pinball 2k graphical tech.
2 years ago
This game just sucks, honestly. They could have done so much better with the theme, and it just fell apart (and I’m not even a fan of Episode 1.)

Artwork and animations are well done.

Theme itself (while still being episode 1) could be excellent for a pinball machine.


Dictionary definition of a one shot game (where the one shot is extremely deadly yet the only thing to go for).

Playfield lighting is poor, and makes the game look extremely dim.

Other then the center shot, there are two ramps (with strange, fake digital spinners), two scoops that have little purpose other then to get multi-ball, and a left loop. Out of all those shots, only the ramps seem to have much of a bearing.

Goal of the game is to get 4 modes, wizard mode, advance rank, repeat, making the game become very tedious.

The game killed off Bally/Williams for good, which is just sad. They should have gone off with a bang.

Overall, just a lousy game and not one I have any interest to play again. If you are going to play a Pinball 2000 game, stick with Revenge From Mars. While it still isn’t that great, and is drastically inferior to AFM, it is a much better game then Phantom Menace.
2 years ago
Disclaimer: I really liked Pinball2000 back in the day and still do.
Also, I purchased this machine for a public location and that mind set will be reflected in my rating.

A recent addition to my arcade.
At times, a rather great game.
It doesn't take long to learn, but it also doesn't teach you important things.... Did you know you have another ball waiting to be shot during lightsaber battles? No, well, it's not going to mention it. Once you figure it out yourself, it's all good.
What do lasers do? Did you notice the little icon that says flipper button/action button? No? Well, it's the only thing on the instruction card. Yes? Well... it doesn't tell you what an action button does.

Once you learn to play, it's pretty alright.
The video modes vary somewhat (no explanations, of course)

Overall, it's a nice mid-tier pinball that should be fun to play occasionally.

If you don't like Pinball 2000.... well... there's only 2 of them release, so it's easy to pick other machines to play.
I think this uses Pinball2000 pretty well.

Note: I may have seen Episode 1 once, many years ago. It holds no special meaning to me. It's possible I enjoy this game because I *do not* have any special feeling for the movie or its impact on the franchise.
2 years ago
Hitting the top left and right ramps over and over is addicting. Flippers play very smooth. Display mirrored on playfield is not a gimmick and is impressive given the date of release. This game isn't discussed enough. The example I played seemed to have an underlit playfield.
2 years ago
This game is ok. If it wasn't for the theme it would have been a dud.
3 years ago
Pin 2 k, so much that could be done with this platform.
See wizard blocks.
And they made this.
Sub title could have been, never leave jpop alone to do anything.
3 years ago
Underrated machine. Yes, its already a very computerized pinball, but fun playing.
3 years ago
Sound and lightning is a blast. Especially when you change the playfield inserts to LEDs.
Code is not as deep as Rfm but has a lot of very nice Star wars animations. The action buttons are well integrated.
It makes fun but gets old fast; Playfield layout becomes boring after a while because it does not offer a lot of variety. Maybe a deeper code could compensate that.
3 years ago
Ahead of its time.
3 years ago
Not as fun as I would have hoped. It is repetitive, and the worst of the state wars pins in my opinion. Go for the DE version instead.
3 years ago
Really great game for new players. Easy to learn and appealing theme. Too bad Williams broke their back on this one.
There are 137 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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