Star Wars Episode I

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There are 127 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
Just picked this pin up! In my opinion, it highlights all the best of the film and the potential it had. The movie gets a lot of hate, some warranted, some not so much, but it had a lot going for it - fantastic characters (Darth Maul, Quin Gon, Obi Wan, Padme), incredible battles (lightsaber duels, droid fights, space battles), and amazing environments and scenes (podracing, naboo, underwater, etc).
The pin makes great use of these and the rest of source material, and integrates the theme really well. It has a dozen or so mini modes to play, and they take advantage of a lot of the scenes pretty well. There's a decent amount of variety in them, and the extra buttons to shoot lasers add a lot to the game.

I think Pinball 2k was the future of pinball, and this pin definitely showcases what could have been. It's counterpart, Revenge From Mars, hasn't aged well, imho. Seems a little clunky, and definitely suffers from 1999 style. I only note that to say that Episode 1 doesn't have that same feel. I think it's aged really well, and feels great (although I do wish the video was 1080p).

Criminally underrated pin imho. Won't leave my collection any time soon.
54 days ago
Played once at The Pinball Office in the UK.

Honestly, this is comedically awful. It’s got about one shot and WAY TOO MANY modes involving the execrable Jar Jar Binks. One mode involving Jar Jar Binks would be enough and a mode about shooting Jar Jar in the foot [sic] was more than enough. One play was plenty.

If you want a video/pinball combo game, Revenge from Mars is way better.

In summary: Absolutely appalling.
85 days ago
The shots feel mind numbing in this game, but the theming is pretty cool with the pinball 2k graphical tech.
4 months ago
Ah, Pinball 2k. This game gets the pimp hand due to Revenge from Mars being favored over it but in all honesty they are basically the same game. Does Mars have a more lasting theme and less annoying sounds? Of course! SWEP1 really takes you back to the exciting time when we all stood in line (again) for a new Star Wars movie. What followed (good, bad or indifferent, was what it was); it should be noted that this machine is HEAVY AS HELL. Under play field area is SO clean and nice, I wish more games were like this. If you can find one for a good price, snag it. It's perfect for beginners and kids and really stands out in a lineup.
6 months ago
This game just sucks, honestly. They could have done so much better with the theme, and it just fell apart (and I’m not even a fan of Episode 2).

Artwork and animations are well done.

Theme itself (while still being episode 1) could be excellent for a pinball machine.


Dictionary definition of a one shot game (where the one shot is extremely deadly yet the only thing to go for).

Playfield lighting is poor, and makes the game look extremely dim.

Other then the center shot, there are two ramps (with strange, fake digital spinners), two scoops that have little purpose other then to get multi-ball, and a left loop. Out of all those shots, only the ramps seem to have much of a bearing.

Goal of the game is to get 4 modes, wizard mode, advance rank, repeat, making the game become very tedious.

The game killed off Bally/Williams for good, which is just sad. They should have gone off with a bang.

Overall, just a lousy game and not one I have any interest to play again. If you are going to play a Pinball 2000 game, stick with Revenge From Mars. While it still isn’t that great, and is drastically inferior to AFM, it is a much better game then Phantom Menace.
6 months ago
Disclaimer: I really liked Pinball2000 back in the day and still do.
Also, I purchased this machine for a public location and that mind set will be reflected in my rating.

A recent addition to my arcade.
At times, a rather great game.
It doesn't take long to learn, but it also doesn't teach you important things.... Did you know you have another ball waiting to be shot during lightsaber battles? No, well, it's not going to mention it. Once you figure it out yourself, it's all good.
What do lasers do? Did you notice the little icon that says flipper button/action button? No? Well, it's the only thing on the instruction card. Yes? Well... it doesn't tell you what an action button does.

Once you learn to play, it's pretty alright.
The video modes vary somewhat (no explanations, of course)

Overall, it's a nice mid-tier pinball that should be fun to play occasionally.

If you don't like Pinball 2000.... well... there's only 2 of them release, so it's easy to pick other machines to play.
I think this uses Pinball2000 pretty well.

Note: I may have seen Episode 1 once, many years ago. It holds no special meaning to me. It's possible I enjoy this game because I *do not* have any special feeling for the movie or its impact on the franchise.
7 months ago
Hitting the top left and right ramps over and over is addicting. Flippers play very smooth. Display mirrored on playfield is not a gimmick and is impressive given the date of release. This game isn't discussed enough. The example I played seemed to have an underlit playfield.
1 year ago
This game is ok. If it wasn't for the theme it would have been a dud.
1 year ago
Pin 2 k, so much that could be done with this platform.
See wizard blocks.
And they made this.
Sub title could have been, never leave jpop alone to do anything.
1 year ago
Underrated machine. Yes, its already a very computerized pinball, but fun playing.
1 year ago
Sound and lightning is a blast. Especially when you change the playfield inserts to LEDs.
Code is not as deep as Rfm but has a lot of very nice Star wars animations. The action buttons are well integrated.
It makes fun but gets old fast; Playfield layout becomes boring after a while because it does not offer a lot of variety. Maybe a deeper code could compensate that.
1 year ago
Ahead of its time.
1 year ago
Not as fun as I would have hoped. It is repetitive, and the worst of the state wars pins in my opinion. Go for the DE version instead.
2 years ago
Really great game for new players. Easy to learn and appealing theme. Too bad Williams broke their back on this one.
2 years ago
Although this machine may have lead to the down fall of a great company this Williams 2000 machine is a lot of fun! It’s simple yes but it’s still fun. The shots do get extremely repetitive, however if your a fan of the movie then playing through the scenes makes it worth while and enjoyable.
2 years ago
Very fan game which offers a totally different game play than other pins. Not so complicated it is however something really different.
3 years ago
One of John Papadiuk' most beautiful pinball machines that he ever designed. Right up there with Circus Voltaire in my opinion. What a clever integration of the light saber and the video on the playfield that William's implimented on the Pinball 2000 units. Watch the movie Tilt, and play a pinball 2000 unit and then come back and give a rating on this. I mean, everyone celebrates Joursey Jack and the new Sterns for having "video integration with LCD screens". Williams did this 20 years ago and pioneered the Technology. George Gomez and everyone at Stern knows this. If this game had of came out today, everyone would have said it was the most technologically advanced pin they have ever seen. It was just way ahead of it's time! 20 years ahead to be exact! Please, play this game before you rate it.
3 years ago
For the hate that is out there for this game i think it is a pretty cool concept. It has some repetition on shots but it has some fun modes. Probably not the best game in a small collection. One of the first pins friends play when coming over.
3 years ago
Great game, it was the last of the Bally/Williams pins ever! The Pinball 2000 was the best thing that could have happened and it is too bad it had to end. Great game, right on theme, home run when it comes to tech. Too bad it has some of the annoying episode 1 characters, you know who I am talking about...

This is one of my go to games in my house, people love the screen, the "VR" on the play field, and the playability of the game.
3 years ago
Hated this pin when i played it but got a chance to own it reasonable and spent time on it. The verdict, very fun, has a lot of innovative qualities for the time but not huge in depth. We have a pretty decent size line up and I catch myself playing it more and more. I wish they had a chance to make more
Than two. Playfield swap would of been simple and you get a whole new game.
3 years ago
Very repetitive but fun game to play once in a while. I really like the theme but the cabinet is awkward and the lighting is really dark.
4 years ago
I want to like this game more, but there isnt much here. I like star wars and episode one, but its hard to give points to any pinball related features such as code or toys
4 years ago
No, this isn't a machine for purists, but if you have kids (or friends new to pinball), this may belong in your collection. It's immediately accessible, and truly fun to play. It does lack some depth in the ruleset, and once you beat each of the modes there's not much to keep you coming back, but the experience is visually stunning, and unique, if not subtle. Huge hit for the kids, though somewhat less for me.

Still, I'll play it just to hear "Duel of the Fates" and watch the saber light up.
4 years ago
I don't see why everyone dumps on this game it looks great and plays good
4 years ago
This game for the year 2000 shows vision for it’s time for future game design. Very innovated and seems to get a negative review due to the movie and not for the machine and game play.
There are 127 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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