Star Wars Episode I

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Game design: 6.75

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Other Aspects: 6.886

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There are 116 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Very fan game which offers a totally different game play than other pins. Not so complicated it is however something really different.
8 months ago
I understand that many feel the movie sucked and I agree to a certain point, but the pin is awsome.
To lowball rate this just because of Jar Jar Binks is kind of silly.
At least during game play, when the hologram of Jar Jar shows up on the playfield, you get to shoot him down with the ball and cause him pain, lol.
I also understand that alot of people rant and rave about how superior Revenge from Mars is, which I respectfully disagree with.
Their isnt that much of a difference between the two other than the theme and RFM having the ramp that lifts up and down from playfield for shots which is nice of course. But other than that, RFM isnt that much better.
Star Wars in my opinion has better music and better hologram animation, and similar fun factors, but of course that's just my opinion.
I also like the fact that Star Wars has an old school plunger to shoot ball into the playfield which RFM does not have. And also the light saber looks bad ass.
With the exception of Jar Jar binks, I find Star wars to be just as enjoyable and fun as RFM, or at least almost depending on your taste.
If you hate Jar Jar on the playfield, then just rip him off of it and put a Darth Maul or Darth Vader figure in its place.
But seriously, me personally I love this game. Visually stunning.
1 year ago
For the hate that is out there for this game i think it is a pretty cool concept. It has some repetition on shots but it has some fun modes. Probably not the best game in a small collection. One of the first pins friends play when coming over.
1 year ago
Great game, it was the last of the Bally/Williams pins ever! The Pinball 2000 was the best thing that could have happened and it is too bad it had to end. Great game, right on theme, home run when it comes to tech. Too bad it has some of the annoying episode 1 characters, you know who I am talking about...

This is one of my go to games in my house, people love the screen, the "VR" on the play field, and the playability of the game.
1 year ago
Hated this pin when i played it but got a chance to own it reasonable and spent time on it. The verdict, very fun, has a lot of innovative qualities for the time but not huge in depth. We have a pretty decent size line up and I catch myself playing it more and more. I wish they had a chance to make more
Than two. Playfield swap would of been simple and you get a whole new game.
1 year ago
Very repetitive but fun game to play once in a while. I really like the theme but the cabinet is awkward and the lighting is really dark.
1 year ago
I want to like this game more, but there isnt much here. I like star wars and episode one, but its hard to give points to any pinball related features such as code or toys
1 year ago
No, this isn't a machine for purists, but if you have kids (or friends new to pinball), this may belong in your collection. It's immediately accessible, and truly fun to play. It does lack some depth in the ruleset, and once you beat each of the modes there's not much to keep you coming back, but the experience is visually stunning, and unique, if not subtle. Huge hit for the kids, though somewhat less for me.

Still, I'll play it just to hear "Duel of the Fates" and watch the saber light up.
1 year ago
I don't see why everyone dumps on this game it looks great and plays good
1 year ago
This game for the year 2000 shows vision for it’s time for future game design. Very innovated and seems to get a negative review due to the movie and not for the machine and game play.
1 year ago
I really like the whole concept of pinball 2000, and I think its a shame it never caught on. I hope to play Revenge from Mars one day. As for Star Wars Episode 1, yes its based around a not so great movie, but its a heck of a lot of fun. I think the layout of the playfield is nice. You got two ramps that you can shot for, and then the middle of the playfield is the main one. When you activate a game mode, you then get to fight and destroy stuff, and I love using my lasers. Cool effect how they put the lights into the playfield floor for the lasers. Great animations and just a cool hologram effect, and there are a lot of game modes to where you can play this over and over again and still not go through them all. While not my favorite pinball machine, I always try to play it at least once whenever I am at the pinball arcade that has it.
1 year ago
Revenge from Mars is better, but I like episode one too. it gets no respect for the movie it is after which doesnt help it. I found a never used ep1 kit and it such a shame that this was the end of pin 2000. The swap is easy and I wish they made others for it. Pinball 2000 system could have evolved nicely. It really is a good platform with unique features.
1 year ago
Fun Game. But RfM us the better one of the Pin 2000.
2 years ago
This pin is alright. The modes are pretty basic and you'll be hitting the ball up the center a lot, but the ramps are actually fun shots and there is some fun to be had in the modes. This game is like a worse revenge from mars, as they are both pinball 2000 games they play similarly.
2 years ago
Meh - good to have if you already have an RFM so you can swap it in and play it for a few weeks, then go back to RFM for a few months. Rinse and repeat.

Light sabre is pretty cool, sound is great but game itself doesn't have much. Very easy for newcomers to play and they enjoy it. Something different to have in your collection though.
2 years ago
My parents bought this and I played it a ton growing up. It is not the most sophisticated pinball out there, but it a super fun game, especially in group play. Given the fact it has fantastic call outs and original music, plus a huge glowing lightsaber on the playfield, what is not to love? Super fun in multiplayer.
2 years ago
It's Star Wars which makes it a winner for most alone. It is underrated because of the theme. Jar-Jar gets a bum rap. It play's great in the Pin2k format the RFM is a great machine call outs and theme is better on that. But after watching them in shows and on location for a long time, You can't go wrong with either they get allot of play. SW ep1 has a great flow, and is just FUN to play. Art work is what you expect Star Wars not just Black letters down the side. Music comeon DUh.. And nothing is like P2K lighting or play. I had the Data East machine and loved it and now this blows that away. But that is the 1st so it will always be a great machine. The Trilogy is the weakest link after playing that and the new Stern. Grab it because the price is Great and most likely to go up.
2 years ago
PIN2000, oh what could have been.....
2 years ago
2 years ago
Would have ranked it higher but.... Jar-Jar...
2 years ago
this is a good pinball with some maryjane..had all the right touches and skill levels
2 years ago
I bought revenge from mars originally, and found someone with a SWE1 playfield after getting pinbox to work I was finally able to try out the star wars game.

Well let's just say it's easy to see why its not the more popular of the two titles. I'm assuming if it weren't a p2k title it probably would of been forgotten. The theme isn't bad, I've never been a big star wars person, but they seemed to do a good job with the artwork and playfield. With any playfield from this decade it extremely dark maybe cause I'm used to led tables now.

I'm playing now with the computer monitor off to the side, So everything is a little more visible. If the screen was over the table I could see how it could be a little distracting on how much it covers. The shots for most of the video modes consist of a bumper target that will drain your ball, two ramps and two standup purple targets. So most of the modes are pretty much the same thing over and over. In revenge it tends to widen and vary what you need to hit in order to get a flawless, but there are less video modes in RFM also.

The good stuff is it's unique, I'm happy p2k came out with another title but I wish it were something else.
After playing the game for a while I'm starting to see there is a bit more strategy involved then I originally thought. Its one of those games you don't care for at first, then you become okay with the more you play. The jedi battles are interesting and challenging multi-ball mode where you have to defeat the sith before you takes you down, the good thing is you have infinite ball save . Finally made it to jedi knight and barely lost the second battle.

It's definitely not the best title out there, but it's fun.
3 years ago
It's a pretty fancy game, but it doesn't have an instruction card, it can be hard to follow the ball, and is a bit confusing.
3 years ago
The pin I played has poor lighting in the back, little to shoot at, and was repetitive.
3 years ago
Contender for the worst pinball ever made. And it has jar jar binks. Nice one, George Lucas.
There are 116 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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