Star Wars Comic Art (Premium)

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Game Design: 8.118

Artwork: 8.624

Sounds/Music: 8.535

Other Aspects: 8.386

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This is "Star Wars Comic Art (Premium)".
The other versions are: Star Wars (Pro) (regular version), Star Wars (Premium/LE), Star Wars Comic Art (Pro)

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There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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43 days ago
This table…at first I was like…meh…but after a few games and better understanding…I’m barely a starswars fan and I want to own this!!!! The flow is incredible!!! Even the pro isn’t that bad :) but the premium…wow
5 months ago
Better art than the original. Game play is just not there. Star Wars is a great theme still awaiting a great pinball.
6 months ago
What an absolute pleasure to flip. Bought this second hand thinking hope it doesn't suck like the Pro version I played in 2017(just after it was released). Man was I in for a suprise.
Wicked fast and very very fun. I added a Subwoofer and Shaker motor immediately after 2 days of ownership. Oh my goodness what a difference then updated to current 1.10 version.
Now Wife hates Starwars and after only 2 games looked at me and said this is a great game.She likes the lights and layout.

I'll do and update after 1000 plays but for now I'm loving the art/gameplay for sure.

Put on a ton of games.
This game is awesome I was playing older code and now 1.10v
Absolutely a blast to flip and Hyperspace loop is fantastically fun.
Art is beautiful
Call outs are fun.
Super stoked I own this pinball machine.
6 months ago
Great game. No the best. Could have done more with Star Wars. Some tough, borderline unfair shots
6 months ago
The comic art versions are far better as they don't hurt my eyes.
6 months ago
Best game ever! it is not for amateurs, feel the strength it is just this way you will be able to defeat the emperor. Sound, animation, effects, lighting and fantastic theme.
6 months ago
The Force is strong with this one!! Originally I was backed into this title when a deal had gone bad. Now its my go to pin. To see the iconic characters, movie clips, and music perfectly integrated for game play is from a galaxy far far away. Hyperspace multiball!!! Comic art, Premium model is required to properly feel the Force!!
6 months ago
When set up properly to avoid cheap drains, or with the new 1.10 code update for a proper ball save, this game is a blast. The comic art package is a big improvement over the original. Shot variety is great, and sound effects/movie dialogue during modes are very satisfying. Game code during actual modes is awesome, the big weakness is that mode stacking and the shot multiplier add a level of complexity and confusion that detracts from the theming. Best just to ignore those, and have fun!
7 months ago
This may be the last game I would ever sell! The comic art is significantly better than the initial photoshopped art. The rules in this game are out of this world and highly underrated. A shaker and pin woofer speaker upgrade system are well worth it on this title. I have owned a pro relay liked it but the premium is much better. The hyper loop is a real cool toy. This is game is a combination of Iron Man and GOT for me . Speed game combined with detailed rules and strategy.
7 months ago
After a few hundred plays on my new SW Comics Premium, it is unquestionably my favorite pin in my collection, and possibly my favorite ever.

I can see how it might not be for everyone, but for me the insane speed, challenge, endless variety of strategies, not to mention the amazing theme integration and some of the most fun toys (i still grin like an idiot every time I hit the hyperloop) and modes I’ve ever experienced, make for a package that is even greater than the already excellent sum of its parts.

Sure it can be frustrating at times, it takes a bit of commitment and patience to really learn it, but then you get some of the most exciting, sweaty and exhilarating games pinball has to offer. Oh, and it is gorgeous too...

I absolutely love this game. 10/10
7 months ago
Love this pin. Yes it can be a drain monster, but it is challenging and once you get the feel of this pin and have a great game , it is rewarding. No hate for this pin, love it.
11 months ago
Amazing game!
1 year ago
I played this game on location and it took my money very fast. Ball after ball went down the left lane or SDTM. I however love this theme and after doing some research on this site saw the potential. I have owned my Star wars Comic Premium for a month now and love,love,love it! I would guess that most of the bad feedback/ratings this game gets would be due to poor location setup. It took me a while to find the games sweet spot. I tried many angles around the 6.5 degree recommended angle and I’m very happy now. No more poor drains. This game deserves initial patience and it will pay you back big time. I’m so glad stern re done the artwork. Give this game a chance as it should be rated way better. Hi from New Zealand :-)
Update: I updated my machine to the new code V1.10. Wow what a difference an update can make. Stern have addresses the cheep drain issues by adding longer ball saves, this has made the game even more enjoyable. Thanks Stern!
1 year ago
Once you get past the lack of toys the game is real fun the music and callouts Are amazing
1 year ago
This is the best Star Wars Pinball game ever made.

The Pros:
A solid ruleset from the get go. I like the 4 multiball miniwiz modes. A solid layout that reminds me of No Fear. The shots are slightly wider and more playable. Crazy Ritchie flow when you can find it. I am used to seeing a fan with a 3rd flipper or 3 banks with orbits and ramps between them from SR. This game, GoT and NF have made me re-think his designs and I have to give the designer the credit he is due. The art package and sounds are solid! The modes are easy to read from the screen and can be stacked in certain cases. Choosing the right hero from the movie makes a big difference in game strategy and play. The inner horseshoe loop shows that even the King can learn from new blood. This PF is very well laid out and the double skillshot makes any pinhead smile! Learning how to work the combos will make a hyooj difference in your score and while R2-D2 can help with that... there is lots to do in the modes as well. I also like the nice little nod to the original DE game with the trooper/tiefighter shootout that makes you play the bongos on the lockbar whammy button! Multiple modes and hurryups mean that you are shooting all over the PF and making strategic choices with every shot. I am VERY interested to see how the newer versions of the S/W compare to what we have right now. This is a great start and this game really gives an immersive Star Wars pinball experience while getting the balance right between playability, depth and FUN!

The Cons:
The rules, even in this state with a video screen are not that easy to "get". Even the color coding of the bonus x shots on the pf in coordination with the whammy button will confustipate most (and just about every one of the casual) players. Don't tilt, you will lose your bonus which can easily be half your score in a game. This will probably be addressed in the future with updates. Some of the hungriest outlanes I have ever encountered in a modern pinball game. Barry Oursler would be proud! While some people love the highspeed supercharger, I am not so sure that this thing has a place in the gameplay. Especially the ramp that leads up to the shot. It really needs to be tuned to meet the standards of Ritchie Flowball.

The Takeaway:
A much better game than I thought it would be stepping up to it. Stern has got a winner on it's hands and the Star Wars faithful finally have a pinball game worthy of the lore of the movies. I will update this review as the software is updated and balanced.

May the Pin-Force be with you!

This game requires deep pinball knowledge of the ruleset and is a bit of a chore to play. Playfield multipliers are king and the opportunities to score need to be carefully built up and executed. I am not a fan of the game auto kicking the ball into the outlanes after a short ball saver. I know, I know... play better and take control of the plunge when the ball exits the pf... Software updates are solid, but I just am not interested in playing this game any more than I have to. Not a good sign. We shall see what the future holds for this table and how much more code\excitement can be squeezed out of this game.

Update v2:
Star Wars really requires deeper table knowledge than ever for a Steve Ritchie game. Just like Game of Thrones, the first decision that you make before you even plunge your first ball will be a determining factor of how you approach your game strategy. Most players now seem to be choosing Han or R2D2. A huge factor in this decision is how close you are to a mini-wizard multiball mode from the start of the game. The light Saber mode is a lot of fun and the smaller adjustments to the gameplay really make the difference between what felt like a good game and what now feels like a more complete game. The red/blue light show is way sweet! I am still not sure how to really work the video mode for big points, but the Gyruss controls and the whammy button warping the the speed through the asteroid field are fun. I guess I need to set the multiplier to this lane when I start the mode as well. PF multis make a huge difference in this game and I have seen a few billion point shots made by people who know this code better than I do. If you like Steve Ritchie designs that will constantly keep you playing and thinking at all times. This game is for you.

Update v.3:
I have tried. I have really tried. Really, really, really tried to like this game. This game defines the word "flowball". Either your shots flow or you die. That's this game. How many times have I played this game and the ball autoplunges into the left outlane? This game has one of the most dangerous plunges I have ever experienced. Houseballs all around. This game is even more of a luckbox than WoF. While the modes are well diversified, the layout is one of Ritchie's worst. The rules, while deep, require specific knowledge of the table you are playing to the point of choosing Han or R2D2 can rule or kill your game outright. This is SR's worst design PF since BK2K. If you tune this game properly, there is a player in there. But this table is just not fun for me anymore and no amount of code is going to make this layout sing. Scores reduced accordingly.

Boba Fett is on this game. Yay...
1 year ago
STERN Star Was is the best Star Wars Pinball based on the original trilogy ever made . It is all about the game play. The modes are represented great in synergy to the LCD film clips and voice overs from the original films . The music by John Williams score is excellent . All this brings you into the Star Wars original Trilogy universe . The game play is hard. But there are so many ways to choose to play the rule-set. The shot multiplier system is very addicting as you learn how you may manually move the shots around the playfield for maximum scoring . I have never played a pinball game with this type of control given to the player. This style of code brings so much "breadth" of strategically building up you shot multipliers and choosing different main character from the Star Wars 1977 film to aid you through your playing experience . It is a " masterpiece" in coding and fun. And "Fun" is what defines a great pinball machine .
1 year ago
I'm not fan of star wars and can't get into this game. Some people I know really love it and can make a ball last forever. I don't like the animations and the gameplay is boring. Sound is great though. I only play it when its required on league night.
1 year ago
When I first played Stern's Star Wars, it was a Pro, since the Premium and LE had not come out at the time. I definitely was underwhelmed with the Pro, albeit the code was quite immature at the time time. As a dream theme, I was gutted that I did not connect with Star Wars (Pro).
All changed when someone in my family purchased the Star Wars Premium machine. Playing it at home, I got really into the machine and started to appreciate what Steve, Dwight and team were going for. The Premium machine is an absolute beauty! The rules are deep (which means the machine will have a long lastability in any collection), the toys are cool, especially the hyperloop/hyper drive. The artwork is great and even better with the new Comic Art edition, and of course the integration with music, video and sound from the glorious original trilogy is the icing on the cake.
The game is brutal, but if you play it long enough, you will appreciate it, just like Stern's other brutal game, TWD.

Stern's Star Wars Premium is a great machine (with a great theme), which I hope others that may have dismissed it back in 2017/18 would come back to it and play it / experience it again - I guarantee they will be pleasantly surprised, just like I was.
1 year ago
When set up correctly (which is critical on this game) it is really as good as pinball gets. Quality shots are rewarded and missed shots are often punished. Makes for a very rewarding game and has that, “one more game” quality to it.

With a shaker motor, it really is a great pin and is really exciting. The Hyperspace loop is the best “toy” I’ve ever played on a pin and the rules and modes are deep and fun.

It should also be noted that the Comic Art version, at least for me, is a game-changer. Pin looks absolutely amazing both on the playfield as well as the cabinet and back glass. Also, I think the hyperspace loop (on the premium and LE editions) absolutely changes the look of the game (as well as the play), which in no way looks like an empty playfield or that it is missing toys (as opposed to the Pro version). In short, if you have played Star Wars before, but you haven’t played a Comic Art Premium, you can’t accurate judge or rate this pin!

This has to be one of the top 5 pins for home use, as that environment allows you to dial in the setup and really learn the rules.

I own this game, but that is NOT why I rate it a 10... I own this game BECAUSE I rate it a 10!
1 year ago
SW has long been under my radar, but with the release of the comic art edition I gave it second look.

I played both SW pro and premium and prefer the premium because of the hyper loop, this is the main extra feature of the premium and would not like the game as much without it, the hyper loop is one of my all time favorite toys.
the negatives:
-not a fan of the ball launch often leading to double drain but likely this is something I can overcome with increased skill or tweak to the game.
-voice actor for call outs not the greatest.
-video mode, I don't hate it but I could live without it but my guests really love it so it’s a plus minus.
-pop bumpers there are just 2 and they make clacking sound more than any of my other pins.
-Death Star ramp can block the right orbit when it's up, not a deal breaker but just less flow than the pro.
the Positives:
* * * Theme***** this is the mother of all pinball themes the original trilogy and having film assets is fantastic. SW does it right with the movie clips.
- Layout I love the ramps (Steve Ritchie knows ramps) Inner loop (I love the inner horseshoe loop) orbits and super spinner, stand ups are dangerous but important (risk reward).
-Toys (not a lot) the tie fighter on a spring is ok, The hyper loop steals the show. I rate the loop toy up there with the magnet ring in LotR in satisfaction as well as well engineered, fun and exciting. It's a tough shot with time running so it's always exciting. Death Star toy great
-Rules this is what brings it up and up for me. There is so many modes to pick and they feel different (more-so than modes in ST) I love hurry up shots most it’s one of my favorite parts of any pinball. I also love the risk reward of the bonus multipliers that you can get them high and that you can move them, once I figured out what the heck I was doing I fell in love with them. Love the many side modes like Boba Fett, Light Saber battle, Hyper Loop MB, Tie fighter MB and so on. I have not got too far in the game but I like that some of the good stuff is not too far out of reach. I think it gives enough early in the game but a lot of stuff to reach for.
-Art think it's great especially the translight and PF, the cabinet art is growing on me and the display makes great use of the film assets.
-light show is great, lots of lights and good use of them to bring out the modes (like hyperspace MB).
-Sound effect and sound quality are great.
-Build quality (so far so good).
-Like that it feels like a complete game, I don't feel like I need to add any mods (except shaker) but besides that, I think it's pretty great as it shipped and I don't want any dolls, the one Falcon is well done and doesn't feel like too much or too little.
1 year ago
It is a Star Wars pinball. My only issue with the original pin was the art package. That has been corrected on the comic version. The art really pops now. This is a hard game with deep rules. If you want to be a better pinballer play Star Wars. It will "force" you to be better.
There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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