Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Game Design: 8.587

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Other Aspects: 8.527

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Found 455 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Hard to find fault with the overall design and theme integration. I just don't have that much fun playing it at shows, on location or even PInball Arcade. The out lane drains are part of the reason. It would probably be more fun for me in the home with practice. The theme also seems dated even though I grew up watching the show the next gen doesn't have the same nostalgia as the original. No doubt it's a top 25 or so game, especially if you love the theme and machines requiring accurate shot making.
7 years ago
Probably my favorite Steve Ritchie game
More I play it-The more I want one.
Only downside is the cannons block the views to the inlane/out lanes. A bit frustrating, but not a game buster.
7 years ago
Ok another great pin from the Steve Ritchie collection,
I guess the ST theme the only thing keeping this machine from being up there with TZ and MM in the top 10..
can be had for much less coin that these A listers and isn't too far behind in complexity and gameplay. get one while their still reasonably affordable
A pinball with guns that shoot the ball in play and are used in various modes is a Masterstroke from Ritchie as usual.
Patented ball on demand feature so your not waiting for balls to find their way back from a subway excursion helps keep the flow and energy up in this game..
on 3 ball factory defaults its a challenge to get to FF but worth it when you earn it.
5 ball makes it a bit too easy to get there IMHO
now owned and enjoyed..
7 years ago
A good fun game. The audio could be more varied but it has all of the classic lines and sounds of Next Gen.

Pity about the cabinet artwork and bland back glass. I would love to see a version with a brighter finish and more detail. I can dream.
7 years ago
Time warp is great. Fast ramps. Love this game.
7 years ago
Big variance in recent comments.....well.. the fact I bought it after playing for the first time underlines my thoughts. Loads going on, great sound great themes and missions.. I love it. Lost count of how many multi balls were on the play field on my 3 ball!!!! The machine was in superb condition and perhaps this made a difference. Will review again in a couple of weeks.
7 years ago
What can you say? Just an all around awesome game. Great ramps, shots, the cannons, multi-balls, video modes. Need I say any more? Definitely a great machine to have in a collection. Best mod add on is the color DMD. WOW!
7 years ago
Decent game. Kind of overrated; the scoring seems too inflated. Doesn't really grab me in terms of the game play. The call outs are great, though. Cool that Patrick Stewart and others did some.
7 years ago
Star Trek, superpin, Star Trek, three flippers, Star Trek, Steve Ritche, Star Trek, custom voice work by original actors, Star Trek, lots of modes that are all unique, Star Trek, dual cannons, Star Trek, combo shot that has become its own thing (Picard maneuver), Star Trek, great wizard mode that can be plunged to start, Star Trek.

Okay -- this is a Star Trek pin. If you don't like Star Trek, that would be a bad thing if you owned this pin. Otherwise, one of the greats in pinball.
7 years ago
Epic dual cannons!
7 years ago
I tried to like this and played it for a few hours it just dint grab me as much as I thought it would.
7 years ago
I don't get it. After everything that I read about this game and my appreciation for the TV show... what a disappointment! The rule set is vague and hard to keep track of. The playfield is cluttered with hampered game flow and the toys are mostly static. Nothing interesting about playing this game. When compared to Stern's new Star Trek game, it doesn't come close. VERY overrated!

UPDATE: after spending a decent amount of time on this machine, I'm finally starting to get it. It is a much better pin than I had originally given it credit for. Some very good modes of play.
7 years ago
Finally got a chance to play an STTNG in good shape. And I like it. Although, the only flaw I can see is, not necessarily the difficulty, but the spinner scoring logic. I mean, 10M/spin warp 6 reward, and then double spinner at 7, that's just absurd. Still, great game and deserves its popularity.
7 years ago
This would be one of my favorite games if it wasn't such a drain monster. Lots of outlane and SDTM drains that you have almost no chance of saving with a nudge.

Otherwise, the game is very good...lots of good shots, good sounds, music, animations, modes, light shows, and artwork.

The modes are challenging, but not impossible. The cannons are an interesting game feature.

As far as repair....this is one of the most complicated (and heaviest) games ever made.
7 years ago
Warning, am a Trek fan. Have a ton of fun playing this as do other people I know who don't love Trek. Great music and theme, much variation and great gameplay. Can lose ball more than you would like but the missions you have to complete along with being able to choose the missions is great. Rec strongly for everyone, especially if you like the theme
7 years ago
It's sad to give this almost 10 for everything I know. But another from my pub days. Alway wanted and have.

Don't think is great for the occasional player. But has so much to it.

Some people don't like it because it's Star Trek but it has so many amazing features
7 years ago
I enjoyed this game, played it a few times in Fargo. Only issue was it seemed to be a bit of a drain hog. Fast and enjoyed the different shots, really liked the skill shots required. Surprised at the speed of the combo shots.
7 years ago
Very fun game expecially if you like the show. Great shots and fairly deep rule set. Lots to do on this one.
7 years ago
Own all the Star Trek Pins... this is by far my fav
7 years ago
I have played at least 10 different STTNGs and all the ball does is either go SDTM or right out the outlanes, barely ever even get to hit the ball with the flippers on this game
7 years ago
STTNG is a brutal pin. led's are a must in this machine. game itself is just awesome to play. ive owned 3 and each played equally as hard as the next. laser cannon mods make the toys on this game very cool. pretty deep game, and video mode is better than most. overall one of my favs


this games theme is not appealing to all. very hard pin for beginners. 6 ball multi-ball couldve been 4 or 5
7 years ago
Awesome game!!
7 years ago
Didn't stay in my collection long. Not sure why it's so highly ranked. Good but not great IMHO.
7 years ago
I owned one of these. played it, completed it. Loads going on. Star trek Into darkness is what i would have next.
7 years ago
Superb game, all around. The shots are many, varied, and all have meaning in the game. Integration with the TV Show theme is a model for all to follow. Playing a game feels like you're there, on the Enterprise, especially during the multiball confrontation with the Borg. The sound package is among the best ever, with DCS sound, theme music from the show, and best of all original cast members doing original soundbytes for the game.

The lure of completing missions to earn artifacts is strong and encourages quality mode play. Encounters with hostile alien ships will break up the Mission modes with other fun modes. 6-ball wizard mode, the Final Frontier, is a blast.

All in all, one of the best from Williams from their mid 90's peak. Not to be missed.
There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 9 of 19.

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