Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Other Aspects: 8.528

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Found 455 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
One of the few games that gets everything right. It helps that I loved the TV series and that the original actors did the voices for the game. This is by far my favorite Steve Richie game.
6 years ago
Game is generally a little dark everywhere I've played it but it's a flowing game. The shots are fairly challenging and it's a fun game to play. I've dropped more quarters than I can remember into this game when it was around me.
6 years ago
STTNG was my favourite game back in the day when in came out in the 90s. i used to play it in pubs and clubs and bars and it was always the game i'd seek out in arcades - so much so that when i finally got around to thinking about owning my own game for the first time back in 2009/10, i didn't give any second thought to which game i was after - this was always gonna be my first ever pinball machine of my very own.

i still like it, still rate it, still enjoy it - but these days, now that i know so many other games, and can see it in context, it's no longer one of my very top favourites any more. but man, it's a blast.

it looks fantastic - the colours pop out, the layout is fantastic, the cabinet and backglass and animations on the DMD are all very impressive. it sounds fantastic - brilliant theme music, teriffic zingy space noises of lasers and torpedos, explosions and cannons and phasers and holodecks, even custom speech by the stars of the show. and it plays fantastic - plenty of shots to aim for, several multiballs, those ace cannons to fire with the cool looking gun handle, that wicked cool 'Picard manoever' with left orbit-upper right ramp, the thrill of super spinners and the countdown of Warp Factors to try to get to warp 9.9. it even has a feature where the Borg ship fires back at the player!

there's only a few downsides, and most of them aren't really the machine's fault. it's a bloody heavy beast. the cannons tend to go wrong. the video mode is the same every time (so just remember LLRRLLRLLL and you're golden), and the outlanes are a bit drainy. but i bought the outlane extender mod which just adds 5mm to the tip and makes a big difference, and even SR agreed those things are an improvement.

anyway, STTNG is a load of fun and i really enjoy it. go play it. and if you will find that if you had propelled the ball in the correct trajectory, you would haTHANK YOU MR DATA
6 years ago
Just bought a few months ago have restored the machine to almost new condition love the play of the machine the rules are awesome and easy to figure out keps you coming back for more very challenging
6 years ago
My favorite game. Great theme, great gameplay.
6 years ago
Owned for awhile but passed on this pin in the long run. Great pin but it just waant a keeper for me.
6 years ago
Another pin I gave-up in a divorce that I wish I still had. Great theme and fun pin.
6 years ago
I am not a fan of the show, in fact I have never actually watched an episode. But this table is pretty fun. The callouts are pretty funny "The probe has discovered a bonus multiplier". Speaking of which, is probably the best skill-shot I have played! The ball goes into one of the two probe cannons and they rotate, and you are trying to launch it so the ball hits the flashing target.

The gameplay is fun, smooth, and not too hard to understand.

If you get a chance, it is worth a couple plays.
6 years ago
Fun game. Could be better, but not much in bad way. Most complaints come from those who just time out the modes. This makes the game boring, so not a fan of others who do it.

Play it, enjoy it, pass it along.
6 years ago
Shooting probes is fun and that was about it.
6 years ago
Putting a so-so photo from some Star Trek characters on the back-glass doesn't really look good or qualifies as artwork in my book. The cabinet looks good. The machine just doesn't look all that great. PF is OK and doesn't interfere with following the ball. Nice layout, interesting shots, lots of toys and a nice flow make this a very fun machine to play.
6 years ago
Really enjoy this pin. So many shots to make, good rules, but not too deep. Is a keeper for sure!
6 years ago
Another one of my favorite tables. It ranks right up with LOTR for me. Excellent incorporation of the series theme, great sound, and audio from the show.
6 years ago
Playing the Star Trek The Next Generation pinball machine is like watching a TV episode - but with the bonus to be able to control it! :) I think it's definitely a Top-10 pinball game! Missions are really exciting, artwork and sound is overwhelming, all original cast voices recorded specifically for this game, 6 balls, great finale! WOW! As a Star Trek fan a must-have, for all other pinball players an outstanding gaming experience! Well never leave me again... :)
6 years ago
Wow, an all-time great. Fun, innovative rules. Awesome theme for me at least. Gotta get one for the collection and then bolt it to the floor.
6 years ago
Game I played was set with continue game feature. I played it for a couple of hours. It made the game super fun. I would love to have this game in my collection and play it hours on end. It's one of the better 90's games I played. the new star trek was like a new copycat of this game.
7 years ago
This is one tough game and I LOVE it! I am so glad I purchased this game. I like everything about it except the early drains you tend to get.
7 years ago
I really tried to like it. It's not you; it's me.
7 years ago
One of the best ever made and maybe the best in my opinion. Excellent theme integration and the speech is amazing. Seriously under-valued.
7 years ago
Love the theme and the original actor call outs which is so well done. Truly immerses you in the theme which is a big part of pinball after all isn't it? Shot layouts are varied and rules are complex enough to keep you interested and thinking about strategies. Overall a great widebody, and loads of fun to play.
7 years ago
outstanding pinball game, very undervalued, and in my top 5 games ever, shots are fun, sounds are super, playfield toys and detail is awesome, highly recommend.
7 years ago
Brutal outlane drain monster. I highly recommend the pinbits metal lane extenders. I heard somewhere that even Steve Ritchie recommends them conceding that the original design was a bit crazy. Beautifully integrated theme. Amazing use of custom voice work by many of the actors. It's pretty hard to beat Patrick Stewart's "All Hands prepare for Multiball", pronounced with his amazing accent as Mul-Tie-Ball.
7 years ago
I hate the theme. I really hate the theme. Just not a fan of Star Trek. It makes it hard for me to look past that and enjoy the game.

There's a fairly deep ruleset with this one, but I'm just not that interested in trying to make my way through it... gameplay seems tedious.

Artwork is bad... just bad. It's Stern-crappy-photoshop level bad.

This is, IMO, by far the worst pin to come out of B/W during what was otherwise a great era of pinball.
7 years ago
Not for me.
7 years ago
This game is so much fun , lots of thing to do ......
There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 19.

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