Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Game Design: 8.587

Artwork: 8.094

Sounds/Music: 8.418

Other Aspects: 8.527

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Found 455 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
I held it for a moment. I really like it but very difficult. Some days you will reallly score and have lots of fun, some you will loose really fast... and feel bored.
5 years ago
Fun game and a good value. Excellent call outs by cast of the show. Final Frontier was always achievable. Many folks had issue with reliability, but mine worked well with no issues. Always thought the delta ramp was a bit steep, I like it better on the Stern ST.
5 years ago
Best Star trek Pinball ever
5 years ago
Great game but confusing as all get out. Very complex rules.

Fun never the less... I just know I'm not maximizing the scoring.
5 years ago
I have always wanted to own this table and I am lucky that now I do.
5 years ago
This is a well designed game. Smooth shots and many with great call outs by the original cast members. Fun modes, and great artwork are also a plus. A must play game.
5 years ago
This is a fun game, it has all the original voice actors playing there part including Q as well. The animations on the display are very good as well. The game play is fun an varied, all sorts of missions and mini games you can play in here.

Hearing the cast in there original roles is fun if your a fan of the show. The layout is quit well done and not overly complicated. I especially love the launcher. no more plunger and spring. There's all sorts of neat things all over the board but it never feels like a random mess. Overall it's a very fun game, especially if you are a tng fan.
5 years ago
Its not bad but its a overrated game
5 years ago
Great game, well integrated them, wide variety of shots and modes, moderately difficult. Slower paced game, but can be brutal if you can't control the ball. Didn't last very long in my collection, just too slow and a bit boring, didn't help that I am not a STTNG fan.
5 years ago
What a great game. Not easy to complete all the objectives. Have plenty of variety with shots and modes. A must have for true fans of the series.
5 years ago
Fun game, can be a little slow at times. I love the Borg multiball.
5 years ago
one of my favorite machines to play not a trekie but fan of the game,i dnt care for the backglass not a keeper for me,but could b a keeper on the game play,i like the modes , i like the alot of play on this one wen it first came out even the old lady liked it then,i seem to pass on playing it now cause im not a trekie, and thats the only reason why....
5 years ago
Really fun. I love Star Trek TNG the show so this is right up my alley. Fun with missions, exploration and action. It really has a nice mystique feeling about it. One of my top favs.
5 years ago
I like the new star trek far more. The old one is just a relic from the past. The machine is dark and has a lot going on. I just do not like it a lot. Maybe I did not give it the full time or effort to understand it, maybe if you own only this one you would get into the deeper ruleset and all options. I just do not get triggered by the theme, artwork and playfield to start that path. Maybe if you are a hardcore fan, this is for you...
5 years ago
Just a awesome pinball..
5 years ago
If I didn't like the theme so much, the rating would my rating would be substantially lower. Too much open space. I set it to five ball, as the outlanes drain so much. Would be the first to go in my collection, but the only one my wife likes.
5 years ago
an amazing machine and stands the test of time.
5 years ago
Very popular with all my friends, think that saids a lot about the game.
Very challenging with great shots and features
Definitely a keeper!
5 years ago
It's really a "Superpin" !
6 years ago
Sttng is a great game. I do get tired of playing after a while. When I go back later I enjoy it. I don't like the theme but many do. Good game and it should be in the top ten. The more I play the more I like it.
6 years ago
Just Wow
6 years ago
A tough, punishing game that is not for novices. New players have a tendency to dislike this game, and kids definitely do not like it as first time experiences. Notorious drain monster in the outlanes and center. Phenomenal music score and light show, especially during game over, but terrible backglass image if you do not like Sir Patrick Stewart. Technically and mechanically this is a REAL BEAST. Not recommended for new pinball collectors. There are so many assemblies and optos used, phantom switches and playfield shorts are common problems. Phasers generally need new cable assemblies because the wires get twisted and break. Shopping this title is a complete nightmare, and operators HATED this machine, which I can attest as a pinball technican in my early days. I cannot imagine doing a NOS playfield swap on this game, as I would rather have 10 root canals (in a row). If someone asked me to do it, I would charge them over $2000+.

If you dislike this game because you play poorly, "learn to control the ball", that does not make it a "poor game design" new collectors. Otherwise, the game will just hate you back with a vengeance.

Good luck trying to find one that ACTUALLY works on a route (versus a collector's home), because at this point they are RARE to find in the wild as a Chinese Panda.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Deep ruleset, long shots/ramps, great voices (All eleven members of the cast), Fast Multi-Ball.
6 years ago
STTNG is a great game,
game play and rules are so much fun,
ramps are awesome,
sound is great,
artwork is awesome,
Tranlate is a 6,
Steve Ritchie what a genius..
6 years ago
One of my least favorite pinball machines gameplay wise. The playfield isn't fun to shoot, and the gameplay is dominated by the stupid video mode. The video mode has a set pattern and is a total bore that's a complete waste of time, but it's worth so many points that in tournament mode you can't avoid playing it many times. Also the inlane/outlane area have posts in very strange positions, and are partially blocked off by the stupid cannons. Many of the modes can be played for lots of points by just looping the center shot over and over, which gets pretty boring, and there's really not much reason to hit many of the other shots around the playfield.

What STTNG does have going for it, though, is possibly the best audio package in all of pinball. The speech, music, sound effects, etc. are all incredible.
6 years ago
Love the flow of the game. Great set up, like the missions and great game for all skill levels. 3rd flipper ramp is hard to hit but all in all awesome game. Can't see this leaving my collection any time soon.
Just starting playing and will update if required.
There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 19.

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