Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Game Design: 8.589

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Sounds/Music: 8.409

Other Aspects: 8.528

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Found 455 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
I am not really a Star Trek fan (I don't dislike, I'm just not into it) but this pinball machine was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed using the blasters - a pretty cool, unique feature overall. I could see myself eventually wanting one of these as I initially considered getting one after I played it the first time. The game flowed well and the shots were smooth. I guess my only complaint is that it felt a tad bit slow paced when I was playing it.
2 years ago
This is a great game from now a long time ago. A good game for the family and as a wide body I actually think it is more balanced than TZ which is way more complex from the same era. A little bit of bias would be that this version of Star Trek is my era also. This a great game to have in a collection or on public display as a coin operation pin.

A good pin even alongside the best that Stern can come up with a full 25+ later. One bonus is that it can be purchased for way less than the TAF, TZ and others with plenty of them being around in differing conditions. If you are getting one fully restored you wont get your money back, but we will see just how much a minty version will go for when it celebrates it 50 anniversary in 2043.

If you do undertake a restoration it will be for the love of it and to make sure that the next generation enjoy it just as much as the last :)
2 years ago
This pin was my favourite when I was younger
2 years ago
Star Trek TNG, for me, is a hard machine to rate. I have a love/hate relationship with it. When I got it a couple of months ago, I had a hard time to love it as much as I hoped. The outlanes seemed to attract every single ball and when not the balls seemed to run straight down the middle a lot. Now I installed lane extenders, set the outlane kicker on easy and also got better hitting the shots.... And it is a different story. It is still unforgiving and really fast, but also a lot of fun.

The layout of the playfield is great with so many shots and the modes and many different multiballs and ways to play (Ex going for warps, multiballs or modes) are well thought of and integrated in the theme. Still tough though, but it will make me a better player.... The cannons are fun, but also give start/stop action. Solid pin, which I suspect will grow on me.

I love the artwork - backglas not as much, since I am not a big fan of actors in that spot (I gives a bit of an outdated feel IMO - maybe I go with an alternate translite). Animations are great.

Sounds and music are the best. The actors gave so many speaks and callouts, making it a pleasure to listen to. Also the themed music gives a good Star Trek feel to it.

Lightning is also super on this pin. the use of flashers are simply one of my favourites. Only smaller issue is that the playfield is a bit dark. The lastability on this machine, I guess is really really good. Though I finally made it to Final Frontier today, I still need to improve so many elements. I will not be bored with my STTNG - but on an unfocused day, where nothing works, maybe a little frustrated from time to time ;-)

"If you hit the ball from another trajectory you……… says it all
2 years ago
Amazing game. Alot to shoot for and very addicting. Love this game and I'm not much of a star trek fan. After playing for hours and hours it just keeps getting better. After really fine tuning the machine it plays amazingly or is it me starting to okay amazingly. Either way this game doesn't seem to get old.
2 years ago
If you are a fan of the show this pin is for you. Real voice actors from the show make all the difference in this title. Game is fun, lots of great shots and modes.
2 years ago
I want to like this table. I really do. It's just never felt fun to me.
2 years ago
Incredible game. Great art and call outs. Being a huge fan of subways and VUKs, I love the crazy subway system under the game. Williams packed SO much into this game. So glad I am finally able to own it.
2 years ago
This game is a beast to move, which is reflective of how much is going on under and above the playfield. I'm actually counting coils in my head and I came up with 17, but I might be missing a few. The game is packed. The main pathway though the game would probably considered playing though the seven modes to reach The Final Frontier (6-ball multiball). I think there is a good risk-reward with the mods as collecting artifacts in the modes can result in huge scores in The Final Frontier: 0 artifacts = 10 million (per switch), 1 artifact = 25 million, 2 artifacts = 50 million, 3 artifacts = 75 million, etc. The orbits are also super important on this game. The left orbit is the spinner which, when lit, advances your Warp Factor. Each time you advance the Warp Factor there is a new reward. If you reach Warp Factor 9, you start a timed mode where you try to advance 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, etc. The right orbit is the ball lock, which starts Borg Multiball. During this multiball you are collecting jackpots by firing on the Borg ship. You have to however keep your shields up for this shot to be lit, by hitting the spinner. It's a fun battle. You can also start encounters with the Cardassian, Ferengi, and Romulan by hitting shots in the Neutral Zone target bank. Finally, you can also advance in rank from Ensign to Captain, which basically just adds to your bonus, but is still rewarding. Plus, you'll often hit that Command Decision shot when shooting too early on The Picard Maneuver combo (left orbit to left ramp). Oh, I did forget about the Video Modes, but to be honest they are pretty poorly done. Really the only other negative with the game for me, would be that I wish there was a better way of displaying: Rank, Warp Factors, and Artifacts. Inserts would be ideal, but perhaps there was no room left under the playfield. Good game, but not a long term keeper.
2 years ago
I think the best pinball I've ever played. Is perfect, the theme, the sound, the rules, the fun, and it just does not get boring with Captain Picard's voice. Just a top
2 years ago
I've owned my STTNG for I think just over 10 years now, and honestly, it remains a marvel in my eyes. Granted, I am a super fan of the show. Mine is functionally perfect and I have only two modifications, both of which I think are critical. First is the Borg ship has blue LEDs, including the blue flashers. The second is I have Pinball Pro backbox speakers and an externally powered sub with volume and crossover controls. I've done other little things, like rebuilt the power output connectors for the GI, replaced caps and rectifiers, and replaced the trough boards.

Everything else is clean and lit with incandescents and its aging like a retro piece of art in my office. I've debated converting to Herg controlled LEDs but every STTNG I've played on location is LED'd out and ends up being a disappointment.

As far as the gameplay goes, a well tuned STTNG is an immersive adventure. There are two modes in particular that never fail to get my heart pumping or place me inside the drama. First is Borg Multiball. The powered subwoofer coupled with the amazing simulated power/electrical damage during that light show creates, IMO, and unparalleled level of immersion as you inflict damage to the Borg, and as they inflict damage on you. The callouts are perfect as well. Incredible and always satisfying. Warp Factor 9 mode is another. The rumble of the engines and the time down as you attempt to hit what is arguably the most satisfying combinations in all of pinball en route to Warp Factor 9.9 is tremendous. The other thing I find is the machine rewards aggression and ball movement. Way more times than not, when you try to get cute (save a ball catch), or fail to take a quality well timed crack at the ball, you pay a huge price.

About the only thing I would change rule wise or code wise is to potentially add additional artifacts and higher point acceleration the deeper you get into a mode. Too much motivation to sit on a ball once you've accumulated an artifact.
2 years ago
Compared to newer games, I wasn't wanting to play anymore after a few games. Didn't pull me in right away. I'm not a fan of the theme though, so that's a huge factor for me.
2 years ago
Another game a truly love, i am more of an Original Series fan..and have only seen a few episodes and films from the next gen crew but this game is a blast to play and is a lasting memory from my hometown bowling alley..great shots, great features, awesome layout and callouts..highly recommend!
2 years ago
Top of my current wish list!! I still remember the day the first episode aired!!!! The theme fits perfectly with the game. Find a well tuned game and it will kick your a**! STTNG is an overall great game that new players will enjoy and seasoned vets will play "just one more time".
2 years ago
Fantastic machine. Total Package.. LED's and alternate translate put it over the top.
3 years ago
One of the first pins I ever bought and still one of my all time favorites. It’s a deep game and perfect for a home collection if you have to patience to maintain it. The theme and mood of the game is awesome. As far as upkeep goes, the cannons can be problematic. This is a very exciting and satisfying machine overall.
3 years ago
For the most part this game is great! I enjoy getting the Frontier Mode. The sound track is off the chain!
3 years ago
One of my all-time favorite pins. If not for the difficulty in maintaining this machine I'd probably have one. I love the dual phasers and large amount of things to do. The theming is perfect and for the show, but I wish it was a little more violent. The backglass art is perfect but the stuff on the field could be a little bit better. The sound is amazing and I don't think I'll ever get tired of the TNG theme playing over and over.

Update: I've owned my machine for a few months now and am really enjoying the game. I'm not the greatest at pinball and just discovered a new mode after about 200 games (Spoiler). You can get to Warp 9, then 9.1, and 9.2 in a special mode that provides custom callouts, big points, and challenging shots. I really like discovering new modes outside of the wizard mode and it was a really nice touch. The Cannons are well integrated. I'm not huge on color leds, but I really like and recommend putting green lights in the borg ship. This really ads to the immersion and they only come on when the borg multiball is active.

Update #2. I've had this game for 2 years now, longer than any other game in my collection and you know what, this is my favorite pinball machine of all time. The theme is hit or miss, but my family loves ST:TNG so this is off the charts for us. As to gameplay, after years I still come back and play this frequently and still get to put my initials in from time to time as I get better. The left Spinner shot in this game is my favorite shot in all of pinball. I still this day have not found the extra ball in the shuttle simulator (I refuse to look it up) and still have not quite made warp 9.9, although I've gotten to the other wizard modes. Such a wonderful game. The only thing keeping this from being a 10/10 for me is the art and the use of the incorrect BORG ship on the playfiled (they need the cube!)!
3 years ago
This is my favorite game in my collection and it shows by my rating. I am not even a Star Trek fan but the theme works so well and there are so many things to do, I understand why this ranks so high. This machine will never leave my collection.
3 years ago
Great pinball. I am not a fan of the show or the movie, but I like the pin. Great sound and callouts, great ships and a good gameplay
3 years ago
Great game especially if you're a fan of the show. Theming is perfect, the voice callouts are epic and include the entire crew. Like most widebodies, the game can feel floaty if your not connecting on shots. Get in some rhythm and this game is a blast. The modes are varied and collecting artifacts is always a challenge. A must own for any pinball fan, Treky or not. This is my second time owning STTNG.
3 years ago
The pros:
Audio package is amazing with all the voice actors! Game music is great. Art is very good and all unique from what i can tell. Playfield has some great shots and toys. Ruleset is decent as there's plenty of spectacle on this game to make it stand out.

The cons:
The cannons/inlanes/outlanes arrangement puts me off this game alot. So many unavoidable drains and those cannons, whilst awesome when in use, are blocking massive playfield real estate. The game is more enjoyable once the shots are dialed in, sometimes If I havent played in a while the ball finds the edges of targets and posts almost constantly, and whilst that's mainly my fault for not playing better, it does give the impression of less flow when compared to some of Ritchie's other games. Also this machine breaks down alot...there's no rating for that so i haven't taken any points off for it, but this game goes down 2 or 3 times per pinball show I attend.
3 years ago
in my top 10 for sure.
3 years ago
My all time favorite game, and I've played a lot! Shots, flow, rules. sounds and music all top notch. A true Steve Ritchie classic!
3 years ago
This game is one of my favorites. Steve Ritchie games are always fun and this one has the added benefit of being a theme that I love.
There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 19.

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