Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Game Design: 8.582

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Other Aspects: 8.522

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Found 457 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 457 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
Being a Star Trek fan and I love variety, this machine is PERFECT. Back in 97 played it so much that I blew $50 a week. Went and bought it and by 2000, the coin mech counter close to $2000 revenue (my own money, and yes I had coin mech avtive). Cost me $2200 then so I considered it a great investment. Never going to sell it!
8 years ago
My very first pin. I ended up selling it for ACDC and regret it everyday. This pin is just all out fun. The Delta ramp is very satisfying to nail. The subway and dual cannons are a very cool feature. Game sounds are awesome! Who doesn't love Capt. Picards voice?
8 years ago
STTNG is the game that got me hooked on pinball. The theme is integrated into the gameplay perfectly. The multball against the Borg is intense and having to repair your shields before you can attack for jackpots is genius. It has the best use of guns on a playfield. The custom speech by the full cast is one of the best in pinball. Having to collect dilithium crystals along the way to the "Final Frontier" was another brilliant idea. The hidden "poker night" video mode is also fun. IMO Steve Ritchie's best game. The only thing I can say bad about this machine is its a mechanical nightmare.
8 years ago
Now that I have this game working I'm loving it. When I bought the machine it was non-working and I had to do a bit of work to get it going. This is a complex machine, so I can see why operators may have hated it. But now that its working I LOVE IT.

Will have to admit that the music gets very annoying after a long game. Wish the theme song was a bit different.
8 years ago
my second wide-body WMS game, made quite a few changes to improve it over the original. Lasers on canons, funny speech rom, upgraded translite all help keep the game fresh. Rules aren't that hard, and Final Frontier is a little to easy to get to, but still fun. Not a bad variety of shots, but Pickard manouvre is so hard to master. Will probably move it on after a few years.
8 years ago
Had a chance to play this again and improved my score. Very solid game,fun and challenging.
8 years ago
A must have for any collection.
8 years ago
I find this pin just too frustrating for my likes. To each to their own.
8 years ago
Great game! not the best artwork for sure but a fantastic pin, very challenging and fun.
8 years ago
Went to the Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham to try out 100+ machines. Came out with 3 favorites.

#3: Champion Pub

TOTANs have gotten out of my range ... but I was able to scrape up enough for an STTNG. Boy I am happy I did. (and also eventually got a CP ... man this hobby is evil)

It does help that I have become a fan of the series in recent past. But wow! All the original cast doing voices! So deep! They captured the theme SOOOO WELL!

Excellent use of the canons. I thought I would get tired of the gimmick. I did on T2. But no! There is just something cool about the two of them. Cooler than ACDC! (Not that I wouldn't love an ACDC)

The color DMD was worth every penny. LEDs make it gorgeous. Everyone comments on how cool my STTNG looks!

Just added an external sub. WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHH! Can you say Warp 9.x??? Just turn your crossover way down to block out a lot of mid bass frequencies from the sub. There is a lot of bass in the soundtrack. You just want the sub to kick in on ship damage and WARP!!!
8 years ago
I was not expecting to enjoy this table, since I'm not a fan of the STTNG theme. I was pleasantly surprised. Love the wide body design, and multiple ramp shots, which can be a challenge. And there's plently of cool toys & challenging modes too. I found the standard tables to be a little dark, but I played a unit with LEDs & a color DMD, so maybe I was influenced by that. Cool game that could have been way better with a ST:TOS theme. Update: Just came across one in excellent condition & had to buy it. Loving it!
8 years ago
Really wanted to like this machine, was a huge fan of the series, but the outlanes are just way to open. I could not keep the ball in play long enough to enjoy this machine. Canons block view and I think they are positioned wrong which aids in the outlane drains.
8 years ago
The only knock I can give this amazing game is the ridiculous outlanes. They are straight up evil.
8 years ago
This is a very deep game that will keep you coming back again and again! The Star Trek theme is expertly integrated into this pin within the artwork and custom callouts. The turret toys are neat but not exceptional in my opinion. I love the borg multiball, especially when you lock a ball in the borg ship and it fires it back at you! My only complaint is that the nature of the game leads to a lot of start/stop action, so you have to be ok with that sort of thing. Overall a great pin.
8 years ago
I just can not see what makes this such a popular game it was O.K.
8 years ago
A fun game to drop some quarters in, but I'm not real big on the whole ST thing. It would follow that I'm not a fan of the artwork and am not blown away by all the ST nuances incorporated into the game a real fan would "get". Not one for my home, but I'd play it anytime I found it on location--at least for a little while. However, if you happen to be a fan of all things Star Trek, I'm sure you would be jazzed about this one and rate this game much higher than me.
8 years ago
Only negative aspect is, that the artwork on the playfield is not that great. Its quite dark (too much black), and the Delta Ramp shot is way too narrow. The main startrek theme music is getting on the nerves quickly. But its still a great Pin!
8 years ago
Steve Ritchie- and Star Trek- Nuff said. So fun.
8 years ago
great game
8 years ago
A very solid machine that incorporates the theme well, but get ready to be frustrated. Long lasting rounds almost impossible due to the most extreme outlanes on any modern pinball (that I have ever played at least) A must own if you really like a challenge or if you are a Star Trek Fan but try it out before you buy, if possible. This is not for everyone. I enjoy it when I have been away from it for a while but not the machine I play the most
8 years ago
just a really solid game with a few software quarks that'll make you occasionally wanna drink while playing it but half way through that first 40oz you realize this is still twice the game for less than half of some others
8 years ago
Does not get better than this if you like the theme.
8 years ago
I really love this machine. It's too bad it's so ridiculously expensive! From the opening shot on the crazy wires, to the video modes, to the music, this game just rocks. While not a huge ST fan, this game is definitely a keeper.
8 years ago
Excellent wide body, lots of modes, fairly deep ruleset. The video mode can kiss my wazoo.
8 years ago
I fell in love with this pin the very first time I played it. It is that rare game that makes you want to break the piggy bank at home just so you can play it again!
There are 457 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 12 of 19.

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