Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Game Design: 8.587

Artwork: 8.094

Sounds/Music: 8.418

Other Aspects: 8.527

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Found 455 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Great game, ball launch is great
7 years ago
Nice widebody game with great flow. Playfield artwork could be better, other artwork is ok for me. Its gameplay does not get old for me. It has a really cool atmosphere with spectacular sounds and music.
7 years ago
I love TNG, so the pinball machine is a theme match made in heaven! Loads of fun to be had on this solid DMD release, always one to play if you can find it on location.
7 years ago
One of my top 5 machines. Most immersive to me until LOTR came along. Really has the entire package, rules, art, sound and gameplay.
7 years ago
I like STTNG, but it does not like me. I have a really tough time playing it, but I still have fun!
7 years ago
Best pinball ever. Period.
7 years ago
Overall I like the game. This is one of my top choices for a pinball. I enjoy playing
7 years ago
Well I just got this one and it was my grail. I am a huge STTNG fan and grew up watching the show as a kid. That being said I have owned quite a few pins and played many more but nothing has compared to this game. It is the perfect combination of the right theme (for me) and fantastic flow/gameplay.

The art is great, the music and sounds are amazing as the whole cast chirps in while you hammer away on missions. This is all coming from a STTNG fan however, and the average person may walk away not noticing. That all changes with the gameplay. Whether a fan of the show or not, the gameplay is great. A fast widebody with a deep ruleset. The missions are easy to understand and you never feel like its work to get through one.

I really, really love this game. It will be my first keeper for sure. If you are a next gen fan, this game is an easy top 5; if not I think it lands at around 9 or 10. This game is fun for both, and it can turn a pinhead into a trek fan and a trek fan into a pinhead. Engage!
7 years ago
Very good, if not the best film theme integration. Original voices of actors, cool!
Nice toys and gimmicks, very good playfield layout and complex subway system.

One on the best widebody) pins. Nice ruleset and challenging game.
7 years ago
A very good pinball machine that has incredible ballflow IF you make the shots proper. It completely destroys you if you miss the shots needed, the ball will bounce back STTM or drain very fast through the sides. It has more missions and multiballs than the standard missions would show, and there's also a few secret modes you can trigger while playing. The main focus in this game is doing the main missions as well as possible, score artifacts, and then use these in the Final Frontier mission as miltipliers. This will determine your score for the most part, as this will get you billions of points instead of millions. Features a lot of ship toys, including a game integrated Borg ship in the back you'll be fighting in a the main multiball, it even is able to fire balls back at you!
7 years ago
I really hate this game I've played it tried to like it! I just can't bring myself to like it sadly. I did increase my rating cause I do like the modes and spent more time on it. It's still not for me tho
7 years ago
This game has a lot of bang for your buck. Aside from being a bear to maintain and keep playing properly, it has some unique features, fun toys, great modes and just a really nice overall package.
7 years ago
Cool pball, canons are an awesome feature, love the game's speech.
7 years ago
I love this game. Come back to it over and over. The missions are clear, fun and challenging. The multi-ball is pandemonium. Great game. Buy it now.
7 years ago
Initially thought it was great, but the more i played, the more repetitive it got.
7 years ago
Great Game. This is a hard game to get bored with. It has really cool shots and great flow. Very nice design and playfield. If you are a Star Trek fan, it is a must have.
7 years ago
Still the best Star Trek pin, IMO.
7 years ago
One of my all time favourites, I love the voice overs from the original cast. Brilliant design, but the right outlane drain is a disaster. I would own one but for that major flaw.

UPDATE: After getting some more time with this game I am taking some points off. Gameplay not as deep as the modern Sterns and the wide kickers that funnel the ball out the outlines suck!
7 years ago
I really like the wide bodies. This game has a nice open playfield full of toys.

I played on one with a lane extender so it doesnt drain that much. I keep coming back for more. I cant really seem to find a downside; perhaps the toy ships could have been painted or equipped with decals for some more detail. But this is also an easy mod job you can do yourself.

Conclusion: It is on the right spot; high in the top 20!
7 years ago
I can't seem to get the hang of the top right flipper. However, as a trekkie, I love this machine and would enjoy having it in my collection.
7 years ago
Own this pinball since 2005 and it is a keeper, they did a great job 21 years ago!
7 years ago
My second pin, played it intensively troughout the last month. I'm not a trekkie but familiar with the theme, also watched the TV-show quite a bit 20 years ago.

The artwork captures the Star Trek feeling very well, music and sounddesign is simply awesome! DMD animations are very well done and support the gameplay a lot!

When you manage to string a good game together this pin is extremely rewarding and you really get a feeling of accomplishment. But more often this machine kicks my ass and the ball drains trhough one of the unforgiving outlanes or with an extremely fast center drain.
Managing the picard manouever more than once in a row always gets my heart racing!
Missions are diverse and very funny, especially if you try and go for the artifacts. I only got to Final Frontier Mode once, frantic 6 ball multiball that scores a lot of points! Borg Multiball is quite easy to achieve and a lot of fun too, as are the Ferengi and Cardassian side missions.

The two cannons over the slingshots are an eye catcher, visitors love them and always do the "probe" plunge. I love the three fast ramps and the looping plunge rail, it adds a feeling of speed and haste to the game.

A hell of a lot of different things to do on this machine, I think it's gonna take me a very long time before i grow tired of it.

All in all a really outstanding pinball machine!

This machine frustrated me a bit and i got rid of it after about a year. Still like to play this occasionally on location but the constant draining trough the outlanes killed it for me.
Nice Artwork, awesome audio, varied shots but just a bit too frustrating for me.
7 years ago
I enjoyed the game for a time, yet spent more time working on it than playing it, so out it went. Good use of the license, nice shots. Hate the outlanes.
7 years ago
Rewarding and sometimes punishing game - amazing variety of shots and gameplay. Discouragingly tough outlanes when things don't go well so it's just that much more of a sweet feeling when you really get things going - top rated for good reasons
7 years ago
I just don't care for the backglass one this one, I have seen a replacement for it and it makes it pop! I have been going to the Pinball Asylum in Ft Myers and keep trying to figure this one out.
There are 455 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 19.

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