Star Trek: The Next Generation


Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Game Design: 8.631

Artwork: 8.171

Sounds/Music: 8.469

Other Aspects: 8.569

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Found 515 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 515 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
A very hard game with short ball times. Any bricked shot seems to drain. Great music and sound. The gimick of the turret is cool but unsafe.
24 days ago
Fun if you don’t have to maintain it
38 days ago
I find this game most...(tilts head with a pensive look)...intriguing.

TNG is one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and lesser pinball machines would cower in fear at the thought of having to live up to such a lofty theme. This machine accepts the challenge and boldly goes where no pin has gone before.

Puns aside, this pin is absolutely righteous. Each callout vividly replays a scene from the show in my head, of which there are many. The shots can be challenging but they're fair, I'm still getting the timing down for the Picard maneuver and eventually I'll be able to combo that thing into oblivion.

All in all, a true classic that will stand the test of time...which is good because I need some time to convince the wife to let us add this masterpiece to the lineup.
49 days ago
There is so much going on with STTNG. You get two cannons to launch balls for combat mission modes, there is a third flipper to hit a difficult ramp into the delta quadrant. The integration of the modes is excellent. It is a widebody machine. I love the Borg multball mode, the Asteroid Threat, Combat Simulation. There is a mini video game to avoid the asteroids. This game is difficult, and not for the beginner player, so newbies might get easily frustrated. It provides challenges for more seasoned players. A great machine to have at home because it will take a long time for you to get tired of it.
81 days ago
The toys and mechs really stand out in this game. Has some good shots. I like the probe cannons.
83 days ago
Love this game. Recently purchased it and after learning the rules etc I like it even more. Find myself trying to dial in the shots and getting better. As far as the complaints about the outlanes being greedy I don't find this as an issue. For one you have a kick back on the left side and for two with the way the lanes are shaped its pretty rare that a ball makes its way over towards the outlanes. I actually have far less balls go down the side on this machine than many others I have played.
3 months ago
Really great theme and great design. Hearing all the voices is really what draws me into the game. I think the shots are all fun and challenging enough. The video mode is fine, but there are better ones out there. The phasers are hot or miss for me. On some machines that I play it seems to lag more than others. The options that the game gives you at ball launch really allows you to cater your game to the way you want to play and advance the modes.
3 months ago
Epic! Thank you Data!
3 months ago
Classic. I would Love to own one. One of my first Loves!
5 months ago
Fun game! Never want to own one because they constantly seem to have problems but when it’s up and running man it’s fun. Not smooth…. May be a little slow and perhaps it’s up there in difficulty but I seem to always come back for more.
5 months ago
I've owned this game for quite a while now, and I like it a lot, but the honeymoon-period wore off faster than I expected.

The layout is awesome, one of the best. It is very open, with a lot to shoot for, which I like. The ramps feel great, hitting the spinner is awesome (especially when combo-ing into the upperflipper-ramp) and I like the number of scoops at various places that are not generic (commander shot, neutral-zone hole, right-orbit hole). The upper-flipper ramp is also really awesome due to its connection to the Borg ship.

Regarding toys, I love everything except the cannons. The Borg ship is an ominous toy, floating above the playfield with its intimidating lighting, functioning as a ball-lock that can throw them out. The teleporting ball-system is really cool, massively improving the flow of the game. The wireform themselves are almost toys, with their loops.

The cannons however. Shooting them is kinda fun, but I hate how the shape of the slightshot influences the game. Even with extended outlanes, it is really hard to keep the ball in control when it is nearing the lanes, both because it blocks visibility and the weird shape. It often kills my enjoyment because it is impossible to nudge correctly.

Rule wise, this game is quite good for the 90s. Everything is disjointed, but the modes are unique and fun. I like building warp levels. The only thing I do not like, is the ball-lock system. I hardly ever see the Borg-ship used. Most ball-locks are through the neutral-zone or right-orbit-scoop, which are not spectacular.

Theme intergration is done perfect. I am not that familiar with ST, but everything exudes 'infinite space, with aliens and adventure'. I love the black & purple color scheme. The call-outs are also lovely. The music is repetative though, I would have loved a more pinball-focused soundtrack rather than the theme from the show.

A great game overall, which is pretty, unique, fun and challenging for quite a while. I just hate the outlanes on this game.
6 months ago
Nice wide body that plays well with a ton of shots to keep the action shooting the cannons that makes the game very unique from others..great for the sci-fi gamer
7 months ago
The amount of times this game drains makes it nearly unplayable which is a shame because the modes, the theme, the playfield art is all top notch. I have no idea what this team was thinking creating such an easy drain, especially the left side.
7 months ago
If you don’t like this game you have no joy in your life lol. One of my favorite games ever. The shots are fun, the call outs are awesome the 2 guns are a blast and the Picard shot is so tough yet satisfying when you hit it.

This is one of if not THE best games in pinball. It’s just fun
7 months ago
This game has such a nice flow. It feels so zen to play it, compared to most other pinballs which are a lot more nervous and rushing. The music, sounds and animtions are very nice too. Color display is a must on this one. I have never watched TNG and I hate the backglass. For those reasons I avoided this pin for over 15 years. About 4 years ago I finally bought one and it was a pleasant surprise. I installed Pin2DM, leds, laser cannon mod and alternative translite. It is still in my collection of 15-18 games now.
8 months ago
8 months ago
Star Trek is a very complex machine that’s very enjoyable to learn and play. Definitely a more difficult machine. Play field is huge with many different shots. A classic Williams pin.
9 months ago
STTNG Is pretty good. I don’t play very often because I like Tommy, Joker poker, Star wars, Demolition man, and Monster bash, but it is fun! I like the mission evacuate all personnel and once, I got the final frontier! Is that a wizard mode? I don’t know. It would be good if you know.
9 months ago
Very nice machine. I do like this more old school Star Trek machine. I like the shots and the layout of the machine. Only thing are the killer outlines which often drain the ball. But of course this could be solved with a different pair of outlanes (or more skill). For me this machine is a classic machine which I would name like Medieval, Addams, Theatre, Indiana but this is my opinion. Would love to own this machine for a while.
9 months ago
This is one of the best games from Steve Ritchie's time at Williams.

The layout is very wide and the three ramps provide this game with a lot of flow. The way this game plays is unlike any other. The two cannons make this game very interactive. The Battle Simulation is very hard but it is a lot of fun if you succeed.

I love the multiball. Collecting the Super Jackpot is a lot of fun and the modes are very nice to play as well. The video mode is very challenging and a change from the usual swiping from left to right (like Attack from Mars or Terminator 2).

The artwork and animations look very good and perfectly fit in with the Star Trek theme.

Overall this is a flowly and fun game which will appeal to anybody who is a Star Trek fan. It is one of the best WPC games.
10 months ago
One of the best classic Bally/Williams out there. A code that’s on par with modern Stern machines, TWO ball guns, excellent sound, and amazing last-ability, you’ll never get bored of this one, especially if it’s in prime condition. One of the finest Superpins.
10 months ago
I'm probably going to start reviewing one of my favorite games per day. Hold me to this. ;) That said, TNG is in my top 10 for sure. Something about it makes me happy whenever I play it. The game is beautifully choreographed, with excellent and unique music cues and light shows. My favorite little touch is easy to miss: If you score a jackpot in multiball, Picard adds a "supplemental" note when the game ends.

This is a Steve Ritchie game, so the shots are wonderfully smooth. The side ramp is very satisfying whenever it is nailed, especially when it goes all the way up to the Borg lock. The guns are AWESOME and contribute to the start of Borg multiball. A drawback I can think of are those god, they're atrocious. 90% of my drains were through the outlanes.

Overall a truly excellent game that stands the test of time. It would be in my collection.
10 months ago
This is one of the first pinball tables I played! I love this game! The probe canon is as fun as it ever was, shots are fun and interesting and the code is impressively deep for a game of the era. I generally consider this to be the first "modern" pinball game.

Is the art a little dumb? Yeah...
Are the out lanes excessively thirsty? For sure
But those things only slightly detract for an otherwise outstandinf game.
11 months ago
Never watched Star Trek but this game has great shots, super jackpot is very satisfying.
1 year ago
Brought this in for the theme. I have always liked the next generation series. At first I did not really enjoy this machine. But the more I started to rebuild it and play it more, the more I have enjoyed it. Not sure how long I will hang on to it? But for now I am enjoying it!

Update! This game keeps me coming back for more and more! So much more fun now that I have had it longer!
There are 515 ratings on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 21.

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