Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Other Aspects: 8.538

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Found 472 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 472 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
We’ve owned this game twice. It’s the heaviest cabinet ever! For the fact it’s from the 90’s it has so much electronics and special features. This one was it’s time far far ahead. The Borg ship is such a great one. One of the locks, when you practice the captain Picards maneuver, is in the borg ship. When you start multiball it will shoot out from the ship. Amazing!!!!
There are so many cool things about this pin. People should own this one ones (or twice :D) in their lives.
Definitely one of my favorites!
44 days ago
it’s a good shooter, very hard not to drain out the sides. i have many pins.. got to put my pf protector down first before i crank games out.. want to keep it looking nice. flow is good. getting that warp ramp is good but tough as hell. this game will force one to be more controlled. good modes here, nice for the trekkies who grew up with the show. get your commander data bonus… it’s a cool pin.
60 days ago
I enjoy watching the tv show and playing this pin!

I find the playfield artwork very pleasing to look at, in a 90s Williams style.

The call outs are some of the best in pinball, especially if your a fan of the show.

All of the shots are fun to shoot and the game has flow, especially when your comboing out or pulling off repeated Picard maneuvers.

Also, this game is pretty loaded for it's time.

The modes are all fun to shoot but don't expect any modern coding depth but still a decent amount of varied modes.

If I had to nit pick, some times the outlanes are especially hunger and can be be frustrating.

Overall, I enjoy this game very much and do not see it leaving my collection anyyime soon!
3 months ago
So I want to love this game. I love the theme, I’m partial to wide bodies, I enjoy the ramps and the phasers and the combo Picard maneuver. Fun Easter eggs, achievable modes and a wizard mode that isn’t unobtainable, but I absolutely despise the layout of the outlane and the slings where they are obscured by the phasers. The game is nearly unplayable as anything that comes anywhere near the top of the sling will instantly end up on the outlane. If I could see what’s going on, or if it wasn’t a parallel shaft with rubbers design to keep your ball in the outlane, maybe the game would be playable. But that plus being able to time out modes and without having to shoot any shots is pretty broken. I love the theme and this game has elements I absolutely love, but I despise this game with a passion and hate when I have to waste my time on money on it in competitions.
3 months ago
Love the theme, but this ball just floats all over the place on this table.
3 months ago
I wrote this review ages ago but wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it. I wanted to play the real thing one more time before passing judgement.

Duhhh da da duhhh da da duhhhh! The music says. The amazing theme from Star Trek the slow motion picture and reused as the theme of Star Trek: TNG. I watched that show for seven years, videotaping and rewatching every episode. By 1993 I had a bit of burn out syndrome from the series.
It was seven years of Picard and his crew sitting in front of a big screen television in their onesie pajamas, standing up occasionally to adjust their jammies and yell at someone on the big tv.
The show was amazing, but in the end, my memories of it filter down to this frequently common scene.
I also enjoy sitting in front of a big tv shouting at the people on the screen, but nobody wanted to give me an hour long tv show.
Maybe it’s my lack of a British accent or a cool catch phrase like “Make it so!”
I’m just glad that I am not Westley.
Then again, aren’t we all?
I should describe my first experience playing the pinball when it first came out.
Addams Family was making me poor by forcing me to play over and over. No matter where I went, it was there… grinning and waiting. It’s a relentless monster.
The arcade I frequently went to also had the Doctor Who pinball (I am a huge classic Doctor Who fan since early childhood) and I knew I had to have it one day. (It only took half a lifetime!)
There were the classics too, the Pinbot games, both the High Speeds and several other recent releases alongside great older games.
And then there was the new Star Trek: The Next Generation that had pretty much just came out.
This could be the love of a lifetime!
It’s widebody, that’s great. It sounds like the tv show, that’s great. There’s a lot of playfield toys, that’s great. It has presence and demands your attention, that’s great.
I played it a few times and went back to Doctor Who and the Addams Family. They were calling my name.
I never enjoyed ST:TNG the pinball very much. Sorry.
It’s a really pretty game, but there’s not really a lot of game in between all that flash and DMD video.

Oh, are those Klingons and Romulans coming up my driveway carrying a rope, pitchforks and torches?

I wanted to blame my dislike for it on Star Trek The Next Generation burn out, but nobody is ever burned out on something for 30 years.I’ve even watched the good episodes with my kids.
Yes! All six good episodes!!
That was a joke, I know there are more than six good episodes.
(Maybe ten, hee hee!)

Great, now they’re heating up a barrel of tar in my yard and cutting open feather pillows. I have to finish this fast.

It’s Steve Ritchie! That means it should be an instant Holy Grail machine. Good old Steve made great games but this one wasn’t his best work.
I blame the Superpin Widebody. He was utter magic with normal machines.
Maybe it was too many gimmicks and toys? He always tried to pack everything he could into a game and then shove in a little more.
Do you know how bad I feel saying all this? I’m making excuses and blaming myself!
I love pinball, and there is no such thing as a bad game. ST: TNG (dang that is an annoyingly long name! Even when it’s abbreviated!) didn’t really thrill me like it should have.
I expected it to renew my love for the series it was based on, like many other licensed games did and still do, but it didn’t and hasn’t to this day.

Upon recent plays, I do see the appeal of it. There are some fun shots, multiball is exciting and there is a lot to look at. Star Trek fans far superior to me and pinball fans far more skilled than me enjoy it immensely.
Yes, my opinion is wrong. That’s what an opinion is though. I would never say, “avoid this pinball like the plague!” About any machine. Everyone likes different things and that is perfectly fine.
Hi Chicago Coin, I love you!
CDI was sitting over there looking hopeful and sad, so I had to say something.

What I can say about ST: TNG is, if you have never played it, go in with little expectation. Forget the hype of it being one of the bestest games ever in the whole universe, and you will have a good time. My expectations in 1993 were to be blown away because it’s Star Trek, and I love Star Trek in general, and my expectations were set way too high.
Even though it’s not for me I still highly recommend this one for so many reasons. It’s good pinball.
4 months ago
I don't know exactly where to start .. this table has it all! Even if you're not a star trek fan ( I wouldn't consider myself a fanboy, but I grew up seeing sttng on tv after school) the table holds its own regardless of the theme. However the theme is very well integrated into the game play, and I would say it has enough game modes that keep you coming back for more. The canons to the right and left are so much fun ( also can be challenging to aim.. unless you happen to "upgrade" to Lazer sights.. which I think is kinda cheating). The ramps are very satisfying to hit correctly, and the quick ball VUKs make it appear like the ball has been transported from one point on the table to another. Ramps and wire forms all over the table make for a plethora of shots and variety. I can honestly say, this is the best Pinball table I've had the pleasure to play.
5 months ago
Its a great game. It has many varations with a great rule set. It has multi ball and the cannons are a fun feature. It is a wide body machine, so it has a lot more playfield than your stypical newer stern pin. The sounds are music are good as well in it. I don't anything bad to say. If you are a trek fan, you will love the theme.
5 months ago
The lighting is awesome. The callouts are from the actual cast. Great Ritchie game. I heard they're hard to maintain and that's the only thing keeping me from getting one but i would still get one if I found a nice one.
5 months ago
Just an all around excellent pin. I am not a Start Trek fan so it gets a bit of a knock on the theme but I have more found memories of playing this game than nearly any other.
7 months ago
Very good pinball and gameplay, the best
7 months ago
How do you honestly rate such a revered game, with such a well executed theme?

To me, this is one of the best Williams pins ever done, and you could tell Steve Ritchie held nothing back. This widebody is just packed full of so much stuff it's hard to list it all. The design of nearly every shot is polished and intuitive, with big enjoyable ramps that allow for plenty of combo shots and variety to your gameplay. But you never feel lost in the rules, and while there are easter eggs to find the progression is still accessible to newcomers. Though this is a difficult game, after all we ARE talking about Steve Ritchie. Maybe not the uber-fast brutality of his earlier games but still a Steve game for sure. Almost plays like a beefed up widebody Rollergames in some regards.

Theming is spot-on. The artwork and toys match along with the rules set, which are well blended into the sound callouts as well. Voiceover work is all from the original STTNG cast either directly pulled from the series with a few that were recorded for the game. Music can get a bit repetitive though, and the translight just isn't as good as the rest of the art package.

About my only legitimate complaint is that this game is absurdly heavy, well beyond most other titles, mainly due to all the stuff packed onto the widebody playfield. Bring a good cart, some friends, and some straps. Loading and unloading are a chore, but well worth it once things get powered up.
7 months ago
This is a really a fun game and surely the best of the Star Trek themed machines made. Loved the side launchers and enjoyed the missions.
8 months ago
For me, this is one of the all time great games.

I think it's slightly under appreciated just because it can be so hard. A casual player might get nothing but drains. Also, I think this game suffers more than others when not in top condition, so if you find one on location it might not click. Many people who own the game extend the outlanes slightly to make it a bit less drain-y (still plenty hard, no worries). Once you're dialed in, the flow of the shots is unbeatable. It's also hard to imagine how the theme could have been better integrated.
8 months ago
Always like to get the multi ball. Great game.
9 months ago
Troppo "serio"
10 months ago
Ritchie's masterpiece. The 2nd game made to have modes, Dwight coded incredible modes and a Wizard as well. 5 unique multiballs that I know of, 2 cannons, 3 ramps and 4 scoop holes to the subway. This game is loaded to the gills. Might be the most adversarial pin ever made, you try to defeat the Cardassians, Romulans, Ferengi, Borg and the entity Q; plus Riker when playing poker against him in the secret video mode. The Final Frontier Wizard mode is a 6 ball multiball, its very intense. Simply one of the best designed pins ever made, its fast, has smooth geometry, excellent combo shots rewards which peaks with trying to reach Warp 9.9 The after game light show is very satisfying.
11 months ago
I’ve really enjoyed playing Star Trek: The Next Generation at FlipOut in London. It’s a nicely-flowing game with multiple different modes and some interesting gimmicks, such as the cannons on the side of the playfield.

The ST:TNG at FlipOut has amazing PinSound that evokes the original TV series and puts you at the heart of the action.

I’m not a huge fan of the psychedelic purple playfield and associated artwork - it feels oddly ‘non-space exploration’. It’s probably one of the only downers, apart from the infamous repair workload, on this otherwise exceptional pin.
11 months ago
One of the best toys in pinball: the cannons
call outs are great
a lot of hidden stuff (poker game)
the warp combo shot is great (but hard to max out)
very easy to "beat" and get to the final frontier
1 year ago
I just…I’ve never liked the weird ship on the play field. I always thought the Enterprise needed to be on the play field. But whatever. I love this table, because I loved the show.
1 year ago
Super fun game even by modern day standards. Lots to do and not overly complicated which I appreciate as a more novice player. I always loved the show in the late 80s and 90's so the theme is perfect. The back glass is not great IMO but it's not terrible either, love the cabinet otherwise. Love the dual cannons - Highly recommended!
1 year ago
This machine is a nightmare to keep running. But, in my opinion it’s one of the greatest pinball games of all time. I think it’s mostly the sound design, which really keeps you engaged in the Star Trek universe. Every line in quotable.

The rules are straightforward, almost to the detriment. There’s one correct decision to make whenever you have an option. This is good and bad.

The play speed is also slow compared to modern games. But, there is so much magic in the layout. Hitting to Picard Maneuver is ALWAYS a thrill.

The opto circuits are quirky, and if you own the table be prepared to become an expert at maintaining them. Parts are not terrible to locate, but not plentiful either.
1 year ago
Usually a theme pulls me into the table - I never had any interest in Star Trek until I played this table.

Great playfield, varied missions, incredibly fun cannons, some hard some easy shots and of course great, recognisable call outs and sounds from the series.

One of my all time favorites - thank you Mr. Data!
1 year ago
Love the widebody. So many shots, so many challenges. Great callous and theming take me right back to the 90s. Great pin.
1 year ago
STTNG delivers one of the most amazing pinball experiences.

This widebody superpin is just packed with theme enriching shots and goodness.

From tihe moment you select your shooter award, the ball hudles in a enterprise like spiral onto the playfield.

Call outs from the full cast complement every mode and moment.

Picard maneuver shot, quite possibly the best shot in pinball, the classic "Steve Ritchie" shot is dialed in to the bnest potential that only this wide body could deliver on. Achiving > warp 9 is an exeprience in itself.

Dual phasers are the ultimate toy, again fitting the theme perfectly. Multiple multiball encounters in the neutral zone.. super spinners, borg multiball, stacking multiball with Q.. easter eggs such as breakout and riker poker.. I could go on and on, but really you just need to own this pin to fully appreciate this complete package.

The only thing holding me back from a perfect score would be perhaps some slight adjustments to the rules to better balance some scoring aspects for more competative play, particularly when Extra balls might not be available. Also some cases where the music could shift more seamlessly to the next mode, in rare occasions, it feels like a software adjustment could mitigate this.
There are 472 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 19.

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