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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Pinside rating

This game received 846 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.492 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #19 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.58

Artwork: 8.126

Sounds/Music: 8.426

Other Aspects: 8.527

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Found 444 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 444 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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47 days ago
I know at one point everyone loved this game because it the toys were new and exciting but unfortunately the game hasn't aged well at all. Clunky and repetitive. Some fun shots but not as fun as I remember it being. Maybe newer games are just more fun than some of these old timers.
76 days ago
This game was badass for its time but it’s still pretty cool
3 months ago
This is a sentimental favourite for my son and I, having watched all the Strek Trek series together. Fantastic theme integration with call outs and music, along with modes all combine to create an awesome machine. There are a variety of multiballs and Final Frontier wizard mode allowing players numerous gameplay strategies. Dual cannons and a Borg ship that fires balls back at you, as well as a shuttle, Klingon and Romulan ships all adds to world under glass. And there is nothing sweeter than hitting a Picard maneuver!

The outlanes can be challenging at first however a fun and rewarding game that never gets old. Engage!
3 months ago
Star Trek TNG is well deserving to be ranked as a top tier DMD game. The callouts from the original cast members is spot on. Sinking a shot from both rotating cannons is very satisfying. The variety of missions and multiballs keeps things interesting. Cabinet art is spot on. Backbox art lets the player know all the actors are in the game. The game has an appropriate amount of toys from Klingon ship, Romulan ship, Borg ship and a Federation shuttle. The Borg multiball is definitely the highlight of the game starting with cannon shots then going to a multiball. Completing all missions rewards the player with the Final Frontier 6 ball multiball.

I recommend installing cometpinball’s led kit, really makes the machine pop! Also, the laser sights for the cannons. If you plan to own, this widebody is HEAVY! Plan on having to rewire the cannons at some point, after a thousand turns the original wires become brittle.
4 months ago
As a huge STTNG fan, this is the one machine that is never leaving - despite the fact that I find the game play difficult. Fast, frustrating and fun. I've never been a huge fan of tie-in games, this one is different as I feel the theme is a well integrated as any I have ever seen. The fact that all of the actors lent their voice to the game is just stellar. I have a nice copy that I have (IMHO) tastefully modded up - painted Borg ship, upgraded the playfield ships with better and more attractively lit versions, etc. Stunning with LED's. Pride of place in my small collection.
4 months ago
Just can’t compare to the newer games IMO
4 months ago
Another great Williams DMD. Good fun with the dual cannons and game modes.
5 months ago
My favorite machine. Enjoyable missions with good variety (favorite and most thematic is "Rescue" where each contact made loads someone onto a shuttle and ramp shots launch them to safety!).
Plentiful and varied multi-balls (Cardassian 2-ball, Ferengi add-a-ball, Borg 3-ball and the "Final Frontier" 6-ball wizard mode).
Playfield is a bit dark, but I've swapped a few bulbs for LEDs and brightened mine up.
If I could change something, I'd add a more interesting game to the "holodeck" than flying a shuttle through a tunnel in 3rd person view. I still remember the feeling of disappointment the first time I started a holodeck mission and saw what it was. I wasn't expecting Stephen Hawking to materialize next to the machine or anything, but something more than a 8-bit driving game from the 1970s. That said, you can play Poker or Breakout (another 1970s 8-bit game) instead.
6 months ago
A hard game, but keeps you coming back for more. If you master this game, you’re already a wizard. The ColorDMD looks awesome on this game. Frustrating for a beginner, but very addictive.
8 months ago
First pin I bought. It's an amazing use of the theme, and perhaps the best wife body ever made. Think it's a better game than TZ. Sound is incredible, ball launch perhaps the best in a pin, varied gameplay, shots, and modes, just an amazing amount of depth overall. It's hard and unforgiving, but it will make you a better player, AND provide hours of gameplay without getting repetitive.
8 months ago
The best game i have ever played. Brilliant design and I’m really not into Star Trek as a tv-show or movie.
9 months ago
Challenging Gameplay with plenty of shots. Each game can be different (go for Modes, different Multiballs, Loops, Warp....). Borg Multiball with its lightning effects (and if you hit the Borg ship it is shooting back) each and every time spectacular. Outlanes are brutal; therefore I do recommend the Outlanes extensions.
Since years in my collection due to a good reason.
9 months ago
Star Trek: TNG is excellent, all around. Rare pin where the licensing got all the actors’ likenesses, their voices and just about everything from the series. Would have preferred a Borg Cube vs the use of the Renegade Borg ship, but understand it was either a licensing issue or the fact that a cube didn’t fit as well at a large enough size to look formidable. STTNG is a wide body Superpin that uses the entire playfield and a full integration with the series including The Borg, Romulans, Klingons and Ferengi.
Great modes, humor, toys, call outs, etc.. Plenty to do keeps this fresh. Love the Borg integration. The cannons are ok, but they should be called photon torpedo launchers (ha!).
10 months ago
The Star Trek license has been used a few times in pinball, this one is a top contender. The ramps shots are tough for me, but that shouldn't mean anything to anybody else.
10 months ago
Epic B/W game that hits the sweet spot with enough depth to keep in a collection and approachable for new players. Original custom cast callouts are spot on with subtle humor, and the score is really well done, as it instills urgency and isn’t overly repetitive. Excellent use of the wide-body format since it doesn’t play slow or hang at the top of the playfield forever.
11 months ago
This game does hit all the marks in the ratings except the fun factor. Perhaps this is a game for a home use to spend hours deciphering but has been a let down in shots and scoring for me. I've seen people have a ball that lasted 30 seconds and got a zillion points?
11 months ago
I love the theme, music, and callouts. Even if I wasn't such a STTNG series fan, this would still be a great pin for the playfield layout.
11 months ago
"ENGAGE!" Star Trek: The Next Generation is a splendid companion for Twilight Zone because together they represent the pinnacle of the golden age of pinball, from its two greatest designers. The classic Steve Ritchie elements in this game are refined to perfection. Examples include the big looping shot in both directions, the shot from left loop to top flipper to left ramp—known as the Picard maneuver, as was seen in High Speed and its splendid sequel—and the gaping left outlane and kickback. This game has an innovation missing from Twilight Zone that heralded the next age in pinball rules: modes, where different shots are lit in different sequences. Attack From Mars, two years later, solidified this new approach to pinball rules. Welcome to the Enterprise!
1 year ago
An all time favourite. Can be brutal, but combines understandable, yet challenging rules with great audio and superb theme integration.
1 year ago
To me very over rated game. I really wanted to like it.
I do play it regularly because the arcade near me has a good working example, but this game should really be a 25 to 30 ranking.
I would only own this if it was around Popeye pricing.

Glad to see many people like it I'm just not one of them.
1 year ago
What can I say? I don't love Star Trek but this game just sucks me in. The shots are fantastic, the music and sounds are great, the modes are a lot of fun. There's a lot to do and a lot that keeps bringing me back whenever I play it.
1 year ago
This game is great. It’s right up there with TZ, IJ, and TAF. Luckily the price isn’t there yet but that’s probably due to the fact that you’ve got both lovers and haters of the Star Trek franchise.
It’s extremely deep and I love the callouts.
I’m not a Trekkie but I do find the main theme to be very nostalgic and played a huge factor in buying this game. If you haven’t played one, do so.
1 year ago
Not sure I get the hype. It's a fun shooter but it's very repetitive game.
Sounds are some of the best in pinball.
1 year ago
I'm a big Trek fan so this was an easy play for me. Fun table. I love the little cannons on the left and right sides of the table and being able to fire them with the launch button. Very cool gimmick -- if just a little off in the timing between the button press and the firing. Speech is decent with actors and actresses from the show saying their usual stuff you'd hear while in the middle of battle. The speech is slightly fuzzy, however, with some weird crackling -- but, perhaps that latter complaint was due to the speakers. I don't know. The music seemed repetitive with the show's theme song on repeat until you get into a mission, which changes it but you'll get sick of that real quick if you're not hitting targets. I love the various missions you can complete and that center shot is NOT easy to hit despite how easy it looks. It's very rewarding when you do manage to hit it, especially during the asteroid mission. Excellent lighting and light show, especially during mission and multi-ball callouts. This is a solid table.
1 year ago
One my favorite games! Can play this game all day long for months at a time.
There are 444 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 18.

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