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Game Design: 8.557

Artwork: 7.906

Sounds/Music: 8.215

Other Aspects: 8.812

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Found 243 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 243 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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40 days ago
Very well integrated in theme. Even if you don't know the rules, the game is fun! Shoots super smooth. The toys are decent but the highlight are the shots and theme here.
85 days ago
Great theme that is essential for any Trekkie. Needs more toys, but that doesn't affect the gameplay. Plus, there's enough out there for you to customize it. Fun shots, great call outs. And the music is what you'd expect
3 months ago
SR's best design. love the speed and demanding layout. this game is great if you are a pretty good player, and I wish I had one in the collection.
5 months ago
Star Trek is a very good game.

The layout has similarities to Spider-Man but with even more emphasis on flow. All of the shots are very satisfying to make and they feel perfectly balanced out. The shot to the VUK on the left and the sideramp are my favourites. The noteworthy additions on this version are the red LED lights that go into action during Klingon Multiball, the Vengeance's down position and the VUK. But in terms of gameplay I don't think these features make that much of a difference.

For me this game is relatively easy to play since I am quite good at playing Spider-Man.

I like the rules, playing the modes is a lot of fun. My favorite mode is Save the Enterprise. The Vengeance and Klingon multiballs are very enjoyable as well and collecting the victory laps is a nice feature.

The artwork is quite good on the backglass, cabinet and the animations. The playfield is average since it looks a bit too basic for me.

I am not a Trekkie or a particular fan of a Star Trek movie but I think this game has been themed brilliantly. This game has led to my sort of liking the Star Trek genre.

Overall Star Trek is a very good game with a big emphasis on flow. It will probably appeal to every player that can at least live with the Star Trek theming. It is a game that even a beginner will be able to enjoy.
7 months ago
Having had it for a few months at home now this game has really grown on me and become one of my favorites - great for home set-up!
8 months ago
Star Trek Premium from Stern is just more proof that Steve Ritchie is "The King"!

The Pros:
Unfinished software from Stern means that this game has more to come. This game is all about the shots and the ramp that feeds the third flipper is utter genius. The Spidey under the flipper shot makes a welcome return.

The Cons:
Unfinished software from Stern means that this game is still not done. I don't like the feed of the left saucer into the inlanes when things don't roll out as planned. The animations seem rather cartoony for the movie theme. I am spoiled by the custom speech calls from ST:TNG. The modes don't really feel that much different from each other. Shoot the flashing lights...

The Takeaway:
Another game with that great "Ritchie Flow" from the team at Stern. The more I play this game, the more I want to play more. That's a great sign. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

The S/W feels much better with the modes as well as the Vengence and Klingon multiballs. Kobayashi Maru multiball makes up for the sins of ST:TNG and keeps modes from being timed out as the rsk/rewarrd factor has been taken into account. The light show has been updated and really makes the integration of the modes even more spectacular than it was before. There is also quite a bit of distinction between the modes (and the 3 levels of them) and the shot selection that you are offered within each mode. Still not the same separation of character within the modes as you would have had in ST:TNG, but this is another game and the way that the game has tossed things up is much better than the previous S/W iteration. Backhand and forehand shots are makeable to nearly every shot on the table giving the player more shot choices than one might think by glancing at the layout.

Getting to Warp 9.9 keeps you on your toes even when you have hit the "sweet spot" of the upper flipper. That ramp/loop is incredibly fast! Big ups to Karl Urban for helping out the team (A new Judge Dredd pinball maybe?!?) and this game keeps me coming back for more. I love playing this game and while it is still not in the same league as AC/DC, it is a damn fine table that will appeal to pinheads and trekkies for years to come.

While I don't care for the Vengence toy, the additional touches with lighting and mode specific lasers are way sweet. The darker the room you play this game in, the better. I also wish the the lefthand VUK was in the PRO version of the table, this little difference makes a big positive difference in the play of this deck.

The more I play this game the more I like it. That, is always a good sign of a quality pin-game!

Update #2:
Now that I have had some serious time to play the "newer" code and have had some other high level tourney players show me what's up... I'd like to know, what wasn't picked up 20+ years ago with timing out of modes.


The first 6 modes of this game can be timed out to achieve higher scores and make playing the first "tier" of these 18 game modes a non-factor in serious competition. Stern, please update this code or put in a tournament mode of sorts that will bypass this omission of stellar proportions. Gameplay, rules and lastability ratings downgraded accordingly. What a shame...

Update #3:
The triple stack of the Prime Directive makes all other approaches to this game (other than secondary super ramps) invalid. Scores reduced again. Curse you, competitive players and your quest for maximum point efficiency!

The new ruleset takes this game where it needs to be. Big ups to Lyman and his team of merry men. A great addition to the Star Trek pinball legacy! This game is now incredibly well balanced. Your scores are reflective of setting this game up and executing your plan with solid play! While some will focus on super ramps and spinners, Others will make the most of the many multiball opportunities that are offered to you within the game. A great game to put next to TWD. The contrast between the flow and the stop and go of TWD makes these two the new "Wonder Twins" of pinball. I have to take my hat to them, Stern keeps knocking them out of the park!
8 months ago
Love this pin! Keeps me pressing start over and over...
8 months ago
I grew up with the original Star Trek cast, so can't identify with the theme. Game play is pretty good, but not one that I'd buy.
9 months ago
As a trekkie, this Star Trek game keeps me playing it over and over. Fantastic game sound and characters from the movie. Playfield and artifacts are fantastic.
10 months ago
I have owned this machine for a year now. If you are into Star Trek I guess this game is a must. Very fast (not quite as fast as the Getaway) and very deep rules. I have never completed all of the missions, which is quite a challenge. Artwork and sounds are outstanding.
10 months ago
I’ve owned Star Trek 6 times and I love this game. I would highly recommend this game for any first time home buyer as it has a great balance of shots, rules and fun. The playfield art is a timeless design and for a Trekkie like myself it’s perfect! The layout it easy enough to shoot where any novice could walk up and really enjoy playing it, while shots like the warp drive allow more experienced players a chance to test their skills. The lighting and sound are great and Mary up well to make a number of very satisfying shots. If you are on the fence and love Star Trek the theme, don’t hesitate, this game is awesome.
1 year ago
Never disappointed with Star Trek and the LE is outstanding. I only wish that the code could be updated to make the Warp a bigger factor in scoring. After warp 3 and the extra ball there's no real payoff for keeping it going and that's disappointing. Stern if you are listening, a patch would make this Pin near perfect.
1 year ago
Love the flow of this game and the overall theme!
1 year ago
Overall game is great. One of Ritchies best layouts. Replace that awful translite with Aurichs and it looks great. Lighting is better than most newer sterns. Love the shaking off the ship when it takes hits. The laser effect is ok I guess. Callouts are awesome.
1 year ago
Really was surprised by this one, as some of the movie tie in games from the early 2000 eras just felt off for various reasons. Star Trek based on the Kelvin universe films and basically the first two films of that series really provides a fun and well laid out game. Many modes to play with and choose right from the start is a fun way to go, with letting players choice begin each game. The game is also easy in how it lays out objectives and what is going on. Scenarios all based on various moments in both films, provides lot of great call outs, light shows, and it's quite action packed like JJ Abrams reboot direction for the franchise. The giant Vengeance ship in the center is just really cool bash toy to attack and reminds me of the Attack on Mars center saucer as inspiration for it's design.
1 year ago
Beam me up. As a Trekie I found this to be fun, shoot well and suck my quarters. My daughter is particularly good at it and I've yet to beat her high score. :)
1 year ago
most costly second hand pin i bought!! cost more than my nib Rush le!! but this was the second pin i had to own after first plunge! the first one was the 25anniversary startrek by DE! as i own all the st pins i must say this one is the best! the same warp shot as the ng one from williams. same designer!! great flow too, great laser show on le! nice lighting that shows through cabinet. love hitting that warp! but bashing the ship up top is cool as, watch out it shoots pinballs back very fast!!! high action and easy to understand but hard to master.
1 year ago
Give me STTNG over this anyday. The layout is a bit underwhelming as is the entire art package. The rules and modes are fun and it’s a great shooter but it’s just not for me.
1 year ago
Basically this is STNG which is one my favorite shooting pinballs, I Don't blame Richie for duplicating this. Music, call outs and flow of the pinball is amazing. It's a easy pinball to pickup and a beginner and a hard pinball to master. Center shot is so rewarding.
1 year ago
Star Trek is pretty iconic. I may have been a fan of Star Wars myself, but thus machine does a good job at explaining Star Trek's movies in the J.J Abram reboots, including Into Darkness, and got me into Star Trek myself. Kickbacls and ramps were innovative. My favorite of all of them was the warp ramp, I could build up warps and use it to my advantage in the Captain's Chair wizard modes. Problem lies in the challenge. There are moving shots in later modes and there is a lot of challenge included in the game. I wouldn't recommend this for beginners, but more power to you if you do. If you are able to get to 5-year mission (which I haven't), I commend your skills.
1 year ago
Even though I spend all day in a room with 100 machines this is still one of the top three or four I play most frequently and every day at least once (and has been since the room only had 20 or so machines).
1 year ago
This was the first pin I played on site and came back for. Eventually bought the pin, it was my 3rd after maiden and deadpool. Compared to the newer spike2 systems it is outclassed but has its own charm. I believe this pinball machine has the best feel and flow of any game I've ever played, pair that with morror blades and the light show and you have a stunning game. Modes are fun to play and hard to master. I never got past the 2nd wizard mode. The three tiers per mode to reach wizard modes and bland callouts were the only real reasons I didn't keep the machine (that and a lack of space). I'm a huge trek fan but the game was missing something. If it had been a spike 2 with a screen and trek clips and music then it would have received a higher rating. Kilingon multiball with the laser is magnificent and the warp ramp is hard but fun when it gets going. Normally I prefer metal ramps but there is something to be said about the feel of this game. It just feels buttery.
2 years ago
Stern's Star Trek is a fun game that pays a great deal of tribute to the latest series of movies following the Kelvin timeline. It is packed with Movie tributes and the game play is well integrated. I enjoy Leonard Nimoy's call outs...there is a large variation of attract callouts. Multi-balls are earned and can be intense...I have had this game in my collection since it was released and feel out of all of the Star Trek Pinball machines, this is the best.
2 years ago
This seems so much like Attack from Mars I can't get over it. So close with the ship in the middle shaking. If you love that, and you don't care, this game is for you. I would have either in my collection. I have an Attack from Mars in my collection, so I don't need this one. This is a fun game, and the light show is amazing! This was the first multicolor led machine I played and was blown away. The rules are very easy to follow but could get repetitive.
2 years ago
This game takes you for a Ride! Super fast gameplay. Super fun flow.
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