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Star Trek

Pinside rating

This game received 86 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.533 /10


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This game ranks #160 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.337

Artwork: 7.9

Sounds/Music: 6.972

Other Aspects: 7.591

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Found 39 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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89 days ago
Man. I LOVE this game!
I saw one and thought it looked so boring and dated.
All I saw was some stupid target moving back and forth like the World Cup Soccer 94 goalie shot only ugly af.
Overall just felt this game didn’t age well aesthetically.
Bought this game just because well why not.
MAN. It’s so good.
It’s fast, and flowing. The lane diverter on the ramp is brilliant. It’s very symmetrical so that might bother some, but I see it for what it is.
It’s just a lighthearted fast flowing simple game that makes you smile when you’re ripping around those ramps. I never just play one game. More like 10.
Great game to balance out my otherwise deeper game collection.
6 months ago
Played about 30 games on a pre Chad H code pin. I dont have alot of complaints and i did enjoy the simple rules this pin has. Thought the game made good use of the small 128 X 16 dmd. The ramps add some awesome flow. The beaming translight never gets old watching. Some sound effects did get repetitive over time. That pin has since been upgraded to the new Chad H code, look forward to playing with new code.

I would also rank this higher if i was into Star Trek, its and excellent pin for the money.
7 months ago
I first played this in my local bowling alley. Star Trek in rough shape and needs some tlc. I have been a long time sci fi fan so Star trek is no stranger to me. The callous are done by DeForest Kelley (Bones) and James Doohan (Scotty). When you lose a ball on the right outlane Bones will sometimes say "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic". I love that line. Rules are easy and fun. I liked playing this worn out machine so much I found one for sale near me. I am so thankful to my friend Frostbite for helping me fix it up. If you get a chance to play this game, do it! Money well spent!
10 months ago
Let's start with one of the most amazing features ever engineered in pinball to this day! the back screen that makes the Star Trek crew DISAPPEAR to resemble the transporter that Star Trek is so famous for !!take a bow Data East,
Another great feature is the under playfield subway with balls disappearing in one location, then shotting out in another location, this feature will keep you on your toes until you have played a few game, at the start of every ball there is a video mode in which UFO's move across the DMD board ,using your torpedo button you shoot it down for a cool million points which increases each new ball, the ramp on this game is very smart switching direction each time.
Data East nailed the Theming, In my opinion the uniqueness of the backboard makes this machine very collectable!!
1 year ago
Star Trek is just plain fun. You don't need to memorize a lengthy rulesheet, the transporter backglass gimmick is really neat, the jackpot shot is satisfying. Kinda of like sinking ships on Black Rose, it's a really good game to get the adrenaline pumping and let the brain go into neutral. As usual, the Data East stereo sound is excellent, really leading the industry in its day. The DMD animations are really good for such a small number of pixels. Good fun to shoot ships when launching the ball. Data East was really keeping up with Williams up to this point, but then Addams Family happened. Warp speed!
1 year ago
Fun game with fairly simple rule set that is very approachable, especially for novices. Theme integration and art is excellent as well (even more so If you’re a fan of Trek). Advanced players may get bored as there really isn’t a great variety of things to do. That being said there are a few aspects I like alot, which I think have some appeal for the advanced silverball enthusiast. Combo-ing ramp shots for unlimited millions for instance is very satisfying (the ramps shots feel very nice imho) and provides a fun “how many times can I consecutively combo these shots” challenge. I really like this game for head to head match play too. While the rules aren’t supremely balanced (lucking into video mode can net you some quick and easy points), the objectives are simple and skilled play will typically prevail over luck in my experience.

Overall, I think it’s a bit of an underrated game. Not world beating, but solidly fun. Trek fans (I’m a huge one myself), will probably get some added fun out of the great theme package though. For instance, hearing DeForrest Kelly flatly saying “He’s dead,” or James Doohan’s “Are you daft man!” when you drain makes me laugh every time.
2 years ago
This game is fun! Moving center target, transporter and 3D backglass. Good ball flow and more for me to learn on rules. Game is fairly new to me so I have some more time to investigate. Will report back after a few long games!
2 years ago
Some cool features, but gets old quick. Simple game, great for Star Trek fans!
2 years ago
A fun game with some really good art. Love the cabinet and backbox art. Good layout with decent rules, however I can see some of the call outs and rules getting old in a small collection. If you are a trek fan, you will love this game.
2 years ago
An absolute must for Trekkies. Played at Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown 2017
4 years ago
Good game for Trekkies. I'm fifty fifty on this one and mines for sale.
4 years ago
good playfield art.its a good use of the theme
4 years ago
There isn't anything that I don't like about this game. It requires you to hit a lot of different shots with both flippers. There are difficult shots and there are easy shots. There are tons of ways to score lots of points. The music and sound effects match the game. I never get tired of playing this game. I really enjoy the Star Trek Universe, so this game is especially enjoyable for me.
4 years ago
Seems pretty well planned out. Lots of things to do.
5 years ago
There are some Star Trek (DE '91) haters out there - I'm not one of them. There is an issue with the ball eject from the right side of the upper PF - sometimes it shoots the ball directly to the drain. However, with that issue aside, I really like playing this version of ST. The ramps are out of the way in the upper PF, but they play a role in the game play. The center "moving target" is a little too easy to hit at times, but shooting ships on the DMD is one the rare video features in pins that feels well-integrated into the theme and play.

I'd like to own this machine someday (and, hopefully all the haters will keep hating - drive the price down for me).
5 years ago
This is a FUN game.
Full disclosure, I'm a big Star Trek fan. I think this is the best of the lot.

I'm not a fan of STTNG as a pin, I think that machine lacks a lot in terms of theme and is in no way worth the money it's going for, the new Stern one is Meh, this is a hidden classic.

The transporter back glass is killer.
5 years ago
Many people give DE games a bad rap. But I am really digging them. Maybe it is where i am in my pinball road trip of life but I really like this and Hook, another game people say isn;t very deep. While yes they aren't as deep as LOTR it still is a lot of fun, has a video mode, and one of the coolest backglasses of all time. I love it!
5 years ago
A mediocre game in terms of game play. The layout is nothing special and the rules are very shallow but simple. The theme and nostalgia factor are the only things that keep this game together. Hearing Scotty and Bones is a neat feature, as well as the transporter effect on the back glass but remove them from the pin and there isn't much that sets this pin apart. Collect the crystals, hit the swinging target, shoot the transporter, that is about it. I really can't believe the game goes for what it does, aside from the DMD it doesn't feel any more sophisticated than a system 11.
6 years ago
Nostalgia for me this one, i liked it in a bar 20 years ago but nowadays when i play it its a bit shallow and just doesn't come together.

But the theme is what makes it a keeper for me

Hooked again to this pin, now i remember what makes this one awesome. Its the unlimited millions feature together with multiball. The trick with this one is stacking and combining features together to get them high scores and fast gameplay.
6 years ago
Love Star Trek but this game didn't do much for me. The middle target gets repetitive. STTNG is way better and more fun. Game got old really quick
6 years ago
Every time I see this something drags me into playing it...maybe it is the kickass backglass? Really the only thing subpar about this one is the animations, kinda cheap looking, maybe its the small DMD? Other than that this plays awesome, shots galore on both sides of the playfield.
6 years ago
Great back glass Fun machine
6 years ago
Backglass animation is innovative. OK pin, but does not have "legs"... gets boring after a few months.
6 years ago
When I first saw this one I had to have it. Instant fun and easy to understand. After owning this title for a number of years it lost its magic. Nothing very challenging about this title. A great beginners title, especially for Star Trek fans.
6 years ago
Overall, it's a nice game.
There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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