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9 months ago
A good challenging game. Great rules are multiplier centric as they carry from ball to ball. Get that multiplier early, and milk bonus score after you drain or by using the top kickout.

I think this is the only pinball to urkize a rule for spotting each vari target position. Completing the shots at the 4 different levels will award yoy with an extra ball.. And if bith sides are complete, say hello to a special.

Some really great shots on this massive table.

I have to imagine if this had a different sound package, it would have aged much better... As it stands, I gave this game great points for playfield and rules.. But for me, it has one of the worst sound packages which really hurts the overall score.
2 years ago
Star Race is a widebody game that has some good things going for it. It has a nice backglass and lots of targets to shoot at. The soundtrack is terrible and I found it to be a detraction. Also, even with all the targets including drops and Vari-targets, the lack of ramps gives it a wide open feeling (as in too wide open). Gotlteib's Volcano, produced just one year later, did a much better job with all that widebody space.
4 years ago
I think the difficulty is what keeps you coming back. The mid field yellow drop targets are nearly a death sentence unless you have maxed multiplier, last ball and need to get to the extra ball score. The loop is seriously awesome to shoot but extremely difficult from backhand. The vari-a-targets are near impossible to complete. The left drain is brutal, left sling will power drain your right drain in a heartbeat. lighting the extra ball is pretty common but smashing all of the targets to actually acquire the ball is a whole different beast. The single most frustrating thing with the programming is, lets say you get an extra ball for hitting extra ball score, well then you light extra ball from the loop, it only gives you one extra ball instead of stacking them. Overall this game is addicting but its brutal.
9 years ago
Star Race is a game that looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Pros:
This game is a stunner all around . The BG is fantastic and the colors with the details on the PF make this game a beauty. The loop can be made from the upper right flipper, it's very satisfying when hit. The saucer takes great aim to hit consistently. Shoot for drops and Vari-targets. Lots of fun and a looping shot to the upper pf that is an absolute thrill when achieved. The saucer in the upper right hand corner of this table requires sniper skills to hit it.

The Cons:
Unless this game is operating in tip-top shape, you will not make the upper left loop, the upper rollovers from the right flipper of either of the vari-targets. That does not leave too many shots after that.

The Takeaway: If you want to play a megawide Gottleib and can find one of these in great shape... please do. Needs wax, fresh rubbers and lots of love. Otherwise, grab a game on a Genie.
11 years ago
This machine is not for everyone...first it is a extra wide bodied pin and second it is relatively rare (870 produced, only 650 went out to public) and lastly it is one of Gottliebs first system 80 machines utilizing solid state boards (Oct.1980) and as we all know system eighty machines need attention. This game plays well but the sound mode is primitive compared to 90's and 2000 standards.
There are 5 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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