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Other Aspects: 8.282

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2 years ago
Rare Bally multiball game. The theme is a time capsule of the era. The space race and what might lie out there was on everybodies minds at the time. Throw in a Jetson’s homage and you get some fun artwork that probably really made folks step up to see what it was all about. One you put your dime in and played a game or two, the fast action and multiball must have had them coming back for more. If you don’t capture a ball from your initial plunge, it’s tough to get a ball back up to lock, and that really is the focus of the game. Starting multiball and stealing multiballs from your opponent. The groan you hear from them as you start the multiball that they worked soooo hard to set up can be oh so satisfying!
2 years ago
Can't get enough of this great machine...shame I can only play it in Vegas and Ann Arbor. Someone sell me one, please!
2 years ago
I'm not sure what I can add to the other comments, but this was a grail game for me to find and I ended up with a great one! The artwork is just outstanding, bright colors and a great space theme. Sure the ball times are short, but it's a great game to compete against your opponent. Nothing more satisfying than stealing their locked balls after they drain. Mine's not going anywhere.
5 years ago
First multiball with locks. You get 50 pts at the start of the MB. That's good considering that it won't last long and doesn't score much because these wedgeheads can't handle that many events at a time. Compared with later multiball efforts like FIREBALL and CAPERSVILLE Star-Jet falls short. Artwork is mediocre at best.
5 years ago
Beautiful looking game - p/f and backglass are fantastic. The game is a good player and multi ball is strange on a game so early. For me, it doesn't quite have the 'one more game' pull that single player Gottleib's have. Not really sure why.
6 years ago
I had the opportunity to play this at the Pinball Hall of Fame. I didn't know it was so popular. I took a photo of this machine, because I really liked it after playing a few games and wanted to remember it. Only to find out others love it as much as I do.
6 years ago
A super cool game with tremendous artwork. A multi ball game before multi ball existed.
Hats off to George Molentin for the artwork or possibly his nemesis Doktor X the unknown space age artist from a future far away from 1963? Why aren't we flying around in Astro Pods, dressed in lycra looking like we've just been on holiday in the Maldives for eight weeks?
Weird Yellow Bally score reels adds to this fun game from the early sixties. Oh almost forgot the girls. Worth buying just for the super femme-fatale chicks on the back glass. I've found one in good condition thanks to JLM, will restore it to my level of ultra pedantic perfection and play and dream about Molentin's (Doktor X's) girls.
This game is simple yet brilliant. The end.
If you put rectifiers on the bumpers it makes it a touch easier to get the ball back to the top. The game play changes and becomes faster and more furious. This game must rate in the top 10 EMs ever. Superb, fun, and looks astounding, but hard and cruel.
6 years ago
One of the best 1960's Bally"s, I played this title at a friends house for years and it was always fun and made you want to play it time after time. a Keeper if you are lucky enough to own one
7 years ago
Classic EM pin with great artwork, great multi-ball feature.
Not the greatest playing game because of the massive wide side outs, but definitely a game i will keep in my collection.
7 years ago
How come multiball did not become the norm after that pin was released?
Innovative but simple rules. Cool retro Sci-Fi art. Star-jet is a brillant game, that has two minor flaws:
- releasing the captive ball(s) is a bit two easy (3 shots for each ball)
- going back to the top of the playfield is really difficult due to a crowded symetrical PF.
7 years ago
Star-Jet is a brilliant game from Ted Zale that shows us that fireball multiball was brewing in his fertile mind 10 years earlier. George Molentin was doing his Jetsons thing and wow... Just WOW!

The Pros:
Where do I start? The game looks brilliant. Space-babes with bubble helmets riding astro-sleds get me HOT! Multiball in 1963 as an integrated part of the game. Brilliance. This is not Balls a poppin... which is a cool game in it's own right. This is something you shoot for and try to score with. 2 OR 3 ball multiball depending on how you set up the shots. Fantastic and demanding gameplay. hot action at the top in the pops. This game will kick your butt and have you chomping at the bit for more. Wax it up, freshen those rubbers and let this Star-Jet FLY!

The Cons:
Um... no PF multiplier in multiball. Oh, Sorry. I forgot this is 1963. There are only 2 bells. Once again... an EM game. My expectations are WAY too high sometimes. I really can't think of any negatives with this game.

The Takeaway:
I will have one in my collection someday. It has become an obsession for me. This game is just... that... good.

EM Grail game ACQUIRED! The more I play this game, the more I like it. Drains out the side are valuable (but not quite Kismet valuable) and multiball is the KEY to good scores on this game. Not that it will last long, but all 3 pops lit with 2 or more balls flying around the bumper garden will add hundreds to your score right quick. 50 pts for releasing 1 ball. 100 points for releasing 2 balls for 3 ball multi-ball ACTION! Considering that this game was the first game to require you to lock a ball and shoot specific targets to activate the multiball... it is WAY ahead of it's time. Between this game and Beat the Clock... Star-Jet is simpler, but also very well balanced in terms of ball time and scoring opportunities. My copy has a beater cabinet and a flaking backglass... BUT I DON'T CARE!

The PF is in good condition and this game plays like a CHAMP! I love it! love it! LOVE IT!!!

Update V2:
Getting balls locked is tough once the ball enters the pop-garden. Skill shots are your lock saucers! I may have to high-tap/ diode the pops to get a better chance to have the ball sink into the lock saucers. Getting the 5 star targets is not easy. Get them all lit to light your specials.

Update V3:
Multiball is super awesome and super short. You may get a few points from the cycling lights in the pop garden, but your big points are from the releasing of multiball as much as possible. There are good points out the side lanes (50), but they are not so strong that it becomes unbalancing to gameplay. That's right... I'm looking at you KISMET! Keep the ball on the table, survive and don't tilt. It's not ball in play, it's your game!
8 years ago
Early multiball, and early Bally pinball. Great Jetson-like space-age theme. Plays pretty slowly, but still fun. It is a lot of fun to look at, and fun to play.
There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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