Spring Break

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There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
A pretty simple game, but wild 80s fun with its over the top art package that definitely gets more appreciation today than it probably did when released.

Game features an auto launcher into a loop which is unique offering a timed skill shot. Depending on the game Rom, the game will either start every ball with a multiball or it will start with a single ball.

Three lower flippers, a single sling shot, and no right outlane makes for some fun action on the lower playfield to try to hit the 1-2-3 stand up targets for multiball and the drops to build your vacation bonus. You can also shoot for the 100,000 point loop shot on the right to build your score easily, and it is a little imbalanced with that shot. A shot straight up the middle fired the ball around and through the 3 upper lanes with lane switching used to increase your playfield multiplier and drops into the 3 Spudz McKenzie adorned pop bumpers. A shot up the left ramp drops the ball into a mini upper playfield with a single flipper and a 3 drop target bank. You can increase their value by knocking them down in order 3 times. If the ball drains past the single flipper, a launcher fires it up into the upper roll over lanes.

The music is very catchy and their are wave and dog bark sounds from targets to help tie in the beach theme.
6 months ago
Quirky layout. If you really want to play something different, this is that. The era of 3 flipper bottom playfields didn’t last and never will happen again. They could have at least added some cool shot you could only make with that 3rd bottom flipper, but as far as I can see they didn’t.
9 months ago
say what you want..but it might be the most "fun" System 80b...and i am not a huge fan of 80b..the beach theme is ok..the backglass is terrible as are all translite custom jobs I've seen..the 4 ball multi from the get go is a bit gimmicky but at least it grabs your attention..the game flow is ..meh ...at best..but a lot to shoot for and a rather challenging special shot..also the little upper flipper has something to do..so that's nice!
1 year ago
I think to be fair to Spring Break, we should consider rating it against other sub thousand dollar games. For the money, it's main competition is mostly EM. An alphanumeric Multiball game for the price of a decent wedgehead! Why? Well for starters the art package SUCKS I mean, it's bad. Gottlieb probably thought firing the whole art department and letting the mail room do the art was a great way to save $$, but it probably doomed the company. This is one stupid looking game, even the shape of the headbox annoys me. Gottlieb's flaky electronics may be exaggerated, do the ground mods and get the daughter board issues solved and they run pretty solid, The sounds aren't bad, music fits the theme and changes tempo depending on game pace. Playfield art is okay, certainly not in the same class as the backglass art, or lack thereof. Gameplay is not as bad as the low ratings would have you believe. The shots are varied, no simple fan layout here. There's plenty to shoot for, drop targets in the midfield along with some up in the mini playfield accessed by the ramp/habitrail shot. Yet, it leaves me flat. I can't put my finger on it, but it just lacks something that many earlier games had, something that four ball Multiball and modern sound can't make up for. It seems... Disjointed somehow. Lacking flow.
Overall I'd recommend it if it's a bargain as most of these 80Bs are. Grab it cheap and it will be the star of a low end game room. If the price climbs up into the early SS range, Go get an old Bally AS2518, it's just better.....
3 years ago
Unique layout, fun game with really bad art and theme.
No plunger, flipper is the plunger.
Would love to retheme one.
4 years ago
Endless multi ball 2 3 and 4 short games great music of surf John Trudeau unique shots of travel perfect set of rules and placement for difficulty and play field multipier to 5x if you can keep it moving along the switches...found tonight a sneaky shot from third flipper past left drops thru pops finally passing thru right upper inlane amazing most difficult shot but has power of the knuckle flip enjoy
6 years ago
At first glance Spring Break looks like an easy, ugly game with a very strange playfield/flipper layout, simple rules, and not much too shoot for. And that's exactly what it is.

In general I don't like the Premier games. They sure are weird and sometimes in a really cool way, but Spring Break is not one of the few that does it for me.
6 years ago
Hard to find game even thought there were 3,550 made. Not all that desirable, but i think there is some charm here.

Playing with the multiball "on" makes this game annoying...you're almost in constant multiball. Working for it is Better.

Shallow rules even for this era of gottliebs.

All that said, I really enjoy it. Art, while cheesy, perfectly fits the theme. It is a snapshot of the era.

One ramp to hit, that feeds to mini...and it is mini...playfield in the top right. Now they fit 4 things to hit up there is amazing. Not a game you could play for days on end, but it is a nice change of pace...

Music is also the best for these era of gottliebs.
7 years ago
I enjoy new pins, old pins and everything between. This 80s pin is awesome! Its fun and reminds me of the beach playing in the arcade. :-)
8 years ago
Like most of the Gottlieb Premier machines from this era, its quirky as quirky can be. Cheesy backglass that perfectly defines the time and a multiball per ball that should keep novice pinball players amused.
9 years ago
This is one of the ugliest pinball back-glass's out there.

The dip switches really change the games playability. It has an automatic plunger and it can be set up to launch 4 ball multiball on the 1'st ball of the game, instead of normal play, hitting the "1","2","3" targets to start multiball. The PF has an odd layout, no Outlane on the right, two flippers on the left, smaller PF in the top right that has only one flipper. The top right PF can be accessed by hitting the ramp on the top left.

The game dose a good job of showing you where to hit. There's two groups of three drop targets to advance the bonus.
10 years ago
Spuds mcKenzie! i dunno what the deal is.. the multiball off the line, hard to say. Spuds Factor brings the game up for me. kinda neat, and I really want to fall in love with a SS gottlieb
13 years ago
Rules not too deep and very good for a fast game.
There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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