Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

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Game Design: 7.971

Artwork: 8.912

Sounds/Music: 8.333

Other Aspects: 8.136

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Found 72 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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24 days ago
I've owned this for a month or two now. Hadn't played one before I bought it on the suggestion of a local player.

The game is really good. The good: The music is good, the callouts are funny, the layout is interesting, the toys fit the theme, the artwork on the cabinet is great, the scoring is balanced, the modes are varied and interesting. The construction is good and the game feels solid. The outlane ball save is cool and engaging. Co-op mode.

The marginal: some shots are tight and that can cause some clunkiness. There are some things in the software that feel a bit unfinished. Some stuck balls on the guillotine ramp from time to time. This game would be better if you could stage the upper flipper.
42 days ago
Absolutely awesome. Wiped out my thoughts on how terrible spooky was from zombie. Great pin..solid build..great game.
43 days ago
This game is the dark horse in the top 50 on pinside probably low in price and rank because of the horror and music theme but once you play it you realize all the tracks are classics and super well balanced with layers of great voice over and soundtrack. The horror theme is so well done with a unique comic vibe, it’s more family fun oriented than horror. Yes, the shots are challenging but not as crazy as described early with release; that’s what brings me back! Just like all Spooky games. It doesn’t flow like a Stern and that’s what I like about it.
76 days ago
What a machine. ACNC is like no other machine layout I’ve played. Yes, it does have some very difficult shots and you can feel a little “brick heavy” when you’re not locked into a good game but it is an absolute keeper.

The shots are unique and rewarding. The rules are easy enough to follow yet tough to execute. The toys, sound, music and artwork are all top shelf, especially the artwork. Spooky customer service is attentive and very helpful.

I’d have liked a little bit more Alice Cooper song soundtrack but all in all a unique and incredibly enjoyable machine. So happy to have this rare machine in my collection.
77 days ago
A super duper Alice Cooper experience. This is an extremely fun pin with lots to do. Spooky continues to knock it put the park with every title they make and this one is a classic. Alice does all the call outs which is awesome, some tough shots, but very satisfying when you hit them. A really fun game, both as a rock pin and as an overall mode based pin. Bolted to the floor at my house!
3 months ago
A tough game when it is set up correctly!
6 months ago
Tight shots and not super satisfying when you hit them, many just return the ball to the flippers anyway, a rather frustrating layout all around. Wish they would finish the code, make the modes all work properly and ball save able to recover game to a usable state whenever something odd happens. Once this game loses track of one ball you can be assured you will have to shut it off eventually and lose your game. This game still has a lot of potential if spooky would give it the final touches and code updates it needs! It should restart all modes after completing the final battle. Menus are minimalist and coin door buttons not integrated, come on man.
6 months ago
I had Alice Cooper for about 3 months on loan from a friend. I put a few hundred plays on it during that time, saw the entire game and completed Billion Dollar Babies.

I think the animations are some of the best in pinball. Incredible job by Spooky on this one. The backglass and cabinet artwork are top notch too. While the playfield artwork, is not my favorite, it is solid. The face in the middle has always looked weird to me.

The lighting is cool from an RGB coding perspective, but the game is WAY TOO DARK. I had to keep extra light blasted on this game the whole time I had it to see while I played.

The layout is okay, the shots are hard to learn, but once you do, they become pretty satisfying. It is hard to get any type of combos flowing on this game though. If you like Ritchies, stay away from Alice Cooper.

The upper playfield is solid and the type I like. Has a few shots and your trips up there are typically short.

The code is solid with some unique rules and all the monster modes are very different, which is greatly appreciated. The hurry up feature at the end of monster modes and the weapons add some good breadth to the rules too.

At the end of the day though, this game has really no long lasting appeal to me. Once I beat the game, I did not really ever want to play it again. There is essentially a cap to the games scoring too. If you beat the game it goes to game over. So the scoring is essentially capped at 1.5-1.8 billion. If you somehow can maximize all the monsters and hurry ups and defeat all of them, and complete the wizard mode maybe 2 bills is possible, but I did not really want to try that.

This is why I will never own this, but always enjoy playing it when I see one at others' houses or on location.
6 months ago
Alice Cooper is a fast, fun game. The shots are difficult, but not too difficult. It is kind of game you can’t seem to get enough of. The more I play it, the more I like it.
6 months ago
I absolutely love this machine. Great toys, modes, shots, art, awesome quirky theme with great voiceover by Alice Cooper. My one and only beef is that at least on the only one I've played if you shoot the left orbit it comes around and is basically an auto drain down the middle from the right side unless you give the machine a good jiggle. It seems silly to be punished for hitting a shot and I don't think you should have to risk a tilt over it. Honestly though that is the only thing I dislike about it if I could find/afford one I would get it in a heartbeat.
6 months ago
Great horror and music themed game!
7 months ago
Really impressed with what Spooky did with this game. The artwork, rules, animations, sounds, shots, and toys are all kick ass. The upper playfield is the best I have played because of the uniqueness and number of shots available up there. Physical ball lock, ramp to moving guillotine, bonus X lanes, awesome targets and the way it is incorporated into gameplay modes is pure FUN. Exploring the castle to get weapons to take on monsters is so inventive and addicting to play. Alice tunes go well with the modes and the stock sound system with sub woofer sounds awesome. Has very quickly become one of my favorite machines to play.
7 months ago
I don't like any game that uses RGB for GI lighting. they're never bright enough. The shots on this game are so tight that it makes it really hard for new people to enjoy it. other than that the game is great.
8 months ago
This game absolutely nails the horror theme for those looking for a game with super challenging and rewarding shots. It’s the kind of game you feel compelled to give the finger to while repeatedly hitting the start button, even when you know you should be going to bed on a work night...

As far as playability, it is definitely not for beginners in the hobby, but the shots are attainable with practice. Playing this has made all stern games feel like a walk in the park.

Although this features an older rocker in Alice Cooper, it is by no means a dad-rock table. The music and lights are perfectly integrated into this horror theme of trying to battle Cooper’s monsters and escape his Nightmare Castle. Feed my Frankenstein is one of the coolest multiball starts across all game manufacturers in my opinion. Crank the volume and feel the bass of a powerful subwoofer move your clothes as Frank throws your lab lock balls your way!

Take home message: This is a must play for anyone looking for a deep game with amazing theme integration. Alice Cooper was never on my radar before playing ACNC, but I can say I am a fan now.
9 months ago
pinball made from players for players. also for those who had nothing to do with the singer AC until now. the music is integrated perfectly in the game. the sounds, the speech, the callouts, everything is perfect. i get goose bumps when i play this machine. when frankenstein mode activates...this is better than sex ;)
this is spooky's answer on sterns iron maiden.
9 months ago
Not a lot to say bad about this game.

Positives - art is as good as it gets. Wow it's gorgeous. So detailed. So awesome. Best on any machine. Period. Gameplay is really fun and suuuuuper challenging. Shots are very satisfying. The toys! Wow! The toys! Frankenstein is wicked cool. The castle is the best looking you out there (not really interactive, so more prop than you). The cave with the skull. The ball chopper. The swirly wire form. One of the best laid out, fun to shoot, greatest looking pins ever.

Negatives - suuuuuper deep. I mean like impossibly deep. Shots are tight and challenging, but not impossible. But that makes the 9 modes even harder and is frustrating. Really have to study and learn the monsters, modes, and gameplay.

Gameplay - work through the castle to reach the monsters and defeat them. Sounds easy, anything but..... Very specific shots for each monster. Crypt multi ball is cool. The upper playfield is fun.

Overall a great game. Sounds are great. This is NOT a rock band pinball. But the music is awesome and shakes the machine.

If you see it, play it. It's fun!

Major update. After playing it more.... The game is dimly lit (probably in purpose) and the shots are right and nearly impossible. Very frustrating game. It looks beautiful. It plays well. Toys are great. When you do hit a shot is satisfying. But it's more frustrating than fun.
9 months ago
Game is stunning but really hard. Not for everyone! Not sure how I feel about mine yet. But boy it is pretty!
10 months ago
This game is very underrated. One of the best. Lots of replayability cause it's hard as hell, although the new code with the items helps (slightly, lol).

The Nightmare Castle itself is gorgeous, as nice as any toy in any game. Overall it should be a must own in any collection desiring a players pin. It will start with me for a long, long time.

Also it is not a rock pin in the traditional sense... Alice Cooper music plays only during Monster fights and the billion dollar baby wizard.

If I had one complaint, another multiball using all 4 would have been nice. I don't even know how you can ever have 4 balls in play, the most I've had in hundreds and hundreds of games is starting Frankenstein multiball during crypt multiball, which gives you 3 total. And that's stacking 2 multiballs!

I would love to know why they need 4 balls.... I guess it's a mystery of the castle!

The wizard mode also isn't great. I took the glass off to get to it lol.... This game is really an ass kicker. I was hoping the wizard mode would have been the 4 balls but nope it's a single player mode :/. After all the trouble getting there it would have been nice to have a 4 ball multi with like a 60 second ball drain lol.... Give you a little peace
11 months ago
I love this game
11 months ago
Great game. The ramp shots are a little challenging but it is a solid great game. The animations and game play cant be beat. The music track is always changing and is not repetitive.
1 year ago
You don’t have to be an Alice Cooper fan to enjoy this machine. Unique layout especially the upper playfield. Half a dozen shots on the upper playfield alone. Really like the way you have to earn your extra ball on this machine. Getting the EB lit in the first place is one thing but hitting that super late standup shot on the upper playfield is challenging. Getting to the upper playfield in itself is challenging.

Co-Op mode makes it fun to play with someone who possesses a different skill level. Instead of one person feeling like they are losing every time, they can feel a sense of accomplishment by just locking a ball or hitting a ramp or two for the next player.

The downside for me is some of the call outs get used back to back..not sure if the code is meant to randomize them but it doesn’t seem to work that way. This game also produces a lot of airballs. Maybe it’s the post sleeve setup they chose but a) the posts get hit a lot b) even with the flipper strength turned down to where the ramps are barely make able the ball flies up off the posts 90% of the time.

Easy rule set to learn, select monster with the stand ups, lock it in with an orbit shot. Navigate through the castle to reach a monster. Each monster battle is very unique, especially the one where you have to “hide” the ball.

Wouldn’t consider this for an only pin but adds diversity to a collection of 5+. Spooky machines have their own distinct feel and are pretty simple to work on. Not a bunch of clutter and crazy wires under the playfield like a JJP.
1 year ago
This game is seriously fun. It’s an amazingly well integrated theme and one of, if not the best, art and sound packages I’ve seen in pinball.
The game has relatively short ball times due to some tough shots which I like because its challenging but fun, the game packs so much fun into every ball I don’t feel like I would change a thing. Shots can be hard to hit but when you do the payoff is so good you will want to keep coming back for more. It’s all tied together so well. Perfect for the home environment if you want a game your not going to reach wizard in two days and then get bored of, ACNC will keep me coming back for a long time.
1 year ago
Wow, did not fully appreciate until owning for a while. First game on it at TPF I knew I had to aquire one. The general lighting could be a bit better and Alice would have been much better if he just relaxed and really put more creepy effort into using his voice for call outs but then again it's alice!
1 year ago
Such a great/unique game!

It oozes personality. The theme integration is amazing. The music and callouts and sound quality are A+. The artwork and animations are as good as it gets. The guillotine is a great feature.

It's a hard game, and definitely a great fit for the home and advanced players. There are a crazy amount of shots in the game. It has one of the best mini playfields of all time in my opinion. So many shots do multiple things.

I love the ruleset...battling the monsters and exploring the castle are a blast.
1 year ago
So I’ve waited 6 weeks from getting this game to give it a fair and post-honeymoon rating. It’s really good. It’s also a legit ball buster, so if you’re looking for a flow monster, 40 minute game machine look elsewhere. I have all the original rubbers and haven’t messed with the power settings on the slings etc. that supposedly tame this game a bit. At the moment it’s very bouncy and has tons of side to side action which we all know is trouble. I want to keep it that way. The artwork is up there with some of my favorites. It’s absolutely stunning in person. The lighting is wonderful and captures the nightmare castle theme perfectly. The sound....well I’ve said before that this game is louder than a Who concert (I currently have it on 3 and it’s REALLY loud). The screams and moans and rattling chains are top notch creepy AF. I like Alice Cooper’s music well enough but the way it’s implemented in the game is really sweetl. Animations are cool (comic book illustrations). I really like the modes, they’re not your cookie cutter shoot the blinking light blah blah blah. I love this game because it’s so unlike every other game in my collection. I usually pass on games with an upper playfield but this is so different than all others I’ve played it feels fresh. I think it’s because the upper playfield is so well implemented with some of the modes and it’s fairly tough to get the ball up there in the first place. Fit and finish amazing, the playfield is the nicest in my collection. Well done Spooky!
There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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