Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

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Game design: 7.821

Artwork: 8.859

Sounds/Music: 8.241

Other Aspects: 7.938

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There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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24 days ago
Very cool and addictive game that is very fast. Upper playfield is pretty cool. Artwork is great. Callouts are great in my opinion.
30 days ago
The upper playfield takes up 70% of the game but the ball is up there 5% of the time. The game feels very clunky with too many tunnels and Alice's voice isn't very creepy. Too many moments of silence going on leaving me bored. The comic book animations are very cool and original. Im not the type to look up at a screen and play along too so this game doesn't fit my style.
33 days ago
Superb game. Spooky has really turned a corner with TNA and ACNC, they make a quality game. The theme integration in ACNC is off the charts and this is a fantastically coded game.

The funny thing is I didn’t think I’d like the music on this pin at all as I’m not an AC fan...but the music is excellent and fits the mood of the game play perfectly. Wish I had the space to add this title to the collection.
38 days ago
I want this! This game is a butt kicker.
59 days ago
I was in on this game when they first opened up for orders in early 2018 and waited patiently over 18 months before my game finally arrived a few months ago. The verdict: I love it! I usually don’t bother with reviews because what I have to say usually has already been said before, but this game is just so unique and fun to play that it deserves a shout out.

The art is well done for a horror themed pin. I mean, you are in a nightmare castle and you know it. The video and call outs go along great with the game-play, particularly after you understand the rules and realize why you are trying to move around room-to-room in the “castle.”

The rules are still a work in progress, but overall the modes are fun and once you have one going you are treated to an Alice song.

An earlier observation (I think it was on the review by SDTM guys) was that the game had too many shots and they might be too tight. I am a so-so player at the best of times and I can hit all the shots. What is also great is if you miss a shot it does not brick the ball STDM. At least not most of the time. Ball times are good and I’ve had some great games where I cleared multiple modes, though not enough to get to wizard yet.

There are no bash toys to speak of, but you don’t really need them. There is so much to do just hitting the shots and advancing your modes that you don’t really need to be bashing a toy to have fun. The Frankenstein multi-ball is a nice bonus mode and cutting off Alice’s head on the guillotine is a hoot. If I had to nit pick any one thing I'd say the game is dark. It's hard to play if the lights in the game room are off.

Finally, Spooky’s customer support is on par excellence. In a nutshell, this game was well worth the wait.
69 days ago
Spooky hit this one out of the park. The artwork (cab, backglass, playfield) is the best I’ve seen on pin. Graphics is up there with the artwork. The rules are coming nicely and will soon get good polish. Game play. Some people complain about this...shots are too tight, too many posts, etc...I think it’s a blast to play. I find it annoying if I can flail and monkey flip and still do well because every shot counts points. You have to be on and dialed in, but so satisfying when you are. This will never leave my collection.
73 days ago
I love this game, but it's pretty bouncy and difficult to play on the fly. Inter-mode can get bland if you're unable to make a shot, but the game play is fun, the art is the best of all my games, and the music is awesome!
82 days ago
What a masterpiece !!!
Owned many, many machine in the past.
Ranked it in my all time top 3 pins.
The balance from challenge and fun is excellent!
Alice Cooper will stay in my collection forever.
Great job Spooky!
84 days ago
Not sure how I feel about this one, shots are all very close together and difficult.... good looking machine that I might need more games on
87 days ago
This game plays dark in a dark bar. Might not be a factor in a well lit area or would benefit from PinStadium lights. Many balls end up SDTM.
3 months ago
This one was painful for me because I love and idolize Alice Cooper and was going to order this machine from Spooky Pinball for their December production but was hesitant to without playing myself since machine didn't get the hottest reviews and Rob Zombie machine was a huge let down. Well...Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle is a bit more enjoyable than Rob Zombies but this still is no Stern. For one, the playfield is oddly designed so that alot of the times the ball is bounced down the center for a cheap drain. There is a youtube video where pinball players struggle to keep the ball in play. I consider myself a decent pinball player yet I suck at this one. The visuals are gorgeous...don't get me wrong. The cinematics are great. It's issues are all on the ball's movement across the play field and cheap drains. Also, the machine breaks down alot. Balls easily get stuck near Frankenstein and glass has to be pulled back to remove. I managed to get ball stuck 3 times in 10-15 games. Also there is a glitch where you'll try and start a game and it'll say balls are missing and you have to reboot. I was told this is a software issue but still quite annoying. I really wanted to love this game but bottom line is Spooky Pinball company has a lot to learn from Stern or American Pinball. Having cool IPs is not enough.
4 months ago
Really great rules and very challenging! Nice tight shots that take a bit to get on to but once you've played it a bunch it really gets going. Great modes, cool Co-op play which I think Stern and JJP should take notice of. Its fun to play as a team with friends and try to get as far as you can... Great upper playfield with lots to to do and very well implemented into the modes as well. Artwork is amazing and the theme is right up my alley and I'm not even an Alice Cooper fan musically :)
4 months ago
I play this whenever I see it.
Great Spooky theme.
Fun play.
5 months ago
Wow, I feel in love with this game hard. The only slight downside is it is a bit dark, probably by design for the theme. If you added pinstadiums with UV it would be awesome! I was totalling digging this game then 3 of my friends came and we played in co-op mode and my fun went up even higher. Co-op mode is something all pinballs should do! Thank you Spooky and Team for making my favorite game in years!!
5 months ago
Games a blast to play music is cool call outs are coming around
6 months ago
Full disclosure, I'm an owner, so if you think my rating is biased move along. That said, I am attempting to give my objective opinion based on my experience after a few days of play and maybe 25 games before getting my game.

Game Design:
The playfield layout is packed with shots, and that definitely makes it challenging. There are moments when you are hitting shots and moments when you are hitting posts. I really like the dual access to the upper playfield area, and the shots up there. There is a lot going on and different ways to play the upper. To that point the game rules really mesh with the shots up there. The Alice Cooper mode is pretty tough, but I like that it's not timed since making a ramp shot, trapping up on the upper, then making the guillotine shot is not easy. One of my other favorite parts of the playfield layout is the variety of ways the ball returns, although I think it's tough for first timer players of the game because of not knowing where to expect the return (my girlfriend mentioned this). It just gives the feel that you are lost in some haunted mansion. I would have given perfect marks on everything, but I think some consideration has to be given because of the super tight shots. I had a friend over who is a much better player than me (flipping AC for his first time) and he seemed pretty frustrated with hitting posts. But I do think that will improve over time for those who aren't turned off immediately by the challenge because once you start hitting those shots it's super gratifying! Overall, Bowen is killing it with the rules. I have a friend who played the early code and hated it, but after playing the most recent code it's loving it (even talking about buying).

Just my humble opinion, but I think this is the best artwork on a pinball machine possibly ever. Zornow just killed it with this comicization of Alice Cooper! I also went with the butter cab which I think is a must. I've never seen anything like it on a pinball machine. You can actually feel the texture of the art, and the gloss makes everything pop like nothing I've ever seen. (Yes, I'm starting to sound like a giant fanboy. With good cause though I assure you). Anyone that doesn't believe just swing by my house and check it out. Plus it's an actual backglass, not a translight. The animations are perfectly tied in with the game play (navigating through the castle looks awesome), plus the animations look very close to the art on the cab (same aesthetic).

Sounds and Music
I've never listened to AC much, but the song integration is excellent. They didn't just make it a pinball jukebox like a lot of music themed pins (not that I mind MET, ACDC, and KISS). But to me the music seems second to the theme. I like Cooper's dry comments (Ex: when loading a third player, "ohhhh I didn't think you had that many friends"). To me it fits really well, especially how it starts off very dry and dismissing of the player, but as you progress or make progress on a mode AC has a sense of worry in his comments. The only reason I wasn't perfect here is with the modes that don't have a timer, the song can just play on repeat which can be pretty repetitive.

Other Aspects:
The game lighting is amazing (see example Cold Ethyl mode or the Insects mode). For me the toughness of the shots, great rules, and amazing art will keep it in my collection for a long time. I didn't give it a perfect rating on fun because in the moments you can't find the shots, it's highly frustrating.

Lastly, manufacturer:

I know this isn't on the pinside list of things to rate, but I have to give massive props to Spooky. I was a little concerned that there could be quality issues seeing all the complaints in the past, but mine plays perfectly out of the box. I have seen Stern and JJP setups that didn't go nearly as smoothly as setting up ACNC did for me. I'm beyond impressed with the quality, and I think Spooky deserves huge praise for this game. The fact I can send an email to Charlie is just something you'll never get with any other company. The care their small team/family puts into it is clear, and I think they are doing amazing things for pinball as a whole. I'm just fanboying, but it's true. They've made massive strides since AMH and some of their early offerings. Alright...I'm done telling you how awesome it is. Just go play one and decide for yourself!
6 months ago
ACNC is such a wonderfully unique and fun pin! Spooky really stepped up their game with this title. The art package and lighting are top notch. The music, sound effects and callouts are all great. And, of course, it's a ton of fun to shoot. You can really get some great flow going, and the upper playfield is easily one of the best out there, with a super satisfying backhand shot to the guillotine ramp.

My only real complaint is that the game doesn't include "School's Out", which to me is the quintessential Alice Cooper song. "Billion Dollar Babies" is a good tune, but "School's Out" would have been the perfect choice for the wizard mode.
6 months ago
Great game a real lot of fun ,Spooky really nailed it, theme , game play ,shots not as tight as some , on looks & artwork a stunner.
Have my game set at 6.2 degrees plays great , upper - playfield one of the best in modern pinball , sound is awesome what about the base get your ant -rattle tape ready . Highly recommend this machine " SPOOKY YOU GUYS NAILED IT "
6 months ago
I love the look and play of the game, but alice Cooper isn't my favorite theme. If this were one of my top bands...I would rate it much higher because everything else about it is INCREDIBLE!
7 months ago
Finallly got to spend some time on this one and was simply blown away... truly. This game will be epic for the home hobbyists as it is truly a deep code monster. With JJP (loved POTC and Willie too) and now Spooky producing games of such quality, code depth and innovation is becoming the clear differentiator - hopefully Stern will step back up to the plate. Can’t say anything bad about it. The artwork is gorgeous. The music is onPoint and entertaining to the theme. The upper-playfield may be the coolest since white-water, where so many other have failed. The multi color LED show is better than TNA (which is awesome) and just as good as WOZ. Yep it’s tight but not Houdini tight, it’s rewarding tight. Excellent job Spooky!
7 months ago
Pros: sound package, artwork... very immersive.
Cons: PF illumination, tight shots, some reliability issues.
7 months ago
Tight lower pf. Upper pf is amazing! Currently my favorite of any table I’ve played.

Love theme, art and sound.

FUN and keeps me coming back for more.
7 months ago
I was a little hesitant about this table because I am not a huge fan of Alice Cooper. However, I played ACNC at Lyons Pinball and I kept coming back to it over any other table. In fact, I liked it so much that I have one on order. Lots of interesting and unique shots, rules and features. When was the last time you saw a machine without pop bumpers? Overall the theme is tightly integrated with amazing art and sound and the shot difficulty will keep me interested for a long time. Highly recommended!
8 months ago
I played this game a few times at different shows so I knew I wanted it. I have only had my game for a few weeks but so far this game does not disappoint. I love the layout and shots, yes they can be tight but once you get a feel for them they work real nice. The theme really works for me, I love how the game is calm while your going through the rooms and looking for monsters and then once you get to a monster the machine comes alive with the music and lighting it is awesome!! Spooky hit this one out of the park, it is a nice change from my Stern line up that can get a little repetitive. Highly recommend
8 months ago
This is a really fun game. I thought I was going to regret waiting in line at Pinfest to play it, but it did not disappointed. The shots are very tight and it can get a little frustrating, but I like the challenge. The art on all aspects of this game is beautiful - playfield, cabinet, translite. The toys are awesome. There are plenty of shots to hit (if you can nail them perfectly). A theme I really had doubts about works well - I wouldn't be sad to have one of these someday, but hopefully I can convince a friend to get one so that I can focus on other must-have games.
There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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