Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle

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Game Design: 7.98

Artwork: 8.946

Sounds/Music: 8.403

Other Aspects: 8.151

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Found 92 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 92 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
First spooky in the middle of Stern blast ! I don’t regret my choice. First spooky but surely not the last.
32 days ago
Alice Cooper is not a regular music game - this is a kind of remake of Monster Bash improved with harder shot and upper playfield with a lot of shots. A brutal game not for kitties but for pinball beasts! I love the manufacture quality and theming that magnifies the look and the fun!!! This is a crazy funny game… thank you spooky

Caution: shots are narrow on purpose, that require advanced control and aiming skills. Not for beginners else they will just break their tooth… or wallets
56 days ago
1st of all, I am not a huge fan of Alice Cooper by any stretch of the imagination.. I traded this game for another and actually expected to sell it pretty quickly. After the 1st couple of games I realized this game was way more than I had imagined. Alice Cooper's music goes perfectly with this theme and they've implemented it so well with the shots that it is just amazing. I dinged a little on gameplay because some of the shots are pretty Dang hard. The butter cabinet is absolutely gorgeous. The play field looks great.. It could have been scooby doo lol. The animations are top notch and are kind of a tales from the crypt comic book variety. There is also a Co-Op mode so you and your friend can shoot towards the same target.. If you have a chance to pick one of these up high highly recommended. I currently play this more than any other game in my collection.
57 days ago
Picked this up a few days ago, it joins my home lineup with Ghostbusters and TMNT (Stern).

The theme is fantastic; I'm really happy this isn't just another music pin. It's a horror pin hosted by a musician, gives me vibes similar to Elvira. The cabinet art is fantastic, the play field art is almost as good. I feel there's just too many spots where someone phoned it in or handed a friend a pen and said "here add some spooky shit as filler".

The sound quality is amazing, the back glass...oh my, so vivid and crisp, it almost messes with my eyes!

The modes are all a hoot, battling various creatures in the castle. I feel like they could have done better than "insects" but the animated battle is cool. I wish the mostly awesome soundtrack lasted longer during each mode, perhaps I just need to get good! I will say however that the song playing during the Alice Cooper mode doesn't fit this game or the pacing whatsoever and is without a doubt the only sub par audio choice. Where's Poison? Schools Out for Summer? Come on, give me more songs. :)

My biggest gripe with this game is the lighting, oh boy. This game is lit in the weirdest areas and the lower half is damn near pitch black, even in a room with the lights on. To make matters worse it's a black flipper with black rubber. I lose track of my damn ball half the time and the game seems to love turning what little lighting off during my dire moment of need! No spotlights means you need pinstadiums or something similar, without a doubt. The software UI also leaves something to be desired as I wish there were more options in the settings/adjustments. (Not being able to reset high scores easily? Boo!)

Being limited to 500 games and priced fairly this game is truly a sleeper hit and I think is terribly overlooked. Play one in a home environment if you can so you hear all the game has to offer. Don't let the naysayers scare you because it's a Spooky; yes I had to fiddle with the right sling a little to stop machine gun firing and the Frankenstein track needed some attention but once you are dialed in this game is nothing short of fantastic.

89 days ago
Played a few times at The Pinball Office.

A good fun solid pin with great music and art, and a shootable castle. Had fun playing it, but no interest in owning and doesn’t really distinguish itself from other pins except in appearance.

It reminds me of a Zaccaria, for some reason.
3 months ago
One of the best games ever? You bet. Fun, fantastic, unique design. Charlie needs to design another game.
3 months ago
This game imo, is an honest to god masterpiece. The sounds, animation, art package, shot layout, rules /code and build are all phenomenal. It is as challenging as it is engaging and as fun as it is maddening. I’ve known that I wanted one of these since it was released and finally picked one up recently. After you get a feel for the shots and dial in a few things this game is a full on RIPPER! I love all the modes and hurry ups really get your heart pumping. I’m also loving that it’s not a multiball heavy gimme game. You really have to, well…play pinball. Trap, lineup your shots and shoot deliberately. Flailing away is simply not an option until you’ve completed the mode, only then can go wild smacking shots in the victory laps while the ball save is running. This game reminds me of Monster Bash and Bram Stokers Dracula in some ways and that is obviously a good thing. If you are a good player and want a game to challenge you whilst being and absolute fun fest. THIS is the game. I’m having a hard time thinking that this will ever leave my possession and I am not a “bolt it to the floor” type of guy. At only 500 in the world I might request to be buried in this thing. I am SHOCKED this isn’t in the top 10.
5 months ago
One of spooky’s best. Plenty of thought and attention to detail by the designers here. The music will have you singing along and tapping your feet!
6 months ago
Really think this game is under rated.
6 months ago
Looks good, plays bad. Little to no shots. Game is hard and best suited in a larger collection.
7 months ago
very fun and imersive, great quality game with a lot to do. All artwork package is awsome. Coop-mode is very fun too.
7 months ago
One of my favorites games, dark but so unique and fun.
8 months ago
Artwork is awesome. Theme, music, layout all match Alice Cooper well. He’s got some great call outs. Sometimes a little repetitive. Magnet save is cool. Guillotine is very cool - have to have one of those for an Alice Cooper show! People complain about this game being too hard. Shots are tight and some are tough, but for a home game I think that’s great. I see that as a plus. The display being comic book is neat - even though I’m not a comic book guy. Matches the theme really well. Speakers are so much better than Stern games. Fun game, good theme. Playfield is dark, but that fits the theme. Just can’t play in the dark which I like to do with other games. Pinstadium would solve that… but I wonder if that would ruin the theme!
8 months ago
After owning this game for a month, I can safely say, wow it's incredible.

First Impressions:
This is my first Spooky pin, and on delivery I could not believe how good this looked. The backglass, cabinet and playfield art are simply stunning. This sits next to Ghostbusters, Iron Maiden and Avengers IQ - 3 pins with artwork by ZY that I'd consider 3 of the best looking pins ever made (GB is still #1 for me), and this one looks just as good! The sculpts of the castle under the glass create a fantastic world too, very well done indeed.

Immediately on firing up the game, it was clear to both see and hear this is in another league with regard to the display/animations and the sound. The thundering soundtrack, and creepy sound FX boomed out out of the speakers and the comic book style animations leapt out of the screen - really, really impressive - I wasn't expecting that level of quality at all and it blew me away. Im not really an Alice Cooper fan (wasn't a fan of Iron Maiden either but I am now), but the music selection on this machine is fantastic. Whoever chose Disco Bloodbath for the vampire mode deserves a medal.

Also have to mention the light show, another stellar effort on this machine. I don't know who programmed it (maybe Scott Danesi), but somehow they created some truly unique light shows between modes etc.

The first 50 or so plays really are hard as nails - as many people have stated the shots are tight and it requires some practice to start hitting shots with any consistency. Luckily the fresh layout, sound, animations and just the sheer character oozing out of this pin keeps you hitting the start button over and over. Once you've found a few of the shots and started to understand the rules (select your monster, then either traverse the castle to find them, or open the secret passage to shortcut) it really becomes something special. It takes a little while to get used and appreciate the layout - the thing that immediately stood out for me was that the ramps do not feed straight back to the flipper. Both ramps access the mini playfield, so when hitting a ramp, you then get some say into what happens to the ball before it returns to the flippers - and unbelievably there are 7 shots just on the mini playfield alone. This does mean that the flow is compromised, and yes this is certainly not a Ritchie type flowfest. I would point out though that the orbits on this game, while a bit tricky to hit are like butter - both flow beautifully from one flipper to the other. Plus, there are no pops getting in the way and this pin is all the better for it. I also noticed staright away that the ball gets hidden from view a lot - but this ties in perfectly with the theme, and it really does feel like you are traversing a castle. There is even a mode that utilises the ball being hidden - genius. Speaking of modes, they are very well done too - each one is very unique (Zombie = hit the roaming shot, Pit Creature = hide the ball from view), and definitely not just "shoot the lit shot".

The rules do not take long to grasp in this game. Could not really be simpler - select your monster, then get to the battle either by hitting the orbits to get through the castle rooms, or opening the secret passage for a shortcut. Each monster is a separate mode - defeat them all to access the wizard mode, and that's pretty much it. There are 3 multiballs (Cold Ethyl, Frankenstein, Crypt MB) - 2 of these are monster battles and one is an incidental multiball that can be stacked onto anything. It's so simple, but effective and easy to follow, and you have a few little nuances (eg, using weapons against monsters) to play with and I think it's almost perfect. Only time will tell if the simplicity affects the games lastability.

Only a few minor things I can think of - the shots are very tight, and it does require some practice to start being able to get through modes etc. Could maybe get frustrating for novice players, but I'm nowhere near high level myself. I have had 1 game reset, so there is clearly a bug in the code somewhere but only once in so many plays, it hasn't hampered my enjoyment one bit. The rules may possibly get a little repetitive over time, will have to wait and see.

Overall - a great machine, fantastic experience and (with some practice) a very fun game to shoot. I've heard Spooky pins can be a little problematic out of the gate, and perhaps I'm lucky that the previous owner dialled this one in, and dealt with any issues beforehand. In any case, this thing has so much charm, character and soul - very highly recommended!
9 months ago
This game definitely has 'it'. What is 'it' you ask? That feeling that you have to hit the Start button one more time because you are just fully immersed in the world created under the glass. Love this game so much because of the artwork, interesting rules, fun shots, and overall creepiness that was created by Spooky. Music tracks fit the modes perfectly, and don't follow the typical Stern recipe for music pins of showcasing the artist's greatest hits. If you like sci-fi, monster, and heavy metal this is the game for you. Those complaints about tight shots are overblown in my opinion. I sold Munsters Premium to get this game, and would do that deal again 1000x over. I love it; wife loves it; kids love it. 'Nuff said!
9 months ago
What can be said and what else could you want.
This is the game people.
Couldn’t believe I waited so long to pick one up
Hard but makes it challenging when you put it all together super good pinball
Best horror themed game ever
Just fun and coolness off the charts
10 months ago
ACNC is a rare, unique and always challenging game. Bought it from first owner without having played it before (knew it from videos). And I love it!
10 months ago
I never gave Alice cooper a chance before but after playing it, I had to own it. Definitely a sleeper game has a lot of cool mechs subways and awesome art package. Finding the shots are a bit difficult but make able real fun game I highly recommend giving it a chance you won’t be disappointed. Personally think it’s spooky best game so far.
11 months ago
I love Alice Cooper music, but am not the biggest fan of music pins. After spending sometime on this game, I realized it is the perfect blend of horror and music. This is not your standard music pin and really brings something unique to the table. The ability to obtain weapons is an amazing addition to the gameplay.
11 months ago
Best spooky hard And long lasting.
1 year ago
Still in the honeymoon phase but wow, I’m having a great time with this pin. Art and sound is one of the best I’ve seen. Light show is up there as well. Shots are tight but not “I can’t hit anything tight”. I managed to defeat 4 monsters so far. Game is a lot of fun and keeps me going back for more. This is definitely a home pin, just to be able to hear everything it has to offer.
1 year ago
I would highly recommend you try this game out first if you are thinking of buying it. I was a bit disappointed with it because of the upper playfield. Too small with too much crammed into it. I had the opportunity to buy this and walked away after trying it out. The theme and design is great, but it's a game that after about 30 min I was done and no longer interested. No doubt many love this game for the reasons it's not for me. That's OK as we have different likes!
1 year ago
I've owned this for a month or two now. Hadn't played one before I bought it on the suggestion of a local player.

The game is really good. The good: The music is good, the callouts are funny, the layout is interesting, the toys fit the theme, the artwork on the cabinet is great, the scoring is balanced, the modes are varied and interesting. The construction is good and the game feels solid. The outlane ball save is cool and engaging. Co-op mode.

The marginal: some shots are tight and that can cause some clunkiness. There are some things in the software that feel a bit unfinished. Some stuck balls on the guillotine ramp from time to time. This game would be better if you could stage the upper flipper.
1 year ago
Absolutely awesome. Wiped out my thoughts on how terrible spooky was from zombie. Great pin..solid build..great game.
1 year ago
This game is the dark horse in the top 50 on pinside probably low in price and rank because of the horror and music theme but once you play it you realize all the tracks are classics and super well balanced with layers of great voice over and soundtrack. The horror theme is so well done with a unique comic vibe, it’s more family fun oriented than horror. Yes, the shots are challenging but not as crazy as described early with release; that’s what brings me back! Just like all Spooky games. It doesn’t flow like a Stern and that’s what I like about it.
There are 92 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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