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Game design: 7.835

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Other Aspects: 7.879

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There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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63 days ago
Beautiful game in every aspect. Way ahead of its time in terms of shots and rules. Great sounds.

One of the dumbest things I've done is sell mine before I learned to appreciate it.
5 months ago
Spirit is amazing in every way shape and fashion. Some of the best artwork ever. Gameplay makes for a very replayable game. Love it, never pass up a chance to play one.
6 months ago
Playing Spirit is an ethereal experience. The beautiful backglass draws you in and the multitude of satisfying shots coupled with an entertaining ruleset keeps you playing. Armed with one of the best sound packages Gottlieb has to offer, the journey to racking up points can be a spine-tingling experience - the sounds accompanying an open stargate (not the pyramid), for instance, will give you chills. It even has a unique slam tilt sound!

Nearly every shot on this game is fun to aim for. The flippers in the outlane offer a unique shot at the standups to start multiball (though shatzing will also do); the bank of targets next to the ramp allow for, when down, a "peekaboo" shot underneath the ramp; the saucers for multiball lead to a variety of places to aim. The game is jam-packed with things to do, and you've got six flippers to do things with.

Spirit is engaging and fun. It's a wonderful game to play!
6 months ago
I have been in love with the overall look of this game for so many years but never had the chance to play one. That recently changed and now I'm a proud owner. The backglass is my favorite of all time, and it's seriously one of the most unique games of its era. The gameplay is deceivingly slow, as though it feels like the ball floats around forever it's really just ready to go haywire at any moment. The outlanes are a bit easy to manage with the added "saver" flippers, but still offer a really cool spin on a rather bizarre game we rarely got to see in the states. I personally wish they were out to play more often, and I could potentially help for my market at least... hmmmm.
1 year ago
A very nice pinball, and especialy the animated backglass. Love this one.
2 years ago
I have wanted to get around to rating this game for a while now.

The fourth best Gottlieb Star System 80 game behind (in order) Black Hole, Haunted House, and Krull.
Devil's Dare is *really* close in terms of over quality.
I mean *really* close.
Play more Gottlieb Star System 80s folks!
Gottlieb Circus, I DO NOT count in this listing, as it is a special case based on its design and was the breakthrough start of the series with some differences of the rest of the SS80 games.

Another example of new collectors being led astray over hype based on rarity.
Exceeding overpriced based on game quality for features.

Most people that have played the machine remember it predominantly for the Hypnotic backglass image with the rotating lights.
Even better in effects than Black Hole.

Double level playfield with variety of lightning bolt hand drawn artwork, target, and ramp design is very close in feel to Black Knight.
As a machine it plays solid and the drop targets feel satisfying with a good variety of sounds and effects.
Cabinet artwork is above average.
As stated the backglass is a strong 9 out of 10.

Its rarity makes it desirable for collectors.
Playability makes it well above average as an overall pinball machine design of the era.
Welcome to pinball collecting folks were hype and artwork does not make a great game.
If you want to pay nearly 10 grand for games that are close to 40 years old (one on Ebay recently was listed for $14k, WTF Batman! *Edit: Seller decided to finally come back down to planet Earth finally*), I have "yellow snow" I can sell you in the winter.
If you want a cup in the summer the snow cone maker work is extra.
Just ask, I will throw in the cup for free.
2 years ago
Flipper ugly, nothing to do with Bally and Williams age-
3 years ago
I own Black Hole, love Haunted House, and was so pumped to play this game....but was ultimately disappointed. Everyone raves about how great of a game Spirit is, and that it's the best of the Gottlieb "monster" games from that era. Maybe I need more time on this deck, but I gotta tell you that Black Hole is still my fav (perhaps this game has a slight edge over HH, but not much)!

Trudeau's 2nd game and it shows. It honestly feels like randomly placed shots all over the place with no real feeling of flow. While I dig the mini-flippers in the outlanes, I just couldn't get into this game. If it were cheaper, sure grab one. But as it stands, they go for such ridiculous prices here in the US (most of these games went overseas). Decent background sounds, but nothing great. The artwork? Okay, it is a beautiful game (as all the "monster" games had). Decent but not great IMO.

For my money, I'd rather play a brutally fast and furious game of Black Hole!
3 years ago
My father had this in our basement since I was a kid, until I was ~14 it was the only machine I'd ever played, and my time on it still eclipses all other games I own by an order of magnitude. It's also still my favorite of the lot, and I'm not sure if there's any game out there I'd be willing to trade it for, even plus cash. It's really that good. Excellent sound effects, especially the background, excellent not-wide-open layout, cool outlanes. My only complaint is that there's nothing to do in multiball.
3 years ago
I owned this, but ultimately sold it. I enjoyed it for a while, but it’s really just about getting MB over and over and over. There are a lot of shots on this game, but so much of it, including the upper PF is built around specials, which obviously today is of zero importance. I think with a ruleset update, this could be an outstanding machine, as the toys and layout is quite unique and interesting, but as it is, it sort of falls into one trick pony land.

Great sounds and the BG looks fantastic. Looks amazing as well.
3 years ago
Widebody game that is completely stuffed with interesting things to shoot for. The downside is that this leads to excessively long ball times.

The backglass is amazing and one of the best ever designed.
3 years ago
Amazing PF shot map. Very original, very diverse and well thought. The mini-flippers are really cool.
4 years ago
2nd best sys80 made after Black Hole (I'm not a HH fan).
The game has something like 19 shots in it. I think it's the most I've ever recorded.
Backglass is second to none, and the bass coming out of the stock speakers is crushing and feels good.
Plays very well, and you keep coming back for more.
I'd love to have one in my collection if I could hold 20, it would make the "top 20 1980's machines"...
4 years ago
Cool pin Nice shots
5 years ago
used to wag school and go into the city just for this machine. Spiriiiiit!
6 years ago
may be the most beautifull back glass ever made ! and a lot of fun ! I love this pinball !
6 years ago
The Spirit is a great game to play, when you can find one. Fortunately, I've got a friend who has a mint copy that plays like a champ. It sits next to his cherry Krull.

The Pros:
The PF design is inspired, from top to bottom. The shots, the shots, the shots. They are everywhere and you need to be on your game to take advantage of them all. Some shots are short, some require tight aim from the bottom to the top of the pf. The small flipper is well utilized and the small side flippers save the ball AND have a shot to the targets AT THE TOP OF THE INSIDE OF THE SLINGSHOTS. It boggles the mind...truly. Multiball requires you to shoot all over up and down and to the side around the PF.

The Cons:
I can't afford one even if I was able to find one up for sale.

A very fine game. Go play one whenever you can and see if the owner will take a straight trade your MM and your CC.
6 years ago
Awesome game....good luck finding one though!
6 years ago
Great shot map
Great Sounds
Great backglass
Difficult multi-ball
Fast when the ball is slung between all those kiickers
Fun ball save outlane flippers
Overall, a brilliant game.
7 years ago
I was very surprised by this machine. 6 flippers! a very unique design. A rare find. A slow playing game with a playfield way before it's time.
I'm not one who really likes many games made before 1991 but this is an exception. A pinball players pinball machine. This machine gives you a great feeling just walking up to it.
8 years ago
Nice game and a rare find.
9 years ago
One the most incredible back glasses ever made, other than this a fairly average pin.
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