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Game Design: 8.76

Artwork: 7.984

Sounds/Music: 8.015

Other Aspects: 8.675

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The other versions are: Black Spider-Man, Spider-Man VE

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7 years ago
I've had this pin for a while now and it never gets old and is still my top money maker. Everything about this playfield works. The combos, flow, set ups, rules, multi-balls, modes are all knocked out of the park. It is challenging for experienced players and fun for beginners. It always leaves you wanting more which is the corner stone of a great pin. I would have to say this is my favorite pin of all time.
7 years ago
This game really grew on me. Didn't like it the first time I played, but the flippers weren't aligned right making center shots difficult.

Things I really like.
1. That either the outer right or left lane leads to lock.
2. The 4 ball multi ball is fun pandemonium.
3. The lane hidden behind the upper right flipper.
4. The center bounce pin (I've never used a center bumper more than I used this one).
5. I love how Bank Job holds the ball until you knock it off to start multi ball. Reminds me of BSD.

Things that could be better
1. Instructions on how to play the sub games beside the main villains
2. More gameplay modes beside beating the 4 villains 2x or 3x times.
3. More audible cues during gameplay as to what targets need to be hit.
7 years ago
This game is a lot of fun, great theme and art, the four enemies make great toys and features. The ramps have beautiful movement. Great depth in the ruleset, some well balanced tactical and strategic choices. I want one!

Only negative is long game times.

UPDATE: After having this in my collection for 6 months the long game times and chopping wood mean this is a title I don't go back to. If you are a beginner to pinball then this machine is nearly a perfect 10 for theme and ruleset. But that is not me so I am shaving some points off.
7 years ago
Fun and fast game... maybe a little on the easy side.
I think it's a great player and a solid pin. I don't get overly excited about it, but I can appreciate it for sure.
7 years ago
Great game, best of the superhero themed pins.
7 years ago
This is in consideration for my next pin in my collection. Top 5 for me.
7 years ago
What a great game! Would love to own one some day. Great sound, lighting and playability. This one will always be a crowd pleaser and will endure/last for a long long time in the top 25.
7 years ago
Ahead of its time, in terms of being ahead of more recent Stern games.
7 years ago
Very deep game rule. Although the villain modes may appear to be redundant, they are very much stand alone. I find this an awesome family game, good for all ages. Humorous call outs, nice cabinet adn playfield artwork. Addicting game!
7 years ago
I have owned this pin for 1 month now. I really like the play field layout. The ramp shots are great and the multi ball sequences are excellent. This is a game that pays dividends if you understand the strategies. It is fun to start the different modes and then stack multiballs in the individual modes to score major points. There are many decision points that make gameplay very strategic. This game has ratability for me because of the great and varied gameplay. The theme is okay as I am not a Spiderman fanatic. The movie was fair.
7 years ago
You cant go wrong with this pin rating should be higher not one thing bad about this pin i love to play it
7 years ago
If BoP was the pinball game that originally hooked me into pinball as a kid, Stern's SM was the one the hooked me as an adult. This game is a masterpiece of art, toys, flow, and gameplay. Great strategy and options for game play, with a good amount of risk/reward for shot doublers and triplers. The only complaint I have about the game is that I have never made it to the wizard mode, and I have tried. A lot. So much, that it starts to ruin the game for me and I need to take a good long break from playing it (e.g., 6-12 months). Like LoTR, this is a game that I enjoy in stints, but that getting some time away from it makes it all that much sweeter when I get to dedicate some time on one again.
7 years ago
This is a great game from Stern. Very deep ruleset, so many modes, so many multiballs, so many octopi... Well, one. I've got so much to do, but not enough balls.
7 years ago
Just feels cheap
Those who own it rate it better
7 years ago
as you can see I'm not a big fan, played it,that is all.......
7 years ago
Had the BSM but had to sell it for financial reasons. Bought my 2nd BSM recently and glad to have it back! 100% all around package. One of Sterns best.-Joe
7 years ago
ok game
7 years ago
Super fast game with great flow!
7 years ago
What can I say, SM is a great game. Great shot geometry, rules and flow. I love the Doc Ock magnet and upper right flipper.

I’ve owned a HUO original and a SMVE and think both are top notch games. I prefer most of the dots, PF animation and call outs of the Vault. I rated the original slightly lower due to movie clips vs. original animations.

Ball times can be longer, but not obnoxious. Good game to compliment a faster, more difficult game like IM or Tron.
7 years ago
It was ok but just not a lot going on spidey fans love it cause it's spidey but for me got super boring fast .Should be more toys good pin just not as cool as it could have been. Top ten or 20 no way
7 years ago
Spider Man is a great pinball machine. Cabinet, backglass and playfield work the Spidey theme very well. Great effort! For me Spider Man is good 'benchmark' for the quality to expect from todays machines. To top off the great looks, this machine also plays really well. It's good fun and yet still offers a challenge to the experienced player. Can't find too many faults. My biggest issue is the use of the thin, plastic standup targets. Man, i hate those things and am embarrassed to see them on great machines like Spider Man and AC/DC for example. 3D standups would have been way cooler. Regardless, its a top machine i reckon. Nice one Stern.
7 years ago
Not a game that i enjoyed
7 years ago
Awesome game, great flow, good integration of the theme. Does not look cheap or stripped-down.

Overall, a very good players' game.
7 years ago
A really good pinball machine. IMO the Dot animation sequences and the sound are not very fun
7 years ago
My dad owns his machine so I play quite frequently. Great game! The story, modes, scoring, and playfeld all help solidify this game as a personal favorite.
There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 17.

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