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Game Design: 8.76

Artwork: 7.984

Sounds/Music: 8.015

Other Aspects: 8.675

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This is "Spider-Man".
The other versions are: Black Spider-Man, Spider-Man VE

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7 years ago
Lyman rules and Ritchie layout is a home run every time!
7 years ago
So happy I purchased a Stern Spiderman. This game is a keeper in my small collection.
Spiderman is a lot of fun to play on V2.6 code.
There are many cool modes and call outs, some crazy multiball action making this a fast paced and exciting game. A couple of items that are a must to add to a standard machine are Shaker motor and LED's this really enhances this game. Overall a great title, certainly one the whole family can enjoy. Can be a bit easy for the seasoned player.
7 years ago
Severely overrated, one of the best Sterns but does not belong in the top 20. Sound and music is irritating, blurry animations. Good flow, okay rules but shots needed for progress are too repetitive. It gets boring quick. They could have done so much more within this theme.

The choice of movie quotes don't make sense, like "Everything went just fine until you brought a girl into it???"
7 years ago
It´s was my obsession beginns that i collect pinballs. It´s very fast and have a perfekt Gameflow i love them. And i love the Theme.
7 years ago
Great fun game,flow flow and flow ,beautiful music ,only display animations are bad
In my top five
7 years ago
Probably the best Stern pinball.
7 years ago
Number 1 baby!! Oh yeah can spidey come out to play..

10/10 They really knocked this one out of the park. Love it love it. This is the best Stern yet & is my best earner on location.
7 years ago
This is another really fun pin. Due to the variety of play and the deeper rule set, this pin has extensive replay value. much more in-depth than (almost as fun) Iron Man or Avengers. This would be good to have as part of a collection.
7 years ago
Near perfect rating from me. I'm hooked. Sub and shaker help the experience. Programmed by the master of practical variety. Thank You Designers and programmers.
7 years ago
Flow, Flow, Flow. This game has it all. Great shots, interesting call outs and a very solid rule set. Great integration of the superhero theme (if that's what you like) Does not feel clunky like some sterns of that era can. All round a great game. I don't even care for the theme or the movies. If you are considering one for purchase - do it ! The only reason I don't have one is because a good mate has one, and lives about 2 minutes from my place.
7 years ago
Great Stern game to play on, with so many modes to complete and many multiball opportunities. Defeating the bad guys with pinball? Illogical, but it'll do. ;)
7 years ago
Have put a lot of plays on my very own in the last week. I love this pin! Leds, shaker, sub woofer, etc make this game over the top.Cant get enough of the theme. Easy to follow. Not the most difficult or challenging pin but it is a blast to play and great to look at. New to my collection and will never leave!
7 years ago
very very fun games , great stern
7 years ago
We've had a few Spider-Man's come through the house, and it's always been the game I play the most. It's challenging but not to the point where you'll walk away. It's also really fun!
7 years ago
Can't wait to get one
7 years ago
Wanted to play this for awhile and it is true to it's name and theme - Sandman, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Venom involved and has very nice feel for the SM theme. Lots of shots and ramps, lots of combos and targets. Call outs are great. The play is very nice with some good shots and variations. An example of how modern/recently released pinballs have made improvements over some older games. Makes you want to play over and over. Rated where it should be IMO but I like it better than some games rated higher.
7 years ago
One of Steve Ritchie's best with Stern. Not better than AC/DC, but I like it more that Star Trek.
7 years ago
Very good game. Lots of fun. The game does get a bit old for me but I played many games on it until I got there. I really enjoy the feel and play of Bally Williams games but this is a solid pin from Stern. This along with Ironman and Tron are in my opinion the best Stern games.
7 years ago
A very solid release from Stern, can be great fun. A game I will always put some cash into if I see it on location.
7 years ago
I really want to like this game as Spiderman was my favorite superhero as a kid.

I think it looks and plays great but the rules just kill it for me. I really dislike the hit something 3 times, then 6 times, then 9 times ... type of rule sets.

Since so many people like it I've given it plenty of chances and got a tutorial on the intricacies of the rule set (did I mention I really want to like it?) but alas, it's just not for me.
7 years ago
Excellent combo shots, nice layout and plenty of toys keeps me coming back to this one.
7 years ago
Never played this until recently and found it to be lots of fun. The doc oc shot is a bit easy to start multiball and the center shot can generate some big points. Not the hardest pin outer but enjoyable nonetheless. Got several replays on it my first time through. Probably wouldn't like to own as I think it wouldn't be too much of a challenge but there were tons of modes/multiballs to keep you busy.

EDIT: The more I play and figure it out the more I like it.
7 years ago
I have recently been playing this in a local restaurant and originally two pinballs were stuck at the top of the machine, interfering with the overall game. It has since been fixed and plays fast but as soon as I kick it's butt with a high score all the magnets kick in to kill me and make sure I have to put some money in it.
The difficulty must be set very high with the emphasis on making money. Nevertheless I've managed a couple of high scores with one of 110 million but I don't find the game very easy to work out where and what to hit. Some of the shots needed on this version of the machine are almost certain death. A full loop shot from the left flipper around the right hand side can fly around and go straight down the centre drain.
Another problem with this version was that the sound was turned right down so it didn't interfere with the restaurant it was in. So I couldn't hear if it had any goods sounds. Unfortunately I obviously haven't got to play this one in the best circumstances so I don't really understand the appeal of this machine at all as a result and it's not my kind of game. It's not bad but defo not even in my top 50 of games thatI've ever played. Much prefer Bride of Pinbot, Addams Family, Lethal weapon 3, Demolition Man, Attack from Mars, and others from the early days. I had a Swords of Fury. Very underrated game with a brilliant mini playfield at the top for a skilful roving jackpot shot and great sounds. "Challenge Me!" Unfortunately the challenge from Spiderman was a bit one sided once I got the better of it. It cheated to beat me.
7 years ago
Only recently have I had a chance to play it in the wild. This game does not disappoint. Great shots and flow. Really fun to play.
7 years ago
[It's hard to believe the production # listed here could be accurate, based on the number of these I've seen in the field. IPDB shows 500 for Black Spiderman, but does not provide a number for the regular version. Surely a lot more than 500, though . . . ?]

Have to say up front that licensed, comic book derived themes in general do nothing for me, and this one is no exception. That said, it has to be considered one of the best of the breed. If I can ignore the theme momentarily, I have to say this has some very good shots and modes. The AFM-inspired center "gate" works well here. This game is nowhere near as easy as some reviewers have suggested.

I also have to note my personal take that Stern has a rather high ratio of outright Misses to Hits. As such, they will probably never come close to the better Williams or Bally pins, in my view. (You can't begin to compare Stern's IJ4 to the Williams IJ !) Not all that many Sterns are well designed; there is an air of cheapness and corner cutting evident in way too many of their tables. Whether one happens to like certain titles or not, the impression persists that with the best of Stern (LOTR, TSPP, or this one, for example), they must have had a better design, bigger budget, more time, higher quality parts, and better execution. I would also factor into this the relative durability of these titles that I've observed on location over time. These I'm referring to seem more resistant to breakdowns, vs. many of the others.
There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 17.

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