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Game Design: 8.766

Artwork: 7.983

Sounds/Music: 8.031

Other Aspects: 8.676

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This is "Spider-Man".
The other versions are: Black Spider-Man, Spider-Man VE

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5 years ago
If you like multiball, play this one. But if you are a good player this game is just getting boring too fast. Sometimes you will wish that a multiball ends because they last so long. Of course you could change that in the settings, but I guess that is not the idea. And the sound is just terrible: Quotes of the movie with screaming and repeating and awfull noises with no order or sense, and an annoying music too.
5 years ago
One of Sterns Best Pinballs.Lot of Fun .Great Theme. Its Spiderman Red and Black Edition plays great.
5 years ago
Played a version on site with incandescents, thank god for LEDs...
5 years ago
This is a really fun game. There isn't anything ground breaking about it, but I always get drawn into it. I think it's the flow. The game is one of the best uses of Steve Richie's design with a strong theme that draws me in.
5 years ago
Hugely overrated. It's not awful, but it's currently FAR higher on the list than it deserves to be.
5 years ago
Without a doubt the best Stern ever made.
5 years ago
I'm a fan so this pinball is huge!good flow good gameplay all is fine on this pinball and above of all spider man...
5 years ago
One of modern Stern's "savior titles" from the pinball drought of the mid 2000s.
If it was not for this game, LOTR, and TSPP, Stern might not still be making machines.
Very well playing game with smooth ball flow.
Overall modes, ruleset, and game play are excellent.
The game has enough depth for experienced players to come back and continuing playing, and easy enough for new players to just bat the ball around and enjoy.
This game actually set the standard in terms of Stern's pinball design "layout" until this day, meaning two flippers, two ramps fan layout, bash toy, 3 bank target, magnet use, etc.
Music and speech is average.
DMD animations average.
Artwork is average, plastics are poor images, especially the slingshots.
A worthwhile addition to any pinball collection, especially if you can find a SM Black with its real backglass and side armor.
5 years ago
This is a top tier pinball machine that has some of the best flow out there. Spider-man is a timeless character and the movie trilogy that this pin is based on, while not perfect, does justice to the character. The custom call outs from JK Simmons are entertaining and really add to the theme. The art package is very good and overall this is a great looking machine.

From a gameplay perspective, this game gets almost everything right. The playfield is balanced perfectly with fast ramps and lots of good shots to hit from all 3 flippers. The rules are deep enough to keep it interesting, but they're not overly complicated. The wizard modes are very entertaining and they're not out of reach to most players with a little practice.

On the negative side, the dots on this pin are a bit of a letdown. Digitized full motion video just doesn't look good on a low resolution DMD and many of the animations are hard to make out. Also, games can be a bit longer than average for great players. However, there are always adjustments that can be made to counteract long ball times. All in all, this is a super fun pinball machine that's easily in my top 5.
5 years ago
Spider-Man is a cool game with a ton of shots, including a very satisfying side ramp. I can't get enough bashing Venom. I don't see in it what others do, it's an above average Stern with some very ugly playfield art and decent rules. I hate live action red DMD clips and SM is at the forefront of that too. Ball times tend to be too long for my taste too.
5 years ago
i have only played s.m 15-20 times,cant find one close on location,i think stern did a great job with this one,similar to some other playfields as we know but has everything we love about pinball great flow, fast play,good sounds, easy to learn,3ramps 3flippers ..very very fun to play,it does have a play it again feel,i want one... but it still didnt make me have to have one ,im sure it will probly be the nxt pin i buy im jus hoping to put more hrs on one to help me pull the trigger,it is nice to look at and i think is the best action hero pin out there!! dont pass up a chance to play one!!!
5 years ago
A really fun game but can be easy at times.
5 years ago
Love Spidey but after a while it was too easy especially with the centre post. Great if you love long ball times or a novice player. Great theme and always popular.
6 years ago
This is Steve Ritchie's masterpiece in my opinion - even better than STTNG and ACDC and RG and yes, even 24. it's bags of fun with easy to learn rules that are hard to master, so it has that 'just-one-more-game' feel to it. it looks and sounds awesome, is fast and furious (typical SR flow and right upper flipper).

Spiderman is a fantastic game, it's hard to find any faults with it at all, unless i'm being really picky, in which case i might mention that it's a shame the shot multipliers have no playfield light, and it's a shame the Battle Royale jackpot shot is the same colour as a Venom shot, and it's a shame the DMD animations are taken from the film so they don't quite work.

i've never got to Superhero, have got to Royale a few times though so i know it could happen one day. just the way i like it - just within possible reach.
6 years ago
AWESOME STEVE RITCHIE GAME.. I like the callouts. the modes. the shot layout. the multi balls. I keep going and going and playing and repeating. It is what pinball is all about..
6 years ago
One of the Best Games out there. Fine example of modern Stern twist on a classic title. Out of all the marvel pinball games this is the best. Includes all three Spider-man movies. I just could not wait to include this into my collection. I just really get charged on adrenaline while playing. An aggressive pinball to play. In general I like the fighting style pinballs most. This is another level of excitement! The music, sound, and lighting are choreographed beautifully. A shaker is a must!
6 years ago
I just love spiderman pinball, the shots are not easy, the toys are great. This is a great machine, maybe not the best ever but certainly a good pinball machine. This one is on the buying list, you just can't go wrong with this one.
6 years ago
Love this pin and is one of my favs. Fast and fun with great flow. Music and sounds mix well with the game play. I wish some modes were easier to see what you have left to do.
6 years ago
One of my favorite Stern machines
6 years ago
Great pin, Love everything about it, i understand why its admired by so many! For the price atm it would make a great first pin for some one starting a collection! Big Thumbs up to Stern.."BONEBSAW IS READY" my favorite mode
6 years ago
Tried and true playfield layout like AFM. I keep coming back to play more. However, something about the whole game feels a bit cheap/clunky. Also the dmd animations appeared low in resolution.
6 years ago
Not a huge fan of this game. If I found it on location as the only pinball, I would probably pass.
6 years ago
Spider-Man gets great reviews, but I've never found the game all that interesting. Theme is important to me, and I like comic book character themes (esp. Marvel), so my rating is probably somewhat inflated in that regard.

The playfield is kind of boring and the toys are just so-so (Sandman is pretty neat, though). I keep hearing that the ball can really get flying on this game, but I've yet to experience a great ball on any of the machines I've played on.

The ramps are a little tricky and the call-outs are a little confusing at times. I'm going to keep playing this game to see what all the hype is about, but I think it will turn out like MM did for me; I'll be an outlier on this one forever.

EDIT: I didn't change the rating much, but the more I play SM, the more I dislike the Sandman position on the PF - reminds of the SDTM generator that AFM has with the Flying Saucer shot. Still, I did bump the animation rating to top notch (though that is weighted pretty light for me).
6 years ago
There's lots to love about Spider-man. A table well worth its reputation
6 years ago
A fun game. It doesn't have a ton of gimmicks, but the sounds and music are great.
There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 17.

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