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Game Design: 8.76

Artwork: 7.984

Sounds/Music: 8.015

Other Aspects: 8.675

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This is "Spider-Man".
The other versions are: Black Spider-Man, Spider-Man VE

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9 years ago
In my opinion the best game Ritchie has put out. Not a super hard game once you get a feel for the shots but very satisfying flow and game play, proves a game can be great without having an over the top toy in it. I've made it to Supe Hero a few times but haven't beat the game yet. Gets played every week.
9 years ago
fan pattern...yawn...boring. Overall. Boring. Sick of cookie cutter fan patterns.
9 years ago
Wasn't a fan of this machine. Wanted to be so much but the missions and the game play just didn't do it for me. Bummed cause I love Spiderman.
9 years ago
Easily the family favorite. Theme is multi-generational, playfield layout and toys are great. The ruleset is probably the best that I have seen as Novice to experts can enjoy the game.
9 years ago
I have several, and have played many pinball machines, but I believe this one is my favorite. My son and I are huge Spider-man fans. We bought this machine without even playing it, just for the theme. Boy am I glad I did, what a great game. I would recommend this one for all the collectors or if your just wanting to get one machine I would consider this one in the top 5 in my opinion.
9 years ago
Spiderman is one of the best pinball machines I have ever played. So fast, So fun!!! The ramps are teriffic and the stackable multiballs are awsome!! Very fun Pin!!
9 years ago
I think the machine is pretty good, but the music in this game was a real no-no for me. I have owned this machine for a pretty short time, but I couldn't get used to the music, and because that is a major aspect for me, the feel was just not right.

Overall I think that the game gets interesting when you're playing a really good game, but when not playing good (for me that's most common ;)) the action just didn't do it for me.
9 years ago
This was the only game I've gotten NIB. I was fortunate enough to make the leap before the software was updated to 2.0 so I didn't pay nearly what they are going for these days. I really enjoyed the game a lot and it is still in my top 5 of all time as of June 2012. I started scaling down the collector quality games in my collection and this one was got the ax along with my Monster Bash, Cirqus Voltaire, and LOTR. I was sure I'd be able to pick up a nice routed S-M down the line for a reasonable price. Oh well...big mistake. The pinball price bubble continues to expand and replacing my dearly missed S-M seems to be getting further and further from happening. Someday I will have this title back, but it may be years down the line.
9 years ago
The ramps are the best on this Stern game by far. It is a fast moving game just wish it was not Spiderman as the theme.
9 years ago
Spiderman is my new favourite. I have never played a game before that was so fun so quickly.
Update: Over a year later. As I have learned the double and triple scoring rules, this game is now NEVER leaving my house.
9 years ago
Certainly a Steve Ritchie and Lyman Sheets Classic. If you are looking for just one pinball this is the one for all. Great theme and play ability for newbies and pros. Everybody loves this game! Flow is awesome, ramps and feedback is awesome, fast paced action.. Doc Oc Mag is soo cool.
9 years ago
Spiderman is one of Stern's best machines. One of my first NIB purchases and still going strong after a few years in my collection.
9 years ago
Super fun game, but after playing this pin for months it just seemed too easy for me and I sold it. Great theme, flow, and toys, but the long ball times can get old once you learn the table..
9 years ago
You don't have to be a Spiderman fan to enjoy this pin. Plays really well & fast too!
9 years ago
Stern needs to concentrate on content, not licensing.
9 years ago
This is an all-time classic, solid feeling game from the master Steve Ritchie. Software is very deep and absolutely complete. This game is as good if not better than anything released by Williams in the 90's. Amazing flow. Funny sound bytes - especially Mr Jamison. Also, very reliable and well built. I bring it to shows, it gets 500+ plays, I bring it home and wipe the playfield, change the balls and you would never know it had moved.
9 years ago
Owned it for a short while but got old fast. Fun to look at but that was not enough to keep it around.
9 years ago
Ok. I've finally played it enough to rate it. It's my favorite Stern machine so far. I love the layout. Has all the shots. Love the art. I want one.
9 years ago
When people talk about games with FLOW - this has to be on their list. With the skillset, you could hit left and right ramps all day long and never get tired of it. The ramp shots are extremely satisfying and the integration of the upper right flipper is beautifully done - even if there is really only one good shot to make from it. The first time I played this, I was blown away by the silky smooth ramp action and the sound/music integration. I'm also a sucker for magnets, so Doc Ock is always a fun toy. Ball times can be long, but I think this game has a good mix of easy and challenging shots. This seems to be a favorite among newer players and PAPA champs.
9 years ago
Spiderman falls in to the "dream theme" category for me, as I was a huge fan of Spidey in my younger days. I managed to purchase a BSM shortly after the game was released. I love the look of the backglass, but the red version fits the theme better. I'd never sell my game because of the theme, but I don't enjoy this title as much as some of my others. That's not to say that I don't like the game; I do. It just feels like a little something is missing, and I'm not sure what. The third flipper is a good addition to the game, the ramps help create a nice "flow", the Doc Ock magnet is pretty cool, and the bank in front of Sandman is basically the same as AFM, and yet . . . . This is still one of my favorite pins, I just don't like it as much as I want to.
9 years ago
Great game. I wish it would be re-run. My only complaint is with the lighting. The newer Sterns like Tron and AC/DC with the color changing LED's are starting to make SM look a little dated; but this game holds its own with great flow, great code, great custom dots; great call outs; and good music. The Black SM has a nice mirrored backglass that looks almost as good as the XMen backglass.
9 years ago
I have owned my SM for about a year and I can safely say that this game, LOTR and Tron LE are the 3 best Stern games so far. The number of shots in this fan layout is amazing. The Spider Sense shot on the right is one of the most difficult shots in all of pinball. The physics of the shots you can make off the upper right flipper onto 2 different ramps are mind blowing. This is one of the coolest games to Mod and LED's will make at a 10 on lighting every time. Nobody WANTS to sell this game once they own it.
9 years ago
One of the best steve ritchie Pin.
9 years ago
SM is a great game. Had to change my rating after playing it more. it went from good to excellent in my books!
9 years ago
fun game, so many shots to shoot. I just love this games flow.
There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 11 of 17.

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