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Game Design: 8.741

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Other Aspects: 8.673

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There are 431 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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79 days ago
Spider-Man is one of the most complete games of all time.

The layout is superb and every shot has the Steve Ritchie flow. The shot towards Doc Ock is the most satisfying to make for me.

It seems as if they put everything they wanted into the game, the entire thing looks so well finished. In terms of that it reminds me a lot of Lord of the Rings. The only real negative aspects about the machine are the mediocre plafield artwork and the movie sequences in the dotmatrix animations. The backglass and cabinet look good though.

One of the best aspects is the gamecode. It is very well balanced and Super Hero is one of the best wizard modes I know of. All of the regular modes are fun as well, my favorite being Bonesaw. The gamecode is similar to Attack from Mars' as it has an easily understandable main ruleset, just shoot the villains. But there is also something to achieve for more advanced players. Reaching Super Hero will not come that easily.

Overall Spider-Man is a very good and fun pinball machine that is easily playable for beginners and challenging enough for advanced players.
4 months ago
Classic flowing layout with lots going on, fairly long ball times. Great sound package with funny callouts by Steve Ritchie, and some energetic music. Basic rules are simple (bash the baddies), however get a bit convoluted once you learn about the shot multipliers. Animations are so-so. Overall a fun game with broad appeal.
4 months ago
So this is a strange one. Game looks boring as hell, sounds boring as hell. This is about as mid-2000s as it comes and the kind of pin I would walk right past 10 out of 10 times. Funny thing though, its an UNBELIEVABLE shooter and one of the most fun pins out there. I've been known to bang on this for a very long time and my son absolutely loves and wants me to buy one. If I do, probably VE but thats a future thing.

This is a sleeper pin through and through. It wouldn't be pretty in a lineup but we don't buy pins because they're pretty. We buy pins because they are fun!
5 months ago
Fun game. Great callouts, tricky 'hit it behind the third flipper' spidey sense shot for an extra ball in multiball.

Nice open lower playfield, satisfying ramp shots (right one is a bit tight, but great when you get Battle Royale Started).

Played a clapped out one on a pier (was still playable - so clearly stood up well to on-site abuse).
Had a minty one at home for a bit (stunner - with a bunch of mods - review here - https://youtu.be/Cg0Ua-Q9e9o).

Positives: Fan layout, great to get a feel for a modern(ish) Stern, great sounds, easy 2-ball multiball off Doc Ock good for stacking with modes, satisfying shots. Cool Light show at the end of play with Spiderman music. Good placement of lock re-light target which can be a bit of a dangerous shot from left or right lower flipper.

Negatives: (Mind these don't really affect the play..) - No video mode and DMD animation's are film clips which can be a bit hard to make out... Playfield is photoshopped images from the film, which will date it.. but with great film, comes great IP.

Easy to get into and get a few multiball's, hard to stack and make the big points - so quite even scoring - good for competitive play. Certainly deserves to be up there in the rankings.
5 months ago
SpiderMan it's an incredible IP. One which you can do so many wonderful things in a Pinball realm and I do believe they made it happen with this one! The idea to inspírate so many villains and each one of them gives a different experience, a different shot, a different way to accomplish his defeat makes your heart pounding through each different choice you make to make it happen. I loved how the game plays, it's fast, gives satisfaction when you accomplish your goals, the music is repetitive but once you are into the game you forget about it. I'm more about toys and this machine DELIVERS GOOD on it! It's so fleshed when you see toys that give a spin on the pinball concept. Each villain is well represented in a unique mechanism that gives the whole experience of becoming Spiderman and a different feeling. I wanted to keep playing every single time I finish a game and for me, that's what matters. When you have "replay value" on a game, you made it!
6 months ago
Spiderman has a great layout with fun shots. Its shots are so smooth, the venom ramp is very satisfying to hit. The callouts are also top notch. Where this pin fall short are the rules. The rules feel like they were designed for tournament play. A lot of repetitive shooting and you have to rely on your own memory to keep track of multipliers. There are modes but they're uninspiring. Just movie scenes, no story is being told. Battling the villain's is cool but it's typically just multiple shots to each villain. The mechs are great and I think the original Spiderman is the superior version.
8 months ago
Played a bit, did not like. I particularly hate the ball passage thing above the right upper flipper, to make the ball come down correctly to that flipper. Really poor design if you need such a thing. Also, disrupts the flow greatly. Nah. that by itself takes the fun out of this game.
8 months ago
I owned an original Gottlieb Spiderman and then I upgraded to the new Stern Spiderman and it gets a lot of play at my house. It has great sound clips from all the movies, several different shots and objectives to shoot for, and the theme is fun for everyone.
9 months ago
If you are wondering if the O.G. or Vault. Jonah Jameson actor callouts are so great on the O.G.
9 months ago
I don't know what it is about this game but I feel like I just don't like it as much as I should. I am a huge Spider-Man guy, though I am admittedly not a huge fan of the Toby McGuire Spider-Man, and I thought Spider-Man would be my first pin. After I played only a couple of handful of games I knew that would not be the case. I don't like the shallow code and I can't stand the artwork. Flow is amazing and callouts with the theme integration are good but the figures/sculpts for Doc Oc and Sandman are just okay. As far shots and ingenuity goes the game is good but I think that is part of the problem. Everything is good, nothing is bad, but there is also nothing that I feel is great. I will play this game most of the time I see it on location but I don't see this game as being one that I would ever put in my home.
10 months ago
I have not owned this game but hope to pick one up sometime. I always try to play this at location if they have one. I really enjoy the theme and I find it has good flow for me personally. I like that I have some good ball times, and it's not so difficult that I can't do well with it. All of the art is acceptable, but not outstanding. I always notice that on location people seem to gravitate to it. It often has someone playing it even with other "top rated" machines around. I think it's an approachable machine for anyone to walk up to and have a good time playing without knowing the rule set or what goals to accomplish. In my opinion it's underrated and hope to see one at home at some point.
1 year ago
It shoots very well, and it has fun shots.
The code is a little weak and repetitive. The best thing about this machine is the call outs. Especially those from J.K. Simmons - Love it! The weakest aspect of the game is the "photoshop" playfield art.
But it is a fun machine in a medium to large collection. On location I'll play it any day (especially if I can hear the sounds).
1 year ago
No good
1 year ago
Fantastic game all around. One of Richies best games.
1 year ago
Played a couple of times at the newly-opened Medway Pinball Club.

People kept recommending this pin to me as an easy-to-play classic. Unfortunately, I found it really boring. The layout felt as though I’d played it before several times with a better theme laid on the top (the Sandman centre shot and ramps remind me of Medieval Madness and Attack from Mars). Achieving anything seemed to consist of making the same relatively standard shots over-and-over again.

The artwork is standard grimy movie stills from the dark age of Stern in the mid-2000s and, like other Sterns of this period, the playfield toys look like they’ve come from a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

In short, aggressively average.
1 year ago
The flow of this game is excellent, the rules are clear, easy to follow and achievable.
1 year ago
It is Really a must keep machine for me. It was my first newer stern and i didnt expect much. The game has amazing flow and i love all the multiballs and the difficult of having to keep activating each character. I loved spiderman growing up and truly the pin outlives anything i imagined the pin to be. Great shots, great callouts unfortunately i just dont like the cabinet art and playfield art too much but the rest is 10/10 from the start of the game to the end with all the mechanisms for a 2000s machine this is a beauty
1 year ago
A great game with many great shots. High lastability, I’ve played high hundreds of games on this machine and have never owned it. If I was a big Spider-Man fan I would probably have one.

I feel like making sandman the most prominent part of the playfield was a bit of a miss. He’s the least interesting of the bad guys from the worst of the 3 movies. Green goblin might have been a better choice. The way they did the goblin is completely forgettable. There’s almost never a reason to shoot for it.

Having a center post on this game is a bit weird. Was that necessary? It’s a pretty long playing game.
1 year ago
Spiderman is a blast to play. Really nice shooter, with fairly simple, but fun rules. Love the layout and villain mechs. Callouts on the original Stern version are among the best in all of pinball. Both the movie lines and the original callouts from Jameson actor JK Simmons are excellent.

One of the best pinball machines ever made, it's only downside for me is that the rules are relatively straightforward, and you basically have the same plan of attack every time you play. So in that regard, I think the game is better in a larger collection, or on location.

But either way, every pinball player should spend some time with this one.
1 year ago
My hands get tired from playing this game just one more time! It draws you in and keeps you in by giving you just a little more each game. This is a real fun shooter and it only gets funner every time you shoot it, because you start getting better. You have to love the Steve Ritchie combos with the ramps, returns, and orbits are so satisfying and set the standard for modern pinball. The multiball is a blast and is added fun with a light show that will distract you out. Call outs are great and nothing is too repetitive. It has the classic Modes that are just fun to stack and complete - it does this so we’ll in comparison to the some of the modern multiball almost all the time games. Collection worthy pinball that will keep your interest for the long haul!
1 year ago
Great shooting pin for all ages. Fun, great shots, and great theme.
1 year ago
Sold this game a decade ago and started to want it back near immediate. Just add added it back in a week ago.
1 year ago
Excellent game. The rules are pretty easy to follow and it's fun to stack modes for a huge scoring attempt. One of the best things is the 'web swinging' by alternating shots between the two ramps. The playfield toys stand out, all of them move in some way - has a bit more going on than most modern Stern games with toys/mechs. This original (non-vault) version with the JK Simmons callouts is great. I think it adds a lot to the atmosphere/theme integration. Highly recommend for home use or location play. The only reason this isn't a 8.5+ is because of the DMD animations (poor quality), and the cabinet/plastics artwork. The playfield itself looks good.
1 year ago
Ok ill start by saying I am a Spider-man fan and have been since I was a kid. I played this pin for the first time this year at the Houston Arcade Show. I found myself going back to play it over and over again even though Godzilla, Mandalorian and a few other new pins were there. Im not a tournament player by any means and im not big on games with difficult rule sets. I found this game has a mixture of easy and hard shots and the rule set isn't hard to figure out. The toys and sounds on this pin are awesome and the original movie voices and callouts are great especially the Green Goblin laugh. I now own this game and It gets a ton of play in my line up. IMO if you want a nice Pin that has everything a new Stern premium comes with for a fraction of the cost this is a must have.

I have read a ton of reviews on movie themed pins and one thing sticks out to me, If you love the movie there is a good chance you'll love the Pin. If you hate the movie no matter how good the pin is you'll never like it or give it a fair review.
2 years ago
Decent layout. Good shooter. Definitely has the Steve Ritchie classic mech/toy in the middle ramps and loops surround symmetry.
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