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There are 390 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
Great semi-three ramp layout with a motorized target bank and fast gameplay. Good ruleset with a hard to achieve wizard mode.
31 days ago
I'm shocked at how poorly I rated this game. I try to like something about everyone I play. Maybe it was worn down machine, but the game play was terrible. The toys were not interesting to me (though the theme is ok...not really my thing, but Spider-Man is always cool) I think I walked away with more to go, and would skip this machine
37 days ago
I prefer the original to the VE. The VE did make some upgrades...that I wish the original had. However, the callouts are waaaaay better on the original. This game has great flow, not many brick shots, and a deep rule set. The colors are great, and prefer this to the Black LE version. It doesn't feel repetitive....ball times can be a little long. Great game!
79 days ago
Spidey is a stern classic the shot layout though familiar is fast and with flow, defeating the villains is so rewarding and i love how the game is not to deep but just enough to keep you coming back for more a perfect pinball one of sterns best for sure!!
82 days ago
Fun game. Feels like an updated version of AFM, which is obv an all time classic. Shoots really well, very satisfying. Good layout, like the modes, fun theme. Really good game.
88 days ago
Awesome game! Great rules. After all these years finally own one. Really enjoying it. Lots of great shots.
3 months ago
One of my favorite games!
3 months ago
This may be “the game” everyone should own at least once. It’s fast when it needs to be, funny when it matters, brutal when necessary and always fun! This is a high quality stern built game that has been able to stand the test of time (modern pinball time that is) and is a great game for newbies with young kids looking to get the family hooked on pinball as well as seasoned pinballers that love a semi-deep, easy to run the scoreboard game. I will always love Spider-Man.
3 months ago
Summary and First Impressions

Whenever I see movie stills as the artwork on a pinball game I try to temper my expectations. You see, in video games, movie tie-ins are almost ALWAYS bad, with few notable exceptions; and I brought that "rule" to pinball. However, if Stern Spider-Man is any indication then my movie adaptation rule might not need to apply to Pinball. I played Spider-Man at a local dive bar and immediately fell in love with it. I've since played it many more times at "My Parent's Basement," giving me the plays necessary to feel confident in a review.


* Accessibility - Once a player walks up to Spider-Man the immediate goals are obvious: bash the Spidey villains! Sandman and Doc Ock sit in the middle of the playfield and just scream out "hit me," giving new players something to shoot at right out the gate. The game has modes but they aren't required to trigger cool things; in practice, this means when I'm explaining Spider-Man to my wife, who doesn't really play pinball, it's a very short explanation: "Shoot sandman and doc ock. Once you beat them shoot the red arrows!" Such an explanation is more useful than "Just shoot stuff" and yet doesn't have to get into detailed shot orders that more mode based games require: "Shoot X three times which activates Y, shoot that to start Z..."

* Shots - Spider-Man has some really satisfying shots, most notably the venom ramp shot from the side flipper and the Doc Ock shot. All the shots feel great but those two really stick out to me as rewarding on a basic level.

* Audio-visual package Spider-Man provides is top notch as well. The video scenes are all well done and the call outs are spectacular.

* Rules - The game's got 4 villains to wack away at with 3 levels of difficulty each, 5 timed modes, a pseudo-victory lap of sorts after defeating a villain, a mini-wizard mode, a wizard mode and black suit multi-ball. And many of these elements can be stacked together! There's some complex interaction in there if you're willing to dig in.


* Maybe too straightforward for the highly experienced player?


If you want to introduce somebody to pinball Spider-Man is a great game to start with, but it's also got some interesting rules for the advanced players too. It's a very fun shooting game that implements it's comic book movie theme very well.
4 months ago
Spider-man was my first pinball that I brought home. I owned it for nearly 3 years and when it left my home our family played it over 5000 games. I still compare most games to it. The integration of the call outs, shots, and modes are extremely fun. I don't have anything negative to say about this game. Mine was very dependable when I had it. I personally like it a little more then the Vault edition. Its tough to beat the gameplay of this one. One of the best by stern!!
4 months ago
Fun game to play. J.K. Simmons call outs are some of the best. I like Spider-Man and the movies and Stern implemented movie clips well. This one will not leave the collection anytime soon, if ever.
5 months ago
An instant classic, this title deserves it's place in the Pinside top 20. I can't think of a better overall sound package, from the Steve Richie inspired butt-rock composed by David Thiel (that gets me pumped on every game) to the hilarious and plentiful J.K. Simmons call-outs, the sounds keep this game fresh and action-packed each time you press the start button. Rules are fun, challenging, stackable, and keep you coming back for "one more game". Playfield layout is a high-water mark for Steve Richie flow. A+ game!
5 months ago
This is a solid, smooth game, with a ton of flow. It's challenging, has depth, and good visual interest on the playfield. Only the DMD animations are lacking, as they're just pieces of movie footage spliced in, and lack enough contract to really look good on the screen. This version really benefits from LEDs, and looks amazing after they're installed. I feel like it could use another gimmick or two, but that might just interrupt the excellent flow that this has.
6 months ago
"Spider-Man" is a good shooter -- but not much else. That's not to say it isn't fun to play. Getting "Superhero" on this game is a bit of a chore thanks to a rule set that isn't very deep. The goal is basically to hit ramps all day and all night in order to "capture" villains like Green Goblin, Venom and Sandman. I list those because they're the easiest to beat being that Sandman's "tank" is right in front of you and you can light that sucker up like Christmas. You can practically capture him about ten times per game because the game just doesn't want to lock him down. I wish it would. It's aggravating just how many times you'll nail Sandman and beat him. That said, it's so awesome to hear J.K. Simmons yack all game long about Spider-Man's accomplishments. They're pretty chuckle-worthy. Even when you hit start when you haven't inserted a coin, he shouts, "What is this?! 'Superhero on a Budget'?!" Good stuff. The light show is also cool and the multi-ball callouts (especially Doc Ock's) are awesome. A winner all around.
7 months ago
I LOVE this game. Play field layout is excellent and so is the call outs and music. Backglass and cabinet art could have been a little better and the game isn’t the deepest, but it is an excellent shooter and is very fun to play.
7 months ago
Spiderman is a decent game. While Iron Man is a modern Stern that offers challenging punishing gameplay, Spiderman backs it off a bit, and offers a more enjoyable gameplay experience, as it's a tad more forgiving with shots that seem easier to make. Art package is acceptable, callouts are great, and the amimations are some of the best Stern was able to capture during the era. The game has all the hallmarks of being a Steve Ritchie game, but he did manage to go off the grid with a few features. An easy-to-learn crowd pleaser.
11 months ago
Spider-Man is the best movie themed pin ever made. Game Design. 2007 version. The cast are ON POINT! Alfred Molina as Doc Oc, JK Simmons (Oscar) as JJonah Jameson (carries the game), Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin (O-Nominated), Thomas Haden Church as Sandman (O-Nominated). Theme. 93% rating by the meter! Amazing cast with all the call outs from this amazing lineup! Best superhero all time...The Amazing Spider-Man. Nuff said. Fun factor. From locking the ball to the Doc fusion reactor magnet to banging the ‘targets’ of Gobby to left Ramp shot for Venom and pounding the targets to Sandman. Multi-ball is insanely fun with all the sights and sounds to match. JK Simmons entertains masterfully. Defoe evil laugh throughout. Molina very cool. Toby BRINGS SPIDER-MAN TO LIFE! Playfield. Forget artwork. The movie themed characters are dialed in as some of best actors to shine on big screen. You just can’t do that with all pins. The playfield shines with these stars only like Spider-Man can. Sound and Vision. Flashing lights from upgraded LED packgage. Color DMD with real movie themed cuts . Shaker motor and low bass effects adds depth like an IMAX Atmos theater. This game really belongs in top 5. Never gets old. If you own it, you will regret selling it! Most played machine for 9-30 age group.
11 months ago
Super fun game by Stern. Spiderman is my personal favorite super hero so I love the game. It flows super nice and the shots are lots of fun. The rules arent the deepest ever but stacking several modes and multiballs is a blast. Not as good as the vault edition, but it's the same awesome game.
1 year ago
Great Game, very fun to play!
1 year ago
Spider Man has good sounds and callouts and artwork but the reason I don't like spider Man is because the rules are not deep and the game gets boring after a while.
1 year ago
Steve Richie's ultimate modern classic. Shots are amazing, game is difficult to master but easy to play/not inherently punishing. Out of the box, needs an LED OCD board for LED conversion and art blades or BackAlley buildings to create the experience. People can go really toy-happy/crazy on this game, but I keep mine stock. Only knock is the plastics art- the creepy heads on the left plastics especially- but besides that this game is a total work of art.
1 year ago
Arguably the most fun, complete, and most well designed game of all-time.* Not especially complicated, but that's a plus with this game. Easy to play, with obvious goals and rules. Just a great game. Amazing flow, with lots of combos and you can stack lots of modes. It's everything more complicated games like Ghostbusters is not. Fun, good-looking and nice call outs. I don't mind the DMD movie clips either. I love this pin. UPDATE - After owning for 6 months, I still respect this game a lot and it’s a truly great theme. They nailed the feel and spirit of Spider-Man in my opinion. The call outs from the movies and the actors are great and I would miss them on the VE. But my comment about it being arguably the best pin ever was overstated. It’s a solid, fast, engaging game that is easier and more smooth than Ironman, and the rules are super easy to follow. People say it’s not deep, but have you ever gotten to Super Hero? I haven’t. After owning LOTR (the best game I’ve ever played), and playing more and more pins on location, I would say this game is great, but not a best-ever contender.
1 year ago
Finally got a chance to play this at Pintastic and it was a solid little Stern game, feels like any of there more recent games. I do not like the backglass and wish they would get away from the photoshoped screen captures and give us real artwork again.
1 year ago
Great game, one of the best Marvel pins
1 year ago
Spider-Man pinball is a great game. I fell in love the first time I saw and played it.

3 flippers, nice ramps, a lot of awesome modes, nice looking with the VUKs, really nice toys, very good theming, great lighting show, Battle Royale and of course Super Hero!

My son and me always want to play the game again and again. I love to shoot Doc Ock and the great Venom ramp.

There is so much to do to become Super Hero.

Probably the best game that is out there!
There are 390 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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