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There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Fun card themed game with a roulette wheel and neat flip up card targets. Artwork is colorful and good. Add a ball feature is fun and brings a different aspect to the game. Classic 80's Bally pinball.
2 years ago
My wife and I play this game every night..never gets old. The extra ball on the roulette wheel means you can never give up when you fall behind. TRUE gambling machine......a risk every ball
2 years ago
Kind of like the flip over targets. And the art package is done in a style that briefly blew up from the late 70's until the early 80's. I like the style as it dates the machine pretty specifically. Game play is good, though I'm not a fan of the end game roulette that can add unearned points or subtract earned points. To me that renders scoring in the game as partially moot. What good is a high game if it isn't entirely earned by you and likewise how frustrating is it to have a personal best undone by the luck of the roulette? Over all though I like this game and with a much smaller foot print than other pins, i wouldn't mind owning one.
2 years ago
Very fun game. Love the add a ball feature and flyaway targets.
3 years ago
First of all, I want to comment about other people's comments about the sound. There are three different sound options that are user selectable. Most Bally's of this era have sound adjustments using dip switches on the MPU board, but this game sound options are adjustable from a button inside the coin door. YES, option #2 and #3 are annoying sound options as others have stated, but option #1 is quiet except for your basic electronic bell ringer sounds. Play the game with the sound selected to option #1. I have been playing this game now for a week. I have had numerous games with scores into the millions. The ball plays really fast and almost never drains. Easy to flip it up to the top. The fly away targets are fun, as is the roulette wheel. There is lots of action all over the play field. I'd say the downside to this game is learning the rules. While they are not intuitive, they are really not that difficult to understand. Learn the rules, and you can add-a-ball over and over. I have played several games that lasted I'd say at least 15-20 minutes. The play field lighting is very nice. Flashy. The backglass is subtle...almost seductive. Like you're supposed to be hush-hush around a speakeasy. I'd say this game would be rated higher if people were playing the game where the sound was set to option #1 (the non-annoying option), and where the game was tuned and functioning like new. Challenging and exciting.
5 years ago
Game plays horribly. Brutal game. Everything wants to drain down the middle. The music sounds like a space game but is based around classic Americana. Can't recommend this one.
5 years ago
We had Speak Easy in our line-up for approximately a year, & had a lot of fun w/ this title. For its' time when it was released this machine was considered a top tier pinball table. If I'm not mistaken, Speak Easy was voted the #1 machine released for that year. It's a challenging machine that will have you thinking outside the box ~ simply because of the reversed outlanes. Overall, this title is a very fun & a solid lesson in pinball control skill. For if you hit your shots consistently & know the odd-ball lower playfield layout ~ you're (almost) sure to be rewarded w/ a score to be proud of. I wish you well in YOUR pursuit of the perfect machine.
6 years ago
Fun add a ball game, the only downside is the sounds, they get old as soon as you plunge ball 1!
7 years ago
Foreword: technically I am rating the Speakeasy 4 players version - I assume it is strictly identical.

This game offers interesting original and features such as the Flyaway (hanging) targets and sacrifice button (allowing you to nullify out of sequence shots by paying with points). Note I would consider the roulette neither as original (found two decades ago) or interesting. That's too bad because it is a central feature of this game.

Artwork is OK. I had to do some digging to understand the theme.
7 years ago
Pretty boring with equally bad sounds
9 years ago
Speakeasy is a game that was made in 1982 that feels like it was made in 1972... really.

The Good:
Umm... not the run of the mill game from 1982. The hanging targets are a nice idea. The art package on the BG and the PF looks solid.

The Bad:
A boring game that is as likely to give you extra balls on a wheel spin as it is to take it away from you. Not a skills game, a luck game... in a big way.

The Takeaway:
This game has so much going for it and it's still a complete bore.
10 years ago
Not sure why this game has space sounds. Totally doesn't fit in with a card theme. Chimes would have been better. Artwork is so, so. Flip up targets are cool but that is about it. Gameplay is boring IMO.
11 years ago
Not a bad machine. And, since it's a little smaller than your typical commercial machine, it fit's in a small area if you have a little room left in your game room but not enough for a standard machine.

This game offers an actual strategy to the game other than just hitting and scoring targets. You try to hit card sequences and you can ditch your cards using the "sacrifice" button. Adds to the uniqueness of the game.

I would definitely have it in my collection if I can find one for the right price.
There are 13 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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