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Space Shuttle

Pinside rating

This game received 211 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.669 /10


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This game ranks #124 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.854

Artwork: 7.702

Sounds/Music: 6.501

Other Aspects: 7.946

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 4 of us have rated this game.


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Found 109 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
My first pinball machine, played it for a few months now and I only recently started to get high scores on a regular basis.

Artwork and playfield design is fantastic, ths shuttle toy in the center draws a lot of attention. I also love the scifi voice effects!

The idea of advancing the spinner value with the nearby drop targets is very rewarding, as is advancing the score multiplier with the same shot. After some practicing i mostly backhand this shot, hitting all 3 drop targets and the spinner with one good timed shot.

Locking balls and starting multiball trhough the main ramp is very cool, multiplayer is where this game really shines: nothing better than to steal the locked balls from ohter players.

Not as fast and diverse as a modern era pinball but an extremely fun game everybody picks up very fast and enjoys for a long time!

UPDATE after 1 1/2 years:
Still love this game as on the first day, it get's a lot of play from others too, especially on league nights despite the fact that there are three DMD's next to it!
6 years ago
My very first game I owned. So its not surprise I got into pinball in a big way. This is a great game for the time that still is so much fun to play. For me this game is pinball, no BS just fun.
7 years ago
This is my favorite pin from the mid eighties. Its simple, which I like. Game can last a long time and the shots are simple but fun.
7 years ago
The game has a nice flow to it - the ruleset is not very deep so it's good for kids and beginners. LED's in the backglass really brighten up the artwork
7 years ago
Shuttle is definitely a noteworthy game. The shuttle on the playfield was a monumental moment in pinball. The game has decent scoring, good art, and all-around solid gameplay. The layout is good and a bit offbeat, like you'd want from Oursler. Not a perfect game by any means, but definitely cool. It has a lot of charm.
7 years ago
Great table to own for beginners and enthusiasts alike! Somewhat too easy to get multiball in play, but it still holds a challenge to rack up the score. Truth be told, I was actually playing this pin when news broke of the Challenger tragedy. Too ironic.
7 years ago
Possibly the best game for a novice, but the flow is solid enough for an experienced player. Has few lower PF posts to quick drain the novice. Outlanes are very fair. Fun theme. Fantastic 3-ball multi-ball with a SUTM jackpot shot that is very rewarding.

Flawless game.
7 years ago
I really love this game. Nostalgia plays a factor for me. Playing as a kid at Chuck E. Cheese's was awesome!! My first pin and the one that made me fall in love with pinball. Great shots. Early ramp game. No, it's not as deep as a later pin, but just plain fun.

-GREAT artwork and sounds. Such a beautiful game.
-Has a really cool and loud bell!
-2 and 3-ball multiball
-Stop and Score Feature is super rad. Hold your shot for the right amount, and let the scores fly!
-Super cool shuttle toy on playfield
-Great animation for the time!
-Drop targets are hard, but fun to hit. Important as they close the gate to the right outlane.
-Nice ball save pop-up in the center during multiball
-Spelling letters equals points
-Great feeling shots. Oursler really knew what he was doing by this time.

-Can be a bit of a drain monster due to Oursler outlanes.
-Not a ton of shots with some wasted pf space
-Multiball would have been cooler if a post were up top so all 3 balls were released at the same time
-The ramp on the upper right is not nearly as cool as it could be
-Not as fun as Barracora (another Oursler classic) but still a great game!
7 years ago
A decent game that's fun to play when you see it, but lacks enough variation and replay-ability to make it worth owning.
7 years ago
i value this game more than most in my collection, i paid 550 for a super clean machine and like it more than others that paid way more for. lock the balls and head for the ramp and repeat and repeat again but this suits this table fine and never get's old for this pinball machine has soul and a mission to make you smile.
7 years ago
A great game for the year. Great artwork and theme. The sounds get kind of annoying. I dig the classic 80's speach but the music kills it for me.

The multiball is fun and pretty easily obtainable. The design and rules are super easy to follow. Which makes playability great. If I just want to play some pinball without thinking too much Space Shuttle is the way to go.

Now that I have had it a while. I find myself going back more and more. I'll usually play this over my JM.
7 years ago
Space Shuttle ate up lot of my quarters when I was a kid. Now I'm a better pinball player, and this action is still fast and entertaining. It still eats me alive every once in a while to let me know who's boss.

The Pros:
I think Mark Sprenger may be one of the best "unknown" pinball artists out there. The sounds work very well adding to the feeling of excitement. The Space Shuttle toy is placed perfectly and makes the ramp a joy to hit. The bright flasher behind the afterburner at the start of multiball cues you into the fact that you did something right. A brilliantly executed theme all around. This game looks, sounds and plays great! A well maintained copy of this game is fast challenging and keeps your skills on point.

The Cons:
This game seems a bit too easy now. Even playing with the Oursler tm outlanes, if the game is set up not steep enough, there is not much challenge. However, I will say that this is a captivating thing for someone who is new to pinball. These games got trashed around the bonus count on the PF. Locating one with a good PF is a real find. I believe Classic Playfield Reproductions made some new ones as well.

The Takeaway:
Easy multiball and a playfield that doesn't need a rulesheet to explain the game to you is a design worth noting. This is something that Medieval Madness did incredibly well. A damn fine game that keeps your attention at all times even now. I can see why it "saved" the industry in 1985.

This game is all about 1 thing for high scores. The spinner. Knocking down the drops by the spinner increases the spinner value AND lights the kickback on the left outlane (bonus x at the lanes also adds up, but is not as imporant). Multiball is awesome, but locks can come easy off the slings (why even shoot for those saucers when the game will give the locks to you?). Now multiball is nice, but keep that second and third ball trapped while you rip the spinner for the big points. At max spinner value... this can mean hundreds of thousands of points on a single shot with a well maintained spinner. Does it make this game any less fun? Hell no! This game is a blast no matter how you decide to play it.
7 years ago
For a mid 80's SS pin Space Shuttle delivers with its fast pace and scifi sound set. It's not uncommon to send a ball goin kamikaze over the top of the playfield plastics due to a hard deflection from the drop target at the shuttle ramp. The flashing lights and bell is always fun when shooting the shuttle ramp while the bonus light matrix animates the bonus. The playfield light animation during ball lock was also very well thought out. While the speech is limited Williams incorporated them well with the theme. The ruleset is not very deep and 2 or 3 multiball is fairly easy to obtain once the skillshots are mastered. This one always keeps me coming back for more.
7 years ago
When I want to come home and just play a game without having to go through a bunch of modes, I go straight for Space Shuttle.
7 years ago
For 1984, this game is AMAZING! The artwork isn't anything that will dazzle you - but that's ok. Reason being - the backglass and playfield create that feeling that you and the other astronauts are lost in vast expanses of space. So from a theme standpoint the artwork works in favor of the game. The sound effects are great and the voices add a lot of fun as well. "READY PILOT 1!" and the screaming effect remind me of playing Beach Head II on the old Commodore 64 as a kid.

The flow on this machine is great - speed varys from medium to fast, and the multi-ball is easy to achieve and very fun.

All around great game that I enjoy putting quarters into any chance I get.
8 years ago
Space Shuttle is a fun game, but it doesn't have a whole lot to it. It's got a great playfield, awesome toy, and good flow, but compared to the games of today, it doesn't have a whole lot going for it. I like it, but I'd never really want to own it.
8 years ago
A very good game for the time period. I will always drop a quarter in one when I find one.
8 years ago
Probably the most perfect playfield ever designed. Space Shuttle is the game that literally saved pinball (please Google this if you don't know the history).

The playfield graphics show the Hubble Telescope being serviced - 9 years before any servicing of the Hubble actually occurred (1993). In fact the Hubble did not even launch for 6 years after the game came out.

The game is just plain fun. A non player will immediately take to it, and any real player will love it.

Little touches of black humor like the sound of an astronaut screaming to his death as the ball drains, always draws nervous laughter from a new player.

Other touches like the center playfield light show spelling out T-I-L-T are way cool as is the "Heat Shield" rising up to protect the player from ball drains between the flippers. Clever ideas and integration.

This game is usually found in terrible shape, but just in the last year reproduction playfields and ramps have become available - so finally players can play this game as intended with no Mylar or bare wood to slow the game down.

One of the true Williams Greats!
8 years ago
This and Pinbot are the machines that originally drew me in to pinball. This is a simple and straightforward layout. In hindsight, it could have used another major shot and at least one flowing shot. Nevertheless, a great theme with nice playfield artwork and totally killer early 80s Williams sound. These were played to death on location. I hope to have a restored one in my gameroom someday for the nostalgia factor and fantastic sound package.
8 years ago
i dont see what others see in this game, yeah, its good for a few minute diversion, but im happy to walk away afterwords
8 years ago
For it's age, this is a fun game with a simple yet cool theme and gameplay. I love the two physical locks and the computerized voice callouts. Just a really neat early SS.
8 years ago
Bored me, most of my shots went into the pop bumpers. Ramp shot is a SDTM drain risk. Once you get multiball its kind of... done. Nice playing pin but not one that has lasting appeal to myself.
8 years ago
Simple game, but love it
8 years ago
It's never done much for me.
8 years ago

1) Great backglass
2) Good speech
3) Great toy
4) Nice lane back to the rollovers and drop targets
5) Hitting the spinner
6) Good bumper placement
7) Drop target in front of ramp is challenging.


1) Right ramp could have been better utilized.
2) Multi-ball is non-qualifying.
3) Left side of playfield only good for hitting standups.

Overall, a very good effort.
There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 5.

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