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Space Shuttle

Pinside rating

This game received 211 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.669 /10


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This game ranks #124 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.854

Artwork: 7.702

Sounds/Music: 6.501

Other Aspects: 7.946

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 4 of us have rated this game.


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Found 109 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
I was sort of surprised just how much I liked this table... this is one of the easier tables to understand. I found out everything I had to do within my first game, I think. There aren't any "tricks" that are difficult to follow. The ruleset is very simple, but it's not so simple to get high scores on this table. Space Shuttle plays very quickly, and you need a quick trigger finger to keep balls in play. Multiball is very easy to release on this table, be it two or three. It's satisfying to "launch" the shuttle, hitting that middle ramp to start multiball. The sounds are quite good considering the year this machine was released, too. This is a very underappreciated machine. I'm not super fond of the cabinet art or the backglass, but the game plays very well.
5 years ago
Space Shuttle has its moments, but ultimately it usually just frustrates me. The game has a few features I enjoy - the static rollover skill shot, the hard-to-get ball locks, but easy multiball once those ball locks are settled, and the outlane saver gate which reminds me of the EM gates that I enjoy.

Sometimes sluggish, but sometimes a fun time, I'd recommend playing Space Shuttle on location, but I don't know about owning it. It seems challenging enough to have in a collection, but I think I'd get tired of it quickly.
5 years ago
Every bowling alley in my area seemed to have one of these in their game room, when I was a kid.
Loved the pop-up heat shield and the multi-ball sounds. Hell all of the spacey bleeps, bloops and buzzes have a great early 80’s funkiness to them. The wave over light show when locking a ball is pretty cool too.
As an older player, there may not be a ton to shoot at I still find the game compelling. I’m sure some of that is nostalgia but fun is fun and this game is that.
5 years ago
A decent game I could simply not love. Multiball is easy to reach (not a bad thing) but scoring seems unbalanced (?): spinner rules, for what I know.
5 years ago
The background sounds are annoying but just about everything else it awesome.
5 years ago
A challenging game with a good layout and good artwork, but fairly simple ruleset. This game brought back pinball from the brink during a dark time in pinball history.
5 years ago
A classic game which brought Pinball back from the brink, finally getting to play a real one was a blast. A game I would consider owning at some stage, plenty to do, lots of fun and a great theme!
5 years ago
For the day and age of the game, it has a decent play ability, but lacks BIG TIME in the artwork. Fun game, but not up there for me.
5 years ago
Such a cool game. This is the only pre-1985 game I think my son loves to play over and over. Obviously part of that goes to the super cool space shuttle in the top of the playfield, but there are other reasons too. The pops are somewhat isolated and are in a way where any ball exiting their area will give you a flipper shot. Rarely do we see a SDTM or outlane out of the pops which means no wasted turns which means you're not frustrated which means you're having fun. Also the ramp (first ramp ever I believe) is a great ramp that throws the ball back to the center of the PF. The secondary ramp has a target at the top which changes values, and though I want to give an "A" for effort, this ramp feels a bit empty and should've been designed to go under the main ramp and loop over to the left side of this game to mirror the main ramp. Having a switch in this ramp instead of a target may have opened that train of thought. The sound is ok, the strobe in the backglass is awesome, and one thing I loooooove about this game is the cabinet. The cabinet artwork looks much more professional than other space themed pins. It looks like the pin cabinet is an official machine from NASA or something. Multi-ball is very easy to get, which is also why it's a great pin for anyone.

Overall a really fun game with lots of cool things to look at, enough objectives for the player and enough things for the rookie or child to keep them from getting discouraged, all while forgetting they're playing a pin from 1985.
5 years ago
[FWIW I self-rate my skill level as medium] My first and thus far only pin... but I waited to rate it until I had several hours worth of other machines under my belt, to ensure an objective review. And I have to say I must have got lucky, because even after playing bonafide legends like Medieval Madness, Attack from Mars, Firepower, Whirlwind, Dr Who and other games, I really still do love Space Shuttle.

It's certainly not a "deep" game, and the playfield shuttle isn't even so much a "gimmick"as much a static toy - you could replace it with a boxcar or Winnebago and have the same functionality.

But of its era and for simple honest casual fun, it just works. There are some gem shots hidden, such as strafing the spinner lane drops all at once with a backhand - doing this to reclose the airlock after opening it is a thrill, and the game rewards with a nice "blastoff". So too is the 100,000 point shot on the center ramp - not so easy to set up but oh so rewarding! The bell never gets old either!

The machine is simple enough in layout that kids seem to pick up the scoring objectives... but shots are a good mix of balance, skill, and luck. You can hone skills by mastering some shots from either flipper, while some target "shots" don't seem to exist at all, so you'll be at the mercy of silverball randomness. Even when you master some shots, the game bites back HARD at unexpected times. It can be tough to get the score building but once the multipliers stack, look out! Multiball is easy enough to set up but not so easy that it becomes old - and there's a definite strategy involved.

All in all, I know there are "better" pins out there, but I don't think I could have done better for a first machine, and for being 30 years old it's still plenty of fun!
6 years ago
i grew up playing this game in a donut shop, lots of fun, don't think I will ever get bored of this game
6 years ago
Great theme, great PF art and the backglass is great as well. Cool Shuttle toy, but the layout leaves a little something to be desired after playing a few games, especially in comparison to Comet. But it is still a fun game, considering the time period.
6 years ago
Great game for the era. I maybe a bit bias, this was the first machine I bought. I must say Space Station is like the super charged big brother, its better in every way.
6 years ago
This game is a fantastic period piece. You're not going to find modes or numerous multi-ball modes. What you get is an exceptional table whose biggest claim is "pure pinball". It's well executed with a fantastic layout and easy to understand rules. Casual players can adapt to the game quickly and expert players are kept playing through large bonus multipliers and very difficult outlanes.

The game features speech and a crazy light show, some things the 80's can be remembered for. Callouts aren't aplenty, but more aesthetic. The launch countdown (3-2-1) to multi-ball does a great job of creating some atmosphere around the theme, both audibly presented as well as visually - the center lamp matrix counting along. The speech will announce when the player has an airlock ball save and when the launch is aborted due to not hitting the ramp perfectly. Thirty years ago, I'm sure this was a stunning display of technology.

The music will be one of the love-it-or-hate-it aspects of the sound. The technology from this era could produce only a handful of sounds. The table sounds much like an Atari or Colecovision, with simple ramping scales of beeps and boops, non-stop. And due to limitations, it never ends. All targets and switches produce their own sounds and are easily noticed atop the music loops. The game houses an actual bell as well that buzzes like a telephone when certain targets are completed successfully. It's a fantastic experience.

Gameplay is nothing but a core pinball experience. Shoot targets to increase the multiplier and lock balls for multi-ball. The player has the ability at any time to change the ramp value, and to even start the multi-ball early. Depending how the player would like to approach the table, he or she should have a fun experience. Vicious outlanes keep the pro player in check.

Everyone should check this machine out at least once. It's simpler than today's pinball, but gives a good look see into the game's past and how technology aided the game.
6 years ago
This was the game I fell in love with in the arcades and was the first pin I decided to buy. I never ended up owning it but I do have one in my house (storing for a friend). I absolutely love the theme, the look, the sounds, and the era. However, this one gets a little old for me now that I have logged serious time with it. It could be that I have struggled mastering it and that has soured me, so take my review with a grain of salt.
6 years ago
First game I remember playing when I was in high-school. And it was a blast to play then as it is now.
6 years ago
As far as I'm concerned, Space Shuttle is about the best bang for your buck game you can find. While it's relatively easy to get a multiball started, it's challenging to really put up a high score. Definitely a keeper for me!
6 years ago
Not the prettiest game in terms of art but when this is playing fast it is a blast. Easy to pick up rules and poses a serious challenge.
6 years ago
Space shuttle and sorcerer are rock solid mid 80's titles. Depending on the day one might make a case that this has better gameplay, but it's soundly beaten in the art dept. if you dig the theme this game is absolutely worth owning.
6 years ago
Great pin in its time. Nice looking playfield and cool toys. Had a chance to play a nearly flawless one. Very good game that will always be a classic.
6 years ago
Even though this machine has a fairly simple ruleset, it's one of the most appealing machines that I've played. The backglass looks amazing when it's lit up. The cabinet and playfield artwork are great and fit the theme perfectly. The machine plays fast and has some really challenging shots. While it's fairly easy to achieve a 2 or 3 multi-ball mode, it's extremely challenging to keep the balls in play. This is a classic machine with a great theme, and easily one of the best pins of the 80's.
6 years ago
Great pin for its era first pin to have toy would own
6 years ago
This is the game we always come back to. I am impressed by the simple ruleset. You can play a simple game with a couple of shots. Learning a couple of skill shots allow you to recover from mistakes and extend your gameplay.

This game has some of the best wipes and fades. The light design is excellent and using the bonus matrix as a dot matrix display is genius.
6 years ago
This game has a solid fun factor to it, decent enough theme...
6 years ago
In the world of pinball, I much prefer lots of simple fun rather than convoluted complexity.

Space shuttle could arguably be the definition of this.
There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 5.

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