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Other Aspects: 7.869

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27 days ago
This is a fun game and one of my favorites from the era. The voices are cool and it’s one that I will always play when I see it. I really like the Multiball as it’s challenging.
50 days ago
"The machine that saved pinball."

'Nuff said!
79 days ago
Wait a second. Space Shuttle is rated lower than Space Station? Your kidding me! I've owned this pin for 8 years, it was hard to find and won't let it go. It definitly keeps you coming back. You have to keep in mind when rating this pin it was 1986! Who doesn't like space and Nasa? For me the sounds are the best part and take me back to the arcades. I dont understand some people say the voice is annoying? Looking down on the space shuttle toy the first toy put in a game makes me want to pull the plunger. This game was used very often back in the day so playing one in good shape makes a big difference. The quality of materials used in this game really shows. Mine feels very solid.
5 months ago
This game is in my small collection between this and my b lack knight these 2 won't ever leave. Rules are super easy to under stand and multi ball is difficult yet easy and satifising to achieve. Air lock is an awesome gimic. Game is great for a small collection with non pinball player and pinball regulars.

I wish they would have made the ramps from metal for durability.
5 months ago
I love space themes. Space Shuttle is a awesome mid 80s classic and is a great example of a space theme. Not an easy pin for me, and yet it doesn't feel frustrating and isn't a total drain monster. Shots can be a challenge to make, especially the far left ball lock, but that's how I like it. Great multiball mode. Lots of different sound. Can get chaotic, but fun. Art design could have been a little cooler, but great pin regardless.
8 months ago
I'm not sure what people see in this game.
9 months ago
Just recently got my hands on a space shuttle, i can see now why its credited with saving pinball. I have played a fair amount of firepower and laser cue, (both awesome games btw) i feel like they took what has worked great and added good fresh ideas to them. The ball drain on the left is a little rough but other then that i really enjoy the game play. The speech and sound still holds up well today, the music while fits well hasn't aged well. I actually like the music from laser cue better.
11 months ago
When I first played this game, I fell in love with it. I loved hitting the ramp and watching the shuttle do it's thing via lights. As I played it over time, I grew to hate it for so many reasons.

The Good:
-- I think the multiball mode is cool. When you start multiball, it's a great feeling. I love the "3...2...1... liftoff!"
-- The safety fence on the right outlane, and the fact that you can re-activate it via the drop targets.
-- I love the drop targets / spinner. It's my favorite thing to aim for in the game... BUT...

The Bad:
-- The fact that the drops/spinner are my favorite things to aim for, despite the fact that there's this COOL spaceship on a ramp that I'm avoiding, tells you something. I like hitting the ramp and all but it's so boring. SO BORING! Sure, points are there, but that's all you gotta do.
-- Too often my ball jumps over the safety pop-up saucer thing. I hate that. Once is too much.
-- The whole point of this machine is multiball. Lock a ball on the left, lock a ball on the right, ramp. That's almost the entire playfield. Yes, spinner/drops, and yes I can spell "shuttle" to win a prize... a prize that is randomized and also has it's own place on the playfield. Not very creative with the space imo.
-- The lighting stinks.

There's too much to mention. I played it for several months. I'm glad it's gone.
11 months ago
Space Shuttle has a simple layout and a simple rule set. And yet it is a pin that I am drawn to and play often. It is satisfying to build the multiplier by returning the ball to the top of the pf over and over, and activating the space lock on the right out lane is a also simple but crucial to do if you want to keep the ball in play. Multi Ball with two or three balls, the astronaut scream on an out lane drain, the bell instead of a knocker - all are part of the unique experience of the pin that saved pinball. On the project list - LEDs for the Toy Space Shuttle engine (oh yeah, forgot the first toy on a solid state production pin ...)
1 year ago
This is not a great looking pinball machine. It's not bad looking one, its just bland for me. I know for the time a Space Shuttle was new and exciting, but for me now, a space shuttle is just a clunky looking relic of the past, a marvel to be fair, but not something that is sexy to look at. So I find the cab and backglass and playfield art to be really drab and boring. I do like the space shuttle toy in the middle of the playfield, and I like the ramp that it sits upon and I like how it utilizes the drop target.
While I don't care for the theming or the art. I really like the gameplay and the rule set. It's a simple basic rule set, but very effective. It reminds me a lot of Sorcerer.Except there are two ball locks and that means you can get 3 ball multiball. It does have a few things sorcerer doesn't have. Like a circle disc that pops up between your flippers during multiball start that serves as a way to help protect your balls. Cool little feature.
So anyway. I think the best strategy is to lock a ball. Then shot the drop target and then shot the ramp and multiball starts. Once in multiball hit the targets that spell shuttle and this will get you the reward that is listed on the playfield. Keep hitting this and that can lead to a lot of good stuff. And again I think the strategy for this game is a lot like the strategy for sorcerer and that is, get to multiball and when in multiball that is when you aim for the risky shots. Once you go back to single ball play shot the lock and then go back into multiball.
Simple game play. But its fun.
The sound effects are typical of that era and it does have some callouts. But, I wasn't a fan of the callouts. They're just there. They don't really detract from the game, and I guess they can immerse you in the theme. But, again not a big fan of the theme. So they were just there for me.
All in all a very fun game. Don't know if I would want this in my collection, as I rather have a sorcerer, but again if I had a huge silo filled with pins, this would be nice to have in it. Just for me, not a looker and that is something I like in a home pin.
1 year ago
For the mid 80's it was outstanding. I probably dumped more of my lawn mowing and paper route money into this one than any other. Hard to find one in good condition, but if I found one for the right price, I would own it.
1 year ago
I like the individual ball locks for multi-ball and the "heat shield" feature. The shuttle ramp is a rewarding shot and the old fashioned telephone bell is a nice variation of sound. If I was more into space themes I'd probably have a greater appreciation for it, but still a fun game worth some play time.
1 year ago
I just spent a weekend with Space Shuttle at a friends house, and couldn't get enough of it. I always remember it being a solid game, but once I started playing it, it was hard to stop. It has the kind of rule set that I love in Pinball. Is it repetitive? Yes. Is it addicting? oh yea!

It has a few objectives that are each easy to complete, but doing them all at once to really get the high scores isn't easy.
Max out the spinner on the way to maxing out the bonus multiplier and then start the multibull and hit the ramp over and over again while spotting all the targets.

Super awesome game. I'm looking for my own right now. This is the game that saved pinball, and for good reason!
1 year ago
This one is an absolute gem, and I'm glad it's held in quite high regard against other machines of it's era. Lots of nostalgic sound effects and great theme integration. Multiball is really fun to achieve, and great use of drop targets. Love the layout of the game, aside from the ball flying to the right outlane out of the pops...but the air lock feature makes up for that so it's not too bad. In a large collection, i think this game is a must-have to represent it's era, but in a small collection perhaps the lastability is limited. Big fan of this game nonetheless though.
1 year ago
I try and drop a few quarters every time I see this classic in the wild.

For me it has one of the most satisfying set of lane change/rollovers in pinball (irrespective of the fact they also spell U,S,A). The pops underneath have great action and with a quick hand/steady bump you can crank your multiplier up in no time.

The sounds even now are great. Early 80's synth, but great.

I'm not a seasoned pinhead, but how many other games have a drop-target "guarding" a ramp to activate the multiball? Very cool timed feature.

My kids love this table too, and there's enough going on that it probably wouldn't get boring over the long term. It's no 8 mode monster like we have today, but a great playing example of one of these with some lighting upgrades (it's dark stock in my opinion) would probably be a solid first pin or addition to any collection.
1 year ago
Space Shuttle is more the old fashioned kind of pinball, it doesn’t drive towards a wizard mode or a big jackpot. It is fairly easy to get multiball and multiball is one of the main ways to get points. Clever is each ball is locked separately so you can go immediately for 2 ball multiball after locking one ball or lock the 2nd ball and have 3 ball multiball. To start multiball and to get points during multiball you keep going for the center ramp. There’s something satisfying about this ramp – it’s unusually positioned, too, because it does not lead back to an inlane. The other goal is to keep knocking down the drop targets and increasing the spinner multiplier. This can get exciting as the multiplier resets for each new ball. And hitting the drop targets usually takes you to the thru-lanes – each completion increases the bonus multiplier. Space Shuttle also has a target you sometimes want to avoid – the right ramp – it’s frustrating to be trying complete the 7 stand-ups to get the extra ball award for instance then accidently hit the stand up at the end of the right ramp and then the award changes to something not as good.
Space Shuttle has a particularly attractive backglass with the gold accents. Soundtrack is ok, a few of the sound bits were reused in Pinbot (not a problem, though) and a few robot sounding call outs.
1 year ago
A classic machine that saved pinball. It's beginner friendly with simple to understand rules, easy two or three ball multi ball, and an awesome theme. I love space themes and for 1984 the Space Shuttle was all the rage. The play field is full of cool artwork and the mirrored backglass is no slouch either. There isn't much I don't like about this machine, one of the machines I'd love to own someday.
1 year ago
A timeless classic. Never gets old. Plays fast. Amazing design.
1 year ago
A good Williams table ftom the 80s. Gets old quick for me, not enough going on. No way should his be rated higher than Jokerz, in my opinion. Good quality build, (it's a Williams) and decent sound. LEDS really make this machine pop. It's a beautiful machine, and might be worth something one of these days, when people finally figure out that the real one was fake. Lol. Good for a few plays, but not as your only pin.
1 year ago
I finally got to play a well-maintained Space Shuttle table. It is a beautifully themed table that does a great job of capturing the feel of NASA in the 80's.

The table plays well. The left and right ball locks seemed to be the hardest shots; otherwise, I wouldn't say any shots were overly difficult. That doesn't mean this table is necessarily easy. Well-aimed shots are essential as there really isn't much chance for sloppy points like on some tables.

Increasing the bonus multiplier is as easy as lighting the U-S-A rollover targets, allowing for some huge bonus points. The multiball is fun and not too hard to start. Lock one or two balls then hit the left/center ramp.

The table seems to play fairly. The left and right outlanes aren't pure evil and I didn't experience too many balls down the middle.

My only criticism is that of the right ramp. It's essentially a dead end and doesn't feel satisfying at all to hit. Ball goes up, ball comes back. I would like for it to at least transport the ball to another area of the table. Oh well.

Overall this is a solid Williams table and one I would be happy to have in my collection.
2 years ago
This is a highly regarded classic for a reason -- it never gets tiring to play, the flow is great, the sounds are cool, it's just always fun. Our local league has only a handful of members with sizable home collections, yet three of us have this game!
2 years ago
Great system 9 machine. Pretty simple concept, but a blast to play. I love the backglass on this one. Has recently become a crowd favorite in my small collection. Tough game to beat for the price.
2 years ago
Great system 9 game. Love these older games they are still a blast to play.
2 years ago
I will admit that I like this machine because I seem to be quite good at it. It is one of a small numbers of machines that I have not been defeated on in tournament play.
2 years ago
Great game that saved pinball!!!! For the casual player, it is perfect. Airlock save, center ball save, ringing bells AND sound effects. Classic. Plus manipulating USA with the flippers to increase bonus is another great idea. Great system 9 game, and one I'd take over most modern pins. Plus, with LEDs, this game looks and plays as modern as any DMD game! I could play this game over and over. Great fun and theme.
There are 99 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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