Space Shuttle

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Game Design: 7.873

Artwork: 7.699

Sounds/Music: 6.519

Other Aspects: 7.94

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Found 113 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 113 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
One of the machines that saved pinball. Love the countdown and bell during multiball. Easy rule set to understand. Wish the ramp looped around to the top to feed the pop bumpers though...
85 days ago
One of my favorites when I was a kid, I still absolutely love the game.
5 months ago
I didn´t expect the game to be so much fun. Very good rules, you can play different stategies, with the up post in the middle and the airlock at the right outlane it can become a long player.
7 months ago
Great theme, interesting shots and multi ball. Given when it was made, an interesting game that is still fun today.
8 months ago
Just bought this game for the second time.This one is a beauty with new Playfield and great Cabinet.Its not a sleeper but should be rated much higher.Starting with the sweet placement of the pop bumpers in the upper left which is always a shot you’ll want to make.Three drop targets placed on the left of the spinner lane on your way up top are ingenious and an important shot.Spelling Shuttle from the standup targets will make you change your shots when extra ball is lit.Could go on and on for this fast little package,but you have to play it to realize how great it really is.Love the bonus light setup also where you actually know where your at.System 9 games are worth a look.
10 months ago
It’s a williams classic! Great layout, lots of fun shots. Multiball, ramp, space shuttle toy and great theme made this a huge success at its release. Good light show for its age. Great game that keeps you coming back
11 months ago
Only had the game for a few weeks and finally tuning it to my satisfaction. I love the sounds, very 80's and work well with the theme. The bell cracks me up. Finding one of these without a trashed playfield is difficult and no points are deducted for that. Lighting seems fine, cabinet and art work well together. When multi-ball starts hang on! Locking balls takes a deft touch. The light show with Comet LEDs is excellent.

My only real complaint is the 3 bank drop target is at a very odd location and you get the targets down more often then not by chance.
1 year ago
One of my personal favorites of all time and when this first came out when i was a kid I loved everything about this game and still do. One of my childhood dreams was to one day own this game and I do. The sound effects define the era of video games. However, take caution because one thing I've learned is that if you play it for more than 30 minutes straight this is what happens in the link below so be careful:

I still find it unbelievable that this pure classic and hall of fame pinball machine isnt even in the Pinside Top 100 which I find to be grossily underrated. From a historic perspective, this is pretty much the game in 1984 that literally saved William's pinball.
This is one of the most straight forward fun to the point pinball machines of the early 1980s, and the fun factor still holds up today everytime i play it.
In my humble opinion this should at least break the top #100 and should at the very least be at #99 in Pinside ranking, but I guess some people think it's too repetitive. Perhaps so in some ways, but still a fun addictive game as well as attractive to look at.
I rate it a 10 at least for a pin of the early-mid 1980s era and I'm sure some feel I have overrated it, but hey it's my prerogative, LOL.
1 year ago
I have had over 80 pins since 2003 and I bought this do to being local. I had no Idea my 14 year old would fall in love. He plays this machine more than anything I own and i have some awesome titles. I seriously enjoy it as well. Really glad to have stumbled on to this blast from the past!
1 year ago
This was the first pinball machine I ever bought in 2002. I still own it. It is a simple play in my collection that anyone can play on with its simple rule set. I probably rate this game a little higher than it deserves, but it was my first pin. So I have a place in my heart for it.
1 year ago
Great game, awesome spinner shot, fun rules that aren't too complicated for beginners to understand. Fits in a larger collection really well.
1 year ago
I love the theme. The price is certainly reasonable as well. It is tough to find one with even a decent playfield, however.
1 year ago
A simple but fun game. Williams innovation as always!
1 year ago
Space Shuttle is the game many people credit with reviving the public's interest in pinball.

I always enjoyed playing this machine, and I still do. I don't think every thing about the design in inspired, but somehow I still think the game is really fun. I definitely would love to have one in my collection.
1 year ago
I've always dug this game, in my opinion best game of its era hands down
1 year ago
Was deciding between space station and space shuttle..went with space station......this is a good machine a loads of fun..but prefer station.
2 years ago
This is a fun game and one of my favorites from the era. The voices are cool and it’s one that I will always play when I see it. I really like the Multiball as it’s challenging.
2 years ago
"The machine that saved pinball."

'Nuff said!
2 years ago
Wait a second. Space Shuttle is rated lower than Space Station? Your kidding me! I've owned this pin for 8 years, it was hard to find and won't let it go. It definitly keeps you coming back. You have to keep in mind when rating this pin it was 1986! Who doesn't like space and Nasa? For me the sounds are the best part and take me back to the arcades. I dont understand some people say the voice is annoying? Looking down on the space shuttle toy the first toy put in a game makes me want to pull the plunger. This game was used very often back in the day so playing one in good shape makes a big difference. The quality of materials used in this game really shows. Mine feels very solid.
2 years ago
Great game! The very good artwork and very nicely designed playfield. I do not grow tired of playing this game! It is a favorite.
The playfield, specifically, at the top does get beat up a lot. Hopefully one day I will replace it as I do like playing it.
2 years ago
This game is in my small collection between this and my b lack knight these 2 won't ever leave. Rules are super easy to under stand and multi ball is difficult yet easy and satifising to achieve. Air lock is an awesome gimic. Game is great for a small collection with non pinball player and pinball regulars.

I wish they would have made the ramps from metal for durability.
2 years ago
I'm not sure what people see in this game.
2 years ago
Just recently got my hands on a space shuttle, i can see now why its credited with saving pinball. I have played a fair amount of firepower and laser cue, (both awesome games btw) i feel like they took what has worked great and added good fresh ideas to them. The ball drain on the left is a little rough but other then that i really enjoy the game play. The speech and sound still holds up well today, the music while fits well hasn't aged well. I actually like the music from laser cue better.
2 years ago
Space Shuttle has a simple layout and a simple rule set. And yet it is a pin that I am drawn to and play often. It is satisfying to build the multiplier by returning the ball to the top of the pf over and over, and activating the space lock on the right out lane is a also simple but crucial to do if you want to keep the ball in play. Multi Ball with two or three balls, the astronaut scream on an out lane drain, the bell instead of a knocker - all are part of the unique experience of the pin that saved pinball. On the project list - LEDs for the Toy Space Shuttle engine (oh yeah, forgot the first toy on a solid state production pin ...)
3 years ago
This is not a great looking pinball machine. It's not bad looking one, its just bland for me. I know for the time a Space Shuttle was new and exciting, but for me now, a space shuttle is just a clunky looking relic of the past, a marvel to be fair, but not something that is sexy to look at. So I find the cab and backglass and playfield art to be really drab and boring. I do like the space shuttle toy in the middle of the playfield, and I like the ramp that it sits upon and I like how it utilizes the drop target.
While I don't care for the theming or the art. I really like the gameplay and the rule set. It's a simple basic rule set, but very effective. It reminds me a lot of Sorcerer.Except there are two ball locks and that means you can get 3 ball multiball. It does have a few things sorcerer doesn't have. Like a circle disc that pops up between your flippers during multiball start that serves as a way to help protect your balls. Cool little feature.
So anyway. I think the best strategy is to lock a ball. Then shot the drop target and then shot the ramp and multiball starts. Once in multiball hit the targets that spell shuttle and this will get you the reward that is listed on the playfield. Keep hitting this and that can lead to a lot of good stuff. And again I think the strategy for this game is a lot like the strategy for sorcerer and that is, get to multiball and when in multiball that is when you aim for the risky shots. Once you go back to single ball play shot the lock and then go back into multiball.
Simple game play. But its fun.
The sound effects are typical of that era and it does have some callouts. But, I wasn't a fan of the callouts. They're just there. They don't really detract from the game, and I guess they can immerse you in the theme. But, again not a big fan of the theme. So they were just there for me.
All in all a very fun game. Don't know if I would want this in my collection, as I rather have a sorcerer, but again if I had a huge silo filled with pins, this would be nice to have in it. Just for me, not a looker and that is something I like in a home pin.
There are 113 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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