Space Invaders

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Game Design: 6.54

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Other Aspects: 6.98

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There are 60 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
2nd game I ever played. Love the look, sound and the theme. Game play is average.
Overall a great looking fun game.
8 months ago
At first, I didn't like this game, but I noticed it would always have a bunch of credits on it at the barcade, and I like free games, so I played it. Eventually, I got pretty decent at hitting the horseshoe off of the right flipper, and eventually the left. Then it got to the point that at least once a game I'd hit multiple horseshoe shots in a row, jack up the multiplier, and start lighting up the red light for free games. Then I realized why there were so many credits on it all the time.

Now I'm working on rolling it over. I got really close (980k) but I get the yips sometimes after being zoned in on a really good ball. I haven't even tried shooting at the drop targets or the captive ball yet... Just working on hitting the horseshoe over and over and over again. I get more consistent every time.

Having said all that, it's fun, but it's not one of my all time faves. People who complain about the horseshoe shot being a death shot haven't played it for hours and mastered looping the horseshoe yet. It's totally doable.

Space Invaders is certainly a beautiful machine with striking backglass and a glorious albeit litigious history. I feel lucky I get to play it on the regs.
8 months ago
My first experience with Space Invaders pinball had to be in the early 80's at Belmar Playland in New Jersey. We (the family)spent parts of the summer up at the shore as thats where my mom was from and my Grandparents lived. There was always one night we would head out to Belmar and do the miniature golf and then hit the arcade below to play skeeball, pinball and the latest arcade games.
I always liked to balance what I played around the arcade and remember hitting up the pinball machine corner to make my games last longer and there it was. A pinball machine based on an arcade game that I just played. The infinite mirror back glass with the just different enough alien than the recent Alien movie had me drawn in. I had to play. I always knew with pinball vs the arcade games I could make my game last by trapping the ball and just making shots and then trying to trap the ball again. I don't think it was my first pinball game I ever played but it definitely was the first pinball game I remember playing. I loved the dark look of the game and then the playfield with the Alien inspired HR Gieger parts.
It was a blast to play and one of my personal favorites. The widebody playfield just gives you that much more pinball to have fun with and show off the beautiful art work.
It's hard to judge an older machine to a newer machine with all its features but for it's time and still to this day the Space Invaders pinball holds up as a challenging game and beautiful theme and art that looks good and stand out still today,
9 months ago
This has one of the Coolest Back-glass of all time in my opinion. I like it so much that I have the original double glass in my collection.

The game play is good but does get a little old and repetitive after awhile. The cool artwork and the wide body cabinet were really cool for it's time.

I still like this game and would love to add it to my current collection even though the game-play could be better.
1 year ago
1) The artwork is fantastic bar none.
2) Sound is appropriate for the pin theme, faithful reproductions of Space Invaders.
3) Surprising light show given the age of the pin, most are rather dull. Infinity lights are awesome.
4) A variety of shots: You have 3/1 drop targets, a captive ball, spinner, horseshoe, various stand ups & roll overs and 3 pops and 4 dead bumpers.

I went into playing this pin with a bad attitude. Most widebody pins that I have played were slow and unresponsive. The ball just wandered around the playfield searching for a target to run into. Black Hole and Haunted House were two wide-bodies that made me reassess that opinion, Black Hole in particular SIZZLES when setup right. Setup is key.

Space Invaders has some sizzle to it. Granted the one I'm currently playing has Titan Elastics and a well cared for playfield.. but it sizzles. Shots to the horseshoe return at light speed and making shots off the double flippers can be a challenge. When the ball comes careening back at you after rattling around the pops you have to make a split second decision which direction and set you wish to utilize.

Speaking of shots, the mystery ship hurry up is insidious. I have only made it 3 or 4 times so far. Both shots to the far left and right are highly hazardous with the outlanes looking to suck up your ball like voracious black holes. They look fairly safe.. but they are not.

The rating on this may change so don't hold me to it, check back in a few weeks after I have flogged the title further.
1 year ago
Game definitely a slower paced widebody. No multiiball hurts also. Sounds are great. A bit boring with no real tasks to complete to unlock other things. Would love to see some neat mods for this game....
1 year ago
The mirrored infinity backglass is eye-catching, especially in a home game room, but the play get repetitive quickly
2 years ago
That clone chamber sound is absolutely killer!
2 years ago
One of the best back glasses in pinball.

Wide AND slow.
There is really nothing to do with this pin.
All of that wide open space.

This playfield layout is kinda similar to Silverball Mania--also has great art and easily outgrown lastability.

I hate the double flippers.
2 years ago
This game is a massive wide body. And I think because of that and the fact its an older heavier game, it makes nudging a bit more difficult... At least for me... Really two ways to get big points on this game. Either hitting the captive ball over and over again. Or the horseshoe in the center.
I'm not a great player of this game. But, I have gotten a replay on this game fairly often despite not really playing it too much... I do like the sound effects. I like the theme... Both the space invaders and alien concept. I think its cool to shoot ufos... Just wish that it was handled better... But, really the tech was just not there yet. So they did the best they could. The backglass is one of the best ever I think. Love the art and the lights. Cab art is really cool, playfield art is cool as well, just the playfield is more alien the movie and less space invaders video game.
Is this game the best game ever... No... I get bored easy with it. But, while I probably wouldn't want to own one(even though it looks amazing) I wouldn't mind playing one from time to time. I just think you play 2-6 games that's really all you need for awhile.
3 years ago
Owned one for years. While the artwork is awesome, this widebody is a bit boring to play. When next to Black Knight and Xenon it got one play from non pin people while the others were played multiple times.
3 years ago
Art is amazing, game is big and not so good.
3 years ago
A space invaders pinball? Really?! My thoughts when this came around in the early 80s. I think it was this game that made me a realize the floor space dedicated to pinball was doomed to be overtaken by video games if this was the best they could do to stay relevant. Cool back glass doesn’t make up for lame play field and slow boring play. Not the best moment in a challenging era for pinball.
4 years ago
This is one you own based on artwork which is excellent. Backglass still one of the best. That’s where the the best part of this machine ends. Because of the looks and space invader sound it’s fun to play a couple of times and that’s it. Slow plodding play. Could have been so much better considering other games of the time.
4 years ago
I have upgraded LED lighting in my game and it is cool I have lots of fun with this game and it has been dependable I have upgraded boards also !
4 years ago
Best Backglass ever!
5 years ago
Double flippers do not help gameplay but goo looking cab and play field.
5 years ago
Without a doubt the evilest pinball art package ever made, and it undeniable the power the infinity frame possess. The widebody really works to give a true outer space feel to the gameplay. Single ball play, and at times can be very unforgiving, when the drains eat the balls. The 4 flippers make for unique control over your shots. For me this combo makes this one of the best machines from this era.
5 years ago
I have played this game more often and I have increased my opinion of it. Still there is something a little off, but I enjoy it more now and have a better idea of a strategy. It is still a little clunky and the flow is not there.
6 years ago
My first impression was: "That is one WIDE widebody!" I almost felt like I was playing Hercules again - and I love a good widebody. The backglass was interesting and so I was sure that the game had to worth all the effort to make a widebody with "infinity" lights in the backglass.

Unfortunately, the designers made the body so wide that the playfield couldn't keep up (it seems about 65% populated). The 4 flippers set up on the drain side seemed pointless (yes, there is a shot that seems only achievable by the right 2" flipper, but the ball barely got up far enough most of the time to make that worth it).

I'd look at this machine and grab it to see how wide it really is, then I'd walk away.
6 years ago
If I could only keep one of my games, this would probably be it. Great artwork, great set up and playfield. I love the widebody feel. It makes it seem like a much more solid game. I never get tired of looking at this machine.
6 years ago
First pin I ever purchased - way back in the early 90s for my mom! :)
6 years ago
One of the coolest and most evil looking games ever made along with Centaur and Fathom. A game that looks and sounds this good just has to be fun! So, as a kid many years ago, I was throwing coin after coin into the machine hoping for the fun factor. I wanted to like this game but always left somewhat disappointed since this machine never delivered. Poor layout and poor flow just ruin a game that could have been one of the best. Still a very nice game to look at if you have the room.
6 years ago
My favourite!
7 years ago
Space Invaders is a very cool game, and is fun for a moderate amount of time. But its rule set is pretty shallow, with the only real large goal to be to ramp up the cool-factor, getting the lights and background music to maximal speed by advancing a handful of features.

So its a great pin to have in a large collection due to its cool factor (heavily due to the artwork, lighting, and sound), but not great to have in a small collection (due to its shallowness).
There are 60 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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