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Other Aspects: 7.024

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Found 114 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Its a great classic Sega pin, with a well done theme of South Park. The gameplay is fun, and the sounds are funny. The different modes and awards are all well balanced and provide plenty of visuals and audio effects. Some fun features include Mr. Hanky multiball, Windy bumpers, and of course--Kill Kenny.

I did find that the outlanes are too easily entered and many times you can end up with a short game as a result of the slingshots shooting the ball straight into the outlane faster than you can react.


After playing it some more, I found I overrated a few things. The animations are not exactly the best. And I just cant get over how many times I lose the ball into the outlanes because of those annoying kickers!!!
5 years ago
I like this game, im very fortunate to have one at the moment at a local pub, because we do have fun playing it, Modes are pretty basic you just play to the character you have given the rite amount of shots to start his mode then keep shooting at the character which mode is running, I like the skill shot and the kill Kenny hurry up, the kyle ramp isn't as easy to hit as it looks, for me anyway, I like the call outs they are funny the first few times but can get repetitive , Multi ball is great with 6 balls going crazy, jackpots an supers arnt to hard to get, its a big scorer but not easy to get your name on the score board, this is great for a first pin for anyone thinking of starting off with this one, due to the rules being easy to understand. All in all, I think sega did a great job on this table, its very appealing to beginers , not to be taken too serious as a player but a heap of fun !!!!
5 years ago
The game puts a smile on my face every time I play it. I'm not a true South Park fan. I got this one just for fun. It's just silly. Just like the show. It is not my favorite, but there seems to be an attraction to it. Everyone over to play always has to play this game at least once. A strange draw to this game for some reason. I know it is not well liked on the site but I have to say it will put a smile on your face. I like it more than I thought I would after reading other reviews.
5 years ago
For South Park fans, this game is definitely a bit of a let down. If it didn't have the theme, it would have failed miserably in the arcade. I think that sums up my review.
5 years ago
South Park is the worst game there is, when it is all said and done. The gameplay is bad, the sounds are bad, the art is lackluster, and the theme was squandered/perhaps premature.
5 years ago
Greatest theme of the 90's, and the potential to be one of the greatest pins of all time, and it falls totally flat.

It's a shame that this one couldn't live up to its potential.
5 years ago
Awful game that should never have seen the light of day. How Sega managed to get such a potentially great theme this wrong is beyond me. Boring layout without much to shoot for. Playfield art which consists of characters placed in random positions on a plain blue background. Music that's annoying right from the start of the game. Modes which involve nothing more than hitting the same shot over and over. A backglass which appears to have been designed specifically to cast as much glare as possible onto the playfield glass (although at least this makes it harder to see the abominable playfield art).

South Park is easily the most poorly designed pinball machine I have ever played. This game has no redeeming features. The best thing about the game is the mediocre cabinet art. Avoid at all costs.
5 years ago
I own it. It was my first machine. I've now played it hundreds of times, and I understand why some people hate it, and some love it. First, if you don't like South Park, this will obviously not be for you. The theme is pretty in your face, so you will get sick of it. Secondly, the play is very stop-and-go. Hit chef, game pauses while he says something. Hit Kenney and it pauses while he mumbles something and the ball moves to the VUK. Hit Cartman and more of the same. Multiball is fun, but with 5 balls, it's a little out of control. Most shots are very easy in this game, with the exception of the Stan shot (through the pop bumpers), which is very very tough. Once you get a hang for the ruleset, it's pretty easy to rack up very large scores. Overall, if the price is right, it's not a bad starter machine, but there's a good chance you'll be looking to upgrade within a year.
5 years ago
Horrible game. I am just disgusted just looking at that playfield. Unenjoyable.
5 years ago
This game is all theme for me. I am a huge South Park fan and I actually like the fact it is based on the first two seasons. I like the sounds and music to the game. It is a fun game but can get a bit boring. I like the classic picture in the back glass and enjoy having this pin in my collection. Does not get played as much as my others but I really love South Park. If you are not a huge fan of the show, tis pin may be a bit disappointing.
6 years ago
This probably is a polarizing game. Anyone looking for a game with a lot of depth or being a ball busting challenge, will probably hate this game. Anyone looking for a game that is silly,full of humor, and has great sound will probably love this machine. This machine did very well on routes so as much criticism as it receives, there are a lot of people who liked it enough to fill it with quarters. This game probably is a lot like the movie Joe Dirt. I have seen and enjoyed that movie more than Academy Award winners like The English Patient, Driving Miss Daisy, and Titanic combined. Yeah, it is a silly comedy and I am embarrassed to say I have passed up watching more "intellectual" movies to watch it again and again but when I am up for a dumb, silly comedy, it fits the bill. South Park is dumb and silly and some people will like it and some will hate it. What it isn't though is like Street Fighter 2, a very medicore pin that no one likes.
6 years ago
This is my first ever pin and I have to be honest and say that I think this is one really cool and fun game. I don't care for South Park and never have to be honest. But I have always loved Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny as well as Mr Hankey and their call outs and catch phrases. They totally crack me up. The Pin has the actual character voices and animations, as well as perfect rendering of the shows character likeness on all artwork. I love that and I love how bright and colorful the whole game is.

My kids have a ball playing this as well. And I appreciate the "G" rating capabilities in it too. It may not be the hardest pin out there, but it is very funny and fun.

I know a lot of people knock it for it's ease of making some of the shots, but this game has some near impossible modes to complete, like the Volcano mode. The Kyle shot is a tough shot to make too.

Anyway, we love this game. It's not the greatest by far, but it is definitely a much better game than it is rated. This should be within the 80 to 110 range IMHO.
6 years ago
Horrid, annoying sounds, poor shots...terrible layout, felt clunky and cheap. Im a south Park fan and had wanted this game for some time....but was very disappointed in it....i should've known what to expect when i saw that blue 4 letter word.
6 years ago
rude, crude and FUN!

You killed Kenny!!!!
6 years ago
I had a good time playing South Park,very easy to play. The call-outs got a little repetitive after the fourth or fifth game and I had hoped to hear a few of the other quotes from the show, however I have to remember this game has been out for a while now and the show is still going strong. Excellent use of the theme and the artwork looks like it popped right off the TV. Not a game that is calling my name, but none the less a fun one to visit every once in a while.
6 years ago
If you were 14 in 1999 the theme and charachters involved with this pin are perfect. I only played this in 2013 and it was a great throw back to Mr Hanky, Chef, Mr Mackey (mmmmkay). I enjoyed the them but overall the machine is pretty mediocre. I played 10 games and I'm sure if you owned the game you'd be making the shots with your eyes closed before too long as the sizes of the drop holes are huge.

I've rated the artwork as decent as they didn't really have a lot to work with beyond the basic style of the cartoon. The call outs are brilliant, it defines what south park was when it was created, crass, crude, toilet humour, BRILLIANT!

not the best pin but good for a pin of fun and late 90s nostalgia.
6 years ago
I'm not a big fan of South Park but I have seen a number of episodes which I have found humorous. Overall, I thought the theme is good but the pin is not. The playfield layout is poor - in particular shooting with the right flipper towards the left side of the playfield which is almost worthless. In addition, the callouts get really old quick. The only somewhat redeeming qualities of this pin are the Kenny toy and Mr. Hanky multiball but even those get old after a while.
6 years ago
Themed well for when it came out, mr. Hankey was huge! Would love to see this made again with updated characters. Lots of fun.
6 years ago
Very comical and fun pin to play. Not great flow and rules but the humor keeps me coming back for more. Mr Hanky is too much. Gotta give this one a try.
6 years ago
Generic shots. I hate the sega "hole in the playfield" that they include on a bunch of their machines. It is so lazy. Also, if this came out a few years later it could have been much better. The base the whole game off of the first and second season, which is before the show found its voice IMO.
6 years ago
So far in it's history, South Park has been under-rated in my opinion.
6 years ago
Fun game, especially for fans of the show. I like the numerous modes and the multiball can get crazily hectic, which I like. Also like the many toys, and the character figures on the playfield.

Lots of inside humor like the topper with opening credits on it...and Mr. Hankey putting pinballs in your mouth while you're sleeping!

Let's all kill Kenny, just one more time....
6 years ago
Argh. This machine is everywhere in the Milwaukee area. Establishments keep this dud around because amateurs and kids fill this turd with their germ-ridden quarters. An absolute mess, the theme is under-utilized and zero replay value. Seems like for every good pin on route there is two South Parks. Kill South Park, not Kenny.
6 years ago
Probably a pretty fun game if your 12 years old. Poor theme, poor play, and sophomoric game. Can't believe they actually made something this useless.
7 years ago
Main shots are too easy, feels lazily designed and is a giant disappointment. This pin is an abomination.
There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 5.

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