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Other Aspects: 7.033

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Found 114 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
If you love South park, you will definitely love the game. (If you don't you still should like the game) The game has many lines the show has. It's a pretty easy and fun theme game. You have a 5 ball multi ball which is entertaining. You have to shoot the ramp which the ball goes in the toilet ball. They kill Kenny toy bangs his head into a wall, and then the floor. If you don't have a sense of humor, then maybe the games not for you since it has the characters farting a descent amount of time and some curses. It's a fun title with a descent amount of shots. If you like a very hard game, then maybe this isn't for you. If you have several games in your line up, then it's nice to just have that fun semi easy game to play. It's a good crowd pleasure game. I'm sure your friends and family will get a kick out of it.
2 years ago
This one doesn't get a lot of love, but it's the game the wife had to have and my only DMD.

I think as collectors and/or serious players we sometimes lose sight of what the average person enjoys in a pinball machine. Guests flock to this's easy and fun enough to be approachable and shots like the Stan shot between the pops keep a little skill involved for the players. Yes, the play and the callouts can get a little repetitive but my friends and kids don't care.

Not the deepest ruleset in the world but it definitely brings the fun and really, that's all I expect a pin to do.
2 years ago
I think this game is alot of fun especially if you are a south park fan..Great toys and I love toilet multiball..Chef and Cartman are quite funny..Game can get repetitive..But I still like it anyway
3 years ago
Three reasons this game has a low rating:

Rules are limited.
Games on location are beat to crap, and mechanically fail.
Theme can easily rub people the wrong way.

Three corresponding reasons this game should be rated higher:

Some fun machines should be taken for that....Fun. You don't always have a deep rule set to have fun. Don't always take pinball so seriously.
Don't rate this game solely on playing a dirty, beat up, machine on location.
Some people (like me) Love South Park
3 years ago
Super fun and a great theme.
3 years ago
I always liked playing this and the callouts are great.
3 years ago
Not a good game for me. I'm not a big fan of South Park so the game itself has to win me over and it did not. Balls kept getting stuck every game in the Kenny toy area, and with a multi-ball the big hole at the right center would jam if multiple balls went in. There were likely a standard number of shot targets, but seemed real repetitive. The toilet toy was funny, but ... kind of too much toilet humor repetition for me. I would play it again on location or at an expo for a few plays, but would not want this for a home use machine. The "lastability" on this one would be real short. I would spend money on many other pins before this one.
3 years ago
If you are a South Park fan then the game is a must for you. This could be the height of Sega's pinball work. The restoration work for this pin is relatively straight forward. The pinball has all the classic features including wonderful multi-ball events. The topper is just plain fun to look at. It is hard not to play the game without laughing. One of the real drawback is that potty humor can get tired. The other issue is that many consider this game unfriendly. The ramps and ball challenges are all there. The game is well built and from a strictly pinball perspective, it plays great. It depends on your threshold for talking poop and a toilet target.
3 years ago
This machine doesn't take itself too seriously. Shots are fine, but design and rules are lacking. But who cares, you get to shoot a pinball down a toilet and a talking turd pops out! You get to kill Kenny and he falls dead on the playfield too. Non-pinball people love this pin.
3 years ago
One of my all time favorite pins. This was in the arcade I got my first job at so the nostalgia factor is off the charts for me. I love the show and I love this pin. A must if you are a South Park fan.
3 years ago
Fun game with a nice layout simple and easy to play great fun for South Park fans
4 years ago
i dnt care for south park, they did a good job on theme,mr.hankie and toilet, has decent flow, center shot ok , the playfield seems to open and not realy fun to me, it jus seemed annoying...not a keeper
4 years ago
This game is just a lot of fun to me. The first time I played it I was hooked I just kept coming back to it at a small arcade with 8 pinball machines this one had me coming back again and again. I love the show and this pinball machine. The flow was great.
4 years ago
This game is sooooo ridiculous. Lots of fun going on here. Only thing negative is that the shots are very easy, but this is also satisfying. Not every game needs to be impossible to play through. Callouts are repetitive. The most outstanding feature is when multiball starts with turds flushing and Les Claypool bass jam!!! Makes me smile. HOWDY HO!
4 years ago
Good solid game, wouldn't mind having it in my basement!
4 years ago
This is a great theme, despite the negativity towards the game. The game makes me smile and so far has that "just one more time", that most of us are looking for in a pin. The art work reflects the show from that time, and some may consider it ugly, but I find it very bright and fitting for South Park. There call outs are funny, and does have the family setting in case little ones are around. Most shots are easy to make, so this would be great for those looking for an easy game. Not a deep rule set by any means, it's just a fun game to bash the ball around from time to time.
4 years ago
Good callouts for fans of the show, but nothing that won't get old. The last time I played a South Park on location I played seemingly forever. I had to stop playing when all the balls got jammed in the right hole. You'd think they would account for that in the table design, if you make crater-sized holes in the playfield, maybe all the balls will fall in at once? Sega-holes in the playfield are really one of Sega's biggest problems, why did they do this! It's different than what most companies do, but I personally hate them. The Kenny shot seems infinitely repeatable because it's freaking enormous, which is a just fine strategy for SP.

It's fun to hear the callouts for a few games if you're a fan of the show. I have no idea why they get so grating and old but I'm willing to hear MM and MB callouts over and over. If you're not a fan of the show, you'll walk away after 2 balls. I always try to look at games in a vacuum. Without the KILLER theme, this game is a stinker. A real location game, something to experience once for the unique South Park content, but never own.

The game is part of the toilet on the playfield trilogy, which is where it belongs with the rest of them.
4 years ago
Southpark is the perfect pick up and play game. It isn't pretentious, it isn't deep, its made to be fun, and it nails it. The theme is great, the sound bites keep me laughing, and I think I could play this machine for hours and not get tired of it.
4 years ago
south park is one of the most easiest pins ever made which makes it unpopular but I really do like this game also because I am a fan of the show but this game has funny and great callouts, and great toys like the toilet opining up and when Kenny dies
4 years ago
When people say "Sterns have a 'cheap' build quality" - this is the first game that comes to mind. It just looks and feels sort of... well... crappy. The game itself is thin, overly simplistic and gimmicky. But just like a lousy Adam Sandler summer movie, it's a crowd pleaser. Go figure.
4 years ago
South Park is a fun beginner-level game. The game is aimed at a general audience. It has relatively simple shots and the scoring is very straight forward. As evidenced by the ratings, advanced players are going to find the game uninspiring and tedious. It is relatively easy to get multiball and there isn't much depth. With that said, it is quite common to see South Park out in the wild and it appears to making money for the operators. So in a sense, as others have said, it is analogous to a blockbuster movie. The public loves it, but the more rarified among us do not.
5 years ago
It's odd to come across such poorly conceived pinball machines, especially considering the amount of engineering that goes into them. This is quite simply not a fun table. There are only a handful of repetitive shots. The play field is very open (good for Metallica, bad for South Park) with vary little variety. It feels like a cheap, licensed table- which is a shame for a show that knows no limits.

If you want good South Park pinball, check out Zen Pinball's Android app (yes I am aware that's a video game).
5 years ago
for some reason people slag this game off. why? don't ask me. it was a huge commercial success, going up against RFM and Pin2000 and basically selling a crapload that was the death knell of Williams pinball. nobody wanted that, but it's not this game's fault, it's just good fun and has all the components of the TV show that made the TV show so popular - rude fart jokes, stupid offensive humour, infantile toilet references, pointless nonsense, terrible amateurish cartoonery, and just good old fantastic rude adult childish fun.

Chef turns up and you have to lick his chocolate salty balls i think. you have to kill Kenny of course (DMD shows a variety of death options) and apparently the purists say this is "too easy" - to them i say FECK OFF!, WE'RE NOT ALL BRILLIANT AT PINBALL, I LIKE IT EASY - and of course Terence and Philip do lots of fart noises. Then for the multiball shot you have to make Mr Hanky (the animated turd) do something or other so all the poos line up in the toilet to spell out multiball. oh, and if you get the adult ROMS then you get occasional swearing, and the video mode is called the carpet munching race.

score big by just repeatedly killing Kenny. break the game and get annoyed by having the balls pile up in the Cartman hole and the VUK unable to clear them. set it up not too steep so you can make the right ramp to start multiball by firing your ball into the toilet.

if by reading this you already think i am a childish moron and you would hate to play this game, then good for you, you are probably right. otherwise, do not hesitate to approach and play this game. take it home, show your friends. put a coin mech on it and operate it in a bar - you will make a killing off it, as everyone enjoys fart jokes except the worst kind of religious prudes. and frankly, fuck them.
5 years ago
Very fun game. It has some very easy shots (Cartman hole is huge), but the theme and game is fun and always makes me laugh. Mr hanky is awesome.
5 years ago
South Park is a fun and easy to understand game. This is probably why I see it a lot in bars. Which is also why most of these games are beat up when you see them for sale.
This is a great game for kids and non-pinball enthusiasts. The theme is really cool and highly recognizable (I think the show is in the 17th season now), but the game is limited to the early episodes (The fart noises get annoying after a while). The multiball is easy to obtain for a novice player and the interactive playfield toys (Kenny and the toilet) and easy shots make it fun.
There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 5.

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