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There are 112 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
Its an overall "meh" experience, its an easy game with a lot of what feels like not so good design and slowness. This game is riding on its theme.
5 months ago
Game is just a straight Mr. Hanky, I tried to enjoy the game since I’m a fan of the show but it’s just not there. It also doesn’t help that’s an early interpretation of what the show was. That being said, it could be forgiven if the game was at all fun. Maybe there is a perfect version of this game out there that is really dialed in, but I just couldn’t get behind it.
6 months ago
No serious pinhead likes this game. Not sure why. Is it the call outs? The poo? The cheezy poofs? Well, I have to say it was one of the most popular games I ever had. I regret selling it now, but hindsight is 20/20. Anyone that was not a serious pinball player went to it first. Guests would play that game first over any other. This was at a time when I had Twilight Zone, Theatre of Magic, and Centaur II. I think some of the more serious games get intimidating to new players, but South Park had people laughing and coming back over and over. Great multiball, fun to play a casual game, but perfect for parties. Wish I still had it.
6 months ago
Not a South Park hater or a big fan. I guess in moderation would be the operative word. With this pin, moderation is not really its strong suit. It can be obnoxious and repetitive, probably because the theme is really well integrated. The shots are easy enough, so its ok to kill some time with if you see one on location. Don't see one in my home collection anytime soon, but if you are a mega South Park fan I think you would be satisfied with this pin.
7 months ago
As someone who like the show, you’d think I’d like the pin....nope. It’s been said hundreds of times but the game is just SO repetitive and the sounds are ridiculously obnoxious—-not funny obnoxious, just annoying obnoxious (“woman I just have you sweet lovin’ a minute ago”). The game is clearly aimed at beginners and I see why it did well on location but it is just NOT a great game for a collection. The shots are quite easy, but just to me. The art is fair (it’s not like South Park is known for its incredible animation), and there are a few funny gags (having the pop bumpers make farting sound effects is hilarious—-for awhile), but Stern just didn’t put in enough audio variety. Even at a lower price, this game gets a hard pass for me.
7 months ago
Great theme good game but gets a bit easy when you have played a few times
7 months ago
This game is incredibly underrated. I have mine with mirror blades and pinstadium and it is beautiful and is incredibly fun to play
7 months ago
This game has a simple rule set that is easy to remember. It makes it fun playing as you always know what you have to complete to make it to the next level of play. The theme is great with lots of hooks to the show!
7 months ago
I feel like this pin is fairly simple, and I like that in ways, but I much prefer a deeper game that requires more skill and thought. Still, this is what South Park should be. I do enjoy the shots and the playfield gimmicks. The sounds get a bit repetitive, but that's OK overall. I definitely look forward to putting more games in on this, but it hasn't left enough of an impression for me to want it in my personal collection.
8 months ago
For the time this game was put together, it's awesome. Kenny is fun to kill...Cartman's drop shot is huge..but somehow hard to complete sometimes.... Could have more sound bites..but overall this game is fun. You bastards!
1 year ago
The first pinball I’ve ever owned but strange luck. Gameplay is fun but gets monotonous after a few plays. Ramp for multiball/Mr. Hankey is hard to get.
1 year ago
I fully agree with many of the comments of this game, but for some strange reason I enjoy it. Something entertaining about this pin and it makes no sense. Its repetitive and can be annoying at times but as a fan of the show I do enjoy this pin in my collection. I see this sticking around for awhile.
1 year ago
Funny game to play a few times, cool toys.
Art is bad. if you are a fan of the show you will like it, if not steer clear.
1 year ago
I'm a huge South Park fan so much of the stuff people hate in this game I absolutely love. The theme wins everything over for me so the fact the shoots may be easy and straight forward don't bother me at all. Just waiting for one to pop up for sale in the SE!
1 year ago
An ok game that suffers from a horrible, immature theme.
1 year ago
South Park was the first title that really hooked me and the first I'm rating. It's also the first title on my "Wishlist" - would love to find one with a good playfield, add some mods/protection, and LEDs!
1 year ago
Meh. Add this to the pile of "themes I wish they would remake before they did another Pirates of the Caribbean, Kiss, or Batman remake". In full disclaimer mode, I was an ardent fan of the original show for its first four seasons, roughly the time period before this pinball was made, and have been yawning as and then ignoring it ever since. But that said, it seems to me there are so many more avenues of South Park theming they could have pursued in building a rules set, including maybe going full Basic Cable level of language, etc. (notwithstanding that there is a giant piece of poop in the artwork - lovely Mr Hankey.)

But the killer here is the flow and rules just aren't that great. Find a working one, I'd play it, but not for long if there's something else around. That's almost the definition of a C-grade machine.

This machine was, I think, the last one put out by the original Sega of Chicago (maybe Harley Davidson was the last), and they had some truly excellent licensed themes that produced utterly no memorable pinball machines, save for the deliciously over the top Apollo 13 and to some extent, Jurassic Park (although I'm slightly partial to Godzilla, I can't say it was entirely a success). There's a lesson to divine in there someplace; after all, Williams/Bally put out some of the greatest titles of all time at the same time Sega was in business, and yet they both went belly up in the same year.
1 year ago
Played this at a few places which is weird because I don’t really think it’s all that impressive of a game. It gets old after about ten minutes and I’m moving on. I do like killing Kenny and getting the Chief points. I feel like it’s just three or four shots to the game though. I must be missing something though.
I did watch the show a few times, but never was a huge fan of it. Maybe being a super fan makes the table more fun to play. The match animation is sorta funny the first or second time, however it feels like I’m 12 years old waiting to see if I get a free game while dot matrix cartoons from London make fart bubbles.
I have heard there’s a safe mode on the machine that lowers the offensive language, but I have no idea what the machine plays like in that mode... never heard it. I’m sure I’ll put a few more quarters into South Park though I’m still not sure why. Just hungry for cheesey poofs I guess.
2 years ago
My wife and I had to play this machine multiple times at the pinball arcade each time we went, so we just had to have it. It's simply great fun, funny, is great for beginners and is definitely a crowd pleaser. This game looks 5X better with LED's in it and it has great character with a properly working Kenny (the ones in the arcades never seem to get shopped correctly). The mystery modes and character games scream personality. The call outs are great and fit the theme perfectly. All original voice actors from the show, tons of special ones just for the pinball machine. It's loud, crude, and obnoxious just like the show, so if you hate the show you'll hate the pinball machine. We love it! Also, this game pops 100x more with Pinstadium lights.
2 years ago
I never watched a single episode of Southpark, so I didn't understand what I should be laughing at. Probably hilarious if you knew what the jokes were referencing. On it's own? Not funny. MM or AFM, those are funny.

It's got a really crappy looking playfield that is a perfect match for the crappy art in Southpark. But it's still crappy.

It's trivially easy to play, to the point of being boring. I was at a convention and it was next to a pin I wanted to play. I played a few games for about a half hour until the pin I wanted to play freed up. I don't need to play Southpark ever again.
2 years ago
Like the cartoon it's fun, but after a while it gets a bit much. There is plenty to aim at but the shots aren't that challenging. I'd get bored of this pretty quickly.
2 years ago
Another machine with an excellent theme that misses the mark. The multi-ball is way too easy to abuse and most of the modes boil down to just making the same shot over and over again. It would be cool to have, but I can't imagine it would keep my attention for long. Really unfortunate. Hope we get another South Park machine someday.
2 years ago
Hysterical!!! Lots of fun
2 years ago
If you love South park, you will definitely love the game. (If you don't you still should like the game) The game has many lines the show has. It's a pretty easy and fun theme game. You have a 5 ball multi ball which is entertaining. You have to shoot the ramp which the ball goes in the toilet ball. They kill Kenny toy bangs his head into a wall, and then the floor. If you don't have a sense of humor, then maybe the games not for you since it has the characters farting a descent amount of time and some curses. It's a fun title with a descent amount of shots. If you like a very hard game, then maybe this isn't for you. If you have several games in your line up, then it's nice to just have that fun semi easy game to play. It's a good crowd pleasure game. I'm sure your friends and family will get a kick out of it.
2 years ago
This one doesn't get a lot of love, but it's the game the wife had to have and my only DMD.

I think as collectors and/or serious players we sometimes lose sight of what the average person enjoys in a pinball machine. Guests flock to this's easy and fun enough to be approachable and shots like the Stan shot between the pops keep a little skill involved for the players. Yes, the play and the callouts can get a little repetitive but my friends and kids don't care.

Not the deepest ruleset in the world but it definitely brings the fun and really, that's all I expect a pin to do.
There are 112 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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