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This game received 146 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.676 /10


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This game ranks #123 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.522

Artwork: 8.458

Sounds/Music: 6.8

Other Aspects: 7.77

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Found 76 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 76 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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74 days ago
The artwork is phenomenal and I really enjoy the light show and multiball as well. Depth isn't comparable to newer games, of course, but this is old school classic fun for sure.
74 days ago
Love to steal the locked ball when playing against competition.
89 days ago
Underated pin.Play one and find out for yourself. Great sounds and layout make it a winner.Prices are climbing on this one for good reason.Get one now.
4 months ago
This is my newest machine so I have probably the least amount of time on it so far. The main attraction to me about this pin, the ability to keep pulling multiball back to back, is what keeps me playing this machine. It also speaks to it's limitations in regards to longevity. Spelling sorcerer is not that rewarding and will happen eventually just by missing ramp shots and trying to get back up top on the playfield. There just isn't a lot to do on this playfield. I do enjoy hidden pathways for the spinners and the sound effects of ripping through them are the best in the game in my opinion.

The lights and artwork of this game are phenomenal. I truly enjoy the call outs and feel they encourage repeated play. The buzzer is always a scary surprise and the light show is well done and adds an exciting element to gameplay. Not sure I'm going to keep this one, but enjoying it so far.
6 months ago
Great game. I love multiball in this game and the music is great
8 months ago
Fun machine, great callouts, fun art, great scoring rules especially with the playfield multipliers in multiball! Get those spinners lit and you will be on your way! The bell is always a welcome feature.
1 year ago
A game that really is better than the sum of it's parts. one of the ugliest back glasses imaginable. But otherwise a great table layout. Simple clear cut rules. a lot of fun.
1 year ago
This is a great pin for the price. I love the sound effects, very similar to some from Defender arcade. It's a simple game, great for first time pin owner, good Williams feel. Kept the pin around because I bought it real cheap, cleaned it up and its been very solid. Sorcerer is a good theme, just at the time, not so many toys or deep rules, but you don't always need that to have a fun game.
1 year ago
I really like this game. There are several cool features, love the multi ball, and the lighting. The art work is what draws me into this game, but the adrenaline you get when playing is what keeps you going back for more. The ball play is just the right length to make you feel like you could do just a bit better, and not so long that it feels too simple. The use of features and placement on the play field gives the feeling that you are moving across the entire machine and you are on an adventure with each shot you make. One of my favorites and at the top of my wish list.
1 year ago
Go to game at the Dojo in Pittsburgh. Well, aside from Hollywood Heat, of course...
1 year ago
Great art, lighting, and sound package.
Basic ruleset, nice 2 ball multiball,
Taunting by the sorcerer is always a crowd pleaser.
1 year ago
A strong contender for my next game and one which I find to be one of the coolest art packages out there. It's a fast, fun and somewhat simple game... but simple games, when done right live forever and keep me coming back for more. Throw in a scary vibe like this one has and I'm instantly a fan. Could be in Horrorhouse Fest one day ;)
2 years ago
This is a simple game, but its a fun and challenging one. It plays fast, has a lot of shots and an errant shot can cause it to bounce off a post and drain down the sides. Still, its a fun game and if you get dialed in you you can have a lot of fun with this game. I do like the three flipper approach. I just wish there was more to hit with the third one. But, its still nice. Hitting the spinners are always fun and rewarding, and if you spell SORCERER you max out the spinners for big points. I'm not a big pinball historian, but I do believe this was an early speech game for pinball. Gorgar is the first of course, but, I think this is one of the ones that came out shortly after. Not a whole lot of talking, only a handful of words, but they are used effectively. The sound effects work... And I think they are the same as in firepower, where I think they actually work better... But, all in all, when playing the game the sounds fit and really enhance the playing experience. What I really like is the whole art theme. It reminds me of a Ralph Bakshi movie, and perhaps the dark crystal or Jim Hensen's Labyrinth. Really nice artwork on the backglass, but I think the playfield is just top notch. Might not be for everyone, but its super cool to me. Speaking of super cool, the eyes on the back wall are just some of the coolest things ever. A simple effect, but it really is awesome when they flash. Not a whole lot of lights in this one, but again the flashing eyes make up for it. And then their is the multi ball. You hit the ramp. That leads to a ball lock and you hit it once. Locks the first ball. Hit it again and you bring on the multiball. There are more complex games. But, pinball doesn't need to be overly complex. Just a good layout, with good art, good sounds and you got a good game. You don't need deep, confusing rules. And this game is proof of just that. Perhaps if its your only option to play, you'll get bored with it. But, the same can be said of any game, no matter how deep.
2 years ago
Damn stealing locks.
2 years ago
At first, this game aggravates you. It's simplistic. The playfield and glass art are beautifully drawn -- but the color pallet is barf-ugly. There's a big, open playfield which is typical of early machines -- and it has a ridiculously arbitrary island on the upper portion which is home to a bumper and features a borderline-useless flipper. The soundtrack sounds like somebody firing a machine gun through a kazoo and stars a deep voice that taunts you every so often. The gameplay starts off mind-numbingly slow -- then picks up. It plays faster than you'd think -- though, at times, you feel like an NHL goalie more than a sure-shot winger aiming for the net. This machine makes you work for the shots you want. The main issue is that the shot trajectory seems curiously misaligned with the targets on the table. Attempting to get into that little Gottlieb-inspired "tunnel" in the left corner takes awhile. It takes skill to hit that regularly. The light show you get is built into the playfield floor and it's pretty cool. This table will either make you or break you. I see the appeal -- but I'm not sure it's one I'd want to own. It's like "Gorgar" with some of the personality sucked out of it.
2 years ago
Classic, good theme but not the best system 9. Great artwork though.
2 years ago
Great system 9 game! I think it is very underrated! I love the sounds! Super challenging and makes you come back for more!
2 years ago
An absolutely beautiful pinball back glass and play field to look at. There were two at TPF 2017. One played better than the other. It is a pin that I would drop money into at an arcade but it is not one I would want to own; I think I would get bored with it in short order.

But man, is it pretty !!
2 years ago
I have owned 2, sold em both. It is a fun game, but if I have to make room in the gameroom, this one always seems to be the one to sell. Of course a very simple game. but I like the playfield layout and the 2 multiball. Artwork is great! one of the best looking games. Backglass is really pretty. Eyes in the back are cool. Third flipper. Hitting that ramp, locking the ball and get your multipliers going in the multiball!
3 years ago
I love this game! I enjoy the system 9 & 11 games. This is a beautiful game and a great multi ball. Definitely one of the classics that I had to own.
3 years ago
Beautiful art, fun game, easy to understand rules and fast. Great game, the art alone is worth having it. This game is one of the familty favorites. Sounds is pretty bad but for the time on par.
3 years ago
I enjoyed this game but I had a hard time finding parts !
3 years ago
Sorcerer is not only addictive to play. The playfield, plastics and backglass art are just stunning. For System 9, it beats anything else from that time in terms of fast play and artwork. My only complaint is the "ORCERE" target island in the middle. It really seems too close to the flippers and it's so large, it gets hit a lot and is sort of in the way. Also wish it had more than 2 ball multi-ball. This game was made for LEDs and don't be afraid to add some purple behind the ramps and in the island.
3 years ago
Sorcerer is pretty awesome. I wish it had one or two more elements when it comes to rules and strategy, but this game is pretty dang cool.
3 years ago
I used to own a Sorcerer but sold it to a good friend for safe keeping. It was my first and only pin for over 20 years. This pin has fantastic artwork and lots of color. The game play is smooth but predictable. Being a system 9 game, it is rather simple and only has 2 ball multiball. The ramp shot gets easy after a while but still rewarding when you area awarded multiball.

To me, this game is classic pinball the way it used to be. Modern enough to have speech and multiball but old school enough to only have numeric displays, decent light and sound, classic them and plenty of fun. A recommended game for classic pinball purists.
There are 76 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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