The Sopranos (Stern, 2005)

The Sopranos

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Game design: 7.891

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Sounds/Music: 7.475

Other Aspects: 7.912

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53 days ago
Another great Gomez win! Great layout, theme, and playability. Game is fun and the theme makes it so that non players can understand the rules, is a great game to train people on how to play pin and play Stern machines as well.

Only real issue is that flashing GI lights at times makes it hard to track balls in a dark room.
68 days ago
A good table. Certainly playable, but not a machine I'd rush out to play again and again.
3 months ago
Fun game!
4 months ago
Fun Gomez design that is often overlooked but plays really well! Fantastic themeing even if the art is a little lackluster, and even though I've seen very little of The Sopranos it's still clear what's going on and it's a well utilized fun theme. Some of the shots are reminiscent of the very best Gomez games such as Monster Bash and LOTR hich is great. Audio package is also a barrel of laughs. Not sure I'd own it as I'm not as invested in the tv show as some, but I always play this one when I see it, one of the better early Stern games for sure.
5 months ago
Very cool theme, and just fun to play.


- Fun game
- Great theming
- They incorporated everything from the series. Boat, Stripper Pole, safe, etc...
- Good game rules. Not easy to beat. Still haven't done it. Move up in the ranks, very smart
- Curse Mode is funny.
- I like the opening song, like the show. Unfortunately can't get it out of my head.
- Good lightning
- fairly easy shots and a few ways to get multiballs.
-Good call outs


-curse words and phrases, are very repetitive. Where's my fu----- money
-I believe most if not all of the episodes are all just shoot the red arrows
6 months ago
One of the most underrated games I’ve played or owned! Some of the best theme integration for any game of its era and beyond. Shots feel great - game is overall reminiscent of monster bash in all the right ways. One of the best values out there in the 4,000$ range. It has the layout and function and fun factor of games double it’s current price.
6 months ago
Great show. Not a great pin. The problem is that it's a bunch of ramps that includes a really cheap drain from the far left one if you're not expecting it. The toys just feel placed there and don't do much -- except for the strippers, of course. They're detailed as hell and they do things. In any case, the playfield is ugly, the "safe" (which you shoot at several times, making it all feel repetitious) looks terrible and the audio is just the show's theme on repeat which, even if you're a fan, becomes tiresome two minutes in. The rest of it is Tony asking for "the friggin' money" every so often. It doesn't really feel like the show and the theme isn't all that present. It could be a generic mafia pin for all a gamer would know.
9 months ago
All around great game. Very under rated!
10 months ago
I was a fan of the show, and on the one hand, incorporating actual actor voices and many famous scenes from the theme worked well. But on the other hand, it comes across as a kind of banal interpretation of the show, just a "fun" (?) mobster game with,you know, murders as your position in the family rises from soldier up to boss. As such, it just doesn't quite seem like the theme was properly executed. The playfield feels like the generic Stern 'aughts playfield, where you can close your eyes and make the shots and the cheap toys are just rotated around. It's not that I haven't enjoyed gameplay on one -- it's not a machine I'll pass by, and I can't say that about every modern Stern -- but it's not a machine I'd likely pick over a different one in working condition sitting next to it. Just left me a bit flat.
1 year ago
Underrated game it's jam packed with cool toys rules are decent. It also has some the best call outs ever where's the f#@#ing money.
1 year ago
One of the best pinball machines out there!
1 year ago
Very underrated game.

Superb set of rules, tons of toys, good theme integration.

Non linear and apparently BOSS wizard mode is excellent but not got there yet.

As good as what Stern are making now.
1 year ago
I was surprised that I liked this one. I love the theme. The layout is a pretty classic layout and pretty fun...nothing too gimmicky. Pole dancers were awesome, fish is alright. If you like 80's pinball, you'll dig this machine.
1 year ago
A fan layout that truly works and is truly fun! I love the toys, the callouts and the overall speed at which this game plays. It's a unique and hilarious adventure and I'd love to own one.... if... the game didn't have a bunch of actor pix all over it. That's my only gripe! Otherwise I'd easily say this is one of my favorite playing machines.
1 year ago
this game is a blast and the best theme ever . Trying to earn and become boss was never funner !
1 year ago
When I first played this game years ago (close to when Stern released it), my opinion of it was low. That said, I never watched the show past the first few episodes. Earlier this month (June 2017), I revisited this game at Southern Fried Gameroom Expo and quickly became addicted (at least for that weekend). Not sure how long the game would remain entertaining in a home collection, because callout variation is very repetitive and the game seems easy enough that a good player who owns it would master it and maybe get bored after a while. Nevertheless, I found the game highly entertaining for the weekend and wanted to keep playing it as much as I could. The quotes from the show are well placed in the game -- especially for the pop bumpers, safe, and fish -- and fun to hear, even if repetitive. The rules are simple enough to pick up pretty quickly; again, for an expert player, the game might not last too long. Still, I think it would be fun to own for couple of years as a trade-out game. A little underrated; probably should crack the Top 100.
1 year ago
for the moment i have one in my collection.For me this pin is underrated.its a fun game to play and a nice theme...this one is a keeper for me.nice flow on this pin and a very fast table.i have owned many pinballs butt this one is the one that always will stay's in my collection.when you got started the multiballs ,this one has much speed en flow.My best pinball ever and stay's with me for always ,!this pinball is for me a special one because the gangster theme
1 year ago
I think this game sucks. Played it several times and did absolutely nothing for me. It was a great tv show, but really missed with this pin. All the toys on the play field look awful. The fish is dumb. The safe looks nothing like a safe and the animation is choppy. Not for me. Would not recommend.
1 year ago
A fun game, that has smooth shots, and is a blast to play. The ability to switch over to an adult mode is great, and gets used a lot when the kids go to bed. Never seen the show, but the rules are easy enough to follow. The exploding safe and dancing strippers are very unique and gets people's attention. Really enjoy this title.
2 years ago
I purchased this machine.diehard fan. Love the callouts.
2 years ago
One of my all time favorites and love the adult theme
2 years ago
Average game overall.
Nice flow with smooth shots.
The problem is there no risky shot.
2 years ago
So torn on this game. It's a lot of fun to play, and I'm always let wanting to play more.

That said, it's got the "cheap" feel of typical Stern titles, and the artwork is simply atrocious-- it looks like bad photoshop.

So in a sense, it's underrated as a game in terms of play, but probably shouldn't command the prices that it does.
2 years ago
Give him the money already lol very underated pin imo
2 years ago
Kinda a cheep look and feel to me. Played several games, just not any interest.
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