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The Sopranos

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Game Design: 7.893

Artwork: 6.97

Sounds/Music: 7.324

Other Aspects: 7.935

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Found 189 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 189 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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80 days ago
I think this game does not get much credit but this a not a bad game at all. Not pretty but very fun
4 months ago
It’s not much to look at in my opinion……
But damn is it a fun game!
I have the privilege of running the pinball palace w my dad in Brunswick ga
There are roughly 50-60 machines that fit in our front most 2 rooms and, as I am working and have to stay
Within sight of our check in counter, these are the games I wind up spending the most time with out of our near (rapidly approaching) 200 total machines….. and I admit it’s not the most enticing or exciting game flanked by all the Latest Stern Jjp LEs and top B/Ws golden age classics…..
BUT DAMN IS IT FUN!! The replayability is thru the roof we have had this game since we were still in the garage tinkering w our 20ish machine collection when we got this game almost 10 years ago and I still play it regularly to this day. It’s one of the select few that I always find myself coming back to after whatever the newest hotness has become stale. For me it nearly rivals MM & AFM in that aspect. Not the art. Not the slapdash afterthought-edness of the theming, albeit well executed… nothing about it Screams sopranos in function. Could have just as easily been a JAWS, or “Journey” or [insert whatever art packaging u like] game.
WHAT DOES keep u coming back, are the extremely well designed rules and TIMELESS layout of the PF both in perfect cahoots w each other. Add to it one of the easiest to identify (difficult to execute) objectives and progressions toward the wizard modes and MWWWWAAHHH! Will absolutely hold its own with the best of em on the test of time!!
6 months ago
Only so much you can do with a theme like the Sopranos.

-The yacht holding the multi ball
-Safe bashing

-Everything is just blah on the field and nothing really stands out here
7 months ago
love it
9 months ago
Sopranos is a fun game.

The layout is very nice, although I wish all of it had a little bit more flow. The most satisfying shot to make is the inner loop where you can start the modes. The Stugots ramp with the boat and the talking fish are nice features too.

The rules are pretty straight forward, just get to Boss. Technically I think you can just bash that safe the entire time to achieve that. In a way this is the game's weak spot but it makes the game accessible to beginners and more casual players. The modes are very nice to play and it is relatively easy to follow what you're supposed to do.

Playing this game is fun, I just don't know whether it is a game I could play over and over again.

Overall Sopranos is a game which is very reliant on fun and not on a deep ruleset. I could imagine it is a good game in order to get into pinball or if you are more of a casual player and just want to have a bit of fun.
10 months ago
One of the best pins I played so far it has a unique design and matches exactly with the series I also find the fish quite funny also the safe animation is really good and it has the same idea as Pirates of the Caribbean ship with a familiar animation it has a good multiball mode and good details also the boat is modelled really good and the bridge stern made a good job on this
10 months ago
Such a fun game. Visitors always seem to gravitate to 'sopranos'. I really think this is a very underrated game. Lots of shots, fantastic call outs and the objective of working your way from soldier to boss is easy to understand and very satisfying and their are plenty of other objectives too. Great flow. They guy I bought mine from has been trying to buy it back ha ha ha. This one is a keeper for sure.
1 year ago
The game is simple, easy, has a good layout, two ramps and several lanes, it would have been great if it had a mezzanine like Elvis for example, the game uses profanity and I love it although I wish there was an update on profanity to change them more often ...... the fish is nice but besides moving its mouth it does nothing and that shot is easy, they had to put a ramp on it and make the fish spit the ball ......
I will still keep this game, I like playing it with friends playing a few games between a beer and a laugh
I find it should be rated more , it doesn't deserve to be in place 138 , I would definitely put it in the top 100
1 year ago
I love this game, I am a huge fan of the show and progressing through the modes to get to wizard mode is methodical and understandable. Multiball modes are fun. Watch that center drain when hitting the safe.
1 year ago
Owned for a couple weeks. Waaaay too easy to beat. Just not a keeper, fun yes but not a keeper.
1 year ago
Since the first season, I've always been a fan of The Sopranos. When I learned that a Sopranos pinball had been made, I immediately wanted to own one, even without trying it first. It was the first pinball I purchased, and I can assure you I wasn't disappointed.

While not the greatest masterpiece I've seen, I appreciate its overall look, fitting well with the theme. The gameplay isn't too complicated, and the shots are enjoyable. The integration of sounds, music, and voices is superb and very faithful to the theme.

For me, like the TV series, it's a classic! I still struggle to understand why it's rated so low in the listings, but oh well.
1 year ago
I am a huge Sopranos fan and maybe my expectations were too high for this machine. But I feel they could have done so much more on so many levels. The game play is choppy. The call outs are too repetitive. Just was disappointed playing this machine.
2 years ago
I like the game alot. Theme is integrated well into pin. Alot from first season. It seems to be a bigger hit with some family members over my more popular among pinhead pins.
2 years ago
Sopranos seems to be a fun game. The shots are quite easy and get repetitive. I’m not sure if the game has the lastabality for a home setting. Over all a good game.
2 years ago
A pretty basic and unimaginative design. Some of the biggest most prominent playfield lights simply say “food”, oh boy.

Somewhat fits the theme generically. I wish it was better considering the theme.
2 years ago
Not sure what to say about this game... Other then I f@#king love it. F#$K F$#K F@#K!!!
2 years ago
If there’s a mathematical average pinball game, it’s this one. Mediocre theme implementation, mediocre flow, mediocre callouts.

Nothing on this game is bad, but nothing on it rises above feeling phoned in. I cannot say I enjoyed it.
2 years ago
Fun game with a good layout, closer to Monster Bash in terms of shoots (Gomez, same designer)
Very good flow, fast orbits, fast metal ramps, cool fan layout
The code is decent, you have mutliples challenges to accomplish, 2 Wizard modes (4 multiballs).
Great stackability, you can stack 2 multiballs, Big points mode with a mission or a Wizard mode!
The theme is great, very adult friendly with a bit of violence and nudity/sexuality, and lots of insults. It's better than children's themes...
Toys are cool, physical ball lock in the boat, the talking fish, dancing strippers, safe.... It's not empty like actual Pros.
I love the music. I always smile when i play Big Points

Cons: playfield artwork, it sucks. Too bad because the rest is really good

I think Sopranos is a great underestimated game, with a decent rulesheet and a cool and fast layout. Better than many old and new Stern...
2 years ago
Used to play thi son location a lot. Always found it to raise a smile and laugh. Good theme and a nice layout. Always found it a bit easy though.
2 years ago
This game is pretty underrated in my opinion. The rules are fairly deep and there is plenty to do. The layout is pretty good too. Nothing too special, but worked for what it is. The game falls apart a bit with the art and theming which are subpar at best. The game itself is really good but the art, theme, callouts, and music are just meh and bland. I still enjoy playing it and I think it's a great bang for your buck pin.
2 years ago
I can't explain why, but I adore all the little twists and turns in this machine. Not such a big fan of all the posts holding balls in them (except the dead end boat ramp, that's fun). But there's more good design packed in this cabinet than there appears to be.
3 years ago
“You better give him the money”

If HBO did Curb Your Enthusiasm pinball, this is what I hope it would be like.
3 years ago
I've had Sopranos since I bought it NIB in 2005. It's a great, fun, unique game that I'll never get tired of.

Call outs are exceptional, with almost the entire cast taking part. Much of the game can be set for adult language with makes it unique and fun. Rules are a tad repetitive, but clear. Wizard mode is rewarding and obtainable. Playfield artwork is varied and fitting for the theme, cabinet artwork is honestly a tad dull. The shots are varied and rewarding, Bing ramp gives you a little break as it winds back to the flipper, Meadowlands ramp is a bit of a tough shot but feels so smooth when you hit it. The safe bash toy needs to be hit just right so that you don't experience SDTM.

My first pin and one that will never leave my collection!
3 years ago
This game is criminally underrated. Not good for younger kids, but great for adults and fans of the show. I wish most games integrated the theme as well as the Sopranos did.
3 years ago
Very fun game, lots of cursing, well done theme.
There are 189 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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