Solids N Stripes

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4 months ago
Billiards is a popular theme for pinball and this game definitely has the image and feel of a pool table by utilizing kickout holes for pockets.

Standard artwork and sounds for the era. Where this game really gets high marks from me is in its lastability. It should be easy to get the ball in those kickouts on a wide open playfield seven or eight times, right? I found myself always getting so close before losing a ball to the outlane. I could not stop pushing the credit button to give it one more try.

The ball can often get bounced around quite a bit between all those pop bumpers -- when it eventually gets spit out you have to be on your toes as there is no way of knowing where the ball will go!

It may be an oldie but Solids 'n Stripes is definitely a game worth putting some play time on.
2 years ago
Decent playfield. The pool pocket holes make it a unique challenge. Light all your balls (solids or stripes), then hit the 8 ball for some big points. I wish there were more targets but its overall a pretty fun game.
5 years ago
Really Fun game when playing 2-player as you 'sink' your balls and race for the 8-ball. 6 Saucers really do change the ball direction radically and are not easy to land in. 5 pop bumpers really can get the ball going in the upper. Not as boring or easy as it might appear to someone who has never played it.

Overall - unique layout, challenging and fun. Art is typical from era but does fit the them well.
9 years ago
Solids N Stripes is a game that is a real surprise to play if set up correctly.

The Pros:
How can a game that looks so sparse require so much of your attention? The 6 pockets around the pool table act as randomizers to the ball's path and make sure that if you think that you know where that ball is going... you're wrong. This is one of the few tables that benefit from a low angle in play as the saucers have more of an affect on ball travel and gameplay. Christian Marche populated the game with pointy people and makes the open spaces full. Drop catches are a must as the slings are [email protected]$&'n perfectly aligned to shoot the ball into the outlanes. And those outlanes are the nastiest outlanes ever! Saucers, wooden sides and... away we go!

The Cons:
The 4/9 ball pocket is a dirty rat! So close to the flippers, So dangerous! The 8 ball shot is more floating luck than an aimed shot. The up-post between the bumpers is impossible to shoot for. You will be lucky if it drops it in from the top lanes with the bumpers, then it goes away in a flash with the rollover just above the flippers.

The Takeaway:
If this game is set up properly with fresh rubbers, wax, hot pop bumpers and properly aimed saucer holes... it is NOT a boring game. I thought that I was going to be snoozing here... not the case in the least. This game is a wonderful surprise to play and is completely underrated. Norm Clarke did a great job with this deck.
There are 4 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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