Snow Derby

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Game Design: 7.624

Artwork: 7.555

Sounds/Music: 3.95

Other Aspects: 7.566

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3 years ago
I got this with another pin because I really think Gottlieb's were great during this time. It is a great two player game that does nothing extremely special but everything it does, it does well. Ideal for it time and still holds up well today.
4 years ago
A POS just like its Brother Snow Queen.. I wouldn't take this game for free. there are literally 100s of better games than this..This game is Firewood if it ever comes to my house.
4 years ago
Great game. I like the progressive scoring. The pop bumpers start to light up after balls 3-4-5, along with the top kick-out holes and the lap bonuses. You can steal the game on ball five easy! Only em with a snowmobile on the backglass:) along with cousins Snow Queen and Brisrol Hills. Sneaky return Lane surprises new players. Spinners are a challenge with 2" flippers!
8 years ago
This is a nice short flipper EM. Two spinners advance lights around a "track" on the playfield. One lap around the track score one bonus. Bonus is 50 points per light. There are also 4 holes at the top that can score 50 points when lit. On 5 ball play, you automatically get 2x bonus on 4th ball, and 4x bonus on 5th ball. That means on ball 5, each bonus light is worth 200 points each, which is huge on this game. One of my favorite EM's.
9 years ago
Snow Queen is a game that I was introduced to by Dean Grover. The first time I played the game... I was not impressed. Since then Dean has tweaked the flipper and the table plays as it should. I ended up finding a really nice Snow Derby (2 player version of this deck) in a trade with a fellow CO pinhead.

The Pros:
Spinners, spinners, spinners and gottlieb ringers. The theme is great and the "race" is directly tied into the game play. Hit the spinner, your light runs around the race track. The women in the back glass are wintertime amazon warriors! Where can I get a snowmobiling lady like that? She's fierce! This game was real surprise to play. I had no idea that it would play as fast as it does. The four kickers at the top of the pf make a huge difference in scoring. Set them up as a skill shot. Get that ball back in there as much as you can. Pop bumper action is HOT! Eeetty beeetty fleeeppers can be hard to aim with, but that's just me. Note to self: Must work on eeety beeety fleeeper Kung-Fu.

The Cons:
This game seems to be very picky to how it is set up. Incline, rules, it has to be right or the game becomes really low scoring or really out of control high scoring.

The Takeaway:
Rolling this table when set up correctly is really tough and a rush of pinball accomplishment. Now for my table, it has to be 3 balls. My game is set to high tap and ball can fly around the table. 5 balls was too easy. The spinner and bonus counters has to be adjusted properly otherwise the game does not play as it should.When it plays as it was designed to... it is surprisingly fast and requires your complete attention. Me likey. Thanks Dean.

Side Note: "The men are standing around dazed and confused and seem to be an afterthought. They look like complete boneheads. Shoveling snow... smoking a pipe... standing by a tree... getting blown away by a girl on a snowmobile... way to represent the team guys."

I wrote this in the Cons section earlier and someone mentioned that Art Steinholm had a predisposition towards men being buffoons and women being winners. Well... after some thought about the matter... I think that Art really knows his target audience. Namely guys like US who spend WAY too much of their lives playing pinball AND fantasizing about gorgeous women at the SAME TIME. Or maybe... it's just Art's droll sense of humor. I believe his work is in the right mindset however you look at it. Way to Mr. Steinholm. I am humbled by your wisdom of the human equation. Artwork rating updated accordingly.
There are 5 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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