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10 days ago
Great game for head to head competition.
22 days ago
So I have contemplated buying a Slugfest for years. This is a game I really enjoyed when I was younger. As far as pitch and bat games go.. I know some people prefer the older ones but for me this is as good as they come. I love the DMD animations. The callouts are great. The art package is good for what it is.. I don't think there is much more they could have done with the theme. Sound is solid. WPC boardset is reliable and easy enough to work on. Lighting definitely benefits from an LED upgrade. 2 player mode is a ton of fun to play with my son. Word of advice is that it is slightly wider than a standard body pinball even with the head off. Learned that the hard way when I had to have my wife rip the door off while I held the machine on at the bottom of the stairs!
4 months ago
Some what if a gimmick hybrid game, but still a crowd favorite. These seem to me to be harder to come by in arcades these days. It’s worth one or two plays, nothing spectacular, but fun. Don’t expect a true game of pinball as this is not true pinball. It’s this odd hybrid between pinball, arcade machine, and ticket redemption.
5 months ago
remember playing this in early 90's. probably loved it because if was giving me baseball cards. without the cards now, the game is very play once and forget. could not imagine having in my collection taking room for a once a month thing.
5 months ago
Own a 1959 United Deluxe pitch and bat..This game is dull and boring compared to the earlier models. Suggest you play a correct older game. WAY more fun!
5 months ago
I practically built two sets of Topps baseball cards playing this game back in the 90s. The card award kept me coming back. Hard to really classify this one as a pinball. I could time the swing to control the ball fairly well - slap as hit to left, center, or right fields. Home runs off that ramp were a bit of a challenge, but when you did you got rewarded with that *smack* of a bunch of cards being dispensed.
10 months ago
This was the only "pinball machine" at the kids party/arcade I attended and I was sorely disappointed. It would have been fantastic if I were looking for a pitch and bat game, or some other novelty game, and not looking to play pinball. I'm not sure how this is considered a pinball machine, other than the fact it does have pinballs in it, or why it is ranked on the pin 100. I would have rather played the worst ranked pin on the list than this. Some people obviously love it but it is not my cup of tea.
11 months ago
Best pitch and bat ever made. That being said this game is only at it's prime being played as a two player game. One player is boring but playing with somebody is a blast!!!
1 year ago
Very fun machine to play with friends. As others have said best pitch and bat game with the most features. Love the “ BOO “ button and smacking the heckler. Great humour in the art, just all around a well executed game that holds up just as well today as it did 25 years ago.
1 year ago
Just an overall SUPER FUN GAME... could be themed better, and could have a bit more to do but overall its just fun!
1 year ago
Not a pin
1 year ago
First pin I ever purchased over 15 years ago and I still have a blast playing this thing. Its kinda hard to rate this machine because its just a pitch and bat baseball game. So theres not much too it, but that's kinda the point. The worst thing about it I'd say is I don't really care too much for the "backglass". Everything else I love. Best pitch and bat machine by far. The card dispenser is a neat additional for sure. Fun on single player or 2 player. Great party game and you can easily play tournaments with your friends.
2 years ago
This is the ultimate Pitch and Bat game! Everyone who sees this game HAS to play it! I used to play the old school Pitch and Bat games with my Father. When he died last year, I bought this to remind my of him. This game has many options compared to the others including stealing bases and having to deal with hecklers! It also spits out baseball cards upon reaching certain levels. My suggestion is to LED it as it needs additional lighting in order to enjoy it to its fullest. A great game for all ages!
2 years ago
Slugfest was a real surprise. I half expected we would play it a little and quickly trade it but I think it has a permanent home in the collection. It's not exactly pinball but it is pinball-ish. It's a great WPC game and it's incredibly simple but the competition can get intense with 2 players. The kids love it. I love it. I mean... it rewards you with baseball cards when you hit home runs. That had to be so cool in the early 90s. The lighting is really my only complaint but I'm not sure how they would have done it differently in 1991 with all of that open space.
2 years ago
If you love pitch and bats, this is a great modern addition. Even better it offers head-to-head play. Probably not for serious pin-heads, but great for family and bros hanging out. I have owned two of these. Super fun game
3 years ago
very fun to play with friends
3 years ago
its not really a pinball but very very fun, its a must in a big collection.
4 years ago
"Yer Out!"

Exceptional, but simplified take on the early "Pitch and Bat" machines from the 1950-70s.
Who really cares it is not a traditional pinball, as games in this category actually still apply.
The advantages are direct, modern solid state technology and sounds, and easy maintenance.
This game goes very well with Bromley's "Little Pro" (mini golf), and WMS "Hot Shots Basketball" games.
Playfield does not have a real "running man" units, but are instead portrayed with lights.
The different pitches calibrated are very effective, especially the slow pitch and curve balls.
Wonderful game for parties.
Fun to hit a "grand slam" into the bleach plastic.
Artwork is solid for the 90s black line era.
Sounds and music set the mood, call outs are EXCELLENT.
This game actually had THREE production runs.
You can sometimes even still find them NIB, today.
If you decide to buy one, make sure it has an intact bleacher plastic, proper targets, topper, card dispenser, and the ramp mechanism is not broke, and the motor assembly is not fried.
Notorious red fading on the cabinet, and tore up control panel overlays from sweaty fingers and palms by drunks.
The game has a tendency to be parted out for the board sets that are compatible with all era games.

I have owned one, and would buy another if I found one in time to scoop up NIB.

NOTE: If the mini ball is getting stuck underneath the spring steel flap, you need to adjust the cam arm, and reposition it, so the ball is stuck properly in the center as it advances in the trough.
4 years ago
I drove 11+ hours to pick this machine up and couldn't be happier with it. It was thrilling as a kid to hit a home run and get baseball cards (I have 40K+ in my collections). It is loaded with my own baseball cards and now is a way to distribute them to my kids (9, 6, 3). The mystery has driven a beginner's interest in cards and baseball. We literally jump, scream, and holler when hitting the heckler. While better as a two play game, its plenty fun for one player too. Make sure you go into configurations and turn up the 'outs' difficulty and turn on random pitches for one player mode. Obviously one player is pointless if you know the pitch coming but can be challenging when you pick change up and get a curve ball or fastball. If you are a baseball fan, this is the best! Mine is set to the Royals and Mets currently to ensure the Mets are drubbed repeatedly as with the 2015 World Series :). Fun!

Complaints? Sometimes a homerun up the middle is stopped as the pinball gets stuck under the flap covering the pitcher's ball output. The playing field is simple but the central ramp makes it interesting. The inside left and right walls of the cabinet are not decorated but you can fix that by baseball themed wallpaper, pictures, or cards. LEDs make the playing field brighter. While the game is super fun, a 9 inning game can get stale. Change the game configuration to default to two or three innings so that it ends in a reasonable time period. You can always add innings on the fly to play longer. If the game is tight, I sometimes wish it would let me pinch hit with the bases loaded and ramp up. In that scenario, the machine disables the pinch hither (any ball in play is a hit) to force the hitter into the high-pressure situations of making a grandslam or 'out.' No pressure :)
4 years ago
this is an absolutely awesome game for anyone who likes head to head competition. Even if you don't like baseball as a sport, it's still a super fun game to play. Although, playing alone a lot can be pretty boring. The call outs are great. The lighting is well done. The cabinet is fun and cartoonish. The 4 pitches are challenging. The DMD adds a lot to this game too. Hitting the heckler for a grand slam is the best! Overall, I'd say it's one of the best pitch and bat games ever made.
4 years ago
Great two player game. Not a pinball.

Probably the best pitch and bat ever made.
4 years ago
Fun game for 2 players. All the different pitches are really cool, it adds a sort of rock, paper, scissors element to the game where your opponent needs to predict your pitch. For some reason I think stealing bases is hilarious, very frantic. Really hard to get good central hits on the ball, it feels like it smacks the side wall and rolls into the 1-2 targets on the end a vast majority of the time. It would not be a stretch to say this is clearly the best pitch and bat ever though.

I would imagine it gets boring crazy fast in a private home. I tend to walk away from the game after 2-3 games with a friend, which is when we've basically extracted all the fun we can out of it for the night.

Playing alone just feels sad. I remember playing this alone once and honestly feeling embarrassed. Just not a single player game.
4 years ago
So much fun as a two player. I would like to put some time in single player but that's not where the draw is. I love the art style and humor, though that lady's nipples must be really cold. I know it's not a pinball but that's usually where it is in the arcade.
5 years ago
Own a fully restored collectors copy. Played this as a kid till my fingers went numb. So much fun, always won cards and just a blast for childrens play.

As child friendly as the game is, the ladies on the artwork are surprisingly busty. Not a problem though ;)
5 years ago
Have not played this one in years, but loved it when I was younger. 2 player mode was great. You win baseball cards too.
There are 45 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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