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Game Design: 7.847

Artwork: 7.477

Sounds/Music: 6.991

Other Aspects: 7.962

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There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 months ago
Must have game for family fun!
10 months ago
Slugfest is probably the ultimate pitch and bat. Some of the EM games are very cool with physical runners in the back box running around the bases, but I love Slugfest for all the modern features like a DMD and stat tracking. Base stealing is a welcome addition and adds some depth to the simplicity of just pitching and batting, There is also a 4th pitch, and most pitch and bats only have 3. Include the ability to win baseball cards and that really pushes it over all other pitch and bats.

Great light shows, great music, good (but a little repetitive) callouts. I do wish there were more animations, but what is there is excellent.

The art package is good and the game has a great sense of humor with the player names.

As far as the shots go, it’s just a simple fan layout with a ramp that goes up and down from time to time to give you access to hit the heckler or hit a home run/grand slam. It’s satisfying to hit, and it gives you a fun light show. I’d like to see a more modern pitch and bat incorporate moving outfielders recording outs by registering hits to switches or using magnets to catch the ball.

All in all a great machine, one I played several times in arcades. My biggest criticisms are not enough animations and some callouts get repetitive, but that’s it! Slugfest is a great game and one that works well for either single or two-player(s)

I bought one today, so I am excited to add it to my line up. All of my experience with Slugfest so far has been in arcades, but I think I’ll get a ton of play out of it at home.
1 year ago
I own the game and love it. Also love baseball so this fits perfect for me. This is not a pinball, but it is fun and the artwork and player names always make people laugh. Great two player game and is a keeper in my collection.
1 year ago
Not a pinball machine, so not judged as such. If you are expecting a pinball like experience, this isn't for you. This pitch-and-bat is a love letter to late 80's/early 90's baseball and is easy to pick up and play and is FUN! The artwork is humorous. Imposes some strategy on when to call for a pitch hitter. Base stealing feature is a nice little touch and along with target values changing depending on the batter. Definitely a better two player game, but entertaining enough if you just want to smack the ball around and try to "go yard" in one player mode. The Heckler is certainly memorable.

I see this like bubble hockey, something that two people can just pick up and play and would be a hit at parties. This would fit right in with a Chexx table or Hot Shot Basketball.
1 year ago
I had played this when it came out and I really liked it, in fact I had picked one up and currently restoring it.
1 year ago
So, I read a lot of the ratings on this game. This is a pitching game, cant compare it to other pinball machines. Not a fair comparison. Would be like comparing Donkey Kong to a Slot Machine. This game is a lot of fun and doesnt warrant a 3 or 5 rating. I love the card dispenser and the sounds and playfield are really cool. This is the best pitch game out there and is a ton of fun!
2 years ago
Great machine and it is fun to play, especially if you like baseball. This is the best pitch and bat machine out there. I have this machine with the card dispenser, my friends who are not into pinball love it. I added the famous Billy Ripkin Jr. card to the display and a Kirby Puckett card. It is simple to play and has a lot of humor. Some people say it is not a pinball machine and shouldn't be on here, but I'd rather play this than the Munsters or Stranger Things.
2 years ago
Best Pitch and Bat with respect to game features. Similar to some other P&B creative ball control to vary pitches. The heckler and card dispenser are also a treat.

This is definitely one of the more popular pins played when individuals new to hobby come over. Also great two player competitive fun.

If you have a larger collection (10+ pins), one P&B is a necessity and Slugfest is definitely a great option.
2 years ago
This is definitely not a 1 person game, although you can play it by yourself. But what a blast to play against someone! The calls out are great. I love the boo/trash talk button as the pitcher. The art work is hilarious and I keep picking up more jokes they represent ask I look at it more. The winning baseball cards is fantastic and has my son and all the kids in the neighborhood going crazy over it. Absolutely love it!
2 years ago
Oh man I have so many memories of playing this game for hours as a kid hoping to get a baseball card to drop out when I hit a home run!

This was such a cool aspect that you could pitch, and hit your way around the bases and keep up the score just like baseball. This was a very well executed game and I always enjoyed playing it.

2 years ago
It’s a fun two player game. Tends to get old pretty quick if you are playing one player games. It’s a great machine to have around when your friends come over to cook out and watch the Braves try to secure their spot in the World Series.
2 years ago
This is basically a more modern pitch and bat game. Fun, easy to follow rules, and a 'must' for baseball fans.
2 years ago
Overall a fun game. No major thrills, but a good time none the less. Fun gor kids too.
2 years ago
Everything about it screams 90ies. Fantastic machine. Head to head play is incredible, the base stealing option adds loads of fun and i love that there's a "Boo" button. I enjoy pitch and bats in general and this one is a keeper.
2 years ago
Great game for head to head competition.
2 years ago
Obviously a pitch and bat...but for what it’s fun. Definitely more fun with 2 player but fun nonetheless. If your looking for your first pinball machine...pass on this. But if you’re looking for a pitch and bat...this one knocks it out of the park!
2 years ago
So I have contemplated buying a Slugfest for years. This is a game I really enjoyed when I was younger. As far as pitch and bat games go.. I know some people prefer the older ones but for me this is as good as they come. I love the DMD animations. The callouts are great. The art package is good for what it is.. I don't think there is much more they could have done with the theme. Sound is solid. WPC boardset is reliable and easy enough to work on. Lighting definitely benefits from an LED upgrade. 2 player mode is a ton of fun to play with my son. Word of advice is that it is slightly wider than a standard body pinball even with the head off. Learned that the hard way when I had to have my wife rip the door off while I held the machine on at the bottom of the stairs!
3 years ago
Some what if a gimmick hybrid game, but still a crowd favorite. These seem to me to be harder to come by in arcades these days. It’s worth one or two plays, nothing spectacular, but fun. Don’t expect a true game of pinball as this is not true pinball. It’s this odd hybrid between pinball, arcade machine, and ticket redemption.
3 years ago
remember playing this in early 90's. probably loved it because if was giving me baseball cards. without the cards now, the game is very play once and forget. could not imagine having in my collection taking room for a once a month thing.
3 years ago
Own a 1959 United Deluxe pitch and bat..This game is dull and boring compared to the earlier models. Suggest you play a correct older game. WAY more fun!
3 years ago
I practically built two sets of Topps baseball cards playing this game back in the 90s. The card award kept me coming back. Hard to really classify this one as a pinball. I could time the swing to control the ball fairly well - slap as hit to left, center, or right fields. Home runs off that ramp were a bit of a challenge, but when you did you got rewarded with that *smack* of a bunch of cards being dispensed.
3 years ago
This was the only "pinball machine" at the kids party/arcade I attended and I was sorely disappointed. It would have been fantastic if I were looking for a pitch and bat game, or some other novelty game, and not looking to play pinball. I'm not sure how this is considered a pinball machine, other than the fact it does have pinballs in it, or why it is ranked on the pin 100. I would have rather played the worst ranked pin on the list than this. Some people obviously love it but it is not my cup of tea.
3 years ago
Best pitch and bat ever made. That being said this game is only at it's prime being played as a two player game. One player is boring but playing with somebody is a blast!!!
4 years ago
Not a pin
4 years ago
First pin I ever purchased over 15 years ago and I still have a blast playing this thing. Its kinda hard to rate this machine because its just a pitch and bat baseball game. So theres not much too it, but that's kinda the point. The worst thing about it I'd say is I don't really care too much for the "backglass". Everything else I love. Best pitch and bat machine by far. The card dispenser is a neat additional for sure. Fun on single player or 2 player. Great party game and you can easily play tournaments with your friends.
There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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