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This game received 52 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.124 /10


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This game ranks #249 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.119

Artwork: 7.615

Sounds/Music: 4.756

Other Aspects: 7.087

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Rating history

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Found 33 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 33 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
This game is fun for a couple rounds but becomes old quickly. The shots are not very well laid out and clunky. Game art is cool but the cabinet suffers from the 70's bad color schemes.
1 year ago
Great early solid state game from Gottlieb. It's a real nice table to play. Not in the same league as Joker Poker, but still one of the better electronic 70's pins. Relatively fast, with balanced and easy to follow scoring. Playfield layout is almost perfect, considering the setup and number of drop targets. Once again those tricky double flippers make certain shot a little more risky and fun.
The art from Morrison is good as usual with a somewhat eerie and supernatural touch to the backglass motif. Biggest drawback here is of course the limitations of sound, bliip-bliip, as this is a 1978 table.
1 year ago
Had this in my house for about a decade as a child/teenager. Its a very early SS from 1978, so it plays a like an EM machine, and it still has bell-chime sounds instead of the mostly-awful early-digital sounds. Its a double-flipper pin that I've always gotten a kick out of. While learning the table, its a nice challenge to get all the pop-up targets down before your ball drains. Its got a fun spinner and some nice rules. Really love it for a 70s machine.

EDIT: I've spent some more time playing older pins, and I've got to say Sinbad is really a cut above most other 70s pins. Its one of the ultimate shooter pins, as its basically all drop targets! I think its actually a better shooter than even the famed El Dorado. One of the few EM/early SS pins that I'd consider owning if I had the room. Lastability-wise, once you get all the targets down, rip the spinner, and finally roll over the score, then you're kinda done with it for another 6 months.
1 year ago
Simple concept that's infuriating to execute well at times! Shoot the banks of drops to build bonus multiplier, but if you don't get the tricky 2X drop, you get nothing! Fun 4-flipper layout with no slings. Lots of good practice drop catching, dead bouncing, etc to set up shots. Definitely a game that having those skills will help you slow things down and plan shots instead of just blindly flailing away at it. Pretty high replay value for me, as you get so close to making 5X and then blow it, and keep coming back for more.
1 year ago
Really fun and challenging game. The artwork from this looks fantastic in my opinion. I love these types of machines for comp play!
1 year ago
What I really like about this game is the simple but challenging rules, nice layout, fun to shoot, and it has a nice theme and nice art to boot. The backglass is just as good as any from that era. In fact I'd probably rate this backglass as one of my favorite 60-70s era backglasses. The playfield art sadly isn't as good. Its okay, and it fits the theme, but its not great. The one thing I do like is the sword art being used to track the bonus, and I like the spinner add to bonus circle. Those while not truly visually the most exciting images, add to the whole cohesion of the theme.
I think this pin is a blast to shoot. Its both fun and challenging. Doesn't have a lot of shots, but it does have a nice risk reward with the strategy and I think for an early SS has just a fantastic rule set. I really like how the bonus multiplier is earned in this game. And once you complete all the drops they reset, and you collect the bonus and can start racking up a new bonus.
The theme appeals to me as I love Ray Harryhausen. I wish they had more of his influence then just the really nice backglass. Still, its a fun theme and I would wager one of the first pins to be based on a movie(Outside of Wizard of course, but still has to be one of the first few). I really dig the chimes. They sound amazing. No music, and no other sounds aside from the chimes and the knocker... But, I don't think you need any. Do the sounds get old.. .Sure... But, I rather take simple sound like this, then some of the sound from say Firepower and Sorcerer, which are both games I LOVE(sound can get annoying though)!!!!!
As for the toys and gimmicks... The game doesn't have any. It has a spinner and spinners are always fun to hit, but this one really could have used a booster in the code. Something that once you clear or hit something it gives you triple points for the spinner... And while I said I like the code... I do think that is the most glaring omission... But, no game is perfect, and the spinner still is fun to hit. And this is not the best game ever. But, its a fun pinball machine and I think anyone who likes pinball will have fun playing it. Will you want to play it for hours on end... Maybe not. But, for a few quick games its really fun. And I think you can always come back to it. Its a fun challenging pin, not the best, but a good classic oldie, that still stands up today.
1 year ago
Simple yet effective. With 4 flippers you think that the game would be much easier but you gotta plan ahead and be patient otherwise it's treacherous.
2 years ago
A brilliant early Gottleib digital machine that is remarkably a very simple game and easy to beat if your accuracy is excellent on the day. 5 targets, 5 times, extra ball, then special (replay), 3 replays for scores leading to 1,000,00 and 3 more if you clock it. This machine was released before high scores were displayed. A brilliant machine to hone your skills and learn the art of pinball - RESPECT
Con Delcos Perth
2 years ago
The double flippers is a unique and interested feature, but after a while it becomes more irritating than attractive. The game rules are pretty basic, knock down targets to multiply the bonus and attend extras. The game is fun when first played but after a while it got to be a little monotonous and boring.
3 years ago
I straight up simple game. With just enough stuff to keep returning again. Great for a small group of friends to have a few competitive games. I upgraded the mpu. Now it has a skill shot, ball save, attraction mode a few other gimicks. Great pin that can be had for a good price.
4 years ago
In the hierarchy of System 1 games with split banks of drop targets (a narrow category), I'd put Sinbad behind Totem. Whereas the targets light the rollovers on Sinbad, the opposite happens on Totem, and its more satisfying to collect from the rollover on the plunge and then shoot for the lit targets rather than lighting the top rollovers only after completing the drop banks. Sindbad's drops are dangerous, especially given that cradling the ball or minimizing trouble using the flippers is difficult—the four flipper setup is unique. I can appreciate it, and it provides quite the challenge. Most of the times I find myself flailing away trying to catch a dead bounce to gain any kind of control. Four-bank of drops are knocked down quite easilly (linked to the special), whereas the two bank is deadly difficult. The art is decent, but near the bottom of the System 1 catalog for me, with Close Encounters. A decent challenge with a maddening flipper layout...but overshadowed by other early Gottlieb solid-state games of the era.
5 years ago
I like this game and owned it for over a decade, but have moved on to newer more fun DMD games. The drop target sequence is fun and not that difficult meaning anyone can play and have fun. Very affordable classic older SS game with high production so lots around.
5 years ago
'The double flipper design can be a real adventure '
5 years ago
My review might not be particularly relevant to those of you drawn to newer pinball machines. For me, this was my youth and I played this game a lot then and still love much so that I sold mine years ago and missed having it in my home and bought another. Once you install the all in one board you will have a machine that'll last forever! It looks good, plays fast, smooth flow and has all the drop targets you will ever need. The quad flipper design means you can bounce the ball off them or let it run down to the next flipper for more accurate shooting...there are a lot of variations and it's a fun tournament machine. I'm glad so many were imported into Australia as they are more likely to be found in the depths of someone's shed rather than have gone to landfill as I believe so many did in the States.
5 years ago
Sinbad is the snooker table of the pinball world.
No slings, minimal pop randomness. This game is just you vs 4 symmetrical flippers. Judge your trajectory 3 bounces ahead. Become a master of the drop catch and dead bounce. And you best believe you have to refine your accuracy picking off the one or two remaining targets you need.

I really love this game, and it's helped by have the Pascal Janin board in there. There are 3 extra features that add to this: Skill shot along the top rollovers, ball saver, and change the Special award in to a 50k award.

There are 2 weak points to this game:
The left star rollover lane is pretty much useless, except to send your ball in to the right outlane. shooting for it is ill-advised as the ball almost always comes right back down that left lane, instead of dancing along the tops of the rollovers. But it also acts as a trap requiring you to be active in shaking the machine just-so to avoid deadly bounce to the right outline.
The spinner is a disappointment too. You'd never purposefully shoot for it. I wish that after you cleared all of the drops and collected the bonus, the spinner would like for 1k/spin for a while. Really take advantage of it. Maybe a future code revision?

The main rules are a lot of fun:
Each coloured bank awards a bonus multiplier, but you can't get a larger multiplier until you've collected the smaller bank-sizes. So you could have all of the drops down except for the single bank, and drain without any bonus multiplier.

Fresh rubbers are essential. This is like the more civilized version of Joker Poker. ;)
5 years ago
I love this game! I was caught off guard at a Pinball show a few years back when I first played it and it is my favorite SS game of its time. 4 flippers make it difficult, yet fun. The drop target sequence is pretty easy and this game is a great party pinball!
6 years ago
This is a fantastic game to play, it has lousy sound so I guess that drags its scores down. I am planning on putting chimes in my SS Sinbad to give it that old school charm. It is a very fast game, balls drain quickly, so it is a great game to play when you are together with tournament standard players who can play a DMD game forever. There is something really addictive about trying to knock down the purple 3 bank for extra ball and the red 4 bank for specs, and of course knocking down all the targets for 5X bonus. I love the crazy bonus X design - just one target can be the difference between 1X and 5X bonus. It gives you all the adrenaline of shooting craps in the casino.

Update: I've had this in my house for a year now and I keep going back to it, the most played game in my collection by visitors, the design is timeless and tireless

Update: 4 years in and this is my favourite game of all time. The rules are perfect, the shots are fun, risk reward is well balanced, great art for the era. The sound sux but who cares. There is a reason they sold 12,000 of these, they could have sold more if they didn’t stop the production line and move on to the next one. P.S. the pascal board is essential to make the special worth 50k. This makes the appearance of the red light thrilling again, and gives you an decision, do i go for the red targets and 50k special or go for bonus X
6 years ago
Would never own another than the one that I own. THE MOST TRAVELED PINBALL MACHINE IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME!
6 years ago
Not much fun at all. The 4 flipper idea is cool for about 1 ball then it got pretty old for me.
6 years ago
Good player with a couple tricks up it's sleeve. Artwork is excellent and looks good in any collection.
7 years ago
Nice looking but pretty boring. Miss the art more than the gameplay.
7 years ago
Easy to understand, hard to master. This game keeps you coming back for more. Those flippers are a killer too. Great fun game.
7 years ago
A very bright and colourful game with relatively easy rules, but that is about all the positives I can muster up for this rather bland game.
7 years ago
This is one of those pins that proves that a simple design can still work and be extremely fun. All of the artwork is good and nothing wrong with it, but not necessarily over whelming either. One of the cheaper games to be had and still have a blast playing. And for the audio, I might be biased but I prefer chimes to digital audio any day, which is what this pin has, so I love it!
7 years ago
This game is another one I remember playing as a kid. When that ball would slip between the flippers... What? where did it just go? Awww man...

The Pros:
Another simple but not easy gottlieb design. Well done and then some. This game makes you play. Backhand shots are incredibly important on this table and you have twice the chance as you normally would. You must stack your targets or risk losing your bonus by not getting the single or double drop targets first.

The Cons:
I never shoot for the spinner as my bonus is built and collected from the targets and the left orbit.

The Takeaway:
Frustration level on this game is high when your ball control skills are low. Get used to the game and control your shots. An EM design in a digital world. It even has chimes. A very good game with a nicely done art package. I got a good deal on mine and thought about shopping it and turning it over. Not now... this deck has a permanent place in my gameroom.

Another game in the collection that gets more play than one might think it would. This game will teach you patience and judgment in relation to what to do when the ball is near the flippers. Getting "scissored" happens, but after a few serious sessions with this deck, you get to feel what to expect pretty quickly. The build/collect/5x bonus scheme makes it all come down to that last drop target. Sweep the 4 red targets if you can! Fresh rubbers make the difference on this game. Otherwise it feels dead and boring. Collectors who gush over the EM version can do so any day. The SS ruleset on this game, rules! Gottlieb took a page from the Bally tables of the day. The build/collect bonus ruleset means that skilled play is rewarded with high scores, yet you never ever truly get the "win". A true player that can be had for just a few hundred USD.
There are 33 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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