The Simpsons Pinball Party

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There are 430 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago
I desperately wanted to love this game (my family are huge Simpsons fans), but couldn’t. I had a very nice HUO example that we got just before quarantine and out a lot of games on it after a full shop.

This game is all about the garage shot and making it is really annoying. The side ramp shot is harder than it needs to be because the playfield is so busy it’s hard to see the ball coming and time it. And the constant hurry up, annoying.

New players walking up to the game require 10 mins of explanation to get a decent score.

Bottom line: this game is very nice looking and has a great theme, but it just isn’t fun.
45 days ago
I love the Simpsons so was excited to get this having never played it. So far it’s not doing it for me, it feels clunky and repetitive. Maybe I need more time on it to unlock it, but I feel like I expected more. I’ll keep it for a 2hile and see if I can get into it.
66 days ago
Great game that is like no other. Deep rule set for the expert players, but very approachable and fun for newcomers to the hobby. Love the artwork, music, theme and play.

Amazing machine!!!!!!
4 months ago
Played a few rounds. There is a ton going on. Seems like if you stayed on it and learned the rule sets it could be a lot of fun. Definitely well themed and played nicely. Not great fun but I didn't get into that much. It's in a lineup of 30 pins and didn't really stand up to the top 5 or 10. But it's a fun one and nicely done.
5 months ago
I love this game but I think you would need to love the theme to want to own it. For me it is really fun and has high replay value. Here are my pro/cons:


Rule Set - I have not played every game but this has to be up there in terms of deep rule sets. There is so much going on and so much to do. I think it also excels in the fact that almost everything can be stacked so you can get some crazy stuff going on at the same time.

Playfield Setup - I really love the way the playfield is set up. Lots of different features. It is a five flipper game with a really cool upper playfield.

Theme Integration - The theme is everywhere on this and every piece of the show has some corner, or ramp, or something to represent it. I personally love the loud colors and cartoonish feel but it may not be for everyone.


I really like almost everything about this game so these are pretty minor but maybe worth noting:

Callouts could be Annoying - I like the call outs but I think they might be annoying to some. My daughter hates hearing this game when I play it. There is a mode where Homer says "Doh" every time you hit a switch. It can be a lot of "Dohs".

Confusing for New Players - What I like about this game is the deep rules keep me coming back but it might be pretty confusing for new players or those who aren't as interested in learning all the rules.

For me, this game is almost perfect but you really need to love the theme or you might not enjoy it after a while.
5 months ago
This is an awesome pin, there is so much to shoot for! I think they nailed everything on this pin as far as theming it to the simpsons. Its fun but parts of it are really challenging.
5 months ago
I can’t talk much about the depth of this pin as I’ve barely scratched the surface. That being said, it’s an extremely deep game with tons to do so that’s my excuse.

It’s the Simpsons.
Has a small but well utilized upper playfield.
Physical ball lock (satisfying to get balls locked on couch shot).
Playfield feels open and shot variety is there.
Sound is a bit thin and needs upgrading.
Homers head is a bit lame.

It’s best in a home arcade as it’s just too deep to get through everything it has to offer out in the wild.
Does well in both large and small collections.
6 months ago
So much to do with TSPP. Great for all ages. Fun game.
6 months ago
I’ve had this game for a minute
I waited years to pull the trigger on one
The art,including the cabinet,to me is excellent
My wife is a huge fan like many and we enjoyed picking out all the lesser known characters on the cab
The playfield is jammed packed as everyone knows
Totally worth the price would be like a top shelf LE now
At first I enjoyed just shooting around.
Then I cooled on it a bit cause some of the shots seem odd

But as I stuck with it I started to get the code and what was happening I had some incredible balls that made me realize what this game has to offer
I mean this game TOTALLY immerses you in Springfield you feel like your in the game
I actually love the Itchy and Scratchy multiball as with so many places to keep the ball hung up ,makes the two ball multiball very entertaining and manageable
The Mystery multiball is insane
Homer mode when your in multiball with all the “Doh”s going on is hilarious
Alien invasion is fantastic
Man there is so many things to get involved in if you can progress the game
BUT if your just a shooter like my wife going for whatever it’s also a blast
The music for the hurry ups becomes annoying
If you like the Simpsons at all or at anytime have you will love this game
Color dmd really makes the game look stupid good

Great game WAAAY better then I ever thought it would be
6 months ago
I would play this pin at the Chuck-e-Cheese's when I'd take the kids a lot when they were younger. This pin may be the reason why I would take them as much as I did.

Anything that has to do with The Simpsons is of course, great and they put a lot of thought into the artwork, modes, call outs, and everything. This is a great pin to play and to come back to over and over.
6 months ago
Game looks great, you can tell they really nailed the theme. You could put this game next to any JJP game and it would look right at home. Stern really went all out with this one and it shows. Gameplay to me is where this title falls short. It’s very touch and go, defiantly not for a player who prefers a fast table. If you’re a fan of the series this is a must have, if your a fan of pinball I would say pass.
6 months ago
Feels like this should be wider or all the details a little smaller, seems claustrophobic. I love the simpsons, but not getting much of that feel for some reason.
6 months ago
At first blush, TSPP feels stop and go, and somewhat confusing. Only after playing this for a few months, did I become aware of the layer upon layer of code and strategy options. This game is missing one thing for me...satisfying shots. There are two...when compared to Spiderman...which has six. That being said, the playfield layout is very unique (in a good way.) And I think it's layout is to invoke a sense of chaos like the town of Springfield itself. Great theme.
6 months ago
Have played this onsite many times and finally purchased on.
An endless amount of Mods can be done. Can’t wait to add some to mine.
Easy to work on.
Great call outs.
A lot of shots to hit. Upper Playfield as well.
Fun and deep rule set
Perfect for beginner to start playing straight away and deeper Rules for better players.
Seems like the Playfield hold up really well and is tough unlike some newer ones.
Artwork around flipper and start buttons does wear.
Can’t go wrong with this machine.
Another one I won’t be selling.
7 months ago
The Simpsons isn't for everyone. If you're a high flow Steve Ritchie/John Borg fan, you're not going to enjoy this playfield layout.

It is clunky and some shots are too difficult, like the left ramp. It is however super rewarding when you make those shots or you end up improving your game skills to hit them more consistently.

The code is this game!! The call outs, the objectives and the mini wizard modes. I grew up on the early Simpsons and this game is perfect them integration. The living room is simple but so original.

This is a long term keeper in my collection.
7 months ago
When comparing The Simpsons to other games from this era its a pretty good game. But the price tag is too high when thinking of the amount of fin you get from playing it.
8 months ago
I've had my TSPP for 1 week now and am loving it.

This would be an excellent choice for a one pin collection.

This is a great game for the home environment for a pinball nerd, but not something easy for your visiting nephew to understand the rules on. However, it is the Simpsons and they'll love it!

Basic tips for the casual: Shoot garage, get to mini upper playfield and shoot behind T.V. to start a mode. Shoot the itchy spinner in the right orbit to relight the T.V. Do all the T.V. modes for the mini wizard Alien Invasion mode that will likely be height of your achievement on this game. The other mini wizard modes to get to are the hurry ups/ dare devil/ cletus kids/ and 5th itchy/scratchy multiball.

Deep enough I'll never beat it. Still struggling to get to any of the mini wizard modes.
Love the hard to achieve couch multiball/lock and the easy itchy/scratch mode.
Best cabinet art ever (although it often seems a little faded.
My kids love this game and the theme integration is excellent.
Easy multiball for casuals with itchy and hard multiball with the couch.
Lots of cool playfield toys.
5 flippers and so much to do!
Love the doh! frenzy.

The hurry ups are constant, there are 10 times throughout the game it switches to hurry up music and it gets repetitive.
No female voicework.
My machine sounds great, but most of these I've heard have bad/choppy sound.
Difficult to understand what to do without a 2 hour tutorial.
Greedy outlanes.

Most all of these I've seen have shooter lane wear that goes through the paint and/or flipper button wear.

Update after 6 months of owning this machine:
1. This is the single most reliable pinball machine I have ever owned. I had minor, easily correctible issues related to it never having been adjusted in 16 years of use.
2. This game is great, but not that good for noobs. You have to shoot the garage, then shoot into the garage, then shoot behind the T.V. to start a mode. If you are not a decent player, you will rarely get more than 1 or 2 modes started.
3. I think this is a fantastic game for an intermediate player. It can be an extremely long player if you are good, but if you are not you will still flail around alot struggling to start a mode.

I found the game extremely challenging. In 6 months, and about 500 games on this machine, I got to the Alien Invasion mini wizard mode exactly 3 times.

Great game I would highly recommend rotate through any collection. This wasn't a long term keeper for me, but I enjoyed it for 6 months and sold it for about what I paid for it, so all in all a great win.

Solidly recommended.
9 months ago
Ive owned this game for a few years. At first i didnt like it. But now i understand it better. Hard game still but challenging. I did color dmd and invis glass and family loves it
10 months ago
I love the lower lock behind the drops to start multiball.
Really fun to play.
11 months ago
Its been a while since I played a SPP. The pin requires dedication and as many have stated it rules are deep/great. Requires time to truly appreciate. Very nicely done game.
11 months ago
What a great game and theme. I really like the upper play-field, left ramp shot is not easy and changeling, call outs are great, lots of toys and plenty of shots. I think this pin is enjoyable family friendly yet challenging for any level player. Its a keeper
11 months ago
The toys are Simpsons
11 months ago
Doh, love the simpsons, but this games takes forever to get to wizard mode. Games last way too long.
1 year ago
TSPP is by far my favorite game to play out of my collection so far.

Update: Still my favorite LOL.

No really. If you enjoy DEEP rulesets... get this...
1 year ago
This game is never leaving my home. Beautiful, fun, hard, perfect theme. Love everything about it.
There are 430 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 18.

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