The Simpsons Pinball Party

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Game Design: 8.513

Artwork: 8.436

Sounds/Music: 7.934

Other Aspects: 8.552

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Found 478 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 478 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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27 days ago
Played this pin during 2023 TPBF so I was unable to to rate the sounds and music.
35 days ago
The nice thing about this game is that the ruleset is deep so experienced players have goals to shoot for, but it's also simple enough that beginners can have fun just banging the ball around. The multiballs and modes all stack, so even if you don't really know what you're doing you end up getting into something interesting.

I enjoy the garage door and upper playfield with the TV modes and couch ball lock. Even for a relative novice those are fun and achievable. I can see how if you owned the game the need to hit the garage door and continually go to the upper playfield to get the TV mode started might become a bit tedious. The game also doesn't have a lot of flow because of this and the pause when the ball goes into the Otto school bus area above the third flipper. If you value flow above all else in a game, this probably isn't the one for you. The remainder of the playfield is pretty standard, with ramps and drop targets and both hard shots and easy shots. The pop bumpers made to look like the nuclear power plant are a nice touch. There is a lot to do, and almost anything you hit on the playfield does something.

The music and art are just average for me but the callouts are great, even with some characters not included (my favorite is Grandpa Simpson's "Extra ball!"). Overall it's quite enjoyable.
41 days ago
Loved this game after the first try. The wife and I agreed that we would get this machine for home. Very deep rule set, challenging all the way. The call outs never get old. Hard to believe this game is 20 years old. I was 12 when the Simpsons show started and this really takes me back to my childhood. My first 10 out of 10. Awesome game.
51 days ago
This games a bit of a challenge, but if you get into it and work out the timing for the many shots available it is a real pleasure. I own one and can’t stop playing, do‘h!
3 months ago
It's a really fun an entertaining machine. It lends itself to a specific style of play and is a bit one dimensional when it comes to shots, but the flow of hitting that upper playfield from the left ramp, into a TV mode into a ball lock is one of the most satisfying shot chains I have ever hit.

I scramble a lot and get frustrated at the awkward shots but I keep pressing start and trying again. Scoring is a bit lackluster and I can never blow it up but I see how people could

Overall a very fun and unique machine
3 months ago
It is such a deep game! And it makes me laugh on a regular basis - not many games can claim that. My favorite pin of all time.
4 months ago
The very first Pinball machine i ever played! Huge nostalgia when i see this pin in the wild!
4 months ago
I enjoy playing this game. The theme is great if you grew up watching some of The Simpsons, or even if you didn't it's a lot of fun packed into a 2ftx4ft wooden box! Plus, as far as theme goes, Homer is even shaped like a pinball:) I laugh every time I play it, some funny call outs. It is not an easy game, but then again, I'm not the best player in the world. The couch multiball can tough to get, but I still enjoy the challenge of the upper playfield. The 3 drop targets are a plus for me, as I love some drop targets because they remind me of pinball when I was a kid. I also love the nuclear tower pop bumpers. I don't feel like it's a great game for just anyone to just walk up and start plinking around on without some idea of rules/modes, etc.
6 months ago
Finally got to put some games on TSPP and really enjoyed it. Really fun layout and theme integration. Look forward to digging more into the rules and gameplay. Would definitely like to own one in the future.
6 months ago
Simpsons Pinball Party is in my opinion one of the best games ever made. The unique timer for modes along with the stacking that can be done makes for some really fun and challenging gameplay. However it is a super approachable and fun game for people who don't take a deep dive into the rules. Adding a color dmd to this game is a must if you own it. There's lots of fun shots and some very challenging ones. The modes are fun and challenging, I love how you can keep stacking modes, multipliers, and multi-balls for massive scoring!

This one is has so much playability to it I don't think I'll ever get tired of playing it
7 months ago
After playing this on my Vpin I decided I had to seek it out to own the real machine, and I could not be any more happier. As of at least this post this is possibly my favorite pinball machine ever. The amount of stuff to do in the game, stacking with everything, and keeping everything going at once with continued timer resets as you start even more stuff is absolutely incredible. As long as you know the Simpsons, which I don't know who on Earth wouldn't, all of the call outs and speech is funny and fits perfectly, the theme music can get a little bit old but it's changing a lot as long as you're keeping the game going. The rule set on this game is so in-depth you will possibly never run out of things to do unless you are a mega super duper pinball wizard yourself. It is one that constantly makes you go back for more, I truly don't ever see myself parting with this machine.
7 months ago
Just it never is boring. Playing casually it fun and every shot is great even a small multiball is easy to get but still very fun. If you put more time in the layer just add up. There are so many ways to score and play. 3 total multiballs the 2 and 3 are great even possible to combine the 2 and then the alien invasion is just insane. the sound i in the special modes are a great addition.

- top field is amazing.
- homer head is just fun.
- callouts are great
- so so many mode

- the outside decals not matching the colorful inside.
- sometimes a bit to complicated for just a quick game
This is a keeper we might get a rotating pin but this is the one that stays. Glad we were lucky that we could buy one. But it just amazing.
8 months ago
The longer you play TSPP the more you can appreciate how much there is going on. The variety of shots is amazing as well as the sheer number of them. There is always something to shoot for. This is compounded by the incredibly deep ruleset and stackable modes which means you could be shooting for any number of different things at all times. The multiple mini wizard modes are another layer on this incredibly complex game and the whole package is brought together by the authentic artwork and callouts by the artists and actors from the show. An incredibly playable pin you can keep going back to, all wrapped up in an immersive theme. This will probably stay one of the top machines of all time.
8 months ago
pinball was a game that I did not know before having it I played a lot of pinball and really a top it is beautiful it is in the theme of the series it is fantastic in the game mine is with a pinsoud and a color screen I think undervalued or little known
8 months ago
I'm about to sell back my Simpsons so you'll notice that will color my commentary. Overall, it's a great game with lots of toys/ gimmicks (Homer head, garage, upper left playfield), and you can't beat the callouts and Simpsons sound/music. If you love everything about the show and are a casual pinball player, you would likely really appreciate this pinball. I had played this in a few arcades and thought it would be a good addition - I'm also a sucker for a second playfield despite this one being smaller. However, after owning it for a few months, I realized that I just got bored with it...(I know, I know, sorry!) It is a great game and can likely accompany a larger collection. For me personally, there just weren't enough interesting or unique shots to make. After hitting the same modes a few times, the game just got a bit stale.

- Perfectly themed pinball
- Upper left playfield is a nice addition
- Homer head is both hilarious and a perfect toy
- Nice variety of modes and missions which require you to hit specific shots to accumulate points
- Artwork and callouts are top notch (again if you like the Simpsons)

- Overall play can be a bit repetitive
- There is not as much to "hit" overall when compared to other pinballs (IMO)
- Multiball modes are not as common
- I find myself just making random shots when I should be obviously focused on the mode at hand
11 months ago
Love this game, though I grew up watching the Simpsons. Great game. Wish I had one.
12 months ago
I love this game. I wish I owned one
the shots are fun to make, the upper playfield is awesome and the game modes just keep the game fresh every play through. its challenging enough that i have only made it to wizard mode once which was just so much fun. its a bright colorful game with a fun theme, great voice acting and a very interactive playfield. every time i find one to play i always just enjoy the heck out of it. cannot wait to buy my own one day.
1 year ago
Love the game, wish there was some Lisa and Marge representation but I get why. The Homer Head is wasted BOM cost and would have rather gotten something else.

Built right after the show jumped the shark, the callouts are classic and memorable. Fun modes.

Oh and fie the cabinet art durability. Love the actual art but ooofa is it delicate.
1 year ago
Love it. So much to do. I doubt I'll ever see it all.
1 year ago
Love this game. I recently picked up a low play mint condition machine with color screen and its really a fun game to play. I love the depth to it. You really can get lost in all the modes. The multiple play fields are a great added bonus and really the only negative to this game is the backglass lighting and sound quality is a little off sometimes. I am still trying to figure out how to reduce the glare from the super bright light bar. Otherwise I can see myself keeping this one for a long time!
1 year ago
Crazy fun! Tons of layers/modes to this pin…played it at the suggestion of a friend and now I’m obsessed! Holds up to the likes of Godzilla Premium.
1 year ago
I appreciate that they put a tonne into this machine. The layout is very unique, but after a while, it loses it's charm a bit, and shooting it becomes a bit mundane. The center garage shot is cool at first, but then gets boring. A lot of stop and go. To me though, the fatal flaw of this game is the overcomplicated code of Dwight. I love a deep game, but this one almost goes too far. Beating this game is reserved for like 10 people in the world, so as an owner, I don't see the point. You can put an hour into this game, and not even get half way through the objectives. This one didn't last long in my collection as I no longer wanted to put in a big chunk of time to feel like I did nothing. Cool game in a large collection, but for me, in a small collection, it just got old quick.
1 year ago
What a hoot! Played this pin for the first time, yesterday and couldn’t get enough of it. Must admit have always been a fan of the show and this game accurately replicates the theme of the show. The shots are fun and the toys are all over the place. Didn’t take too many games to get comfortable with way the game flows. The layout and look of the whole package really stand out. Look forward to playing again.
1 year ago
This had long been my favorite game, from when I first got it NIB in 2004 until Godzilla. Theme is very well done (and a theme that resonates w/ me more than Godzilla TBH), and it has so many features that I absolutely love, like the Secret Spot multi-ball, where flippers get reversed. The couch ramp has always seemed just a BIT too steep... people playing the table often get frustrated with how hard it is to actually get the ball on the couch, even if they hit the ramp pretty well. Otherwise, *chef's kiss*
1 year ago
I enjoy playing this game.
There are 478 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 20.

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