The Simpsons Pinball Party

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Game Design: 8.551

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Other Aspects: 8.564

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Found 460 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 460 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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27 days ago
Love this game, though I grew up watching the Simpsons. Great game. Wish I had one.
32 days ago
I love this game. I wish I owned one
the shots are fun to make, the upper playfield is awesome and the game modes just keep the game fresh every play through. its challenging enough that i have only made it to wizard mode once which was just so much fun. its a bright colorful game with a fun theme, great voice acting and a very interactive playfield. every time i find one to play i always just enjoy the heck out of it. cannot wait to buy my own one day.
57 days ago
Love the game, wish there was some Lisa and Marge representation but I get why. The Homer Head is wasted BOM cost and would have rather gotten something else.

Built right after the show jumped the shark, the callouts are classic and memorable. Fun modes.

Of and fie the cabinet art durability. Love the actual art but ooofa is it delicate.
4 months ago
Love this game. I recently picked up a low play mint condition machine with color screen and its really a fun game to play. I love the depth to it. You really can get lost in all the modes. The multiple play fields are a great added bonus and really the only negative to this game is the backglass lighting and sound quality is a little off sometimes. I am still trying to figure out how to reduce the glare from the super bright light bar. Otherwise I can see myself keeping this one for a long time!
4 months ago
Crazy fun! Tons of layers/modes to this pin…played it at the suggestion of a friend and now I’m obsessed! Holds up to the likes of Godzilla Premium.
4 months ago
I appreciate that they put a tonne into this machine. The layout is very unique, but after a while, it loses it's charm a bit, and shooting it becomes a bit mundane. The center garage shot is cool at first, but then gets boring. A lot of stop and go. To me though, the fatal flaw of this game is the overcomplicated code of Dwight. I love a deep game, but this one almost goes too far. Beating this game is reserved for like 10 people in the world, so as an owner, I don't see the point. You can put an hour into this game, and not even get half way through the objectives. This one didn't last long in my collection as I no longer wanted to put in a big chunk of time to feel like I did nothing. Cool game in a large collection, but for me, in a small collection, it just got old quick.
4 months ago
What a hoot! Played this pin for the first time, yesterday and couldn’t get enough of it. Must admit have always been a fan of the show and this game accurately replicates the theme of the show. The shots are fun and the toys are all over the place. Didn’t take too many games to get comfortable with way the game flows. The layout and look of the whole package really stand out. Look forward to playing again.
4 months ago
This had long been my favorite game, from when I first got it NIB in 2004 until Godzilla. Theme is very well done (and a theme that resonates w/ me more than Godzilla TBH), and it has so many features that I absolutely love, like the Secret Spot multi-ball, where flippers get reversed. The couch ramp has always seemed just a BIT too steep... people playing the table often get frustrated with how hard it is to actually get the ball on the couch, even if they hit the ramp pretty well. Otherwise, *chef's kiss*
5 months ago
I enjoy playing this game.
5 months ago
Played the game once in an arcade and was hooked immediately.
Incredible deep rulesheet, never ever experienced that on a game.

A lot of stuff going on all the time, more modes at the same time and nice to have a mini playfield.
Just like Whitewater you have to keep your eyes on several spots at the same time.
Sometimes you make combos or end a certain mode wich you never had before so always surprised to hear and see something new.
A little bit lack of flow but is that necessary on this game?No!
Bart's yelling at you when you finish his mode..Great stuff.

Only negative thing is that the music on Homers day and Willie Woe is the same also Daredevilmania and Springfield Mystery if i am not mistaking.

Humor and layout is great and also so logical as if it is ment to be.Just Like JP and Whitewater.

All i can say is: Outstanding!!
6 months ago
I've had this game for about a year now so I can judge it fairly. Probably put 200 plays on it. The game is very deep and has a lot of stuff going on. This would definitely be a premium/le if it were released today. Didn't care for it much at first but it definitely grew on me. I can't see me selling it but you never know. The call-outs are what makes this game
6 months ago
Very nice quality game
6 months ago
Used to have this game in a break room where I worked. A fun title, quite hard (I thought) with a slow pace and tricky shots. Rewards careful placement. Sound and music are good but a little scratchy in places and a litt too much repetition on multiple plays (I dont really want to hear 'Daredeveil ramps' ever again).... Good, worth a few quid to play.
6 months ago
I've owned TSPP for 14 years and it's still the best machine I've ever played, and I've played them all. It still keeps me coming back for that one more game after all this time. The reversed flippers is an absolute have to cross your arms to play it...tough because you're laughing so hard. This one will never leave my collection.
8 months ago
In the home environment it’s perfect. You can tweak the rules and make several outlane post adjustments to make this game play as hard as you like. Lots of things to go for. Best strategy for me is to pick something like secret stash or SMS to concentrate on. Lots of ways to approach the game.
8 months ago
The most adored and loved pinball machine from modern day Stern. Theme integration and ruleset is simply spectacular.
8 months ago
Will own again some day. Some of the modes are just downright mind bending. It's one that keeps me coming back for more. Back glass is okay but I don't really care. Once I press play, it's game on.
9 months ago
Hilarious callouts. Apu always cracks me up.
10 months ago
Deeeeeeeeeeeeep as the o-chin.. so much to do and keep coming back for more.. stack that mode, stack those multi balls.. this game could only be better if it had a new LCD screen showing episodes of the show.. it’s fantastic.. buy one.
1 year ago
A fantastic game that I would like to spend a lot more time with.
1 year ago
For some reason I liked the Data East version better. Still a fun game with a cool upper playfield shot.
1 year ago
This is definitely one of the best pinball machines I have played (I own it currently); it's very unique and integrates the theme perfectly on the playfield and with the music/call outs. The ruleset is super deep, which adds to the pin's lastability; but it's not such that it will be intimidating for beginners (there are a couple of really nice tutorial videos on YouTube for anyone that wants to learn the rules quickly). The upper playfield is integrated really nicely to start the TV modes and for the couch multiball. One thing I noticed that adds a LOT to this game is a LED conversion (the game was too dark with the incandescent lights, but once I changed to LEDs, the game really pops). Overall, a super fun pin that I consider on par with some of the other great pins made by Stern (e.g. LOTR and Jurassic Park).
1 year ago
This was my first big purchase game, and I never regretted it. And I still own it and play it. Great rules, fun shots and call outs. The art still holds up after almost 20 years. And the playfield is packed. And who doesn’t love the Simpsons.
1 year ago
Super deep ruleset and fun to play. Theme won't appeal to some, but never annoying like I feel South Park gets. The garage shot is so good it ended up in R&M :)
1 year ago
have had this pinball for a decade and still love it. It has sat next to many pins in my basement but has been the staple. Never have even got close to wizard mode, but after a decade im still trying. Shoutouts are best in pin and has my favorite line of all time, Moe saying "shut up everybody, we got a player here!"
There are 460 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 19.

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