The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern, 2003)

The Simpsons Pinball Party

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Game design: 8.503

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Other Aspects: 8.551

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Found 377 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 377 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago
I’ve been playing this game on location in the league and I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s just a fun, great scoring game! My only complaint is the left orbit is an insanely precise shot to hit, otherwise I love it and I enjoy playing it!

Fun game, fun shits, extremely satisfying, love the callouts.
31 days ago
I absolutely love The Simpsons so pumping quarters into this machine was a no brainer. Probably a bit bias on the review but even so I think the toys are a bit lacking or should I say they could have done a lot more with them since The Simpsons has so much to work with.
45 days ago
One of my all time favorite pinball machines. Best theme in pinball. Call outs are SO good. I am so glad they hired all three of the original cast members. Art is good, layout is great, and rules are unbelievable, especially for the time. I would love this game. The only issue I can see with this game is that the rules may be too deep and the game can get frustrating.
62 days ago
My only complaints are the cheap artwork on the cabinet, and the "otto school bus lock" that slows the game play down a lot in my opinion. Other than that I'd say this is up there in my top 5 pinballs of all time , yes I am a die hard Simpsons fan as well so that does probably help this rating.
62 days ago
I will start off by saying this review is bias, I own one. And it in mint shape and heavily modded.
Gameplay can be played easy or hard. Rules are simple and deep. Theme? Well Simpsons have been on TV since the Tracey Ullman Show. The light show is fantastic and easily moddable to make it even better. Its sort of family friendly.
Add a color dmd and you would think this is a much newer game.
I bought this from a guy that is a pb wizard and he says after years its still a challenge. If a deep ruleset and silly fun is what you need this is it.
65 days ago
I owned this game for about a month and just did not like the game play. Definitely not for me. I like the theme, artwork, and music but the game play is the most important thing to me. My ratings are usually fairly consistent with the Pinside community but not with this game. I don't like the flow of the game and just overall get bored when I played the game. I didn't even want an extra ball.
86 days ago
A great game with an original/crazy design that is true to the tv-show! Just the way you get to multiball/extraball is different than on any other game.
3 months ago
I love The Simpsons. I love this game.

A bunch of the original voice cast are here with custom work, and the game features music indicative of the show too. Art all over is perfect and it's clear they worked closely with Matt Groening's team. Theme aside though, it's a very unique playfield layout that offers the right amount of flow vs. stop-and-go in my view. Wonderful shots all over. Ruleset is also crazy deep and I've never got to the end of the game. Toys are great too - the garage door, cooling towers and couch in particular all interact with the ball nicely. An absolute must have for a Simpsons Pinball's on my radar!
3 months ago
Enough ease to keep you interested on the front-end. Enough depth to keep you coming back...…..forever
4 months ago
Great game for a now older game. It sure has a lot of tons and extras stuff with the garage and upper playfield. Games today look so bare compared to this.
5 months ago
Mostly, I like it and love the television show.
5 months ago
One of my favorite games, I always come back and play it. Never gets old.
6 months ago
Huge Simpson's can here, but i just don't get it. Game play is nothing exciting and the callouts are kind of annoying. I'm not a huge fan of mini pf either, so that affects my enjoying enjoyment of the game.
7 months ago
Love that garage door shot!
7 months ago
Extremely deep ruleset and very hard wizard modes guarantee lastability over years. There are so many smaller things one can accomplish and discover that it still feels rewarding without ever reaching Super Duper Mega Extreme Wizard Mode.
On the contrary: knowing that there is still something to uncover and the sole existence of this ultimate challenge always drags me back to the machine in the hope to one day in the distant future master it and join the tiny elite super duper mega extreme wizard club.
The game has a clunky feeling to it and feels cheaper than Williams machines from the golden era. The theme is however extremely well integrated (e.g. Homer's and Bart's day modes) and the overall art package fits perfectly. The hurry-up music becomes very annoying and I wish one could turn it off. Not so well suited for beginner players as the garage or tree house shots, which are both required to activate a mode are rather tough in the beginning. Ball times for experienced players can get very long and playing it in a group hence can get annoying very quickly. The machine also has little flow and a lot of stop and go shots. I still love it!
7 months ago
Ok, this is one of those games I really WANT to like. Whenever I see one in the wild, I put a buck or two in it. The problem? The gameplay is clunky to me. The playfield is cluttered on the left with pops, Comic Book Guy and then the living room upper playfield, which is silly and doesn't work well on games I've played. The upper flipper, needed for locking multiballs, is tiny and doesn't work well on some games. The garage door is glitchy. The mini TV is cheap looking and has terrible resolution with so few dots. It was way ahead of its time, now all new games seem to have a mini LCD screen on the playfield. This game does have a great theme. I love the Simpsons. I just don't feel this game captures the Simpson universe well at all. A giant Homer head? What for? Bart on his skateboard? And why, in 2003, when they were in like season 14, is Comic Book Guy so prominently featured? Maybe it's me. I know people like this game. I can appreciate the rules are deep. Maybe if I owned a mint condition game, in my home, and could play it for hours at a time, I might get it. As it stands, I feel this is a miss. Also, if this is such a keeper, why does it always seem like 10 of them are for sale in the Market? This game feels like Stern attempted to make a Simpsons game without really being fans of the series. This could have been amazing. Maybe it was when first released. The ones I've played over the years are pretty clunky and remind me of Southpark, another cartoon theme with a cheap and cheesy feel to it. No thank you.
8 months ago
This is a fun game that I enjoy and make sure I play each time I head to the arcade. The shots are neat, the voice lines are good, and the overall feel is just an air of fun. However, the sound and music never really sound good and the colors are pretty drab for such a cartoon game. I wish I could play it in LED's to get a better feel for the colors. I would like to have one at home and fix it up.
9 months ago
Terrific pin. I especially love the powerplant pop-bumpers. So cool. Colour DMD is a beauty on this one.
I seek this out wherever I can.
10 months ago
One of the best theme integrations in pinball. The rules depth is awesome! Something for players of all skill.
11 months ago
Forget about that other Simpsons pinball machine, this is the definitive Simpsons pin. I love this game to death, but wow is it easy to send the ball SDTM -- Itchy and Scratchy can kick the ball SDTM, the bumpers can send it SDTM, not completing the Otto loop can send it SDTM, and you can even plunge the damn ball into a target and send it SDTM. When you're playing on rubber feet it makes the game really, really difficult. Aside from that this is one of my favorite pins; they did a bang-up job on capturing the spirit of the cartoon and there is more than enough to keep you busy for a good long while. "Jackpot!" It's a classic.
11 months ago
TSPP is a great game with great rules, good sounds and call outs, and a lot of cool toys.
11 months ago
The game is brillant no two ways about it. Initially I thought the couch shot and mini playfeild was poor design - but now I see it as positioned perfectly and for a pinball player (addict) making the 3 on the couch shot and getting "o.k Simpson, you're under arrest.......but whhhyyyyy [Homer] - hoarding pinballs" - for me this just never gets old and is up there with SHOW-TIME on Addams. whilst this game, of course, attracts beginner players; it is most definetly a machine to reward an experieced player and home owner/collector. there is just too much to enjoy it on a location Some of the sayings like - Comic-Book Guy "telling you he is getting old waiting for you to make a shot" are just great.
1 year ago
You can tell they really thought about the design for this pin. Shooting the garage "bash" toy to get into the living room, then locking the balls on the couch. It feels like you really are in Springfield as you move around the play field. I am a big Simpsons fan so I am really enjoying the machine. If this game was made now, it would be an LE as it is jammed packed with toys and features.

Really fun game. You can stack almost any mode, shots are great. The only cons I would give is that the music is not great IMO. As well, the left side of the play field is much slower than the right.

Really good game so far and I am just sinking my teeth into it.

6 month update:

The code and depth in this game is massive and although I have reached wizard mode, I have yet to complete it. This game has a nice balance of difficulty and fun, as well as fairness. The stacking of modes is almost unmatched and makes for huge memorable games. There are many features and modes that are almost "spoilers" but the people reading the review should know that what was put into the rom set on this game was absolutely huge.
1 year ago
Game is fun but super super hard...ruleset is very very the theme and love the show..This is a very fun game..callouts are cool..
1 year ago
one of the best 21 century pins in the Stern collection, can never get bored with this game so many variations.
Love the multi flippers, drop targets, multi levels and fast game, a great compromise between older and recent pins.
There are 377 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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