The Simpsons Pinball Party


The Simpsons Pinball Party

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Game Design: 8.556

Artwork: 8.486

Sounds/Music: 7.964

Other Aspects: 8.585

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Found 496 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 496 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago
TSPP is a fun, well-integrated theme for pinball. Lots of interesting and challenging shots, though not a flow type game at all. Love the execution of the garage and upper playfield/couch. Very satisfying earning couch multiball. Treehouse shot is definitely one of the more difficult upper flipper shots. Callouts are fun and nostalgic, but some of the music and sounds can become a little repetitive and annoying. Very deep rule set. Few will ever see the wizard modes, but you don't have to have a marathon game to have fun.
25 days ago
I've only played this game a handful of times, at least since arcade days in the 90s, yet -- this is on my wish list for sure. It will be hopefully my very next purchase. I'm pretty much not a fan of the Simpson's show after season 15, but this game came out in their prime and it captures the theme perfectly. I hear it's pretty deep, but I'd need a lot more time on the table before understanding the full ruleset. Glavin
34 days ago
I never played this pin in my younger years, but was a fan growing up watching this iconic show. Still cannot believe it is showing on TV still after all these years, but that has a lot to do with its Iconic-ness. I was happy to try not 1 but 3 of these machines at the Pintastic New England. I fell in love with it and the show again. I loved the call outs the playfield and lastability. I had to add this to my future wishlist. Would recommend everyone needs one as part of their home collection. A must have, based on some of the mods I seen, it could be even a fun project and beauty that everyone can personalize. Game on!
48 days ago
Great game. Lots of shots for beginners and experts
75 days ago
As a lifelong fan of The Simpsons, I've gotta say, they've nailed it! Sure, it's not the fastest game on the block, but once you get all the modes going, it turns into absolute chaos—in the best way possible. Layering those modes on top of each other? Pure joy. and let's talk about that upper playfield; mastering it feels like a rite of passage. The factory lighting might lean towards the dim side, but throw in an upgraded LED setup, and it's like a whole new game. The shots are the perfect mix of fun and challenge.

Compared to today's pins it still has so much fun to offer and overall enjoyability!! This one is bolted!
88 days ago
The Simpsons Pinball Party is a very fun machine to play, and the machine rules and design are complimentary of the theme which makes this machine very fun to play. The upper playfield is one of the best I have played in my time and the ball lock couch is such a clever idea. Many games today have hidden ball locks, but I am in the camp that I like to see the balls being locked so I can always have a quick reference of how many more balls I need to lock to engage a multiball mode. This is a well done pinball machine and this machine is still a blast to play over 20 years after it was released.
3 months ago
4 months ago
This game is pure fun, and one of the pins that reminds me how much a table can transport you into a world. The toys, characters, and the worldbuilding is awesome.

Simpsons isn't a deep game, but it's very fun.

The couch playfield is an awesome "collector" of balls, and the secondary shots are awesome. It's not super "flowy", but it is really fun. The backglass and cabinet artwork is awesome. The rule-set is somewhat limited, as it lacks depth. That said, it's a great pin for kids, modders and most importantly... FUN!

It's a prime table for re-release!
4 months ago
You don't have to be a wizard or love the show to enjoy yourself with tssp
4 months ago
Really fun pin with what seems to be isolated to a few really special shots, absolutely tied together with a garage shot to couch gag mini playfield that is one of my favorites of all time. Loading up a couch full of ball locks is so cool, and satisfying as hell.

It uses the theme extremely well, just enough schtick and silliness to keep things lighthearted. The mission structure is weak but there’s only so much you could really do with the Simpsons, but to include nifty ways to include as many characters as possible.

Flippers feel tight and responsive on this machine, and ball drain isn’t too frequent and feels fair. Left side of the playfield is a bit cluttered with switches and loops that don’t really go anywhere, I do wish there was an orbit on that side but minor quibble.

Art package is solid, music forgettable, sound effects and voices all as they should be. This is a classic machine, and does respect to the Simpsons well. I just love this pin.
6 months ago
On first approaching this game, the playfield looks chaotic - there is so much packed under the glass compared with most modern machines. Unfortunately I don’t think the GI helps this game, as it is a fairly dark playfield and the many features are not shown off well.

This is not a “flow” game - after hitting most of the shots there is a pause of some kind. The garage shot is very satisfying but most of the other shots I could take or leave.

The theming is of course consistent and excellent, and this game still stacks up well in a lineup considering its age.
6 months ago
This game is what I think of when I hear the “world under glass” cliche. So many elements from the tv series are sprinkled in. The playfield layout is great and unique, with an awesome upper playfield (maybe the best in pinball?). Keith Johnson’s rule set is amazing, there’s so much to figure out! This game is more stop and go than flow, so that could be a negative for some, but it works well for this title. One of the best from the dmd era!
7 months ago
A+++++++++++ So far, this is one of my favorites!!
8 months ago
The Simpsons Pinball Party is an incredible game.

The layout is good although I think the shots do not feel very satisfying. The best shot is the Garage shot in the middle. And I like the layout of the mini-playfield. In general this game has many shots that feel unique. The lock shot on the sofa is a nice idea too.

I like the rules and especially the modes feel very varied. Although I find the D'oh frenzy and bit annoying. The regular Multiball and Itchy & Scratchy Multiball are very much fun to play.

The "biggest" issue this game has is its sound quality. But it sounds much better than the Sega games. After a while of playing this game it won't bother you. It is still alright.

The artwork on this game is perfect and entirely resembles The Simpsons. It is probably the best 2000s game from Stern in terms of artwork.

Overall this is a great machine that makes a lot of fun and is very unique. I think it will entertain everyone who likes The Simpsons.
8 months ago
9 months ago
In 2003 Stern released two very important pins. First LOTR, which many feel saved pinball
manufacturing. Second was The Simpsons Pinball Party which also certainly played a role in keeping
Stern alive and healthy. While LOTR was an IP at the height of its popularity TSPP was based on a series
that was considered already long in the tooth and not exactly the cultural phenom it was in the early
90s. (Who knew it would still be going in 2023). Nevertheless, Stern and its talented designers
approached the game with love and respect.
First, let us look at the art package. Any time you are dealing with an IP based on an animated property
you are essentially already locked into an artistic style – see Rick and Morty, South Park, Family Guy.
The back glass is nothing astounding but gets the job done. The cabinet art, however is completely original
and demonstrates the level of care that went into developing this theme. We get our main characters
in the foreground against a background of 100s of supporting characters. Every Simpson fan has stared
at that cabinet and tried to name characters and episodes. A very nice touch. The Playfield is filled with
Springfield details and has a kinetic energy to it before the ball is even plunged and there is definitely a
“world under glass.” We really get the feeling that we are playing in Springfield. All the major sites are
present and accounted for and the game is designed to send you on a journey through this fictional
world. You will go to the nuclear power plant, Moe’s Tavern, the Simpson living room, the comic
bookstore and other well known sites during the game.
The music can be repetitive but definitely evokes the mood as the familiar theme plays throughout the
game. Stern could have just hired 1 cast member to do callouts and likely saved some cash but instead we
get three actors who give us a multitude of familiar characters to hear during the game.
The layout is fun and challenging and the upper playfield is one of a very few that I actually enjoy and
feel adds to a game. The rule set is deep and layered. How deep? Go watch a rule tutorial on Youtube
and you will see how much is available to do in this game. Lots of modes that stack and lots of unique
multiballs and wizard modes.
The only negative I have is - it is not a flow monster and yet it is not really a sniper machine either. The
right loop (Otto shot) painfully pauses the game and getting to the upper playfield also seems to really
halt momentum waiting on the VUK. But that is the only negative and does not detract from an
enjoyable game. Put a color DMD in this machine and it will hold it’s own against any game released in
the last 5 years.
While Stern did put out some good pins after LOTR and TSPP - it would be 7-10 years later before
anything reached this level (Star Trek, Tron, Ac/Dc, eventually Metallica).
9 months ago
Great game just bought it. Plays great really fun
Lots of depth. Call outs are great. Simpsons theme is great
10 months ago
I owned this game and must say it is very fun for an early STERN game. The Simpsons is a camp theme to start off with, and Blacer did an amazing job creating a playfield that integrates this theme. The sounds of the pop bumpers ( nuclear reactor towers), the multiball couch up, and the garage shot all work really well. The animatronic Homer head is also really well done.
The modes is this game are pretty straight forward and numerous and with the playfield variety you really shouldn’t get bored with this game very quickly. I think that is why the price has climbed and it rates so well.
That said, the playfield lighting is pretty mediocre by todays standards , cabinet art is a bit busy , and the machine in general is not a “looker”. It’s just a fun game that the average player is going to like. Downside for competitive players would be uneven scoring and sped of play ( medium pace ).
11 months ago
One of the best pins I've spent time on. Fantastic.
11 months ago
A real Simpsons world under glass... a keeper !
1 year ago
The nice thing about this game is that the ruleset is deep so experienced players have goals to shoot for, but it's also simple enough that beginners can have fun just banging the ball around. The multiballs and modes all stack, so even if you don't really know what you're doing you end up getting into something interesting.

I enjoy the garage door and upper playfield with the TV modes and couch ball lock. Even for a relative novice those are fun and achievable. I can see how if you owned the game the need to hit the garage door and continually go to the upper playfield to get the TV mode started might become a bit tedious. The game also doesn't have a lot of flow because of this and the pause when the ball goes into the Otto school bus area above the third flipper. If you value flow above all else in a game, this probably isn't the one for you. The remainder of the playfield is pretty standard, with ramps and drop targets and both hard shots and easy shots. The pop bumpers made to look like the nuclear power plant are a nice touch. There is a lot to do, and almost anything you hit on the playfield does something.

The music and art are just average for me but the callouts are great, even with some characters not included (my favorite is Grandpa Simpson's "Extra ball!"). Overall it's quite enjoyable.
1 year ago
Loved this game after the first try. The wife and I agreed that we would get this machine for home. Very deep rule set, challenging all the way. The call outs never get old. Hard to believe this game is 20 years old. I was 12 when the Simpsons show started and this really takes me back to my childhood. My first 10 out of 10. Awesome game.
1 year ago
This games a bit of a challenge, but if you get into it and work out the timing for the many shots available it is a real pleasure. I own one and can’t stop playing, do‘h!
1 year ago
It's a really fun an entertaining machine. It lends itself to a specific style of play and is a bit one dimensional when it comes to shots, but the flow of hitting that upper playfield from the left ramp, into a TV mode into a ball lock is one of the most satisfying shot chains I have ever hit.

I scramble a lot and get frustrated at the awkward shots but I keep pressing start and trying again. Scoring is a bit lackluster and I can never blow it up but I see how people could

Overall a very fun and unique machine
1 year ago
It is such a deep game! And it makes me laugh on a regular basis - not many games can claim that. My favorite pin of all time.
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