The Simpsons Pinball Party

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Other Aspects: 8.531

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There are 424 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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15 days ago
I love the lower lock behind the drops to start multiball.
Really fun to play.
55 days ago
Its been a while since I played a SPP. The pin requires dedication and as many have stated it rules are deep/great. Requires time to truly appreciate. Very nicely done game.
58 days ago
What a great game and theme. I really like the upper play-field, left ramp shot is not easy and changeling, call outs are great, lots of toys and plenty of shots. I think this pin is enjoyable family friendly yet challenging for any level player. Its a keeper
61 days ago
The toys are Simpsons
66 days ago
Doh, love the simpsons, but this games takes forever to get to wizard mode. Games last way too long.
78 days ago
This game is never leaving my home. Beautiful, fun, hard, perfect theme. Love everything about it.
83 days ago
A very fun and deep game for not just your causal pinhead but also your casual player. Its a game all my family and friends love playing regardless of knowing the rules. It is great theming with awesome call outs. Love this game
3 months ago
This was a game I originally did not like because I did not really understand. When played at an expo another time it really grew on me. The upper play field is very cool and multiball is very fun. The homer toy looks very good and the callouts are great. The shots are tight but satisfying when you make it in my opinion.
3 months ago
I can play TSPP everyday and it never gets old. I have the settings a bit on the easy side so my games are 10 minutes +. Time to dial up the challenge and see how it feels then.
3 months ago
I still remember the first time playing this game. The garage and couch shot is still very satisfing for me. This game is pretty deep to keep me coming back again.
3 months ago
Owned for a couple of months now and I can’t see it going anywhere. It’s so, so deep but also pretty forgiving so great in a small collection, especially sitting next to a game that kicks your arse like Fishtales or Getaway. Deep rules might be a bit of a blur on location so I can’t imagine a walk up would enjoy it as much as I do ATM.
Ball times can be long so not great multiplayer.
I’ve finished a few of the ‘modes’ in games that last + 30mins but there’s no chance I’m going to see the super dupper mega whatever you call it anytime soon.
4 months ago
I don't think anyone argues the deep ruleset of this machine. Kudos to the programming team! This is a fun theme, with the creators paying attention to the source material. That said, this one left me less-than-satisfied.

I love the concept of the garage shot, and the unique way for locking multiballs. But the lighting on the upper playfield, mixed with the glare from the fluorescent bulb in the backglass, made this part of the machine painful to play. Even after installing LEDs, and covering the backglass bulb, I was disappointed in the experience.

Some of the shots in this game are absolutely fantastic, but the layout seemed very busy. They packed a lot into the machine. Loved the sounds of the nuclear bumpers! I think this one could've done with a few less items on the board.

Lastly, the cabinet art seemed faded, even with the new machines. Definitely suffered significant wear around the flipper buttons as they aged.

If you like a deep ruleset, this is the pin for you. If you lean more to the casual player, this one seems frustrating.
4 months ago
One of the most challenging pinball machines I have ever played. Callouts are spot on, lots of rewarding shots, perfect theme integration. Plenty of cool mods that appear factory. Never gets old, as there is just so much to accomplish. One of the best Sterns for sure. This one is bolted to the floor.
5 months ago
Very fun machine. Love the balanced scoring and depth. Not a fast game but has a huge selection of shots and modes. Fits nicely in a small collection
6 months ago
Loads of fun. This game is great for a beginner and an experienced player. Fast moving game
6 months ago
Oh man. Me and SPP do not get along. I love the theme but this layout just kills me. It looks fun to play but I do not have fun playing it. And as cool as that upper playfield is it can be absolutely brutal getting that shot for the couch lock.
6 months ago
The Simpsons...great theme great shots great layout lots of good rules and approachable for newbies and deep for the high level players. This is definitely one of Stern's best..
7 months ago
A fun game you just come back to forever.
7 months ago
I owned it twice. Once ten years ago and sold it as it just did nothing for me. Tried again as i thought I did not give it a fair chance, eh. I might be in the minority, but I do not enjoy playing the game, so I sold it again.
7 months ago
Took me awhile to take note of this game, spend some time on it at shows and finally add it to the collection after 6 years in the hobby and owning most top 20 machines. It definitely has some of the best theme integration and speech in pinball and is just outright hysterical. After owning most newer Sterns and many classic B/W's, I appreciate the inventive playfield layout - which works unlike some other games that try different shots but end up being clunky. The palyfield can seem unbalanced with all the easier shots to the center/garage and right side, but I like the challenge and last-ability offered by the left side. There are very few games like TSPP that can be loved by both the casual and highly skilled player. With NIB prices continuing to rise, TSPP is a bargain at $5-6k. Along with LOTR, Stern was making some amazing machines even in the "dark ages of pinball."
7 months ago
I will always be looking fro a good version of this game to buy. the ramp shots look easy but they can be tricky. even hitting the garage can get tough. the Couch shot is a treat when you get one. sounds are great and keep me smiling. it would be cool if stern would do a reissue of this game with some better lights and a screen like they currently are making.
9 months ago
Great game awesome theme great artwork and 5 flippers what a perfect combination
9 months ago
Have owned this for nearly 5 years now. Never gets old. Flippers are a little clicky compared to my other games. But so much fun, heaps of variety. I love the series, and it continues to bring a smile to my face with the call outs.

Springfield Mystery bus tour freaks me out!
10 months ago
Kinda partial to the Simpsons..but overall the game if fun! Love the couch gag being made into a multi-ball. Itchy and Scratchy help keep it going...suppose they could have done more with the town but with so many options...they did a good job with layout and rule set. Haven't found an end the party continues.
11 months ago
I owned this for about half a year, and decided to let it go for one reason... The wizard mode is unattainable unless you're a top 10 player in the world, which I have no motivation to ever be. I find wizard modes should be a dangling carrots for players to one day aspire to reaching. It might takes years, but the chances of seeing it are at least fathomable. I've been one shot away from Valinor, and I've reached many other wizard modes, but TSPP is just stupid difficult. What's the point of putting an 1-1.5 hours into a game to not even be a fraction of the way to the ultimate goal? The game itself is fun, and filled with tons of nostalgic Simpsons stuff, and I personally feel that making putting that wizard mode at reach for skilled played (not only elite players) could have made this one of the great games ever. I also really dislike the left orbit shot!
There are 424 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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