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There are 19 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
There's something charming about playing a great street level game, this and hoops have to be two of my favorites from Gottlieb. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but the theme is well integrated. I appreciate the usage of the vari-target, pretty clever there. A great game that can be had at a fair price!
1 year ago
I know people seem to dislike this game, but I personally really like it! It definitely has its flaws, and can be repetitive, but personally really like it!

The playfield layout is pretty well done and unique in my opinion, and plays more similarly to a Data East then a Gottlieb.

I personally like the way they use the baseball theming. While not a baseball fan personally, the use of the vari target to load bases and score runs by hitting either the inner or left loop is well done and creative.

The use of multiple bonus systems, and the skill shot scoring a run instead of giving you a bonus multiplier like most other games of this era is very unique and I personally enjoy it.

I’m not a huge fan of a timed kickback that will still run out even when not used.

Artwork is pretty meh on my opinion, with nothing sticking out other then the fact that it’s robot baseball, which is pretty stupid in my opinion though creative.

Game isn’t particularly deep in any sense, but it’s also a game from 1990, so it should be expected.

Overall, another fun street level game from Gottlieb! It makes sense this one was most successful, as it’s the least like a Gottlieb in my opinion.
3 years ago
This is a Gottlieb street level game. There's is a TON of features packed on 1 level. It's a fun game, especially if you have nostalgia for baseball. Playing it kinda feels like your out in the stands watching a game. I had one for a few months and I hate baseball. Underrated. You can still get.these cheap and I would recommend grabbing one for $1200 or under as of January 2020
5 years ago
I picked up Silver Slugger for the express purpose of learning how to shop a machine. I didn't expect much given its Pinside rating but it has turned out to be a surprise and a real hit with the family.

If you are expecting this game to be on the level of Attack from Mars and/or have a realistic baseball game while playing, you will be disappointed. However, if you can evaluate the game for what it is (instead of what it is not), you can appreciate this game quite a bit. Excellent shots, satisfying spinners, and a lot of fun can be found in Silver Slugger.

Strong Points:

The music is surprisingly catchy (in a 90's sort of way), both the kids and adults enjoy it
Three satisfying spinners, as well as a full orbit double spinner shot, are very fun to hit
Game plays very fast with flow when the playfield is cleaned/waxed
The simplicity of the game, as well as a touch of in-game baseball decision making, make it a unique experience
There are a surprising number of shots and mini-modes considering it's a street level game
Maintenance on this machine is considerably easier than most
Optionally playing for score or runs gives the game variety, especially in a 2 or more player game
Did I mention it is ridiculously fun to rip the spinners?

Weak points:

"There's a drive" is used way too much
The Vari-target sound effect, while not bad in itself, seems out of place to me in this game
The artwork is colorful but does not stand out
Like most pinball machines, it takes a few games (or a read of the manual) to understand some of the scoring nuances in the game... but this is especially true when playing for runs. The kids had much more fun playing once they understood what they were doing.
5 years ago
This game suffers from some poor art choices with robot players and some rule issues leading to unrealistic runs scored totals etc.
5 years ago
Silver Slugger, the first of the "street level" games Premier released and the most produced of the six. There's a lot going on in this game (despite its simplistic elements and lack of ramps). Most of which works, some of which doesn't.

Pros: The shots feel great. There is a surprising amount of flow to this game, and really the only elements that slow the ball up are the two kick-out holes that operate the game's mystery awards. The vari-target is a fun shot with a great sound, and it's got *three* spinners, all of which can be hit cleanly and are very satisfying.

The modes are entirely activated via the mystery system on the kick-out holes. This includes the multi-ball. Scoring appears well balanced across all the modes (an exception to Premier's typical reputation; even the multi-ball doesn't appear overpowered versus any other option). The music changes up for modes, and they present some challenging shots.

Speaking of shots, this pin is full of them. Drop targets up the middle, stand-up targets on the sides, the aforementioned spinners and vari-target, some active pop bumpers that see a lot of use... the game is jam-packed with shots and will keep you on your toes.

Related to all of this, the game's displays offer both traditional scoring as well as playing for runs scored. So, you have an option to mix things up and mandate playing for runs in competition, or relying on the traditional rule-set (where runs are worth bonus points but hardly need to be the focus).

A special shout-out to the skill-shot as well. Four lanes at the top, one of which will be flashing. You cannot move it. You can under-plunge or over-plunge and miss the in-lane section entirely. You must be precise, and you must nudge. One of the best designed skill-shots I've seen.

In addition, the backbox has some cool features. In addition to all the lighting, you can actually see the players' positions on the bases represented (as they are on the playfield) and home runs versus a pop fly gets animated via lights.

Cons: Baseball theme works but for the strange future-style they went with (robots? why?). Playfield art is pretty uninspired, as is the cabinet and backbox (so, really all the art). Alphanumeric display doesn't have much in the way of animation (sometimes a baseball is shown). The sound package seems a bit sub-par for the era, and some of the call-outs are too repetitive (namely "There's a drive").

Also, even if the scoring in multi-ball isn't lopsided, I find it very disappointing I have to rely on a mystery award to give me the two or three-ball multi-ball. The game would be so much better if you could activate the locks and then decide if you want to start a two-ball or go for three.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun. The misses on this pin are relatively slight, and more than made up for by the balanced scoring and great flow. It'll always look dated next to what other manufacturers were doing in 1990, but go in understanding that "street level" pins were shooting for a different market segment, and just judge the game on its own merits rather than comparing it to Whirlwind, and you'll probably find it to be an enjoyable experience.
6 years ago
For a bare-bones street level game, this game is a blast. Lots going on, with two looping saucer shots that need to be hit on the button in order to score your hits. The Gottlieb flippers have a feel all their own that make the shots feel as smooth as butter, and nowhere is this more apparent than on this game. I'm so-so on the futuristic baseball theming, and would have much preferred a straight ahead baseball theme. The game is an absolute blast to play with multiple players, as you are playing for both score and runs (just like old Gottlieb baseball EMs). The music on Slugger is fantastically 90s, and get ready to be humming the tune all day long. Even the call-outs, while really low quality, have charm to them. Silver Slugger is a great alternative to Williams System 11 games, a fun game to play and affordable to boot.
6 years ago
Silver Slugger is a better game than most would take it for. Admittedly this game is simple. The good news is it is well done.

The Pros:
A BRILLIANT single layer layout from John Trudeau and the street series from Premier. There is not a millimeter of wasted space on this deck. The sounds on this game are sweet. The light show with the flashers is fantastic and the double scoring mechanism of point and runs brings me back to some of the classic Gottlieb EM tables of the early 70's. The shots feel smooth. The shooter lane is above the right orbit shot and the skill shot to the 4 lanes at the top requires soft plunging and nudging with SKILL! The Vari-target is accessible from both flippers and a full shot on it is very satisfying. The Stern (v.1) bar between the lanes keeps the ball moving fast at all times near the flippers. The left outlane is hungry, so keep it lit from the standups. While they are deathshots, the 4 drops need to be hit in sequence for the special when the award is lit. Those baseball robots crack me up.

The Cons:
This game plays great and makes me wonder what JT could have done with more. Locks and multiball seem to come from random awards as compared to skillfully earned shots.

The Takeaway:
A great playing game that reminds me of Alien Star with the criss-crossing orbits to lanes/saucers/targets. While behind in the features of other manufacturers of the time, this game once again shows us how much can be done with good design, simple and balanced rules and solid hardware. Find one if you can and play on!
7 years ago
If you enjoy baseball and all it's nuances then you will love Silver Slugger. This game was made for restoration. After a complete LED refit and upgraded components this game is beautiful. It was meant for lighting. Adding a high quality flipper kit really zooms this up. The game design had the ball cracking against the glass to simulate the crack of the bat in a real baseball game. This game also has nuances that are subtle and similar to it's on field counterpart. In my humble opinion- A great game to own.
7 years ago
Maybe the highlights of this machine is the audio! Very fast and offers a spectacular light show. Mystery shots after a home run are random. You never know what you might get. 3 ball multi ball is a blast. Very under underrated machine. Don't pass this one up! Give it a play!
7 years ago
Aliens playing baseball? Not sure why but okay, I'll go with it....

The game is fast, loud, bright, colorful and wild. Sounds are great. Two ways to score, runs and points, makes it a fun competition. All the mystery bonuses makes it feel like every game is a different, unique play.

Love this game.
9 years ago
Wow what a gem. Very unappreciated game. Perhaps, its the theme. Im not a baseball fan, but for some reason this game connected. 2 ball Multi-ball? I loved it.
9 years ago
I loved this game and slugfest too. I have a ton of great memories playing this with my dad and brothers at the beach. So much fun and if I had room, I'd definitely own one.
9 years ago
steet level well thinked
not a bad pinball !
10 years ago
Well Gottlieb went and made some cheaper "street level" designs, but they really hit it out of the park with this one! WOW, I just can't believe how insanely fun and addictive this game is. Great audio, one of the most amazing light shows I've ever seen on a pin especially being only single level. There is only two things I wish were different on this game, I with the theme were of normal baseball rather than the futuristic robotic type, and I wish the cabinet was something other than bright yellow, but all that's just me being picky. If you have't played this game and have the opportunity, don't pass it up, it may very well surprise you!
10 years ago
This game is a great single level game we have had many tournaments on this game it is a lot more fun if you play for total runs instead of total points
11 years ago
Underrated game, not many bells and whistles at all but still plays good and is very good example of the street level game. No ramps or anything fancy. if you give it a chance its a nice straightforward game that is family friendly...some sounds a bit repetitive..But for under $1,000...."it's outta here"
12 years ago
Wow, this game just feels bouncy and isn't fun!
12 years ago
Had a chance to play this on location at my son's bowling lane b-day party....surprised to find this "antique" next to an out of order TZ (was really cheesed off about the busted TZ) But needing a pinball fix, I played Silver Slugger....great, fun game! Was surprised with the solid, quality feel of the game having mostly negative experience with Gottlieb games. Flow, and layout easy to understand and soon had a 3 player mini tournament going with my dad and brother, both excellent players, we all commented on what a fun, solid game it was...worth a play or two.
There are 19 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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