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Game Design: 7.54

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Other Aspects: 7.262

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Found 86 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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44 days ago
Solid game for newbies but I had little trouble dominating this game from the start. Lots of cool gimmicks and call outs but after I racked up some games I moved on. Great theme, but just not my cup of tea.
71 days ago
retheme family guy... upper playfield is awful
6 months ago
A hard to find game here, even harder to find in decent shape. Out of the 600 Shrek machines out there the vast bulk of them were routed, not many true HUO examples on this title. This game if fun and collectible.

The mini-pinball machine within the machine is the big toy on this game. It’s a ton of fun and truly one of the greatest toys ever designed for a pinball machine. Good call outs peculiar to the mini pinball machine as well.

This game has great flow and combo ability (though the mini pinball machine is a good deal of stop and go and the transitional call outs consume more time than they should). Even though these playfield design was for Family Guy, it works great for Shrek as well.

The bad: the game plays a bit long on factory settings, you’ll need to open up the outlanes all the way and make the modes harder to start. The light show was made for incandescent bulbs, get a driver board for sure on this title.
11 months ago
This pin definitely puts a smile on my face. I find the Shrek movies amusing, so that certainly helps. The gameplay is fun too. It is an all-around solid pin, but there weren't many made, so you better start looking if you want one.
1 year ago
The game is gorgeous. It is way fun and tons to shoot for. A couple of the call outs are repetitive, but even though it is a retheme of Family Guy, it is done really well. Great game and pretty deep. What more can you say other than this was done well. Very glad to have bought one.
2 years ago
Fun game that is deeper than first glance.Stern did a good job on this one.With only 600 made bumps it up a bit.
2 years ago
My favourite thing about shrek is that it plays All star by Smash Mouth everytime you start a game (although about 30 seconds in it changes to a more instrumental version of the song which is weird but whatever). the shots are fun and unique. mini playfield is an important feature as its the only way to progress into the donkey multiball or whatever its called - this is bloody hard to complete as each time you time out it gets tougher to make your way back up there to complete it. although a childish theme it still has appeal to those under 30 as SHREK 1 is old enough to be nostalgic to us
2 years ago
This is a fun game for the whole family
2 years ago
I thought this was quite a good machine, good flow, lots of fun playing it, rare to see, better than a lot of Stern's even if people are saying it is a re-theme. Love the callouts.
2 years ago
I own a Shrek for about 3 months now, it took some time but its working a 100%, shooped and fixed.

Code is a big surprise, I love the way stack was designed, you have to stack before activating a multiball mode. If you do that, you get a lot of points and that makes the machine more challenge and also makes you keep coming and try to get modes on the right order before MB.
Good modes, interesting wizard (shot, shot, scoop, restart, shoot, shoot, scoop), the final wizard mode is almost impossible.

Lots of different shots, mini playfield is fun and attractive to family and friends, art is very well implemented according to the theme, gorgeous.

The call outs are fun and there a lot different ones, I do enjoy the original smash mouth song and added other shrek songs to the modes using pinball browser ( a most IMHO). Add color DMD, use pinball browser and this pin comes to live.

I got shrek because of my 2 young daughters, but I have being playing it a lot more them MM, because of the code.
It will stay here for a long time, one of the best family pins available and only 600 hundred were made, a true LE.
2 years ago
Family guy is better just for the humor. It is unique and ok to play. Nothing crazy, but I got it for my son and he loves it and thats good enough for me to keep it.
2 years ago
When the mini pinball game on the playfield is more fun than the main pinball game, you’ve got a problem. In fact I was wishing there was a way to play just the mini game instead of the rest of the game because it was so much more fun.
2 years ago
Ugh this game. It's one of those I really want to like because of the theme. It's put together and integrated quite well but I'm just not that into hearing Smash Mouth every time.

Rules are decent. Modes are OK, and mini pinball game feels like an afterthought. Pass
3 years ago
Really enjoyed this game. Played it once, and was hooked. Always a line of people setting up to play at the pinball hall of fame in Vegas.
3 years ago
I recently added a very nice, HUO Shrek after admiring the playfield colors and art for a long time. I really like the art package on Shrek. The game design is unusual, not a surprise given it’s a Pat Lawlor design. I enjoy games with a wide array of shots, and Shrek has many, many shots and some from tricky angles. Donkey Pinball is really cute and creative, to me. People complain the upper pf is repetitive and boring. I find many upper playfields gimmicky and get old or waste space. This one is essential to collecting the characters and starting the main mb. I can see how this game’s appeal is even more personal and subjective than pinball already is. You need to like or at least tolerate Shrek and the Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy-sounding callouts. I like them, most are directly from the movie. This one is very kid-friendly too, and we need that for lots of reasons. But this game isn’t just for kids. Lawlor designed a tricky game where skill is needed to excel, and I enjoy the modes and rules. Pretty varied, if not super “deep.” Plus, there are only 600 of these pins. That’s a small run. I find it interesting too that Family Guy (which I don’t care for) is ranked pretty high, like #57, but Shrek is outside the top 100. The game is physically the same, with different art, sound and rule packages. Because I enjoy Shrek more, I would flip those rankings. Either way, this is an underrated game which is good-looking, unusual and fun to play. Plus, kids run to it first! They can’t all be for us “grown-ups.” UPDATE: after playing for several more days, I must admit I really love this game and enjoy playing it. Easy to play, hard to excel at and beat, and offers something different than most other pins. It's unique and it's fun. Give this one a real try if you can find one!
3 years ago
Hard to get into this one. Playfield has a weird layout, and they sacrificed a bunch of space for a terrible bagatelle game. Somehow I keep finding these in the wild, and I've given them a lot of plays, but it's just not a great machine. Probably a great one if you have kids and want a pin for them though.
3 years ago
Obviously if you like the layout of Family Guy, you'll like this one. Excellent re-theme in my opinion. Being that I am an adult I don't particularly care to much for the voices and music, but its absolutely perfect for the kids or fans of the movie in general.
3 years ago
So I played for my first time today. I wasn't that impressed. After my 3rd game I was very bored and ended my game early. However For any game... sometimes it might take 20 games for you to know if the game is good or not. So please take everything I say with a grain of salt. I will add more once I play a few dozen games.


Great artwork on cabinet and play field
Great music
Great sound and voices


mini game is a big waste of space and takes away from the play field
mini game gets old real fast and you really just want it to end quickly
Game isn't that exciting. For a $5000 game used, I want to be blown away. I want to have fun playing. For me know being able to get through 3 games before boredom sets in, might speak volumes.

Maybe I will find some more fun things with the game after a few more plays.
3 years ago
My fiance loves this machine. I like it. 8.5/10.
3 years ago
Shrek is just a rethemed Family Guy, so all the same stuff applies -good layout, ace mini playfield, sound callouts can get repetitive. if you like one then you'll like both, but the one you come across first (steady there, not literally) will be the one you prefer. I first encountered (swerve) FGUY so for me this always seemed just an inferior copy.

good fun game though and not too many about, so definitely have a play if you ever find yourself ejaculating into one sorry I mean coming across one.
3 years ago
I think this is one of the worst pinball machines I don't like it
4 years ago
The layout of this one kills the flow of the game.
The mini playfield is cool toy.
Not my taste and the theme does nothing for me.
4 years ago
Great family game and challenging to play.
4 years ago
This was my second game added to my collection by way of a friend of a friend. It is a fun game to play, all the kids and my friends and neighbors always want to play Shrek first.
5 years ago
Fairly fun pinball with good call outs and plenty of toys. the layout is not the best which limits flow. The right side is a bit cluttered. The mini playfield seems like a good idea but gets old pretty quick. fun in an arcade but due to limited lastability nothing I would want to own. Similar to Family Guy.
There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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