Ship Ahoy


Ship Ahoy

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This game ranks #122 in the Pinside EM Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.854

Artwork: 7.828

Sounds/Music: 4.064

Other Aspects: 7.907

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Found 16 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
Simple but fun. It's basically a three shot game but it's very approachable for new players and still fun every once in awhile for those that are familiar. The spinning wheel that spots a number is very satisfying and brings something unique vs just ripping points off a spinner. The main drawback is how hard it is to get back up top for inaccurate shooters - lots of bounces off the central playfield parts that head back towards the flippers. Racking up wows is fun and the playfield is definitely pretty. The lack of a bonus countdown when the ball drains is somewhat underwhelming.
3 years ago
Great AAB game . Love the wow lights, and the 100k lights. Very fun game.
3 years ago
I picked up this game as a non-working project, and never having played it before. After getting it back up and running and playing a few games, boy was I surprised how fun this game is! The layout is great and the rules are simple. Complete the ship's wheel in the center to AAB. Make sure you get the 1 on the plunge, otherwise chances are that you'll have to wait for your next plunge. I LOVE the spinner and the moving spot to light a number.

Gottliebs have the best chime box of all EMs and this sounds like the rest of them.
4 years ago
Kinda boring. Just ok for me
4 years ago
Well laid out machine and a good rule set that keep you coming back for more. My kids and their friends love playing it because they quickly understand what needs to be done.
5 years ago
This is an absolutely fantastic Gottlieb AAB, one of the best! The art package is simply awesome with the sexy fun pirate girl on the backglass, and the sailing theme totally works through to the playfield. If you love ripping spinners, this is the game for you! Some people say "that's the only shot!", but they are totally wrong.... you can hit the spinner, 10&11 (hard), 8&9 (harder) and 2&3 (hardest). Plus you need good nudging and plunger skills to get the 1. Easy to understand and play, but very hard to master. Add in the fact it has the classic Gottlieb chimes and a perfect cabinet art design make this a must-own for any serious EM AAB collector. My favorite 3" flipper non-drop target Gottlieb game! (My #1 is Gold Strike).
6 years ago
The cabinet and artwork are above average but not the best for the era. The gameplay will keep you coming back. This is a shooters game that keeps you coming back for more. I've also noticed that younger players understand the game quickly and don't want to stop playing. Sound and lighting is very good.
6 years ago
Good game with shot placement being everything! Get the 1 lane first to light the 1000 popper and start hammering away! The artwork is great aside from the backglass which could be better IMHO.

Edit: The game is ok but not a keeper, ultimately it is shoot the spinner, shoot the spinner, shoot the spinner.
8 years ago
Probably my favorite machine to play in my collection. The spin and spot makes this game fun to play. Lighting the ships wheel is a bit of a challenge. You can get those add a ball WOW's but it takes some work and a little luck. It only takes a few plays and you get hooked on this game.
9 years ago
Shoot the broadside! Well, here it's a spinner which is actually pretty close to the flippers. Shooting it again and again and again is the way to play. The playfield looks nice while the backglass looks mediocre for a single player game.
10 years ago
Play this often at The Pinball Parlour. One of my favorite EMs ever. I know people rip it for being too easy, but I don't care (I'm not a great player anyway). I love the art and play on this one. I'm a sucker for any pin with a nice spinner shot and this satisfies me nicely.
10 years ago
Buccaneer, Ship Ahoy etc. are all similar games with identical artwork. The game is too cluttered. Limited number of shots to get the ball up field coupled to a poorly thought out game plan makes this game not as good as it could have been. I like the back glass and used to fancy the pirate girl in the thigh boots, but that's not really pinball related (sorry). You can play this over and over again and still walk away from the game feeling that it should have been better.
11 years ago
You always remember your first. And your last."

Technically, this was neither, but it was the game I spent more time playing in college than any other. An EM holdout in a SS world in 1984, this game got a LOT of my quarters.

As a result, it was my holy grail for awhile and one of my first purchases. I have come to appreciate other games rules, artwork and everything else more, but the only way this one ever leaves my collection is if I find a better one.
11 years ago
Not an Add a Ball fan, I like this game in it's non add a ball form. However, in either version, this is a challenging game to play, not so easy to get the 1-11 to light in this case, the "WoW" to get more balls, if this machine is set up properly, maybe even throw in "High Tap" and it is a fun fast blast, I prefer and own the Buccaneer , but this is a keeper.
11 years ago
This review is based on my Buccaneer rating. This game may be even tougher as it is an Add-A- Ball game.

Ship Ahoy is the epitome of the Krynski motto: Simple to play, nearly impossible to beat.

The Pros:
A game that requires nudging at the top. Gotta get that "1" from the lanes or chance the spinner for that last #. Gordon Morrison did a brilliant job with the art package. This game has great action up top as well as orbits that look like they are easy shots, but between the pops and the narrowness of the alleys at the top of the PF... aiming skills are mandatory! The game is relatively easy to score with points on

The Cons:
Draining the last ball with only the number 1 unlit. Curses!... foiled again.

The Takeaway:
One of the best games to come from Gottleib, ever.
11 years ago
I have a love/hate thing going with this machine. It is easy to beat, because all you really need to do is make the #1 rollover on the head shot, and then just keep the ball shooting through the center spinner. There really are no other shots to make. Even though it is nowhere near my favorite, it is the one I'm best at, and when things are going badly, I'll jump on this one for a confidence boost!
There are 16 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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