Sharkey's Shootout

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There are 26 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 months ago
Fun game! A lot better than Striker Extreme!! ( Has some easy and some hard shootouts, and some nice callouts! And I love the artwork.
1 year ago
Fun machine with a 8 ball what more could you want.. Game has a good flow and over all a good machine for a Stern that was entering in a bad market at the time. So given that it was kinda back to the basics.
2 years ago
While looking at the game I thought I’d really like it.
Purchased one for a good price before playing it and it only lasted in my collection a couple months.
Felt really cheap and kind of clunky. The whole machine confused me because the ideas all seemed good but when adding it all together it did not make a fun game?
2 years ago
This is a really enjoyable game and for me personally it ticks off a lot of what I am looking for in a pinball game. It has ramps, a nice theme, a bit of sex appeal, dmd, and its fun. Is this the best pinball machine ever no, but it was a good one considering that at the time of its release pinball machines were starting to go on the decline. Pinball enthusiasts will note that both pretty ladies and pool are the two most common pinball themes ever. This machine of course has both and it has Jeanette Lee doing the call outs. As for the callouts there is nothing fancy, but they do their job and the same is true for the animations. In fact I think the animations are actually really weak and nothing special for the most part. They get the job done, and they don't detract from the game, but they really don't add to it. But, its a pinball machine and so they won't rob your attention, which is good. I like the layout and I like the skillshot. Its not hard to get, but also not super easy. My only beef with this machine is there is a hole to add to your bumper pool and other games bonuses. And that can be really easy to hit. Still the ramps are nice and fun to hit, it has some orbits. And the magic or mystery 8 ball is a nice touch. I also like the whole row of drop targets that coincide with the pool balls. And the game does have some nice modes that utilize them so you're not always trying to bash them all down. I'm not the best player at this game. I also like the post saves. They're really cool and sometimes they don't work as well as you'd like, but when they do work, its always a blast. And its fun and keeps with the theme and layout. I like the playfield as I said, and I like the backglass. To me the playfield has the right amount of balance, between shots, toys, ramps, and targets. Just enough open space to make fun challenging shots. And not so crowded or busy that you can't take it all in. My only beef is that the playfield re-uses the backglass art. Line for line... I think that's a bit lazy. It's nice art. I love the backglass. Has the right amount of cheese and sex appeal that I enjoy in pinball. But, I would prefer other original art on the playfield. Still. A nice looking pin, and a fun playing one to boot. Is this a great pin... I don't think so. But, one day I wouldn't mind one of these right next to my breakshot.
3 years ago
I was on the hunt for a Sharkey's Shootout because of its Eight Ball Deluxe (EBD) inspired (heavily inspired) layout. The nutshell summary is this is a enjoyable interpretation with a few hiccups.

Pros: Shot geometry is good. If you like EBD's layout, this will appeal to you. The orbit shots feel smooth. The ramp's steepness requires a somewhat clean hit to clear, but it is not a tight shot. That ramp replacing the in-line drops, and a stand-up target blocking the lowest pop bumper, means the layout is actually quite a bit more forgiving than EBD's (the pop bumpers will not be much of a threat). In addition, post save buttons to protect the left and right outlanes (and between the flippers) give you added tools to keep the ball going (though these do have delays so you have to react fast enough).

Rules are fun but not complex. As you play through opponents you could be playing either 8-Ball or 9-Ball. Shooting drops to clear relevant balls is the obvious course of action but other shots also can award you credit, so there is some flexibility if you're finding something a bit too rough/repetitive.

Theme integration is great. Funny how a few pool balls mounted around the playfield can go a long way to making the game feel "full". The one toy is the Magic 8 Ball, which is accessed via the ramp shot. It's a clever twist on the 8-Ball concept, and functions as the mystery award device.

Sound quality is pretty good; it's easy to understand everything. Voice work is in that cheesy 90s way I associate with latter-year Williams.

Cons: Game has a lot of flow disruption, from two primary sources. The main issue is the sinkhole in the upper-right area. This is the primary target in the game for multiball locks, finishing an 8-Ball game, and starting a new opponent. The ball spends a lot of time in this hole. In addition, the ball fires out from it into the pops, with a very high chance of those pops sending it right back into the hole. It can get tedious. The second issue is the Magic 8 Ball. A magnet in there holds the ball and it spins while choosing your mystery award, showing you on the ball which one you received. It's neat as a concept but far slower than the typical mystery award process on pins. If you're going up there a lot, it can be a bit of a bore.

Other issues. Dots are good but surprisingly limited in use. Backbox looks weird (ugly) and the translite is not great (I think the art works better on the playfield). Music gets repetitive. Callouts get repetitive.

Overall, I think this is a pretty fun game that (at this time) is surprisingly underrated on Pinside. Yes, it is an EBD variant, but EBD being broadly seen as the best pool-themed pin out there it was the right concept to steal from. The rules have decent depth. It's got a lot of shots thanks to the drops and it is a shooter's game (especially when in 9-Ball). Safer and longer playing than EBD, with deeper code that remains easy to understand, this is a good pin for those wanting something that encourages good shot aim without being exceedingly brutal to you when you brick and fail.
3 years ago
Most Sharkey's I've ever seen are beaten up fairly good. Knew it was a simple but fun game, recently bought one. Fixed it all up and added LEDS - seriously plays like a new tight pinball machine should, very smooth. Pretty good game to hop on and have a bash. I like it.
3 years ago
I found someone selling this game a few months back for pretty cheap, and thought what the hell. There were a few titles that are fairly rare, so I figured this was my chance to try out one of sterns earlier DMD machines.

I used to like pool a long time ago, So the theme isn't bad. Thought it was cool that they were able to license it with jenette lee (spelling?). I don't have a problem with the artwork, I actually kind of like it. Though Artwork is a very small piece of a pin to me. The game wasn't real challenging, got a pretty descent score after the fifth game or so. Beat Jennete lee which gave me another multiball, that didn't last very long. My left flipper was double fliping due to a messed up EOS switch I think. So as soon as I have time to fix this game up, I will try it out again. I'm not great at pinball or anything so if it was easy for me...

I don't 100% understand the rules, but played it enough to get the gist. play 8 or 9 ball to beat opponents. shoot the ramp when 8 ball is lit to collect a prize and do combos so you don't have to hit the drop targets. shoot in the hole to get the pool prize value up. shoot the lock shot to lock for multi ball... I'm sure I'm missing a couple things.

The thing I dislike about the game the most is the wise guy callout. OMG that guy is freakin annoying.
if it wasn't for him, I would definitely add a few points to the mix

All in all its a great game for it's value, which is under 2k
3 years ago
Fun game! A lot better than Striker Extreme!! ( Has some easy and some hard shootouts, and some nice callouts! The only thing i do not like on this game is the artwork.. ( Youssi must have been sick that day)!!
3 years ago
After playing it enough. It's grown on me.I love the challenge of going from 8 ball to 9! Fun to play
4 years ago
This is a year 2000 pinball. Right at about the darkest time for the pinball world. The pinball is a good candidate for restoration. The worst wear is around the out hole and can be easily corrected with a metal out hole protector. The back glass art is uninspiring which is too bad because the playfield is flashy and well crafted. The game is very solid and the beginning of Stern's run of quality and well crafted pinballs. I enjoy the tie in of the magic eight ball into the pool theme. The game flows well and if you are not careful you can spend lots of time on the pin. It just lacks that razzle dazzle we all want in our pinballs. If it were ice cream it would be vanilla. A solid fun game and a good starter pinball.
5 years ago
These big ugly inserts immediately remind me of High Roller Casino, and this game feels cheap all around just like HRC. Generic theme and layout with the line of drop targets and the third flipper to shoot them down. It's nothing we haven't seen before, and since the lock shots are safer than the drops, going for multiball rather than aiming for drops seems like the best idea. Backhanding the inner loop feels really good, that's my favorite shot of the game. The post saves are kind of cool, especially for the bonus you get for launching the ball back into the shooter lane. The pop bumpers ramp up to 1M/hit which is really decent points for a pop bumper, maybe the most I've seen in any game. Nothing about the game is very exciting to me, a below average game from my least favorite Stern era.
5 years ago
I've owned this for just over a month. Its incredible how much of a difference there is between an early Stern (Sharkeys) and a good Stern like LOTR. These machines are 3 years apart but a universe apart when it comes to game play. Sharkeys flippers and drop targets look and feel cheap. To date, haven't found anything that really "draws me in" to this game. Your results may vary.
5 years ago
I simply love this machine! I enjoy the way the rear loop can be shot with the upper flipper for hyper fast looping and yet when doing other shots around the back loop of the table there is a magnet that alters the balls course as well as a post that blocks the lane to cause the ball to come back toward the upper flipper. It is also very nice and rewarding shooting the ramp for the mystery 8 ball ( always nice to see what will be the outcome. ) Then when the mystery 8 ball is not lit the ball diverts the m8ball and uses a different ramp as well as the main cross table ramp.

Right side row of drop targets are fun and challenging to hit the specific one ( especially in order) but also nice that various things also will spot you targets. Beating each character is good fun and challenging enough to beat the Black Widow Jeanette Lee ( I can only assume is quite gratifying ) being i get up to that final match once every 15 games or so. It keeps me right on the edge of my skill level just craving that high point victory!

The theme is pool with 5 characters, and Jeanette lee as the finale, all with their own voices and personalities ( art depiction for each is humorous and serious enough to be great for any age. ) The blues rock feel of the music is part of the hook for me. So when playing the pool theme with that cool music and fun shots to keep going after again and again, I absolutely would tell people give this pin a try, I love it! So I bought it! My favorite pinball I have played to date.
6 years ago
6 years ago
This is my first pin. And I echo the grail knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he told Indy, You have chosen well. I have always liked pool theme pins like eightball and eightball deluxe.

The features I most enjoy are as follows. The save feature via the extra set of flipper buttons, having to play both Eight and nine ball, The drop target bank and the mystery ball.

I don't care for the following. The blue bumper block. It was VERY annoying at first. With practice it is no longer an issue. On the initial launch of each ball their is a suppressor that inhibits a full launch periodically. Hence you can not make the skill shot for that ball.

The gameplay which is great has you defeat 5 different characters before you can play the beautiful Jeanette Lee. I have only Played her a few times in the 18 months that I have owned this pin. Sadly I have NOT beaten her. The challenge continues.
6 years ago
Fun game, good layout, 3 flippers, decent code. Looks great all LED'd up. Best ball save features I have ever played on a pin.
6 years ago
Drop target banks on both sides make this a fun game to aim and shoot. The 8 ball is at the cross roads of two ramps, which makes it unique to billiard-themed pins. Overall, a fun game, but not anything that I would need to have in my collection.
6 years ago
I love pool-themed games and this is no exception! I cannot understand why this machine gets such a low rating, must be the ugly white backbox. But for me, this pin is simply fun. I love trying to beat each player by hitting the drop targets, the 8 or 9 ball and then the trick shot. Owned the game a month and still have not played Jeanette, but I will soon. I like the Mystery 8 ball, and the pops, which stay very active. The drain lane ball savers are so cool and I actually found myself trying to do it on a different machine (but it had none so I drained, lol). All in all, a keeper because of the fun factor.
7 years ago
Good, fun game for the price. Not a whole lot of depth to the rules, but there are some good multiballs and it's an easy pin for non pinball people. The thing that really shines is the unique ball save, the outlanes have pop up posts that must be timed perfectly, really adds a cool element to the game. Only 1 ramp, but the drop targets are fun (like 9 or them) and the Mystery 8 ball is a cool toy. The art on the playfield looks good, no photoshopping. Pay attention to wear at the kickout hole and above the top left pop bumper, this area gets hammered by the ball flying out of kickout hole. This would probably be a great candidate for a first pin. My rating echos others and the cheap feel of the game. The weird shaped white backbox with no art makes me want to vomit. In the same price range you could probably pick up an Eight Ball Deluxe.
7 years ago
This game is much better than people think!
7 years ago
Fun game for whole family.
7 years ago
Sharkeys' Shootout (Golden Cue) is a modernization of 8 Ball Deluxe.

The Good:
Start with a great game PF layout and see what happens. I guess if you're going to steal, you might as well steal from the best. I guess that is how John Borg gets a solid PF onto the street. Don't believe me? Tron, the left side is Congo and the right hand side of the the PF is Funhouse. X-men is flipped over mirror image with the exception of a few shots at the top of the PF right in the middle. The shots are all there with the skill needed for the targets and the upper orbit from the upper flipper. The upper orbit is nicely done next to the combo shot. The ramp and VUK work with the the left and right inlanes.

The Bad:
The targets feel... well "blockier" than the original Bally targets. The flippers are great when they are crisp, soggy and soft when not maintained (which for some reason seems to be EVERY game I have seen on location). I don't think that the blue target in front of the pop-bumpers is a good thing. I like the old 8 ball deluxe pop where if you hit it... trouble! I didn't like the white cab top, but the lower cab looked just fine. The artist who did the BG must not have liked Janet. She looks like she is giving Tex a handjob and getting boofed from behind by Sticks at the same time. Pinball gangbang!

The Takeaway:
A good game based off of a great game made 20 years earlier. The ramps and changes to the PF are nicely done and the ruleset is not that bad either. The game's feel is not as solid as other games from just a year before... but Williams has shut down recently and I think this game plays rather well. Open up the outlanes and disable your post saves and you may have a really good player on your hands.
7 years ago
Played this a ton in college. Easy game but fun theme. A good multi player game when ya get some buddies involved and a couple beers. I love John youssi art and who doesn't love the black widow. One of the best pool players of all time.
8 years ago
The modern version of Eight Ball Deluxe... a nice game, not sure I'd want one though since I have EBD, and this is just too similar...
8 years ago
a lot of annoying voice clips. i really like the difference of gameplay in this versus other stern pins though..the outer lane pop up bumpers (initiated by pressing the lower flipper buttons), and the middle 3ball imbetween the flippers is a great addition. sort of grows on you with the 4 flipper buttons (2 for outer lane saves, and combined they pop up the 3 ball stopper imbetween the flippers. really good ideas., but came a little short. i love the pool ball drop target shots, and jeannette lee's voice clips are as sexy as she was/is!! a market here for pool lovers around the world. i'm glad they actually made a pool themed machine to accomodate this new century

after playing this machine over 200 times, i've changed my rating and opinion. at first, this game seems dull, with not a whole lot to shoot or play for. well, after finally 'really' understanding the rules, i love this machine. such a great strategy 'shooting' for the drop target cue balls, to lite the 8 or 9 ball to close the 'charactor' and open the next. finally got to wizard mode, and was it ever epic! the sound, the dislpay, the gameplay, the shots...all was what i was waiting for. this truly is a 'shooters' game were you have to aim for the drop targets, then hit your 8 or 9 ball shots. if you can find this machine for 1500 or so get it, i dont' see too many of these around
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