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Shaq Attaq

Pinside rating

This game received 60 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.357 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #335 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.823

Artwork: 5.796

Sounds/Music: 5.654

Other Aspects: 6.52

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 3 of us have rated this game.


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Found 32 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
Big shaq fan so theme is good.. Fun game for the price. Multi ball could be better. Scoring is never consistent.
5 months ago
Good budget game. Some fun shots with the basket, spinner and drop targets at the top. Music is generic/boring. The call outs are repetitive. The backglass is odd. Really weird scoring/rules. It's alright but does get old after a few games. The playfield isn't bad and with a better rule set and more balanced scoring, it would have been a much better game. Not a bad game to have if you're looking for a cheap DMD game... just you'll want to upgrade soon.
8 months ago
shooting the basket shot is the only real gimmick on this game but I still take pleasure in playing this one whenever I see it , don't care for the theme at all but was surprised by how much fun it can be
11 months ago
First feature I noticed , before I even started to play the game, when you play with the flipper buttons the DMD board starts scrolling through the game instructions, wow I really love this & wish all games had this feature! very clever Gottlieb
In the center of the play field is a moving basket ball hoop that just dares you to try & shoot the ball through it, one of those shoots you never get sick of seeing, which has a separate score board of it's own, the baskets you score can be traded, when shooting your ball in a particular ball lock, the game options start flowing, will you take the points or more features that can lead to huge points if you are accurate with the flippers.
This game offers hours & hours of Fun!! & at a affordable price, very under rated, a hidden jewel.
1 year ago
Shaq Attaq is one the first pinballs I've owned and while i'd love to like it I don't.
Rules are not easy to get. I've found myself doing great and not got rewarded... to the opposite without understanding why got a nice score with poor playing.
Apart from the light show (and attract mode) the overall style is poor.
The upper playfield feels weak and not interesting.
Scores seems unbalanced and unrelated to skill shots.
I understand that I've missed something along the way but one thing is for sure, that pinball needs a lot of love and perseverance to be loved and i don't have it.
1 year ago
You know, what, I like this game. Is it repetitive, yes. Is the art a tad bad... yup. Does it throw out extra balls constantly? Absolutely. But, it carries the theme well, it’s fast paced like a basketball game. Has a really fun light show that keeps you excited. And for a Gottlieb... actually pretty impressive.
2 years ago
I have owned this game for a couple of weeks. I have enjoyed it and as most have noted, once all the parts work as advertised its a fun game with good flow. I don't really like the music. Coulda been a lil more exciting or close to the mainstay game music you hear at actual games and the callouts by the coach and woman are repetitive. Besides that its a great game. I enjoy the basketball theme. the spinning free throw line along with the moving basket are both excellent ideas. I also really enjoy the design of the spinner. The vari target is a flawed design that requires constant tweaking. its the same as the one in my gottlieb genesis. not my fave part.
2 years ago
My god this game is a joke! “YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH” “SHOOT THE SPINNER SHOOT THE SPINNER SHOOT THE SPINNER”. I’m like “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP”. The basketball hoop actually is “neat” (that’s an overstatement). I mean come on!
2 years ago
No no no, I may be bias becuase I'm not a basketball fan . If you like someone shouting at you you'll love this game. They stop play to select extra points or free throw or something else using your flippers. I just want to play pinball. You can shoot a moving hoop with the use of a ramp . I still have this one but will be trading it soon. For a 1995 game you would expect more likable game play.
2 years ago
Pretty boring pin. Played it for way too long cause my ball wouldnt drain and in the about 20 minutes I was playing it I only hit the basket once. The theme is basically a joke theme and the layout is weird witht he upper playfield having just about nothing to shoot for it seems like. Not a fan of gottliebs of this era and this is a great example why.
3 years ago
I liked it. Unique theme, fun shots. Too much gottlieb hate on these reviews
3 years ago
Really fun game that keeps me coming back. Good flow, and its always fun shooting baskets!
3 years ago
Another letdown from the once great pinball manufacturer Gottlieb. While I'd take this game over Freddy any day, it's still just a poor design with a license attached to it, rushed to market. The layout is awful, the art atrocious, and it plays like Mariah Carey on New Years Eve. What should be a really unique, fun approach to pinball (like Gomez's "NBA" game), just falls completely flat. Bummer.
4 years ago
Fun game and easy to understand.
4 years ago
This game is great for families with children who play basketball. It gives them a special vibe.
The different features are great and are non repetitive.
This game is underrated!!!
5 years ago
This is an awesome game for the money. If you are looking for a reasonably priced machine these can usually be found in good condition for under $1000. This machine has some great gimmicks. A moving basket that you are trying to put the ball through, 4 flippers, ramps, drop targets, DMD display, 3 ball multiball and basketball. Great game for pinball parties. Kids and beginners love it. Still fun for experts.
5 years ago
Iraq can only dream of a bomb like this machine.

- Admittedly interesting layout with a moving basket and a vari-target. Be sure to get the 5 hidden features for 1 billion!
- Gottlieb did a terrible job in quality control on this machine, so you won't see it on location much.

- SHOOT THE SPINNER! SHOOT THE SPINNER! SHOOT THE SPINNER! Sound on this machine could be the worst of all time, barely beating out "EVERYBODY UNDERGROUND NOW!".
- Basket bounces are random and score more points than anything else.
- Terrible artwork... Shaq on the backglass looks more like a giant Tootsie Roll than a basketball player
- A true turd chopper, if there ever was one.
- Shoot the announcer!
5 years ago
I am usually a System 3 apologist. I like Barb Wire, SF2, Freddy, almost all of them. This one falls way short though.

The sound and callouts are below par, very repetitive.

While there is alot going on in the layout, none of it flow together. The upper kinda playfield area is dull and hard to see with ramps going over it.

The art is very Saturday morning cartoonish. And not in a good way. Big Hurt has great art...don't know what happened here.

Not very fun, and like most system 3's, really unbalanced scoring. I am a huge Shaq fan in real life, but the pin does not translate into fun.
5 years ago
Shaq Attaq is a game that should be given a chance. Yes, the backglass has major issues. Yes, it offers the easiest multiple ever. Yes, the shout outs are annoying. But, this is a great game to play with friends. Your non-pinhead friends will like it. It is a game that is easy to play and some of the more annoying aspects can be changes in the settings. For instance, you can limit the number out shout outs. In terms of depth, there is more than meets the eye. There are hidden features, different sequences to complete, and an ability to trade games balls for different features. Sadly, Shaq Attaq will never make a pinball top 100, but it is worth giving it a chance to see some of what the game has to offer.
5 years ago
6 years ago
I wrote this review shortly after selling the game, so I feel it's reasonably unbiased.

Shaq Attaq is actually a lot of fun, if you give it a chance. It gets a bad reputation on Pinside, but is really worth playing, especially for people new to pinball. At parties, it frequently got more play than any of my Bally-Williams DMDs. The shot call-outs make things straightforward, and the layout isn't too intimidating. Tournament players won't likely care for it, as it's a bit easy and boils down to a one-shot, multiball-heavy game. I had a lot of fun with it, though, especially after a couple beers. Overall, a woefully under-appreciated game, and still one of the best value-for-money titles (like Gottliebs seem to be.)

Easy for beginners - the 'coach' tells you what shots to make.
The basket shot is one of the more gratifying shots.
Simple, straightforward fun.
Artwork is comically bad (another reviewer said Shaq's legs look like Tootsie Rolls on the translite.)
Far and away one of the best value-for-money DMD games.
4 flippers, 2 VUKs, 1 ramp (2 if you count the one for the basket,) and a swinging basket!

Sounds are pretty dated for their time, and the coach voice can be a bit much.
Artwork is comically bad in some regards (Again, the backglass.)
Scoring is unbalanced; it becomes a one-shot game quickly.
Default settings are awful; minimum game timer needs to be turned off.
6 years ago
Played this game once and had no desire to ever come back to it. Cheap feeling mechanisms, funky playfield layout, and just a bad feeling pin overall.
7 years ago
I'll start by saying I AM NOT a sports fan at all so completely un biased rating here... Shaq has been in my collection for over 5 years now and it's become one of my favorites to play. The rules are actually very very deep when you get into it and it's just plain old FUN to play. Some unbalanced scoring and slighting repetitive annoying call outs are this games ONLY down fall as far as I'm concerned. Very under rated game!
7 years ago
A definite sleeper. Shooting baskets is fun. A keeper for the basketball fan.
7 years ago
I've re-rated this machine after selling it from my collection. This is a really great pin, extremely under rated! The rule set is well varied, you can go for big scores by Super Jackpots through multiball, saving up game balls for Slammin Jammin, spelling 'Shaquille' for Slamming Jammin, going to the Finals and getting all the hidden features. The basketball shot is great and I like to two play levels. It was a regrettable sale so I could buy a few new pins for variety and I can definitely see me tracking another one down in the future.

The Cons: The artwork is pretty bad.. that is all.

UPDATE - Have just purchased another Shaq Attaq! That's a good review if I've ever heard one!
There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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