The Shadow

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Game Design: 8.841

Artwork: 7.494

Sounds/Music: 7.998

Other Aspects: 8.452

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Found 312 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 312 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Always fun to play. One of the greats!
21 days ago
One of those times where the pinball machine is light years better than the theme it has. Not sure 8 love it enough to own, but always love playing Shadow, great gimmicks, great toys and that sanctum lock is awesome every single freaking time.
64 days ago
I have only played this on location a few times. Seem like another great WPC game.
3 months ago
Can be brutal at times, but one of best out there to play! Keeps coming back to me for more and more. Must have in the cave!
3 months ago
Interresting and difficult
Great sanctum
4 months ago
This game is hard but very rewarding at the same time. It integrates it theme well, and put an Aurich BG on instead of the original, and it looks cool too. The Shadow is unrated because of the theme - game play, integration of the modes and overall fun factor are here. The game requires some maintenance to keep running (Phurbas, Battlefield) but a well tuned table is a treat.
5 months ago
Such an awesome pin, non stop flow and combos. Not easy but can’t stop pressing the start button. The diverters are so addictive, multiple ways to play it, go for the wizard mode or hit the ramps for vengeance. Top 5 90’ pin.
5 months ago
I managed to get this machine out of a bar where it had been ruined, it took more than two years to restore it since I was involved in various issues.
When I finally managed to get it ready, I realized the great machine I had in my hands, fast play and perfect mechanisms throughout the playing field as I prowled on it, I was clear about it, one of the best machines was ahead of the 90s in length much superior to others with more renown, the shots are fantastic, the magnet system the best I have seen, spectacular play of lights that does not age, the mini playing field makes you be in tension, (it is the best mini playground to date the way I see it),
the missions are challenging and hard, a technical machine for multiballs thanks to being underestimated I was able to get this machine for a ridiculous price, I hope not to remove this machine from my collection, today I can compare it to more current machines, without a doubt to Today is one of my favorites.
6 months ago
Excellent game fast play without pop bumpers. Second set of flipper buttons for the diverts makes you concentrate more on the state of game play than other games. Most mini playfields are slow and boring but this is fast and always challenging. Definitely a challenge to master this game great for skilled player
6 months ago
while I consider this a second tier machine(not in a bad way), it is one of the best of its grouping. It plays short and is an engaging game, particularly when you don't have a lot of time to spare.
6 months ago
I have had a "Shadow" for over a year. The game is one of those that people talk about that has the "one more game" feel to it. You play it and drain your last last ball, and you just keep coming back for more punishment.

Pros: The game is difficult and throws the ball back in your face every-time you miss a shot. Keeps you on your toes. The smooth orbits that allow for combo play with the ramps is fantastic and addictive. Two main ramps with user activated diverters makes the player in control of whats going on. The game has last-ability, just because how difficult the game is and how hard it is to get to the final wizard mode. Film Noir art work/art deco on the playfield is not everyones cup of tea, but really works in merging the theme of the pin with actually playing the game and understanding whats going on by incorporating the playfield inserts beautifully. One of the best gimmicks in pinball, is the shadow sanctum magnet, too multi ball.

Cons: Hard, very hard. Also the wear and tear of years on these games makes for a lot of headache for a hobby player and upkeep. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and adjusting the timing to keep the sanctum activating smoothly alone is a deterrent to owing the game. Backglass art leaves a little to be desired when next to a line up of almost any other machines.
6 months ago
The Shadow is a prime example of a game that would cost 8k to make today. It's loaded with innovative mechs for it's time and it plays beyond fast. An upper third flipper to shadow loop is so satisfying and the upper battlefield is a unique and challenging experience when it's working well.
I love this game and while I had to move it on, it was only due to space constraints. I would say this game will only resonate with serious players as it's all about the gameplay - which is challenging yet surprisingly creative - there are many ways to move the ball around the playfield thanks to the adjustable ramp mechs, and once you have them mastered it's like operating some kind of primitive industrial machine, just way more fun.
6 months ago
The Shadow has the BEST mag ball catcher in all of Pindom!
Too bad about that tool Baldwin on the backglass. Thankfully he was too much of an stuck-up jerk to do the voice calls so you don't have to hear him :)
7 months ago
One of the most underrated machine of its era. Very fast game just for this, sometimes could be frustrating because quick drains off. Good rules easy to learn. A unique upper mini playfield!
7 months ago
I owned this game once and let it get away from me. Big mistake. This was a great game I would like to have another
8 months ago
So far, I am absolutely loving this machine. The Layout is fantastic as is the callouts and music. Great strategy and lightshow as well. Will be tough if I ever get rid of this one!
9 months ago
One of the best "B" games out there. I owned one and enjoyed it before I passed it on. Game has lots of variation on how to play (Battlefield, Phurba ramps, etc.)

Toys are cool. Battlefield and Sanctum are the fun part.

Art package is the best. The Art Deco is outstanding for the layout.

Extra buttons to switch ramps always annoyed me. I'm old school, only two buttons per pinball machine please. But with this game it is an extra challenge.

I rate it high as this is a sleeper game that everyone should own once. And no, I don't care that Alec Baldwin is on the translite.
9 months ago
Excellent, fast playfield layout with big variety of shots. Very cool ball lock. Battlefield to lit extraball is a great feature. Also the player-controlled ramp diverters are nice features. Challenging phurba video mode. Ruleset is on a good level, relatively easy to understand, but still quite a challenge to achieve the final battle. Cons? Translight design.
9 months ago
Played this game a few times and now finally own it. What a mistake not getting this pin sooner. The layout and shots are great. So many ways to play this game wether going for high scoring or trying to get to the final showdown it’s a fun ride. The call outs are fantastic. Granted the movie was mediocre at best this pin excels in all aspects. The light show for an early 90’s pin is awesome. The Sanctum ball lock may be the coolest lock out there. Video modes and the upper battlefield really round out this game. I figured this may be a pin I get and play for awhile and move on but I will have a hard time moving this one out of my collection. Oh almost forgot. You need to find Aurich‘ s alternative translite and speaker panel. It’s incredible and a must have.
10 months ago
It's all been said before, but I have to reiterate how Challenging and fun this game is. Yes, it can be frustrating with quick drains off a missed left ramp shot, but so satisfying when hitting those ramp shots and controlling the direction with the second flipper buttons. Great upper playfield and sanctum lock is awesome.
10 months ago
Can be frustrating sometimes, but actually have great lastability because of this..
Best lock and best upper playfield in pinball.
10 months ago
I've owned this for awhile and it's still a lot of fun! Sure it's based off of a terrible movie, but judged on its own merits, it's pretty frickin' cool (the Aurich package is a must, the original translite with Baldwin is hideous!). I love the upper playfield and the sanctum shot, it's got surprisingly decent animations (at least on a color DMD) and I really like having an "old school" game in my collection.
11 months ago
This is a great game - one of my go to machines. Absolutely love the gameplay with the min-PF battlefield, ramp diverters and the cool ball lock with disappearing sanctum wall. My young son bought me the movie on DVD, so we now understand the modes better and B/W did a good job integrating the theme - it's just unfortunate that the movie wasn't hit as I'm sure the pin would be more higher rated if it had. The ramps are steep and can be brutal if the shot is not made, but in that it makes a more challenging and rewarding game. Best value for money

Almost forgot ... best mode ever on a pinball - the secret laughing duck mode
1 year ago
This to me is one of my all time favorites. If not for the theme this game is a easy top 5 greatest pinballs of all time. The battlefield playfield is one of the coolest toys in pinball and doesn’t slow the game down at all. The ramp/ball diverters is one of the most innovative designs and something that adds another layer to the game. Most importantly the game play is a 10/10 this Brian Eddy’s masterpiece.
1 year ago
Great game! Not a game for beginners. Tricky shots and you need full focus as a player.
There are 312 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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