The Shadow

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Game design: 8.81

Artwork: 7.402

Sounds/Music: 7.93

Other Aspects: 8.406

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There are 296 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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22 days ago
Great game! Not a game for beginners. Tricky shots and you need full focus as a player.
43 days ago
I’ve had this game a couple of months now and it is a blast to play! I picked up three games at the same time and this is the one my family and I keep coming back to. Every time the last ball drains we want to start again. I’ve purchased a bunch of mods and add ons for it (I’m not normally a mod guy) because I am a huge fan and can see it in my collection for a long time. The ramp diverters are fun and so is the upper playfield. I LOVE the way the sanctum shot works. Super cool!
73 days ago
Upper playfield and ramp diverters are fantastic gimmicks. This game has a bunch of shots and with no popbumpers to slow things down, it is really fast! Beautiful playfield and cabinet, with an Aurich translight it is a beautiful machine. The original translight is a stinker. It has become a family and friend favorite. Plenty of modes and a deep ruleset make this one a keeper.
3 months ago
This game rocks. Top 10 for fun. Great ideas, shots, gimmicks, toys, playfields.

Great game.
3 months ago
Outstanding,,, love this game ,Strangely underrated ,,,but in a lot of collections . Now it’s in mine !
3 months ago
this game will give you a lot of bang for your buck & has one of the Coolest ball locks in all of Pinball
5 months ago
Fast challenging pin. So much going on every time the ball comes down to the flippers. One of the best video modes ever. Fun but didn’t last long in a smaller collection.
5 months ago
Super fun game I’m glad i added to my collection, now i just need aurichs translight set ,, help me find one !!!!
5 months ago
I could never quite get into this game. I know some people really like it. Has some innovated playfield ideas, but doesn't have the one more play aspect for me.
6 months ago
Fun game, definitely need more time on this one.
9 months ago
I sold this pin once and never again it is always going to be a keeper in my collection.

Definitely when you're better 90's era pinball machines.

All around fun to flip!
10 months ago
This game is darn hard and I love it for that. New pinball players will likely hate it but that is what I like most about it - a true challenge. I own this machine and still can’t come close to completing it. I have over a dozen hand picked games in my collection and I find myself playing this one the most. I also like the fact that it is a very unique game. No pop bumpers and the player controls the diverters.
11 months ago
Deep game with an incredible ruleset. The movie wasn't too great, so that takes away from it. I also don't like alec baldwin on the translite. The sanctum area always seems to have wear on every machine. Everything else is GREAT.
The price keeps going up and up because everyone keeps finding out about it.
11 months ago
Underrated pin is among the better games in terms of shots, flow and rules. Theme is just ok, unless you are a fan of the movie. The alternate translite/art package by Aurich is a big improvement. Player-controlled ramp diverters is innovative, and works well. Great ball lock, and fun modes. Upper pf game is a nice challenge. This pin offers a lot, especially while it remains an underrated sleeper at a “reasonable” price. This is a pin people seem to hold onto. A keeper.
11 months ago
Very underrated
1 year ago
The Shadow stands the sands of Time. At one time I bought the old Shadow radio tapes. Awesome. Orson Wells and the Shadow!!! Now i have the Game. Brian Eddy did a fantastic job of shots, play and flow. Lots to shot for. The Call outs are some of the best. A Keeper.
1 year ago
Really hoping to add one of these to the collection in the future. Fun shots and the battlefield is unique. Artwork on the playfield is superb but this game holds my lowest ever rating for backglass. Luckily there is an alternative.
1 year ago
One of my favorite games from the 90's Bally/Williams era. It has a very unique layout and features not seen in other games. No pop bumpers, two ramp diverters (controlled by the player!), 2 super smooth orbits and an upper playfield that is fun and challenging but does not detract from the rest of the game at all. It has probably one the coolest ball lock sequences that I've seen. Such a great effect the way the ball seems to just disappear. It's a challenging game but not difficult to understand. The game is an absolute keeper!
1 year ago
Awesome players pin. Super flow, some difficult shots and great user interaction with the diverters. Battlefield is one of the best mini playfields in pinball. Modes aren't super difficult, but getting through them to get the Final Battle is difficult. I find it a very good looking pin package and rated highly by those in the know.

In my opinion, Brian Eddy's best pin.
1 year ago
I'm in mourning... I sold my Shadow and suddenly realise how much I miss this awesome game. Yes it can be a bit brutal, but I've not found another pin since that allows you such complete control over what's happening. It's a fast game, but once you can hit your shots on this one you can literally plan 10 moves ahead - with the rules being quite simple to follow but still having a bit of depth.

The phurba ramps are genius (howcome no other machine has given us controllable ramps???), the mini playfield is so unique and the ball lock is fantastic. Not only was it super fun to play, I had also updated it with some sweet LEDs and Aurichs translite and it looked awesomely cool. Listen to all the people who say this one is underrated - they are all 100% correct.

As soon as I have a little more room for one more pin I'll be on the lookout to get this one back in my collection. Pity they seem to be quite rare to pick up here in Australia!
1 year ago
Great game. Love the design and implementation of movie theme. Fast and challenging. Really a classic
1 year ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 11 - insane

* The layout and number of shots to aim for is brilliant
* The ball lock gimmick
* The diverters on the ramps with a 2nd button
* The loop shots are very satisfying
* Rollover lane to spell Khan
* Call outs tie in with the movie really well
* Lastability - this is not easy to complete

* The Upper Playfield is tough to complete and doesn't offer a lot of points
* Missing the lower left ramp can be an immediate drain
* Not a great game for beginners
* Ugly backglass and speaker panel

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Aurich translite and speaker panel is #1 on the list
* Mantis ramp set
* Jonesjb backboard decal
* Wood gun handle grips
* Pinstadium lighting as this is a darker pinball than most

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear on the Sanctum spot the less wear the better as always nearly worn out
* Broken side welds/tabs on both ramps
* Upper Playfield works as it should
* Broken gold Phurba's on ramp diverters
1 year ago
Wonderful game. Need to add Aurich translite package and then you have a beauty. A keeper.
1 year ago
Why was I sleeping on this machine for so long? Excellent plays!!!
1 year ago
Had heard about The Shadow for some time but had never played it...until yesterday: to put it simply, I was blown away by how beautiful and great this game is. I am obsessed by it ever since! It immediately enters my top 10 all time with the likes of Twilight Zone, Funhouse, Indiana Jones, the Addams Family and Attack from Mars. Y
Yes, the Shadow is THIS great!
There are 296 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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