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Secret Service

Pinside rating

This game received 38 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.984 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #274 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.039

Artwork: 6.498

Sounds/Music: 7.046

Other Aspects: 6.91

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Rating history

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Found 23 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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87 days ago
The light show on this game (after converting to LED) is just awesome. The music, call out are all great.
Ripping that spinner is so addictive as it flashes the topper lights and the sound effect is a perfect fit.
“Baby Baby. Baby you’re the best”

Haha I miss this game a lot actually...
8 months ago
I enjoy most data east pins & this one is no exception cool looking playfield with the white house for 1 of the pop bumpers , the 3 songs in the game make it fun , the topper lighting up from left or right when the spinners are hit & the ball eater to start multi ball just like on Mousin around is another feature that I like
1 year ago
Fun game, great call outs and music (and sound quality) the light show is insane once you install LEDs! A few tough shots (left ramp and right hideout) getting the upper rollovers is a bear as well. Generally lots to shoot at with instant multiball under certain conditions..

Not sure why people give the translite grief, have you people not seen Spring Break, Hollywood Heat or Gold Wings? Secret Service is lights years above these other titles, heck better than Torpedo Alley which features a submarine on the surface with picture windows!

If I have a knock, one or two call outs are repetitive (super spinner!) and that is about it. Great period game with lots of humor going for it. Love the doorbell sound when the hideout is closed, art gags and Big Ronnie peaking out the White House.
1 year ago
If you like smoking hot girls, a Ferrari, guns, action, and smooth shots-- then this is your game!! Save the world through pinball. The light show and call outs are engaging. There is even a secret hideout multi-ball. For the price range, No pin does it better!!
1 year ago
Not sure why this gets such a bad wrap. Game is fun ,multi-ball is easy to achieve, right hide out is cool shot and hard to get. Call outs are great. The karaoke at the end is so so, back glass should have been something better. Topper is cool. Traded a strange science for this, and the strange science is far far more boring than this game.
2 years ago
Fun game with excellent music and sound effects. Thought the light show was excellent too, especially for a game of its time.
3 years ago
Great game, lots of fun, two super spinners, off set flipper shot ramp, multi ball, kickout hole, drop targets, and three bumper thumpers...= Classic game in my book. Great shots, challenging with great audio. A classic game I'm glad is in my collection. This game is way underrated. Much better than mousing around and many other titles rated higher.
3 years ago
Data East's second game. A big step up from their first. Okay so this is a James Bond theme with a cheaper Secret Service title. . .The body art is a dead give away. For a 1988 game the rules are pretty good and the light show is excellent. The music variety is excellent and sounds are good (the super spinner can be a little repetative). The game does not have a silky smooth Williams feel but the flow is decent and the 2 or 3 multiball is fun to achieve. All and all a decent game for a brand new pinball company's second game. Baby. . . Baby. . .
3 years ago
I thoroughly enjoy playing this game. The secret agent theme along with the sounds and music add to the game play. It has multi-ball and various targets and bonuses. There is a clever feature where a "hideout" cave pops up and you can shoot the ball inside to have it disappear under the play field. The music and voices get a little repetitive after a while, much like any other game, but overall I would recommend this game to everyone.
3 years ago
I owned this game. Looks great with leds. The yellow button in the middle of flippers is cool gimmick. Very fast game as well. I couldnt really get into it. Maybe the ruleset and just how easilly the ball drains on the right side.
3 years ago
Great game!
4 years ago
This Data East machine makes you feel like James Bond and Thomas Magnum at the same time. The sound is magnificent, The ramp is a weak point, easy to hit, but the ball can get hung up in it and the big kick can be temperamental. The photo backglass is one of the better implementations and the whole experience is just good plain fun. Lots of humor on the playfield if you take the time to look. The spinner playfield lightshow/soundshow is good. The attract mode playfield lightshow/soundshow is one of the best I've seen. The alpha numeric scrolling led scoring displays are rather ingenious and clearly were a step toward the later DMDs. The flashers in the backglass give it a little life, but it pales to the playfield show. After the last ball drains, everyone hangs around for the finale "Nobody does it better" sendoff. The match sequence is nice and believable. The final game display "explosion" is a nice touch. Mine has the standard incandescent lamps, but I'll eventually upgrade to LEDs to help the playfield lighting pop. Most Data East/Sega games seem to benefit immensely from an LED upgrade. Not a bad choice at all, especially if you are a James Bond/Magnum PI/Mission Impossible/Dragnet fan!
4 years ago
One of my favorite games. Love the theme and one of the most satisfying jackpot shots around.
6 years ago
not so bad !
children like it !
7 years ago
I just got a Secret Service and I love it!

As said before, the digital stereo is unique and awesome, actually playing hits from Get Smart, Mission Impossible and more. There is even a karaoke section for "Nobody Does It Better." GREAT sound.

I like the alphanumerics, as they spell a fair amount of words. Calls out are good. Support the superior spy/Wash DC theme.

For me, the PF is hysterical. I love searching and finding new, humorous items. Like Reagan hanging out of the White House. The WH, the Capital, the Russian spies on the roof, the Data east race car for James Bond and his woman. Love it all.

I like the gameplay too. Drop targets are always good and I just ordered cool White House stickers for them. Great High Speed spinner to spinner action. Up post, cellar shot with trap door. Upper flipper for fulfilling ramp shot. Several easy to reach multiballs as well. What's not to love?

Overall, an underrated and fun pin. My new favorite. We will see how long that lasts......
7 years ago
A bit of a clunky machine that I find difficult to get traction with. There is a lot of ball on post action on this one for me.
I love the theme and the music. The backglass is pretty good for a photo job. I like it more for what it tries to be than what it is.
Nobody does it better is brilliant though.
7 years ago
I got my Secret Service out of an old warehouse that would have made a good backdrop for the next Freddy or Jason movie along with a Black Rose. The Secret Service, at the time was a little on the rough side. Most of the controlled lamps weren't working along with several of the solenoids. After taking a good look at the boards there were so many hacks that I elected to just go with a new Rottendog board. Data East chrome plated their metal which makes the pieces very shiny, but also difficult to repair. I finally sanded off the Chrome and copper and got down to the base stainless and polished that back to a mirror finish. Data East mylared the bottom of the playfield, but strangely enough didn't originally mylar the top of the playfield resulting in wear on the loop shots. After restoration I mylared the entire playfield. Even though the buildings and ramps are available the decals for those are not. This is a tough problem and resulted in a lot of scavenging. I was fortunate to find someone parting out an old Secret Service with broken buildings and ramps, but good decals that could be carefully remmoved and installed on new buildings.

The playfield artwork and sound is really the gem in this machine. All the little touches on the playfield from Ben Franklin and his kite to George Washington and the cherry tree are really fun. The layout is very reminiscent of High Speed as others have commented. The game can be very fast and sometimes this results in "air balls" which is the real detractor from the machine. If a ball unexpectedly jumps into the White House the machine doesn't necessarily realize it and doesn't clear it as part of the ball find logic which can be annoying to regularly have to slide back the glass.

The sound package is awesome on this machine from "Secret Agent Man" to "Mission Impossible" to "Get Smart" it does a fantastic job of capturing the 60s spy theme. The popup "Hideout" on the right side is really a creative way of locking a ball. I replaced all of the original lighting with Retro and superbrite LEDs from cointaker and this really helped with the lighting package. It effectively brought out the inserts and livened up the game.

Overall, the gameplay is fun and fast. Somehow, and maybe this is subconscious, it doesn't have the Williams feel or quality. The ramp, which I replaced with a new one, gets a lot of abuse and hitting it feels more random than other games like STTNG or Whirlwind. Also, in mine was an annoying 60Hz hum. I'm an Electrical Engineer by trade and tried every trick I could to get rid of it, but to no avail.

It was with mixed feelings that I traded my SS for a Whirlwind. Overall, I think that Whirlwind is a much better game, but SS still had its charms especially in the art package of the playfield (I think enough has been said about the backglass which isn't the prettiest thing out there) and sound package and overall game speed.
7 years ago
Pretty boring game...
7 years ago
Secret Service is a High Speed ripoff. The good news is that it flows very well, just like the game it's design is copied from.

The Pros:
Fun, accessible and when maintained properly, very fast. The artwork on the PF is great! Left orbit to upper flipper to ramp is a great flowing tour of the PF. The shot to the right of the upper flipper is tough and requires skill. Holding up the upper flipper while shooting from the lower left flipper helps.

The Cons:
Can get old quickly. Set software to super hard (if you can). The BG is an abomination to pinball.

The Takeaway:
A fun simple game from DE. If you can get one at a good price, go for it!
8 years ago
Pretty fun shot up the jet ramp. This game has some fun spy humor and a decent amount of "Real" music. I thought it was great how the game sang to me (with lyrics on the screen) after I lost. I can't say I've ever had a game do that for me before.
8 years ago
Secret Service was a fun pin with an interesting theme, great music, and some good shots. While I don't ever see myself owning this game someday, I am glad I got to play it!
9 years ago
This was one of my two favorite early DE pins (Time machine being the other). The overall game play and theme was pretty good and this one was pretty easy to maintain for a DE pin.
9 years ago
Great fun but a shallow game!
There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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