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Other Aspects: 8.144

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There are 52 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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44 days ago
Wow. I did not expect to be rating Seawitch!
Arr! Matey I be hungry!
Yo Ho Cap’n what bet yer pleasure?

I be lookin fer somfin that I can eat with me hook fer a hand and somfin I be able to carry about with me on the deck while me peg leg be making pleasurable knocks on the wooden poop deck.
Aye Cap’n! That be too much information to go on! Have ye tried hanging grapes from yer hook?”
Too fruity Arr! It makes me tooty out me booty!
Yer pirate jokes be wearin thin Cap’n!
“I’d like me two slices of bread with some meat between them!
Yo Ho Cap’n! Ye be wantin a sandwich!
Arr make it with tuna and mayonnaise and call it a Seawitch!
Aye Cap’n! You want Fritos with that?

I love Seawitch. Then again, I’m a connoisseur of all things Stern Electronics and Chicago Coin.
Chicago Coin had a good 42 year run. When Stern took over, they tried everything to climb out of obscurity and become something great. In essence, Stern Electronics had to try harder than the rest, which is evidenced in their string of great games in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Seawitch is one of them.
Stern used a more fantasy horror art theme on this game. If you line up the stern games in order of release, you’ll see that the theme and art styles change radically from one game to the next. If you covered up the Stern logos, most people wouldn’t believe they came from a single manufacturer over a short period of time.
I don’t think I need to go too deep into gameplay, the four flippers, the sound, the impressively fun layout really speak for themselves. Just watch a video of one being played. You’ll simply want to play it yourself.
With more and more people discovering the Stern Electronics games, the prices are creeping upwards. A few years ago, Stern electronics games were barely a foootnote in books like the pinball compendium. The second volume of that book series reads basically like this: “I asked Barry Oursler and Steve Ritchie what their favorite bathtime songs are, I filled three pages with their answers! Oh by way, Stern made a game it’s called Sea.. something… now let me tell you about my two page dedication to Ralph Pooboy, the guy who worked on the Gottlieb assembly line when David Gottlieb farted and said “there ya be” at him.”
That’s how Stern was treated, and it’s nice to see that people are beginning to recognize that Stern wasn’t just an also-ran footnote behind the Ralph Pooboy’s of the pinball industry.
Yes. I know I should talk more about the game, but sometimes great games speak for themselves.
Seawitch is one of those. Find one. Play it yourself, and Seawitch pinball machine from that era you like best.
Very sorry about the pun.
5 months ago
One of the best classic Sterns.

Shoot the drops to build a massive bonus multiplier that carries forward. Some amazing shots between the drops up tight, the middle strafable drop row, and the top which can be sniped from the lower right flipper, or bump them off the pops.

4 flippers, but fast drains keep you coming back for more...
9 months ago
Seawitch is a game I played a few times at shows and built one from scratch. Its a FAST game with an unusual setup, you constantly need to be on your toes or she will bite. The sounds are pure early 80's and it sounds great when it tries to keep up with the rapid fire action. Making a loop from either direction is difficult but satisfying when it happens. One of the best early Sterns in my opinion.
1 year ago
Granted I just (finally) got this game, but it is rare that I just can’t stop playing a pin. Awesome awesome game.
1 year ago
Most classic pins are slow in comparison with modern machines. That is not the case with Seawitch. It plays fast and requires some skill. The playfield is unique and definitely not a fan layout. More of a figure 8 (if such a thing exists). It is a drop target game with flow that just happens to have a spinner too. The sound of crashing waves is super cool and a very special feature in my opinion. One if the top 3 classic Sterns for sure.
1 year ago
Great art package and sounds for the era. Very unique layout, the rules are fun, and the gameplay is fast. Left and right orbits are extremely tight requiring accurate shots. However, that makes those shots more better!
2 years ago
I think Seawitch is underrated amongst the classic Stern Electronics pins. It’s an absolutely beautiful pin with a lot of shots that, for me, has that one more time draw. Knocking down the three sets of drop targets (being precise with the middle set) to increase the loop value and then hitting the loop for that value is, to me, such a incredibly satisfying shot. I will say hitting the loop isn’t the easiest shot, but that’s okay. Just a reason to make it all that more satisfying. Seawitch also has a great spinner to rip. I know others have said differently, but I find it just as satisfying to rip as any other spinner, such as the spinner in Meteor.

The last thing I’ll mention is the sounds. Of course, the pin does not have the sound package that a modern pin has to offer, but they really made the absolute best with what was available at the time. When you really get a good ball going with all the different sounds firing off it creates such a cool and hectic pin environment. I guess it’s hard to explain, but I think the sound package for what it is is excellent.

I don’t see Seawitch leaving my collection any time soon. In fact, I am on the hunt for more Classic Stern.
2 years ago
Overall a fun game. No major thrills, but a good time none the less. Good for long play.
2 years ago
Finally own a Seawitch. I’ve been wanting this game since my first few weeks in the hobby.
Seawitch is a punishing monster with a deceptive design. It looks so easy and simple and it just is a brutal game.
The only downside is definitely the difficult geometry of the loop, which can be adjusted with some slight mods. I think it’s the proper thing to do, I doubt they truly meant for the game to be so impossible to shoot.
2 years ago
One of our favourite ss sterns. Challenging game, with good rules.
2 years ago
I've played quite a bit of Seawitch in a home setting. After I understood the rules, I was able to really make this game sing. I love the spinner, the orbit shot is so satisfying to repeat. It's a fairly simple game overall, but for the era it represents, it's one of the games that can really hole my attention compared to many, many more of those comparable. If I grow my collection, I'd strongly consider this pin as a great example of fun in an early SS era.
3 years ago
Seawitch definitely has the "feel" of a Classic Stern -- that is a good thing. :)

Drop targets have a nice mix of easy vs. the need to take your time and plan your shot vs. just a bit of luck. Miscalculate your shot on the center bank and expect to drain, a little luck on the upper bank is always helpful.
The loop shot is rewarding; so far I've been able to hit it with both right flippers. Not so much with the lower left flipper -- I may need to learn to play a bit better. As far as the spinner goes. . . . Just like Christopher Walken needed more cowbell I need more spinner from this game. The spinner shot is rather tight and it is a challenge to rip it good. Again, if could just be me.

The sound of waves crashing is very fitting for the game, combined with the other standard Stern sounds it fits the era. There does seem to be a bit more silence/lack of background noise vs. my other Sterns.

I really like the cabinet artwork -- splashing waves of water are easy on the eyes. Backglass is a bit busy but still fun to look at; playfield is good but almost has a touch of a cartoonish vibe.

I like Seawitch and enjoy having it in my collection. I prefer the play/imagery of Cheetah and Nine Ball but couldn't/wouldn't/didn't pass the chance to add Seawitch to the lineup. I prefer the Turkey and Stuffing at Thanksgiving but still add Mashed Potatoes/Gravy to the same plate. . . its sort of the same thing, right? :)
3 years ago
Seawith is more fun to play for me than Beatles. That may be because of theme but both were at a pin show and I kept coming back to this. I had never played it before and loved the underwater feel. With some cool modern lighting it could really be superb!
4 years ago
For this era of Stern pinball, I'm much more taken with Stargazer, Big Game and Quicksilver than I am with Seawitch. I realize I may be in the minority here, as Seawitch is the darling of competition players and collectors alike. The bonus collect during gameplay via the drops is a great touch, but the shots/layout isn't all that great compared to the other Sterns of the era. Things seem tight and claustrophobic; a widebody game squeezed into a standard body cabinet. The art is also a drag, it just doesn't appeal to me. I'll take a singular focus character (Stargazer), over the split focus of characters used here. Decent game I suppose, but overshadowed by the games that came just before and just after it.
4 years ago
Nice game, fun, fast, nice back glass , i like the orbit (loop), 4 flippers , drop targets...but jus not enough to do by todays standerds ...not a keeper for me , nice addition to a big collection!!!
4 years ago
One of my favorite playfield layouts. So different and original for it’s time, it looks clunky and crowded when you look at it but plays oh so well. The Riptide shot is really satisfying, especially when made/looped from the upper right flipper. This game plays fast and furious. The backglass art could have been better, but like many early Sterns, you’re getting this one for the gameplay.
4 years ago
Beautiful Blue!
4 years ago
More than the sum of its parts. Along with blackout, this is my favorite backglass of all time. The playfield plastics are awesome as well, but the actual playfield and cabinet art are nothing special.

The "waves crashing" in-game sound fits well with the theme although there isn't much more to it than that.

Nothing to write home about in terms of shots or things to do and an almost worthless upper left flipper since you are shooting at targets like
3 inches away with it. But something about the flow just feels "good". Very smooth shots and a good game to just get into a groove playing. Always makes me want to play one more game.

Wish I could put my finger on why I like this machine. It's odd to really like a machine that has nothing truly memorable about its play..... but definitely try it (if you can find one). Unique.
5 years ago
Close your eyes and relax into the ebb and flow of waves - this calming rhythm marks the beginning of a new game on Seawitch, and she is a glorious experience. This game portrays seawitches as scantily clad warrior women riding fish and living amongst the skulls of men. It is a curious theme, to be sure, but apt, as this game flows like water and magic, and one can feel like the huntress Atalanta trying to hit each shot on the mark.

The game features four flippers: the standard two at the bottom, as well as two positioned about halfway up the playfield, making an asymmetrical second pair. The upper left flipper grants close, direct hits to the middle target bank and, if you are lucky enough to survive the pop bumpers, the upper targets. The upper right is angled to propel the ball around the Rip Tide loop, a contiguous orbit that evokes the swirling of a waveform (or a rip tide current, as the name implies), although it, too, can reach the middle bank of drops.

This is not a terribly complicated playfield, and it is beautiful in its simplicity. The three banks of drop targets are the main focus of scoring in the game - they advance the bonus multiplier if a bank is completed while its corresponding X insert is lit as well as advance loop value. The upper playfield, enclosed by the loop and the middle bank of drop targets, houses a ring of targets and pop bumpers. Hitting the standups in the upper playfield boost the spinner value, making any rip on the Rip Tide loop even more sweet. Under the upper-right flipper is a small lane with a lucrative rollover that feeds back into the plunger lane.

This game is wondrous. Simple though it may seem, it is great for those who enjoy drop target-centric games, and the looped layout is interesting and memorable. A good game on Seawitch is a steady flow of well-designed shots that challenge a player's skill and amply reward success. It's a lovely table with a nice art package and, as previously mentioned, even the sound of the swelling sea.
5 years ago
Seawitch is a game I knew I would love just looking at the layout. I never even got the chance to play one until I fully restored one. I traded a fully working nice condition game for a project Seawitch. It needed everything gone through anyway; so I just did everything all at once.
This game plays amazingly fast with a clearcoated/waxed playfield!! The shots are well laid out. It's all about drop targets: hit down the 3 banks advance. The orbit shot isn't a gimmy; you need to be dead on to hit the spinner and loop all the way around. Very satisfying shot when it happens! Going around the left side (for me) is more luck than anything. The right flippers just don't seem to line up right for a clean shot to the left orbit.
Definitely one of the best early Stern's made.
5 years ago
Love this game - Wish I could give it a higher rating, but Centar's creepy paranormal experience stole this position's slot. #12 on my list. LOTS of fun this game has great gameplay.
5 years ago
Great game for four players. Very fun!
6 years ago
After two months of on-again off-again working on the Seawitch I bought I finally got it all set up and running. Hot Damn !! It is a fast game; It does what I bought to do. The only time the ball is not in motion is if you trap the ball with a flipper. The rest of the time is 4-flipper non-stop action.

The ruleset is not deep. You have 11 drop targets that you need to keep pounding. You have an outer orbit and you have an inner orbit.

I love the sound set.

Seawitch is not a Drain-o-matic. The outlines are friendly and you get lots of fast flipper action. But there are 3 or 4 ways it will get you SDTM.

If you grew up in the 60s and remember those old pins where you might get lucky and 15 seconds of flipper action before it was Game Over, you should give Seawitch a try if you ever have the opportunity.

EDIT: After a year of owning and playing this game for hundreds of games I am still jazzed by Seawitch action. I think of this as a pin that I would keep feeding coins to in an arcade because it gives me some fair action for my money. You have to target your shots but you don't have to be Dead Eye Dick to have a good time.

It is casual game for a casual, average, so-so player. Even with my mediocre playing skills a high percentage of the balls lost are due to my mistakes as opposed to Seawitch making cheap drains.

At TPF this year, my nephew and I played quite a few different pins. Seawitch was there. After we left, nephew said he liked playing Seawitch better than any other pin that was there. It is just a fast fun playing pin.
6 years ago
not so good as the lightning !not sa bad but i don't really like it poor gameplay...
6 years ago
Pinball game with a few variables
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