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10 months ago
For the era, this game is loaded with gimmicks. Including shaker handles that move the move the playfield, the mirrored playfield and cabinet design, the use of a two way mirror used to make score challenges appear almost magically over the playfield akin to what Revenger from Mars would do decades later and the innovative ball plunge. I personally can't think of another game that is so loaded with gimmicks in this era.

The rules are quite good too, completing all the numbers is quite challenging and the changing bonus scores is also a nice touch. That being said, the bonus scores definitely give too many points.

The gameplay is pretty abysmal. The playfield layout ruins this one, with flippers that can really only aim at the target bank in front of them. They would've been better off opening up the playfield more allow you to aim for stuff.

They did a lot right with this game from an engineering perspective, unfortunately, the playfield design essentially ruins all this innovation.
4 years ago
This is another Allied Liesure game that tried to take up as much space as say... An EM gun game.

The Pros:
I like the marquee and the PF artwork I thought it was Marche at first, but the IPDB came up with a new name, Roland Berrios. I learned something new today.

The Cons:
Gameplay is negligible. That is being generous.

The Takeaway:
An interesting novelty. Play it, maybe a few times... and then you can say you played it.
9 years ago
This game is only good in that it is unique. The shaker-ball concept used a playfield reflected into a mirror that you looked at through a window facing into a vertical cabinet. There were two joysticks that are connected to bushings in the table, allowing you to 'shake' the table, and thumb buttons on top of the joysticks are to control the flippers.

There isn't much to do. There 4 pop bumpers, 8 rollover lanes, 6 standup targets and 2 flippers. One of the rollovers light two of the pop bumpers, one of the standups light the other two, one of the rollovers lights a special 500 point target, and if you manage to hit all of the rest of the lanes and targets, you'll get a special by draining the ball out either out lane.

The ball launch is kind of unique, as before it is launched into play, it rolls back and fourth along a habitrail like structure. Hitting a flipper button causes the rails to separate, causing the ball to be placed in play.

Not much to like here game wise, just a unique piece of pinball history, I suppose. ;)
There are 3 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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