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There are 14 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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48 days ago
My friends really like this game. It is a little slow for me but fun to play . Hard to get any big bonus even though multiplyer easy to get. Have had for 4 years and still one that people go to first. My high score is 843,862 . I put up over 1,300,000 but didn't catch it before it flipped over.
73 days ago
This is probably the most underrated Williams System 3-6 game IMO.


Great layout from Barry Oursler, love the upper playfield and shots (especially the tough lock shots).

Larry DeMar did a great job coding this game, especially with the rules regarding multiball completions lighting the loop.

No exploits in software: even multiball needs to be played well to be valuable.

As a widebody, all space is utilized extremely well. The upper playfield is well done.

Super tough lock shots: it’s worth it in the end though.


Art is okay, no clue why this game is called scorpion when the tank is the scorpion (not the massive creature).

Sounds are average for the era.

Overall, pretty solid game. I may have less to say about this one, but it doesn’t make it a better/worse game.
5 months ago
I only spent one (academic) quarter in college my first time around, but I dropped a lot of quarter (dollars) in this at Kryzsko Commons Student Union. This was a blast to play, and I wasted a lot of time I could have been studying.
2 years ago
So scorpion is a huge widebody, that gives it a lot of real estate to cover.. a lot of things are fit into the playfield to keep you entertained. The marquee attraction is the 2 ball multiball, where points are awarded for how long you can keep it going( as well as point from regular multi ball scoring).... thats a unique attraction ive not seen on other pins, with all GI lights flashed on and off, and sound effects played to simulate a storm at sea.. Other wise is a nice mash up /rehash of System 6 strategies and sounds, bout as good as you could get before gorgar and black knight.
Whining about how the hydra on the back glass isnt a scorpion is lame and pretty obvious, the game has cool hovercraft fighting graphics all around. sorry to be a sourpuss about that!
3 years ago
I like the art and the gameplay, this game is fun.
5 years ago
A very underrated game by an underrated game designer (Oursler).

When waxed, cleaned and set steep, this is a mean machine that rewards accurate flipper play and brutally punishes bad shots. The center drop target bank especially requires care (and requires you to use one flipper or the other consistently when hitting particular drops or the ball will be rocketing down the right outlane before you even have time to blink). Upper playfield is excellent, with 6 drop targets, 3 standups and a spinner that are ALL instrumental to good scoring. With 3 ways in/out of the mini playfield, ball control is important and just mashing the flippers quickly won't cut it. The wide body design is well served in this machine considering the 3 unique areas of play and the out-wide locks for multi ball.

Backglass and playfield art is pure 70s-80s awesomeness. Many complain that "its a dragon/hydra-thing, not a scorpion". Don't be so literal. It's the name of the weaponized hovercraft-boat-thing fighting the monster. Make sense? Absolutely not. But that's part of the fun of it! My only complaint here is the cabinet art is pretty bad.... But so was almost every cabinet in the Era....and who plays the game for the cab art anyway? As a plus, the red/yellow/green cabinet does at least stand out.

Sound is pretty blah, no voice, no music and little variation. That said, the sound goes crazy during a countdown timer multiball (along with a nice lights-out start to it) that really amps things up and increases the challenge. And the multiball is hard-as-hell since ball control is so important and just keeping it alive without accurate shots is a quick way to an outlane drain.

All in all, a really fun game. Game times can be long with accuracy or insanely short without. A good change of pace in a collection that can improve your skills, but would be hard to justify as a stand alone.
8 years ago
Scorpion is by far one of my favorite tables. With one of the coolest color schemes and a beautiful mirrored backglass, I have fallen in love. The lights flash when multiball is achieved and the scoring countdown bonus is an awesome gimmick... very rewarding and you want to play again and again! The artwork is so 80's, rad!
8 years ago
Cool widebody game. Scorpion is a game that must be adjusted correctly- make it fast, wax the playfield throw in some Led's and you got a great looking and playing game. Loads of drop targets, tough multi-ball and good ball flow keep me coming back for another game.
8 years ago
Enjoy the game start sound cause that is the last one you are going to hear. I know what a scorpion is...what is on the backglass is not one. Upper playfield plays well but top right of the playfield is almost out of play. Not one to search out.
10 years ago
Scorpion is one of those games that has all the requirements to make a great table... and it falls short.

The Pros:
Lots to shoot for, the spinner at the upper left of the PF is shot through the second set of flippers. Dual Bonus is nicely done.

The Cons:
How can a game with this much potential and real estate be such a bore? This deck feels like 3 separate PF's that have border guards to get you from one country to the next. Even multiball is a snore on this table?

The Takeaway:
Barry Oursler's worst design by a mile = Poot!
10 years ago
This pin must have been the inspiration for the cover art on the album Asia! If you came of age during this time then the art is going to ring true to the time like nothing else, if not I can see how you don't get it...dragons, rainbows, and a sub/boat???? Anyways, loved this back in the day, but didn't know if I still would 30 + years later, well, it's better than I remember. Different shots from all four flippers and you can trap on the full sized ones on the mini playfield, multi-ball is an event and somewhat difficult to achieve. Not ALWAYS punished for missed shots as sometimes you pick up the standup bonus target or a drop target or two, sounds are a trip back to arcade it or hate it...I happened to have loved it. With the availability now of new universal CPU's for these sys 6 Williams machines make them really bullet proof. Williams had great bumper feel and slick drop targets. The wide body design of Scorpion gives it a solid substantial feel, but it doesn't suffer from the wide body "float" and plays just as a regular pin. Timer is a very well executed feature and really gets the heart racing during multiball as does the special effects and siren going off...In tip top shape, this machine plays fast and fun.
10 years ago
Owned it for a month or two then flipped. Really sweet art, multiball widebody is fun. Audio package and light show are super weak for 1980, tons of games that year put it to shame.
11 years ago
Not sure what a big snake and a boat have to do with Scorpion but, whatever. Maybe there was supposed to be a Movie which didn't happen. Artwork is OK. Light show is good for its day. The sounds are the standard Williams sounds of the era. The left Multiball lock is a bit difficult to make but the right is very easy. This is a super widebody so it is not super fast but the layout is actually pretty well thought out and is not as slow as others of its size. I do like the mini pf in the upper left and all the drop targets.
11 years ago
This is a nice game. Not really outstanding in any way but it has an interesting playfield and good level of challenge. Well worth playing or restoring if you come across one.
There are 14 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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