Scooby Doo (Collectors Edition)

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Scooby Doo (Collectors Edition)

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Game Design: 7.815

Artwork: 9.045

Sounds/Music: 7.859

Other Aspects: 8.328

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Found 82 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 82 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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43 hours ago
I’ll admit, I didn’t expect to like playing this game. I’m a fan of the theme, having watched the show as a kid and even enjoying the 2002-2004 movies. I’m still a pretty big Scooby fan. I was blown away by the art package when it was revealed. Very true to the original art, not a modern, revisionist twist on Scooby-Doo. It looks like the first season, and the video content is very good. Spooky made a pin based on the 1969 season 1 and did a fantastic job. But the early reviews…spooked…me. I passed on ordering one. I even passed on used examples at great prices for nearly a year. I finally decided I had to try owning one for myself. I’m so glad I did. Fortunately, mine was dialed-in by the original owner, who ironed out any minor issues. He only experienced a misaligned opto. Otherwise, it’s been solid. I’ve been blown away by the fun shots and deep code. It’s not an easy game, but the pitch seems especially important on this pin. I haven’t explored all the rules yet, and other than unmasking villains, it’s not super clear what the goals are. But the modes are plentiful, and varied. The upper playfield is really fun, with plenty of shots. Cool apron ball locks too. Spooky continues to create unique, original playfield designs. This one is a bit smoother and more flow than Halloween. Both have impressed me lately with their latest codes. My Scooby hasn’t gotten glitchy (yet), which could affect my feelings I’m sure. But so far, the theme integration, visual and audio experience, and gameplay are pretty dazzling. The light show is spectacular too. If Scooby holds up and proves reliable, it will be one of the best new pins I’ve ever added.
11 days ago
I liked this game a first.... it gets old pretty quick
35 days ago
Fun game to play but the code needs some more cooking time.
36 days ago
Pleasantly surprised with this game. It's the first Spooky I've played. Had medium expectations that were blown away. Bottom line is try for yourself and don't mind all the fanboys and/or haters.
36 days ago
This is easily the best pinball machine I've ever played. I was already excited due to the theme, and this machine amazingly captures this. The sounds and music are so nostalgic, and having each shot almost be a mystery as to where the ball will come from is such a fun feature. On top of this it has a top play field with several options on where to send your ball and overall this game is easy to understand, but still difficult enough to keep you wanting to beat your score. Having the selection of characters in the beginning is also a plus for me
40 days ago
Best theme integration, music, call outs and lightshow of any game
41 days ago
drole et fun
62 days ago
Scooby CE is one of the most beautiful pinball machines ever made, with a high degree of polish in all art, lighting, and animation assets. However, I found a lot of the gameplay to be initially fun and interesting, but after owning it for 4 months, I got tired of the wide body floaty feel, the huge outlanes drains, the spotty center drain save feature, and how punishing certain bottom playfield shots were. The actual gameplay feels a bit choppy and disorganized, and the upper playfield, while initially gimmicky and interesting, started to wear on me, as it's the primary shot of the game, and tremendously slows it down. Once you figure out you can backhand into the mystery machine every time, it becomes too easy to start modes, and the multiballs felt kinda cheesy and gimmicky. I also don't love that the multiballs are locked as basically their own modes, and can't be activated in any other mode. The addition of the green ghosts and multiplayer in the newest patch added spice that the game desperately needed, but I found myself avoiding playing the game. The ball times are long because of the upper playfield, and you aren't really rewarded at all for doing anything except starting modes, which are easy to start, but difficult to complete. The shaggy shot too, or the ball dropping from the mystery machine mechanism tries to drain down the center everytime unless you nudge well at a specific point in the shot. The lower playfield is basically just a fan design, but still somehow slow.

It feels like it should be a more forgiving family game, but to me, played less interestingly and more difficult than other controversial games like Black Knight: Sword of Rage or TMNT. I actually like those two games, and made better progress on them as a decent player at best on location than I ever did with Scooby at home.

The shooter was wonky and needed constant maintenance to actually launch the ball. I did everything I could to love this game, to justify spending almost 10K on it, but its actual gameplay feels like it's missing something. The equivalent of eating plain mashed potatoes in pinball. S tier presentation, D+ gameplay. Honestly, the best days I had with it was the first day I owned it, and the day I sold it.

I found myself only playing it when I had company over. It's an attention grabber, but the actual game feels super dodgy against other shooters, and slower than even other upper playfield games. There's little flow, and while the gimmick of the ball being spit out from the hidden scoops captures the theme of the gang getting lost, it really hinders strategic gameplay. I'd only recommend this game if it's a dream theme, as whimsical as it is.
63 days ago
It’s a fun game to play on location but would never own. Flippers are a little lifeless and the shots are tight( not a bad thing) but repetitive.

Beautiful looking game and bookshelf flipper is cool but it just doesn’t wow me
3 months ago
I really wanted to like this game, it is so beautiful, one of the most beautiful pinball machines ever created, unfortunately there is something that prevents it from being a real good game, the top board is quite good and the flip The library is a very cool invention, but ultimately there isn't much to do about it. the lower playing field is just average, no satisfactory shooting, just a simple horseshoe return, no variety. The double row of targets on the left are on the other hand very good with its scoop behind quite difficult to reach. There are a lot of ramps but they only serve to bring the balls down. It's all the more a shame since the code is rather well done despite a scoring system that's not very rewarding and doesn't take enough account of the difficulty/gains ratio. There is some form of waste with this game. It is not bad but should have been much better.
3 months ago
Got mine a few weeks ago and it is a really popular game with friends and family. Very accessible and fun game that people of all skill levels enjoy. The modes are fun and varied so you really feel drawn in and it isn’t just about high score hunting. Highly recommend this game for anyone. Quality of the build feels very high and each component is solid.
3 months ago
At first I wasn't sold. But after a month I finally started to "get" the game and really started to get it overall. Between the bravery meter and drains, it's a hard game. I've really had no build quality issues, only noticed a couple bugs I'm sure they'll fix (as others have had the same problem), but I think Spooky did a great job on it. The artwork and sculpts are absolutely amazing on this thing.
3 months ago
I have a CE and I'm really enjoying this game. Very fast and flowy. The modes are super fun and easy to understand. The shots are smooth and makable. Upper bookcase flipper is a whole new thing (capturing, shooting and passing) and I like it! Art is colorful and amazing. Very minor issue would be that the UI is rather generic looking, it could be a bit more professional looking. On the other hand, the UI is extremely easy to understand.
4 months ago
One of the most disappointing games I've ever owned. I was excited because I grew up watching Scooby, but this game is truly a dog.

First off, the tech issues with this game are staggering. I literally had to invest a hours upon hours to finally get it running after troubleshooting various issues, including having to take the upper playfield off three times.

Then when I finally got it running, it was just such a disappointment. The flippers have no life to them, there isn't a single shot that's satisfying, and the upper playfield covers all the shots, so you almost feel numb playing.

I'm a half decent player, and over 19 years in this hobby, I've had the opportunity to own some of the best games out there, so I feel like I definitely appreciate a good table.

But this game does nothing great... Actually not even good. I own a R& M, so there's no hate on here for Spooky.

I just think this game is one of the worst games made in the last few years.

Fanboys will hate this review, but I think anyone who gets sufficient time on one of these machines will see where I'm coming from.
4 months ago
I have had my CE for about a month now, a little over 150 games played on it. Also been playing a local CE for several months. The code is what makes this game a hit. It just keeps getting better. The character modes along with the villian modes offer a deep code set. This game isn't easy for me yet, some of the shots are high risk/reward (behind the drops to start character modes and lock Scooby Snack MB). The cabinet art and playfield are unbelievable. Having the original voices and music is also a great throwback to the cartoon show. Playfield molds are great quality as well. Where this game slips for me is the music/volume issues. Spooky is aware and hopefully they will fix the bug eventually. I think this game has some good staying power with the development of code for co-op and more modes coming.

***update*** On current 2024 code, the game is a code masterpiece. The new modes and quirks, co-op play and so much more have been added to the game. The new topper is also a very unique add on to the game and adds to the viewing enjoyment. I can't believe how much the game has matured in a matter of months and they are still adding modes and features. Wow Spooky!
4 months ago
Update #4: put an additional 150 games on it, and got my game "tweaked" properly. Game is a blast. Gets an about 5-10 plays a night by me. Light show is prob one of the best ive seen in awhile. This next code update should be a solid one and the one that brings out all the features. Hopefully they chnaged it up to not rely on the MM shot so much. and put some instructions on the screen!!!! Thats my one huge negative on the code, it seems its collect the clues then MM, rise and repeat. would be nice to see some upper playfield only modes. With that know what they made cutler multiball a one time thing, before re-qualifing but for us home players give us an option to have it with out the red beard or for home users combine both modes into one. So when we do get Cutler MB we get to see red beard as well.

My biggest gripe has been durability of parts. But spooky's customer service is the best ive ever seen and hasnt rejected an issue once!

Update #3: Have about 250 games on it since ive gotten in about 2 weeks, great game. Upped my score slightly. Had to change the rubbers add missing rubbers to the game to make it function as it should have out of the box. Code 10/28 still hasnt been updated, and a few modes make sense and the call outs are opposite of what you need to shoot for, black knight for instance tells you to shoot the blue shots, after sinking a blue shot, Call out says "shoot the red shots". its a bunch of minor issues that keep this game rating lower, yet to have a day where the glass doesnt come off. Then after all these tweaks the finish starts to come off the wire forms. Im sure spooky will be happy to help, but an annoyance. No spooky hate here! about to order an LT, but some misses.

Upadte #2: worked out all the problems with this game but am keeping the low score, code is really lacking. This is a huge missed opportunity for the theme. To me it just feels like theres that extra something thats missing. Need one or 2 more solid shots, that wasnt a horseshoe or spinner. Only one way up the playfield was a mistake for such a huge playfield.
5 months ago
if i could take only one pinball machine to lonely island... i would take a spooky.
5 months ago
Even people who do not like pinball like this game
5 months ago
Most of the games you will see are the Collector's edition because of the value/how it looks. However gameplay is the same on all three versions, and this game has a lot going for it from both the software (which has undergone multi updates and continues to be updated), and the unique playfield - a standard body playfield in a wide body cabinet. This allows for five ramps which represent the five Scooby Doo gang members. This is a great pin in a home environment. You can play as each of the characters, each with their own attributes. Based on the 1969 original classic with the original villains. This pin keeps getting better and better.
5 months ago
I’ve had this game in my collection for two months now, giving me plenty of time on it. It plays very well and ties well with the theme. It also has some fun, unique modes. I wish there was a bit more variety in the music. It also doesn’t play as fast as most other modern games, but that’s primarily because it is a wide body. The upper playfield is a lot of fun, and the shots are rewarding. All in all, I am extremely happy with Scooby. Personally, I think it is Spooky’s best game.
6 months ago
I really despise this machine; there’s not a fun shot on the machine. Upper playfield is kind of cool with this neat little scoop that doubles as a flipper but I really thought there wasn't much else to like about this machine. It makes for very dull playing. The cabinet itself is very cool and thematic though!
6 months ago
The theme drew me in, but the quality of the build by Spooky and fast, fun gameplay make Scooby Doo a great game.
6 months ago
The First thing I'll say is I think Spooky make the most gorgeous games on the planet. Them and JJP are 1A and 1B, I tend to give Spooky the A based on the cooler themes. I just recently picked up a nib scooby-doo in a trade and I must say I'm impressed. This maybe the best Spooky game to date. This game is technically a wide body, but shoots like a standard like it was intended. Game is loaded with shots, I'm typically not the biggest fans of upper playfields, but SD is probably one of the best with a lot of shots. The modes are unique and fun. I especially love the villain modes a little more than the characters, but all are great. No wizard mod just yet. Overall I'm enjoying the game and think it may go down as a home run for the spooky team. There are far more pros than cons, but hear are my cons with the game.
1) Some of the call out and sounds are way to repetitive and down right annoying. Mainly the dings and dongs when the ball his the slings and other switches. There is also a a Daphne call out and scooby "ahhhh" that just goes off way to much in my option. I hope the spooky team realized less is more in this instance and tones down some of the repetitive sounds and callout.
2) I wish they played more of the scooby doo theme song other than the mystery machine multiball. They should have that theme song with the into of the show play at the end of the game. There also more iconic songs and sounds that are missing so far in the code.
Again, those 2 cons are things that can be fixed and hope they do so, because overall the game is great.
6 months ago
Code is progressing nicely. Its by far the best built Spooky pin to date. It is on the easier side, but friends and family gravitate to it more because of that. I wish there was a lot more variety to it, which hopefully will come with code. I do love the game but at times it feels like I am chopping wood because there are so many modes. The modes are fun though and the new character modes are a great idea as well. The cabinet art, playfield, etc are beautiful. They have the theme down pat. I also like that fact that it is a wide body, but plays like a standard. Its a great addition to a small to medium sized collection and the artwork makes it stand out with the green powder coat.
6 months ago
Personally, I love this layout just a little less than Halloween/Ultraman. BUT, I love the theming so much and it plays well for a spooky machine, feels pretty fair. Love the theming though, and the upper field is fun
There are 82 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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