Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.323

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Sounds/Music: 8.093

Other Aspects: 8.427

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Found 438 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 438 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Crazy fun game, love the theme of Elvira. The only thing that lets it down really is the cost cutting Williams did at the time of release where some of the cooler gimmicks where removed. Otherwise great game. "Elvira is Wild!"
6 years ago
Oh yeah !!!

Dennis Nordman once again brings L o n g Flowing ramps in a very tight package

Elvira is a sleek and sexy pin that packs a punch

great animations and the Spider Spinner in the Back Box is a cool feature

Don't fear the Dead Heads as they award you points, and this game ... EVERY point counts

Good Luck

UN Pleasant Dreams....
6 years ago
Great game and artwork! Love it!
6 years ago
Elvira and the party monsters in way better , I really like the art and music doesn't have many shots.
6 years ago
Fun machine. Theme is execellent
6 years ago
If you are into this game it is probably your favorite. It is my favorite.
6 years ago
Love the theme, art, sounds. I just wish the gameplay was more fun.
6 years ago
This is for the man, or woman I guess, who likes to look at cleavage illustrations.
6 years ago
All around great game, pretty easy shots but a deep set of rules to keep you playing again and again.
6 years ago
Great fun. Hope to own one some day.
6 years ago
when i think about it, and give it scores, i realise quite how highly i rate this game.

from the top down - awesome backglass, gotta be 5 out of 5, it has a spinning spider on it that earns modes and EBs and eventually a Wizard mode that i never got to. and Elvira's jubblies on display can't be a bad thing now can it. the DMD continually shows funny and rude and tongue in cheek animations, accompanied by hilarious soundbites that seem to have plenty of variety. the playfield is varied with at least 5 major shots, a beautiful bony backbone ramp, a crate that you can shoot into, a coffin that a scary monster escapes from, frogs that leap up and down, even a load of available optional mods to pimp it up even more. optional saucy callouts scream that Elvira loves good head and is scared of tax inspectors, this game is comedy personified.

the rules are easy for everyone to understand, the tension building to the wizard mode is palpable (with the spine chilling - heart pounding - bone crunching ..etc) and when you make it and the flippers go crazy and the game goes nuts it never fails to make you smile.

ok so some people think it's too easy? they can bugger off and go play something less fun. i love Scared Stiff.
6 years ago
Great theme, not a lot of depth.
6 years ago
Fun pin with adult humor. Not a difficult pin to understand for getting to Scared Stiff, but mix in the spider choices and you will probably not do it all in one game ever.
6 years ago
I really enjoy Scared Stiff, Elvira not only makes for a fun, entertaining and somewhat sexual theme, the voice commentary also ties in very well.

Overall, I don't think this game is very challenging. I find it a bit easy to understand and complete all of the required shots to begin working on the "stiff o' meter" which is the end of the game. And that isn't very challenging either.

The artwork, sound and effects are all good, and I enjoy the layout of this machine. The shots are mixed up and placed well also. The back box features the spider wheel, which is a nice extra feature.

I really wanted to own this game for quite awhile and still would happily accept it in my collection. I think it's a well done masterpiece and with the right LED lighting you can really make this look awesome. However, the simplicity of the rules and getting to the end of the game make this one I lose interest in a bit quicker. Knowing how to beat a game is one thing, but being able to do it every 3-5 plays makes it not as appealing to keep going back to for more.
6 years ago
When I saw that a local retailer had Scared Stiff on their showroom floor, I had to go check it out; because I’ve never seen one in the wild. Needless to say, I ended up taking it home. This is a great theme for a game; Elvira is a perfect icon for pinball given her huge…eyes. The horror movie/comedy theme is well featured in the artwork, sounds, and animations. It’s really fun completing the tales of terror for a chance at the stiff-o-meter! I’ve only completed this twice, so it’s very exciting when I get high on the meter. The lighting is top notch, except for the globe flashers. I ended up putting my incandescent bulbs back in because I kept burning up LED’s. The back box is probably the most unique / interactive features of the game! Neat dimensional effect with layers and the interactive spinning spider for bonuses. This game will likely be in my collection for a while.
6 years ago
Fun game, very cool back box animation integrated into game play.

Cant own wife. Wife is afraid of spiders. LoL
6 years ago
Good overall game. The art work is good, the game flow is nice. Selecting the them with the spider is kind'a cool. The game is easy and allows for extended gameplay. I actually managed to get the high score at my local arcade, that was cool.
Overall the game gets a bit boring since the shot selection is somewhat limited. Shooting up the ramps is exciting but after you shot 100 times up the left and right ramps it starts to wear a little.
6 years ago
Great theme, great call outs, great shots and great fun!
6 years ago
Due to it's repetitive nature and simple rules, didn't last long in my collection. Fun pin to play though. Call-outs are hilarious!
6 years ago
favorite game of all time
6 years ago
It's ok but the theme and lighting is lacking
6 years ago
A very fun machine with personality to spare. The theme is really what carries this (and that's coming from someone who's not terribly fond of Elvira). There are plenty of funny and suggestive call-outs and the only sound effects that are a bit grating are the slingshot monsters' screeches.

There are enough modes to keep things interesting though none of them are very complex and most can be completed just by keeping the ball in play long enough. It's always very clear what you should be shooting for and often there are really only three options, two fat ramps and up the middle. The final mode, Stiff-o-meter, is a timed mode that's progress carries over if you don't complete it the first time. Once completed, the reward is a great one and very much in theme with the personality of the machine!

After that, you get to start over and do it all again. Since it's fairly easy to complete the Stiff-o-meter you'll be going around the horn more than once during a good game. An added bonus is the Spider Wheel in the backbox, which is a fully realized game in itself and difficult to complete for its own multiball (haven't seen it yet).

Pros: Tons of fun, great theme, great playfield build and toys, feels "fair"
Cons: Too easy for some, too expensive!
6 years ago
The game is a keeper if you have room for more than one pin. Can get old if only game . Awesome all around fun for the rookie to the Pro . The pro will bore of it after a while how ever . Funny adult theme pin. Reaching Scared Stiff and beating the timer/ Getting all the backbox lights done to reach Spider multiball . Sounds easy huh... When i see one i go to play it
7 years ago
A very nice pinball, owned one 1 year ago but regret i had sold it.
After 1 year i bought this one again. Not the most difficult game play but its sssssssoooo fun and so scaaaaaaaaaaaaary.
7 years ago
There's a SS at the bowling alley not far from my house. It's so much fun, I would bring my 10 yr old bowling just to have an excuse to play some pinball for an hour. Playfield and backglass are like a work of art. Callouts are 2nd to none. Good flow and that bony beast ramp is somehow ooh so satisfying.
There are 438 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 18.

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