Scared Stiff

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Game Design: 8.319

Artwork: 8.752

Sounds/Music: 8.111

Other Aspects: 8.425

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Found 439 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 439 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
i want one!! s.s is a keeper for me when i get one, the price keeps going up it will b hard to get one a a decent price but i love everything about this game backglass, cab, playfield, the art,long ramps, fast play, did i mention elvira, great game,fun play,hope to own one some day,plus the old lady and family like it too
5 years ago
People say this is an easy game, and it is in many respects, except for completing the spider wheel, that's a very tough feat. Overall, this is a really fun pin, ground breaking (think destroy the ring in LOTR), it's a fantastic theme, great lighting and callouts and the epitome of what 90s pins were all about. It's a top 10 game for me, but because it's easy and repetitive, it didn't last and I sold it.
5 years ago
This is my favorite game, I have never been an Elvira fan, always found her to be a one trick pony, but this game is so dam fun!
Just play it.
6 years ago
For me the most beautiful pin ever! The artwork is perfect and the sound good. I like the comments from Elvira. The rules are very easy to understand but to complete the "Spider wheel" is a true challenge. It fits perfect into a collection but if it is the only pin you might get bored. But I have it since years and I still play it regular.
6 years ago
Scared Stiff is one of the most approachable and casual friendly pinball machines ever. The first crate and coffin multiballs are easy enough to get to the point where odds are the a new player will get one of the two in a game. Plus the ramps have a certain satisfaction to them which comes with how smooth they are.

As far as play for the core player goes, however, the game has its ups and downs. The Stiff-o-Meter is extremely fun and is one of the most heart-poundingly awesome features in all of pinball, however ultimately it isn't really worth going for because that upper kickout is so dangerous. Due to this the game ends up just becoming a grind of left ramp to coffin multiball, and since the left ramp doesn't have a cap on its combo value, looping it all day can start to dominate the game.

The callouts and artwork are incredible, and the custom speech is some of the best in all of pinball.
6 years ago
Very good theme. Best back glass of any pinball game. As others said it is too easy. That is my negative against it.
6 years ago
The downside is this game is way too easy.

The theme and backglass are way cool. The sounds get so repetitive though. Elvira does a great job but it doesn't even take a game for the sounds to start to get tiresome.

Overall it's a cool idea but the gameplay becomes boring when shooting at the box for jackpots all the time. It's way too easy of a shot.

There just isn't enough here for it to warrant its place in the Top 100.
6 years ago
Fun game. Awesome speech. Too easy.
6 years ago
This is a great game, Wonderful theme gotta love the call outs, i hope to own one soon.
6 years ago
My favorite pin by far. I could never tire of it. The mistress of the dark will always make me smile...
6 years ago
Wasn't a fan, maybe I need to give it more time. I am unsure why it ranks so high.
6 years ago
Great theme. I finally have one of these lovelies and it's a keeper :-)
6 years ago
Played a machine on location and knew I had to have one. This pin is my latest obsession. The theme, artwork, and game play all work so well together.
6 years ago
Could use a deeper ruleset, but I still love the game. I have played it for hours on end, always trying to max out the stiff-o-meter! I hope to have one of these some day.
6 years ago
Finally got to play this machine! Was great, the spider spin is great, and I love Elvira since I was a kid and bossed with cleavage. Blush! But is was so busy I had hard time following what I should be shooting for, but I wanted to play again anyway.
6 years ago
This is a game that could quite literally be played for hours, as it is just so accessible to pretty much anybody. The main reasons for this are that the rule set is simple/easy to follow, and the loops are quite wide so it's pretty easy to combo through them to light up ball locks or build up points. I can honestly say the only thing I truly dislike about this table is the sound the leapers make, I could do without that nonstop sound, but other than that, it's a great table, and I really appreciate the Web Wheel. Scared Stiff, in my opinion, easily edges out Elvira's Party Monsters in terms of fun, although I'd say EPM is more difficult. Scared Stiff is an amusing table with its double entendres, and it plays well to boot. This table is highly regarded with good reason. This table does grow a bit tiring time-to-time because it's so simple, but I still find myself going back pretty often.
6 years ago
This is a great game, extremely fun for all skill levels.
I still can't justify the price though, it's just not worth that much money. It's not all that rare, there were 4000 made.
6 years ago
Scared Stiff is a fun game with fairly easy rules and some neat gimmicks. I like watching the ball spit out of the coffin on the left ramp return as well as pounding the crate in the center of the upper playfield. The multiballs are easy to start and keep alive. The outlanes kill me on this one often, but only perfect SDTMs escape the flippers for me. The minigame spinner in the backbox is neat, but probably could be a little better. For instance, if the spider spun around a little faster and if there were better prizes that one could score, it would make landing on good prizes more challenging and more rewarding.

I've played this machine quite a bit and I don't get bored of it. The skill shot is an actual skill shot, which is a feature I appreciate - I usually hit the crate so getting the perfect plunger release is a challenge (a plus). I'd recommend this game to anyone - easy to play, hard to master.
6 years ago
It is a top 10 game.
Makes a lot of fun. Cabinet and back glass are full of hidden little jokes.
Great rules. Nice light show especially the 6 towers. Blubb!
6 years ago
The first time I played this I got scared stiff. Way too easy to hold my interest and the variety in the modes was not there for me. Feels repetitive and grinding at times.
6 years ago
I love everything in this pin
6 years ago
Can't beat a Scared Stiff. Fun filled action packed game.
6 years ago
Fun to play, but I wouldn't want to own one.

The modes are decent, but the layout is unremarkable, and it's a bit too easy and straightforward. Theme is decent.

Enjoyable but unspectacular. Overall, feels like 275 lbs of literally SOME pinball to me.
6 years ago
Bally went and made a nearly perfect game, with two fatal flaws:

1. The spider wheel. Cool trick at first but I'm not really a fan of anything that stops game play that often for that long.

2. It's too easy. The code would be incredible if the game was tough as nails. But it's not, so SS gets boring fairly quickly.

Had a blast with it while it was here though, and pretty sure it's my wife's all-time favorite pin...that's worth something.
6 years ago
A very good game that will definitely entertain. In my opinion, however, it fails to beat its predecessor, the 1989 Bally Elvira and the Party Monsters.

- goes off as a DMD version of Elvira and the Party Monsters (it missed out on the dot matrix display)
- replicates the theme of the original Elvira pinball game well
- shots are simple, playfield layout good
- well decorated playfield, in my opinion the "boney" flippers, the skeleton ramp and the coffin are all great additions to the game that really bring out the creepy theme
- one great asset of the game is the fact that the ramp layout is identical to the original Elvira and the Party Monsters ramp layout, the predecessor echoes whilst playing
- Elvira (she's hot!)
- nice modding capabilities
- the Boogeymen!!!
- enjoyable modes to get through
- backbox animation!

- cabinet artwork is terrible
- upper playfield plastics are disappointing
- the blue is a bit of an irritating addition; a strange addition to the colour palette used in this game as well as the original Elvira and the Party Monsters (where there barely was any blue)
- pop bumpers hidden
There are 439 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 18.

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